The US news machine is so full of hype that they make the stereo typical damsel in distress look like a cool calm collected independent modern woman. It is utterly insane the amount of foul crying that they have been doing recently.

“RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!again”

“ISRAEL MUST DEFEND ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still”

“I.S. IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE US EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!made by us”


I do not know what is sadder; the fact that MSM acts like the corner whore or that the public eats it up like the starving John. All the news does these days is have OPINION panels that cheer their side and never once say anything for real change or truly say anything that will unite and solve the issue.


1) Send REAL journalists (if there are any left) to locations around the world (like Donbas) to get the real story!
2) Ask the US to PROVE that active Russian troops are inside Ukraine! Ask for the PROOF that US claims it has about MH17!
3) Ask why the US is supporting an ILLEGAL government killing its own people! Ask how many US Troops are on the ground there helping the ILLEGAL government kill their own!
4) Ask how the INTEL community saw MH17 fall from the sky, but didn’t see I.S. take over half of Iraq and third of Syria!
5) How are members of I.S. able to use US military equipment that the US taxpayers spent millions on and US military spent years training the Iraq Forces and they still couldn’t use it to defend themselves and their citizens!
6) Why can’t ISRAEL abide by the 1967 borders if they wont abide by the 1949 ones!!!
7) Where is ALL the outrage NATIONALLY over all the BLACK ON BLACK deaths in inner city gang and drug violence?
8) Where is the condemnation by ‘Civil Rights’ Leaders over the looters high-jacking the protests and detracting from Freedom of Speech and Assembly?
9) Where are the attacks on both parties for not doing their jobs and serving the public?
10) Seek facts and truth and report what is REALLY happening not just spin Press Releases!