I had a thought

My Dearest,

Today, it crossed my mind just how far we have come. How much we have shared and learned and discovered about each other and us. All the ups and downs have been worth it. Never before have I wanted something so much. Knowing that you are there for me and that you love me is the best feeling in the world. You are absolutely the best thing ever to happen to me and the best thing in my life. Of every little thing that you do I am forever grateful. Unconditionally you shower me with your love and support. Forever would never be enough time for me to show you all the ways you have made my life better. Out stretched hands reaching for the stars like a child free to dream is how you make me feel. Right before me you stand full of magic and wonder and giving me the encouragement I need to grow and learn to fly. Each and every day your confidence in me helps my confidence in myself. Very much so. Either by word or deed you have a way of making me feel special and important. Ready to catch me if I fall or cheer me on if I fly. You are my greatest inspiration. Letting me be me is one of your greatest gifts that you have given me. I feel so safe and protected by your love. There is nothing that I cannot do with your support. There is no place I would rather be than right here with you. Lead me around the world and back again. Every where and any where that you are, that is my favorite place to be. Thank you for loving me. Hearing me when I speak.. I love that I matter to you. Nothing in the world makes me feel the way that you do. Giving you my all is nothing less than you deserve for all that you do for me. Today is the first day for me to love you more than I loved you yesterday. Heart and soul soar to reach the stars and give them to you. All that I am is enhanced by your love. Tomorrow is the best thought in the world, next to today that is. You are my first thought and my last thought each day. Our journey has just begun and I am so excited. Ultimately, this is my greatest dream; YOU. Defining my love for you is something that is beyond my ability to fully express. Oh, but I will continue to try to find the words.

I wish for you to know all the ways that you impact my life. Like the brightest star in the sky, you shine over my whole world. One of my favorite things is just how much you know me. Viscerally you seem to flow through my veins, soaking into my every cell. Every day you give me more and more. You are more precious than any treasure in the world. Others can agree with me about your value. Understanding how many gifts you have is an overwhelming ecstasy. Each and every gift you have makes the lives of those around you enriched. Those that know you well, know just what a rare and special gift you are. Every one of us that can say we know you can say we are better for it. Really, just your presence can be enough to impact those that can feel your energy. Never before have I been so blessed. Always will I be grateful for every gift and every moment. Lifetime is such a short time, so I will ask for 1000 lifetimes to repay you. Love from you is the most special I have ever had. You are that special to me. Forever I will be yours. Our time is eternal. Real and true is my every thought and word and deed. Even in the night your light is there like the stars shining like diamonds in the night sky. All you give is without compare. Caring and sharing and giving what is needed and wanted. Heaven is not a place, it is just being with you. Ask and there is nothing that I would not give. Nothing would be too much or more than you deserve. Day and night and day and night you are the center and the goal. Each thought of you brings a smile that also brings peace and security. Voices carry over the distance to feel empty nights with promise. Each action is just one more reason to fall in love all over again. Rising to your heights just to see your sights. Yes, you are a prime destination for me. One I will always desire and pursue. Needing your presence is just something that is part of me now. Ever’more you are the center of my universe and the star of my dreams.


Mi Ryors

Rade siveunre,

Oyu rea na zimagan ghint. Geuh dan drang, rvefroe xigtesni, het perpeke fo lal dismow nad donkewlge. Uyo owkn eth stap, spreten, vene utfrue. Ew cerivee refe wlil, tye nubod ot atef. Sti leckassh omtrent, rhe dibns utc, ledgainp ot on livaa. Ydr oruy setra, upt no pahyp cefa. Eb rugtalef orf eth oyj ense ni toshe oyu velo. Tle ehirt ojy rignb ecape ot royu losu. Oseth rae royu solens, ti kesta os goln ot enral hmet. Hwy od ew ryt vroe nda evro, wongkin ruo spat dna htat ew rae ont ryhowt? Ilwl evre ew elrna. Ywh od oyu saete su os? Hawt si os clikagn htat ew rae os ruwnhoyt fo reom? Orf lal eth inpa dan nugsaih, dloshu ew otn ta elats wokn het nasrew. Lowud ont vignig hte ucaes ribgn oyj dna pinshapes? Dene oyu ton oshet ot defe no?

That Voice

My Sweetest Addiction,
You are so very special to me. One of a kind to me. Unique in everything you do. Adore you with all my heart, I do. Reason cannot alone explain all that you are to me. Eternity can not hold everything I feel for you. To me you are eternity, infinity, all things, every thing. Holding me, hearing me, healing me. Each time I fall you pick me up. Right before I feel totally lost you find me. Out of my darkness you guide me. Claiming me for your own and caring for me as such. Keeping me safe and protected. One day I will be able to do the same for you. For under your shelter I will grow strong. Under the safety of your love I will learn to be me. Some day you will see me be what you saw when no one else was looking.
Yes, you are my favorite addiction. One that I will never give up. Until the stars all fall from the skies I am yours. And then I will love you more. Right until the end of time and an eternity more. Even when the sands of time run out, I will fill the hour glass again.  To be with you there is nothing I wouldn’t do. Having you near is my cloak of protection. Each breath is for you. Sharing each heart beat. Together through it all. Reaching for the stars. Each other’s biggest fan. Needing nothing more than the love adored. Giving all for the other. Together forever. Here and now, there and then, always and forever. Ours is real and true. Fairy tales do not compare to our truth. Underneath it all is your strength and solidness. Standing tall and together only with you.
Yesterday was dark. One shinning star to light the way. Under the brilliance you stand. Always lighting my way. Ready to take my hand, to make me feel safe. Ever surrounding me with love and protection. Showing me time and again you are there. One day at a time your patience shows me my world in you. Always safe and secure. Making sure I know your love. Allowing my doubts to fade. Zigging and zagging through my maze. I know you are there, even in the dark. Nothing keeps you from caring for us. Going all the way every time for us. Taking us through the storm. One day at a time. Because of you I believe. Each dream becomes real. And you are the cause. Rising like the sun to brighten my world. There is nothing but hope shining down on us. Having you is the best. Everything else is blurred. But you shine bright and clear. Under that shine I am warm and safe. Reaching for new heights. Dreaming new dreams. Edging closer to new worlds. Not letting fear or doubt stay long. Over and over we answer. Fearing nothing cause of you. Together, my favorite place. Always there for me. Keeping me close. I need you so. Never very far will I stray. Guise of others will never tempt. Cause what I have found is better than heaven. All we have means more to me than any promise of something more. Reality with you is my paradise. Everyone else can seek Eden. Of such myths I need not. Fantasy is lacking next to you. Us is all the ever after I want. So let the others quest for better. We will be happy and forever in bliss together. Here with you is my Wonderland Neverland Narnia Elysian Fields. I have it all and more in you. Lacking nothing, you are everything. Every heartbeat dream wish desire. I have it all. Love without ceasing. Ending never. Always growing. Reaching. Needing. Together with me. Offering strength courage protection. Loving me through it all. Each insecurity quieted. Time and again without failing. Giving your all just for me. Over and over without ire. Over and over without tiring. Filling me with peace and calm. Making my doubts dreams instead. You are my hope and wonder. In moments of doubt I reach for whispered promises I hold dear. Needing the words to wrap around me. Safely keeping me in your love. Erasing echos of the past. Causing scars to fade. Using steady hands to hold me tight. Remembering without faulting. I have you to trust. Taking my lead from you. I will always need you. Every day you become more to me. Some day you will see the me you let me be.
Volim te

You Are To Me

My Champion,

I wanted to tell you something very important. Actually I wanted to thank you for everything you are to me and everything that you have given me. I know I have said thank you before. That I have told you how special you are. But, it seems that everyday you give me more reasons to be thankful and grateful. You always make me feel special. You make me feel loved. You make me feel wanted. You make me feel needed. You make me feel pretty. You make me feel safe.
Your words are amazing, they are romantic, inspiring, creative, articulate, impressive. They are full of all the things that would make any girl’s heart skip a beat. They inspire dreams and hopes and wishes. The most perfect thing is that once you say the words, sometimes even before you say them, you live them. Your actions are your words in motion. And that my love, is the most perfect and special thing in the world. Words are easy, nice words take a little thought, perfect words take practice. But the verb of love, that takes effort and time, patience and understanding, thought and action, hugs and kisses, support and encouragement, talks and walks, strength and courage. Most of all it takes desire; the desire of 2 people to want something so much that they are willing to do any and all actions that love requires. Thank you for having the desire to want us as much as I want us. Thank you for working as hard on us and for us as I do. Thank you for caring about us as much as I care. Thank you for building us strong.
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for wanting me. Thank you for caring for me. Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for needing me. Thank you for sharing with me. Thank you for every moment, every breath, every heartbeat.


I Just Wanted To Say

Hello Handsome,

Today I wanted to tell you something very important. Having you in my life has been such a blessing. As each new day arrives I am even more in love with you than yesterday. Never could I have imagined just how much one person could mean to me. Knowing that you are in my life gives me more blessings than you can know. You have been the greatest gift I could ever receive. Our connection has been such an adventure for me. Unknowing that that first ‘hello’ would lead to the best thing ever, I have no regrets. For all the things you are to me I am forever grateful. Opening my heart to you is so natural to me, which tells me it is right. Righting my scars has made you my hero. Being everything that you are has given me everything I could ever want. Even when mundane, boring, everyday things are going wrong, it doesn’t matter cause I have you. I know that you are in my corner, that you have my back. Never before have I been so confident in another person. Giving you that trust is something that I am so happy to do. My heart knows that you would never wrong me. You have shown that I matter to you. Saying I love you is such an understatement for how I feel about you. All the words in the world cannot accurately express just how important you are to me. Finding you is like finding the greatest treasure in the world, which for me is like a combination of Atlantis and the Library of Alexander. 🙂  Every thing about you is such a treasure to me. Please, don’t ever change. Let me love you always. And then let me love you longer. Can you feel what I feel? Even in the dark and silence.
There is nothing more than you that fills my dreams. Having my heart in your care is the best feeling in the world. All my worries and insecurities have one solution; you. Nothing has the power with my heart and soul that you do. Keeping you near is my greatest desire. You are the most remarkable person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Of all the wonders in the world, you are my favorite. Under all the stars in the sky, you are the brightest gem in the universe. Feeling your love surround me is the most amazing thing ever. On the days that I feel lost or down, it is you that I hold onto. Right next to you is where I always want to be. Yes, you really and truly are everything that I want. Oh, sweetheart, I really wish you could feel how you make me feel. Unbelievable! Remember always that I love you more than anything in the world. Life has been so much better with you in it. Others will have to be full of envy. Very envious. Every part of me is yours. And will always be yours. No doubt about where I always want to be. Don’t ever doubt my love and support and admiration for you. Somethings are just more than can be put into words. Us, that is one of those things. Please, know that no matter how many times or ways I say I love you, it won’t be enough. Putting my feelings into words always seems so understated. Or a complete failure. Right now I think I have been totally understated. To be honest, I always feel understated.

volim te


This is why I think you are the best woman on the planet. This is why I love you, respect you, admire you. This is why I’m inspired. You are important part of me and something I look forward to each day I get up and every time I go to sleep. I love you and you are absolutely amazing!

Thank you for making me the most blessed girl in the world.

My Dearest Darling Love,

Today I proclaim my love for you.  Heaven is not sweeter than my joy in your presence. Indeed, happiness is flowing freely like rivers of honey. Shinning brighter than the brightest stars in the darkest night is your smile. Keeping watch over me like a champion of ode. I have never been more loved than I am by you. Secrets we keep from the world in our hearts. Secrets we share between each other in the dark. Illusions do not distract us. Seeing the truth in each heart keeps us free. Finding hope within our dreams protected by the other. Ought the world be ours to relish. Rich in adventure and wonder for our pleasure. This path we travel together is our proper path. Holding our own against all odds. Edging out all the doubts of the past, falsely held. Before you everything else has faded from sight. Every other is not even a shadow of a memory under your gaze. Sleep is peaceful and splendid in your arms. Teaching me the wonder that is love and truth is your greatest gift to me. Maybe, just maybe one day I can be for you half of what you are for me. All that is good and wonderful and amazing I find within you. No amount of doubt can cease my love for you. I do love you. Never would I want to be without you in my life. The day would never dawn from the darkest night. Hope would cease to be familiar to me. Every dream would die in sleeplessness. Without you there would be no color. Only shades of gray turning our VanGough world bleak. Rain pouring down, no those are only my tears falling without end. Losing you would be losing me. Doubt me not when I say that you are my breath and beat of my heart.

I love you always.