The US news machine is so full of hype that they make the stereo typical damsel in distress look like a cool calm collected independent modern woman. It is utterly insane the amount of foul crying that they have been doing recently.

“RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!again”

“ISRAEL MUST DEFEND ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still”

“I.S. IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE US EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!made by us”


I do not know what is sadder; the fact that MSM acts like the corner whore or that the public eats it up like the starving John. All the news does these days is have OPINION panels that cheer their side and never once say anything for real change or truly say anything that will unite and solve the issue.


1) Send REAL journalists (if there are any left) to locations around the world (like Donbas) to get the real story!
2) Ask the US to PROVE that active Russian troops are inside Ukraine! Ask for the PROOF that US claims it has about MH17!
3) Ask why the US is supporting an ILLEGAL government killing its own people! Ask how many US Troops are on the ground there helping the ILLEGAL government kill their own!
4) Ask how the INTEL community saw MH17 fall from the sky, but didn’t see I.S. take over half of Iraq and third of Syria!
5) How are members of I.S. able to use US military equipment that the US taxpayers spent millions on and US military spent years training the Iraq Forces and they still couldn’t use it to defend themselves and their citizens!
6) Why can’t ISRAEL abide by the 1967 borders if they wont abide by the 1949 ones!!!
7) Where is ALL the outrage NATIONALLY over all the BLACK ON BLACK deaths in inner city gang and drug violence?
8) Where is the condemnation by ‘Civil Rights’ Leaders over the looters high-jacking the protests and detracting from Freedom of Speech and Assembly?
9) Where are the attacks on both parties for not doing their jobs and serving the public?
10) Seek facts and truth and report what is REALLY happening not just spin Press Releases!

Other’s Acts Should NEVER Change Your Morals

But the crimes of one side do not justify those of the other.” Those words need to be hung on the walls of every government building in every city, especially those government buildings that supposedly protect and defend the masses. Once again just reading the headlines it is so evident that we lose more of our humanity everyday and blame those we injury, oppress, persecute as being at fault. Maybe my point of view is skewed cause I did not have siblings so I could not use the age old “it was their fault”, “they started it”, “but they did ____ to me.” If I did something I was responsible for my actions period, end of story! However, in situations where I was with others, like classrooms or friends’ or family’s (cousins) homes I did experience paying a larger ‘fine’ cause I was quick to own up to my part of any ‘bad thing’. But NEVER did that change my moral that I and I alone was responsible for my actions. Even if someone does something to me, it is still ALL ME that dictates how I react.

So what has happened? Several things have happened. First as I have stated several times previously, society has lost its moral core. We now focus on Our Rep not on our character, we are only worried about our image, what other people think about us. The real problem is that we have shifted from wanting people to base their thoughts of us on our actions, instead we want our images to be our measure one based on the clothing brands we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in. We act one way and expect others to treat us better, we show NO respect, self or other-wise but demand respect from EVERYONE. For a white person to use the N word it is a crime, yet blacks use that vulgar word in everyday language and the lyrics of their songs and the lines of the media. If the word is wrong (and I think it is a vulgar disgusting word) then it is ALWAYS wrong, not just when it isn’t used by you. If you have no more respect for yourself than to use a word that you claim is SO offensive than why are you surprised that white people offend you with your word? If you want respect for yourself then respect yourself!

olson_scott arrested via
Scott Olson Arrest via

How we act and survive as a society is directly related to how we act and survive as individuals. And that is clearly seen in how we allow media and government to use double standards and keep us divided. EVERY violent death of an unarmed person should be a HUGE outrage by all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender. It should NEVER be a black or white suspect, just as it should NEVER be a black or white victim. It should ALWAYS be a violent suspect and an unarmed victim! The focus should be on the facts of the crime not on the ‘drama of division’ forced down our throats by ‘the man’ to keep us from uniting and rising up.

Does this mean that I think racism isn’t an issue? Of course I know that racism is an issue, but it is a created issue to benefit government and media. Poor people face the same issues no matter what color their skin is. Hungry people don’t fare better or worse cause of ethnicity. Homeless people do not find better shelter based on religion. As long as you focus on what makes us different, instead of remembering that we are all people, we all love, we all grow, we all bleed and we all die, those whom benefit from our division win. And as long as you expect government to change your heart you will be heartless. There is absolutely NO incentive for government to EVER create a unified public. A unified public is a powerful public and threatens the establishment. That is not conspiracy theory that is human nature, it is not human nature to give up power for the improvement of your fellow man!

Marco Longari-AFPGetty via nydailynews
UN School Gaza via Marco Longari AFP/Gettty Images

This perversion of our true nature, to be social caring creatures that care for each other extends across the globe. Just look at how we choose what is good or bad in another country and how we think we should or shouldn’t intervene. In Israel we support the bombing of schools and other ‘safe’ places cause supposedly Hamas has built tunnels under these ‘safe’ places to use them as shields, but instead of sticking to their claimed moral superiority the government of Israel justifies their uncaring murder of children, civilians and the elderly, ‘because Hamas made us do it’. But in the same breath, Hamas is a savage terrorist group that is inhumane for shelling civilian targets in Israel. The basis for this WHOLE conflict was the alleged abduction and murder of 3 teenage Jewish settlers by Hamas, which there was NEVER an actual POLICE investigation into what happened to the boys nor any charges or arrest (legitimate that is) nor any trail, but the ‘war’ is completely morally correct and totally supported by the US government. Side note here, almost 10% of our elected members of Congress (both houses) are both US and Israeli citizens…..CONFLICT OF INTERESTS!!! Another side note, no other country has any citizens sitting in the US Congress, matter of fact it is still ILLEGAL to hold dual citizenship in the US. But those with Israeli citizenship not only are never questioned they are allowed high government positions and sometimes serve in positions both in the US and Israel!

Ukraine Separatists via businessinsider-com-au
Ukraine Separatist via

In Ukraine the US government supported the illegal change of government in February of this year, and have not only supported but repeatedly praised the ‘restrained and measured use of force’ of the ‘Anti-Terrorist Operations’ in the East of the country. If the US government considers a military incursion into regions (think states) of dissent (think protests) then how can you be surprised at all by what is going on in Ferguson. The US government openly calls those that do not support the government ‘Russian terrorists’, why, cause ethnically they have more Russian aspects, including speaking Russian, imagine what the US government reaction would be if the citizens of Texas to California finally got upset and protested and wanted to leave the US over the failure of the federal government to solve the border issue….It would be military action against Mexican and Central American terrorists!!! Yet, the citizens of said states would be well within their Constitutional rights! Better yet, just who do you think would come to the aid of said states? If you do not think that Mexico might get involved then you do not understand politics on even a basic level. It is very natural for a country to be concerned about destabilization on its borders; think about it this way, you live in a very nice neighborhood and a house goes up for sale, the new owners do not keep their yard ‘neat’ and they have older cars just sitting in the drive and they are regularly arguing loudly and throwing things and just all around bad neighbors……are you not going to do something to try to either get them to move or change their ways and be more in line with the rest of the block? That is how regional politics works too…it is keeping the block safe and pretty!

The bottom line if we want real change as the song goes “We have to start with the man in the mirror,” but in addition to that, we have to demand that media (start there cause they are focused on money) stop playing the race card as they are not us, the regular people on the street, they don’t know us and they don’t care about us. We need to decry any foul committed against any person with the same passion as if it was against ourselves. We need to together nurture each other so that we have the security in each other to take the time to be pro-active in our communities and hold authority accountable all the time not just when they REALLY upset us, but also to work with them (most of the little guys, like the beat patrolmen are not the enemy they are as much victims of the establishment as we are) when they get it right. No matter how bad the incident we have to find some way to work together against the media (mainstream) and government (highest levels) and the best way is to work with and unite with alternative little media and the ‘foot soldiers’ of our community.

If we do this we have a very high likely hood of creating a society that our children will thrive in and be happy in! Isn’t that result worth it?!?!


Eli Lake Needs A Dictionary

Last week, The Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake stated that the Kremlin was not familiar with the term hypocrisy for releasing the private phone calls of politicians and leaders that are involved with the Ukrainian unrest. Mr. Lake seems to think that protecting the freedom of Edward Snowden is somehow hypocritical to the afore mentioned action. What Mr. Snowden did was to inform the public that the NSA was not only spying on the enemies and those that pose a threat to the security of the US; but, the NSA was also spying on private citizens of the US, as well as, the leaders of our allies. What Mr. Putin and the Kremlin did is not the same. Mr. Snowden was a private citizen, whom acted as a whistle-blower, whereas the Kremlin was acting as a government entity.
Here is a little history lesson, Mr. Lake, it has always been the prudent common practice of governments to spy on the leaders of their enemies. It is not common or prudent for a government to spy on its own citizens when that country is touted as a democracy, with freedom of speech. This means that there is absolutely nothing wrong with or uncommon about what Putin and the Kremlin have done by releasing the private phone calls of the opposition to the democratically elected government of Ukraine. It is exactly the same as the US releasing transcripts of Al Qaeda to justify the use of drone attacks on family gatherings in countries that we are not even at war with; in countries that we do not have large American populations in; in countries that do not border the US mainland.
To compare the circumstances of the Ukrainian unrest and the circumstances surrounding the Edward Snowden affair is either at best a lame attempt to demonize Putin to the American public or at worst to bolster US involvement in Ukraine that is in contrast to International Law by promoting the blatant misinformation of the government in order to initiate military action in an area and manner that is not justified. If the US, on its own or as part of NATO, intervenes in Ukraine in a military manner, it is the Balkans all over again. And the Balkans were not ethically or morally just interventions but the actions of the greed of our German and French allies whom have eyed the containment of the Balkan peoples for hundreds of years.

Patriotism or Self-Promotion

Last week anchor Liz Wahl quit on air from her post at RT. Her claim was that she did not like taking money from Russia, nor for “white-washing Putin’s actions”. I am some what confused and certainly unimpressed by her “patriotic” actions. Wahl has been an anchor for RT for some time, has she never read her contract or her paystub? How did she not know that her money came from Russia? Is she not a journalist, did she not know whom she was seeking employment from, did she never figure out that the R in RT was Russia? All those questions, certainly makes one wonder why she was ever hired by RT to begin with. I do understand why she was on the desk and not out in the field; she could not conduct an interview or broadcast without extreme assistance of her legal pad. Matter of fact even upon finding her “Patriotism” she was so passionate and determined about her decision that she sat melancholy and despondent with legal pad in hand, reading her new found passion like a school child reciting a list of unappreciated historic dates.
I also find it ironic that she doesn’t like that her previous employer was pro-Putin. Does she actually believe that any mass media outlet is not biased? Is she that naive that she thinks that the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, or BBC are not biased in their presentation of the news? Does she not think that they do not “white-wash” stories to the benefit of their audience and producers and ratings? This is just another example of how lacking our education system is that we produce individuals in fields where open-minds and free-thinking are primary components yet the individuals have no idea how to think for themselves, how to seek the truth, how to investigate the event without having a biased point of view. Of course the government and big business do not want reporters and a press that seeks the truth, that thinks for themselves, that is out for the common good of the people. That is why big business bought up all the news outlets. How can you call any mass media outlet unbiased when 6 corporations own over 90% of the news published in most countries.
I am sure that Wahl will find her 15 minutes of fame in US mainstream media, they cannot wait to exploit her antics in their very biased anti-Putin stance. Therefore, she will be a praised pawn for the very pro-Obama pieces, especially during the Ukrainian unrest. She should enjoy her 15 minutes and charge top dollar for her selling her legal pad patriotism and invest that money well, she has no real future in journalism, she is not smart enough, nor is she pretty enough to be of lasting rating for anyone worthwhile in the industry.

Where has real news gone?

This past week the news has reported on a substitute teacher being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma and an elderly man taking home the wrong student from a school in Connecticut, not to mention updates on plea deal offered for Bieber and issues with Katy Perry’s accessories in a music video……..
Really??? This is the best that you can do???? How does national news channels justify that the whole nation needs to know that some drunk was arrested in the school parking lot in Oklahoma? Where is the story there? There are thousands of drunks arrested everyday, a lot of them are headed to work, some as healthcare providers and others in fields that help protect our weakest citizens. If we covered every arrest we would know absolutely nothing of real importance in the world. While these stories might be important to the parents of said schools, they have absolutely NO impact on the nation as a whole.
The intentional distraction of the American public with stupid, needless nonsense to facilitate the abuse of power prevalent in the current and recent administrations as well as the reality that big business and government are allies without regard for the public is only magnified by the fact that 6 mega-news corporations control over 75% of the news in the nation as well as in the world. Comcast and Time Warner will merge to create a basic national monopoly in the cable/internet provider sector and there is not a single outraged government voice yelling about anti-trust laws and the courts are not going to consider the merger illegal under monopoly regulations.
Our schools no longer educate our youth, instead they teach conformity and rule following without questions. They insist on our children being tattle tells and whiners instead of teaching them to solve issues and problems on their own or to be responsible for their own actions or heaven forbid to stand up for themselves. Teachers whom actually teach the Constitution as the living framework of our nation instead of some historical document with no current applications, are disciplined and risk losing their career. This mentality is evident across all areas of government control. Just look at our healthcare system, it is big business and government that is telling doctors what and how to treat patients instead of doctors working with their patients to encourage healthier lifestyles. There is no profit in healthier lifestyles that compares to the profit of chemical masking of increased poisoning of the body so that more chemicals are need to mask the harmful effects of the first chemicals that merely masked the symptoms so that the patient would require the continued ingesting of said chemicals to believe the lie of improved health.
Big business is so in control of the politicians that they can insure their profit margins simply by requiring laws that demand their products be purchased by private citizens. Our forefathers would be so disappointed in the state of the nation that they would lead another revolution. They never intended for government to intervene SO much in private affairs of men, that was the whole reason this country was founded, to PREVENT government’s interference in the private affairs of men.
The first amendment we created to ensure the integrity of men and journalists among other things. Yet, today there is NO integrity within the newsrooms of the nations. They are controlled and run by big business, in order to promote the propaganda that they wish to ensure the conformity they require to maintain their profit margins and way of life. The fact that ordinary citizens seem to think this is a good idea, proves just how successful the socialist mentality of the education system has become.
This current state of affairs will be the undoing of this nation. And the undoing will come sooner rather than later. There is no one to blame but the everyday individual American citizen for not loving the nation handed them by their forefathers to insure that it remains for future generations. The country is less secure, not more secure; the individual is less intelligent and educated, not more civilized or advanced; the world is on the brink of major change, not steadily moving forward to some illusion of unity and peace.
There is still time to change the course of history, but only if you stop deluding yourself that actors, singers, and reality TV are in fact REAL and instead remember that your children, your neighbor, your community are what is truly real. Make no mistake this is not something that you can put off until you decide to get around to it…..time will come, when it is too late.