Is this love?

Since the begining of time people seem to have the need to be in control, not only in control of their own life, but in control of those around them. There’s a big difference between being a part of someone’s life and tearing apart someone’s life.

My entire life I have been told that I was different, but when people used that term to define me, it was more often than not in a negative way. Why? Well, simply because I never followed the “rules of crowd”.
What are the rules of crowd you may ask? Well, the rules of crowd are the rules of living life what majority considers normal despite the fact of the said thing perhaps not being normal.

An example, 50 years ago if you dressed what people dress like today, you would be called any name in the book. If you dress today what people dressed like 50 years ago you are considered weirdo.

So what is normal? That brings me to next question – What is love?

Is love having to text your partner 100 times a day, check in just as many times? Is love having to have passwords to emails, facebook and other social platforms within first 3 months of relationship to determine whether or not someone is cheating. In my opinion that alone is asking for trouble.

Love is build on trust, respect and understanding. My girlfriend and I are as of moment ocean apart. We do trust each other. We do communicate, but we don’t obsess if a day goes by and we didn’t get to talk or text.

I have another question, does it mean that you don’t love someone when you don’t reply with I love you or I miss you when someone expresses and confesses to you.
It seems that lots of relationships, relationship of any sorts, business, friendship, intitmate relationship, family relationships have turned into passive-agressive controlling behaviour where it’s always about YOU! and no one else.

When someone dies, first thing you think about is how are you going to live without them. Did you notice? It’s about you “Oh, poor me!”. You didn’t for a second think about the life of the other person how they felt just moments before passing away.

How many times have you heard “My partner makes me feel good about myself, he/she is encouraging, loving, caring”. Rarely anyone ever considers how their partner feels and how it affects their emotional and mental well being and then you end up surprised when someone calls quits.

The bottom line is – It’s always about you and how you feel and your needs. Learn how to leave the egoistic emotions aside and for once think about someone else, maybe then, just maybe, you will really understand what love really is.

How To Actually Prevent Another Ft. Hood Shooting

The recent shooting at Ft. Hood will give new breath to the Gun Control lobbyists. And while I certainly think that something should be done about the rise in violent crime, I believe in doing something constructive and proactive. As I have stated before, I also believe that individuals should be held responsible and totally accountable for their actions, unless you can show valid mental defect or extreme duress. Limiting legal access by law abiding citizens to any and all weapons, as is provided for in the 2nd Amendment, will NEVER reduce violent crime in this country. One need only look at the statistics of Chicago to see that. Chicago ranks tops in 2 things, the strictest gun restrictions and number of violent crimes involving, of all weapons, firearms. The obvious reason for this is that criminals do not respect the laws and thus do not use the laws or legal system to resolve conflict or to conduct business; therefore, they do not purchase their firearms legally.
The point of this article, though, is not to restate the obvious, but to point out another fact that shows how Congress and ‘political correctness’ have created monsters that they cannot control and refuse to claim. In what manner do I speak of? First and foremost, since this applies to most mass shooting events; we are so worried about image and we have such a force everyone to be one size education and mental health point of view that we do not properly support those individuals that need different classrooms or different environments to maintain stability and mental health and even to grow and be productive and contribute to the whole. These ‘moments’ of violence are usually a last result, they are the culmination of years and years of crying out for help, of being neglected, of not having a place of value in the group. You may be thinking how does ‘political correctness’ fit in here. Let me explain, when parents refuse to seek mental help for children cause they don’t want to be labeled bad parents, no one encourages them, when schools and parents drug kids out of being kids they are completely screwing up the child on every level. When we cannot identify children by their differences cause it is not politically correct and when every word that can be considered a bad word is suddenly not politically correct and becomes the R word or the S word or the B word what happens when we run out of letters of the alphabet? As Shakespeare alluded to…..’a rose by any other name is still a rose’ and so it is with people as well.
Today we have two completely contradictory systems that do not benefit our children or at risk members at all. We have the political world that thinks by twisting words you make change, wrong. On the other hand we have the medical world that makes HUGE profits by providing pills for EVERYTHING. Fifty years ago a child that ran around with loads of energy and a million questions was a healthy well adjusted child, today that same child is ADD/HA and must be medicated. Those medications affect children for their whole lives, you cannot undo taking a childhood away, yet we have taken away whole generations of childhoods, not through war or disaster, but pills in bottles. All so parents can spend more time chasing dollars to buy bigger and better things to prove what good parents they are.
How does this relate to the shooting at FT. Hood? By taking away childhoods we create half adults. There is a real and needed purpose to childhood. It is a time where we explore and push boundaries and develop personalities. Half of EVERYTHING we will ever know we learn by the age of 7. If we medicate our children into stupors before that age then we have damaged them for life. Granted I do not know if the suspect in the shooting had this type of history, but I do not that he went through a VERY ‘politically correct’ basic training that does not allow for the stressing or pushing the limits of soldiers.
I have said it before and I will say it again, WAR IS HELL. And it is suppose to be. Everyone cannot be a warrior. It truly takes a very special make up of person to be a warrior. That statement is not a politically correct one, but war is not politically correct and trying to make it so and fight it with politically correct soldiers has created an even bigger hell. By trying to run the oxymoron of politically correct wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we have failed to achieve better lives for either the Iraqis, Afghans, or Americans. By allowing any individual that can achieve the bare minimum proficiency in tactical actions and practices to be sent to war, we have sent unfit soldiers into harms way. This stupidity on the part of Congress to impose its political correctness agenda in an area that makes it detrimental to the participants has created the overwhelming number of PTSD cases ever seen in this country.
Had the suspect had to attempt to make it through Basic Training 50 years ago or even 25, chances are that he would have been weeded out for failure to adapt. And had that been allowed, instead of being considered mean and unjust by politicians that have no real clue about what it takes to carry out their whims for power, the event at Ft. Hood would have never happened. And as for the gun control lobbyists, if our military members were ALWAYS armed in uniform on duty, at most 2 persons would have lost their lives, the suspect and possibly his first victim. Unfortunately, for our military members and their families, no politician will speak on this real issue.