The US news machine is so full of hype that they make the stereo typical damsel in distress look like a cool calm collected independent modern woman. It is utterly insane the amount of foul crying that they have been doing recently.

Eli Lake Needs A Dictionary

Last week, The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake stated that the Kremlin was not familiar with the term hypocrisy for releasing the private phone calls of politicians and leaders that are involved with the Ukrainian unrest. Mr. Lake seems to think that protecting the freedom of Edward Snowden is somehow hypocritical to the afore mentioned action. What Mr. Snowden did was to inform the public that the NSA was not only spying on the enemies and those that pose a threat to the security of the US; but, the NSA was also spying on private citizens of the US, as well as, the leaders of our allies. What Mr. Putin and the Kremlin did is not the same. Mr. Snowden was a private citizen, whom acted as a whistle-blower, whereas the Kremlin was acting as a government entity.

Patriotism or Self-Promotion

Last week anchor Liz Wahl quit on air from her post at RT. Her claim was that she did not like taking money from Russia, nor for “white-washing Putin’s actions”. I am some what confused and certainly unimpressed by her “patriotic” actions. Wahl has been an anchor for RT for some time, has she never read her contract or her paystub? How did she not know that her money came from Russia? Is she not a journalist, did she not know whom she was seeking employment from, did she never figure out that the R in RT was Russia? All those questions, certainly makes one wonder why she was ever hired by RT to begin with. I do understand why she was on the desk and not out in the field; she could not conduct an interview or broadcast without extreme assistance of her legal pad. Matter of fact even upon finding her “Patriotism” she was so passionate and determined about her decision that she sat melancholy and despondent with legal pad in hand, reading her new found passion like a school child reciting a list of unappreciated historic dates.

Where has real news gone?

This past week the news has reported on a substitute teacher being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma and an elderly man taking home the wrong student from a school in Connecticut, not to mention updates on plea deal offered for Bieber and issues with Katy Perry’s accessories in a music video……..
Really??? This is the best that you can do???? How does national news channels justify that the whole nation needs to know that some drunk was arrested in the school parking lot in Oklahoma? Where is the story there? There are thousands of drunks arrested everyday, a lot of them are headed to work, some as healthcare providers and others in fields that help protect our weakest citizens. If we covered every arrest we would know absolutely nothing of real importance in the world. While these stories might be important to the parents of said schools, they have absolutely NO impact on the nation as a whole.

Is Real Journalism Gone

No wonder it is so easy for the powers that be to keep the masses in the dark or so divided as to be of no threat. This weekend Michael Grundwald,  ‘respected’ reporter for Time tweeted that he “can’t wait” for the drone attack on Julian Assange. The fact that someone whom claims to be a protector of the interests of society and watcher of government and big business would be so callus about the life of another watchman, gives great pause about the motives as well as the integrity of our press. This latest tit for tat also makes you understand how little lasting the inquiry into the death of Michael Hastings a watchman of renown was, at least among some circles. This blatant disregard for the dissemination of various points of view, even if you disagree with them goes against the basis for a free press and honest journalism.

Infotainment kills real news

Today RT did a piece on the news media, and it was spot on. We may want to talk about FOX being extreme right or MSNBC being extreme left but the point is that neither nor the others really do the job they proclaim to. A prime example is presented everyday when you look at the “Top Headlines” on any of the search engine pages. … it takes a lot of effort on the part of a concerned individual to seek out articles about real news events.
But finding the articles on real news worthy events is just the first challenge. The second challenge is finding the facts and the truth hidden in all the slanted versions of the tellings to promote the opinions of the media outlet.