Surprise, Surprise! More Hypocrisy

panama-papers-820This week has seen the rage of citizens from around the world. And the fall of one Prime Minister, so far. The cause is the now infamous Panama Papers leak of documents from the Law Office of Mossack Fonseca. Ironically, once again the Western MSM followed ‘the rules’ and ran headlines of how Putin was named in the Panama Papers. Is there anyone in the US that actually practices journalism anymore? Putin was not even named in the documents that were released. However, the parents of British Prime Minister David Cameron were included, as well as, the Icelandic Prime Minister and his wife.

Iceland Protests Reuters Stigtryggur Johannsson
Reuters; Stigtryggur Johannsson

After the revelation of Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, at least 22,000 Icelanders protested for his resignation. For a country that has less than 330,000 residents that is a significant turn out. The UK did not see that kind of outrage, of course the UK did not oust its corrupt bankers either. So far about 200 Americans have been identified in the papers. Most of the Americans that are listed have some criminal involvement. However, the papers are still being scoured. The low number of Americans and the lack of high level Americans has people asking how that is possible. Maybe there is some truth to the theory that American intelligence had something to do with the leak or at least the hack.

The fact is that the US has ‘in-house’ tax havens. Some states, such as Wyoming and Delaware and others, have secrecy that is on par with the likes of Switzerland and the Caymans. The irony is that the US demands that other countries give them information about the banking of US citizens abroad, but does not return the favor. Matter of fact the US has such a hostile attitude about getting information from foreign banks that many Americans abroad have found themselves without banking options in countries they reside in.

The fall out will continue no doubt for weeks, and we will see more mention of Putin’s connections to listed clients, however, we will see very little about the other leaders that are named or have close family members implicated. The irony is that more than likely the connections to Putin, probably will not be as strong as McCain’s connections to known terrorists.

To see a partial list of names found in the paper.


Make A Claim;Back It Up!

So, in cruising the web this morning, looking for interest that would hold me long enough to write something worth reading, I happened upon an article written by April Holloway of Ancient Origins.

Giza Necropolis DrawingI usually tend to enjoy her articles, they seem to be thoughtful and researched and if someone questions her facts she is usually willing to support her ideas and engage in constructive dialogue and if there is any conflict she seems willing to note it and even updates her articles accordingly.

This article states, that basically a poor Egyptian man, for some unknown reason, is digging, without authorization, in a room in his home. The home is located in the no digging, no drilling zone of an area considered of historical significance, due to its proximity to the Giza Necropolis. After digging down about 10 meters he stumbles upon the Causeway for the Great Pyramid!


The Causeway that has never been found by historians or archaeologists in centuries just happens to run under this mans home?
It does happen.

The article goes on to then focus on the historical references to the Causeway, with only one reference to the amazing new discovery, that apparently was reported in ONLY one paper in the world, that being Ahram Weekly. And that was only in their Arabic edition! Now, maybe Ms. Holloway’s Arabic is fluent, mine isn’t. However, the best that I could determine is that this ‘digger’ was a drug dealer and that he was of enough interest, that according to the article, the FBI, as well as, Russian law enforcement were also somehow involved in this ‘investigation’.

While it does seem that the proper ‘experts’ have been called in to investigate what the illegal digger found….the article doesn’t clearly say with any real description that a passage way or hall or anything was found that would make a logical leap to claiming that the Grand Causeway of the Great Pyramid was finally DISCOVERED!!!

I then proceeded to attempt to find supporting reports and or articles or press releases….I found 3, unfortunately they ALL led back to April Holloway’s original article. While, I really do hope that something of great interest comes from this find….to make a discovery claim on such vague and un-validated evidence seems irresponsible.
Time will tell.


There are a lot of skeptics out there that are saying Freedom of Speech is being too simple in the Charlie Hebdo attacks…..I disagree!

BF-Freedom Of SpeechFreedom of Speech is the basis of the story! There are people that say Freedom of Speech does not give you the right to insult people or say things of ‘hate’! I say, who decides what is insulting or hateful? Censorship by ANY outside force is destructive and NEVER the enlightened or intelligent or real way to handle discourse that is uncomfortable.
If you think it is black and white to determine what can be said and what can’t be said…..If you think that insulting and hateful are easily defined terms that ‘any fool should know‘ by your own arrogance you have violated your own black and white rule!!!


We have seen these hashtag wars in social media about ‘black lives matter’, ‘blue lives matter’, ‘je suis charlie’ ….. every group wants their group to matter more, but you are missing the HUGE picture!!!
We are all people…we all matter!

Coercion is not conversion!!! (Anyone know whom spoke that truth???)

And it is true….you cannot force a person to feel or believe or want or think something ….. and forcing them to be silent for fear of violence against them is not being civilized or responsible or multi-cultural…..that is being immature and ignorant and hateful and rude and a bully!!!!

1395569779536050926We have become a world filled with over grown toddlers in constant temper-tantrum mode cause the whole world isn’t meeting all our demands instantly!!! GROW UP!!!
If you do not like how a country exists…then do not go to that country….there are plenty of countries in the world that function from absolutely NO freedoms to having immense freedom and everything in between….you do not want freedom then move to a country that does not allow freedom. It really isn’t that hard to figure out!

charlie hebdo victims_3158173b
Charlie Hebdo victims

If you do not like what someone says then do not listen to them. If you do not like what someone writes then do not read their work. If you do not like the art that someone creates then do not purchase it. If you do not like what is being said or shown on TV then change the channel or better yet turn it off. In general, in the world you are not forced to listen to what someone says so why think you have the right to force them to speak only what you want to hear?
What makes you more valuable than the other person?
What makes your life matter more than mine?
What makes your feelings more significant than a stranger?
What makes your thoughts more right than the hater?
What makes your opinions better than the poor man’s?
What makes you anything that elevates you above anyone else?

NOTHING!!!! You are not better than anyone else, so stop trying to pretend you are cause you are missing something inside that no amount of will bending in others will fulfill.

Yes, most of us are broken as humans! We see everything that someone says or does as some attack on us and we get mad and upset. We have no real faith in anything that keeps up grounded or humane. We see others only in what have they, what they are or what might they do for me; or I better get them before they get me. We have lost our sense of connection. There is nothing more lonely than feeling alone surrounded by a million people……except for when those million people are your ‘friends and family’.
Why do we feel so alone? Cause we have lost the connection. We no longer value lasting relationships. We no longer value the character of an individual. When we ‘judge’ someone we do not ask about their honor or heart or mind…..we ask about their income, their ‘schooling’, their house, their car, their things.
But a million dollars does not buy kindness. A Ph.D. does not ensure understanding. A mansion isn’t built with compassion. A Ferrari does not purr mercy. And things do not provide love!!

BeFunky_saudi-blogger.jpgIf you want less hate and more understanding…then stop forcing others to do what you want and start listening to them with understanding and compassion. If you want people to stop insulting and hating then speak with kindness and intelligence. If you want less violence and pain then show more mercy and patience.

It isn’t Freedom of Speech that is broken….it is the people speaking and no law can force morals, compassion, understanding or intelligence into them. And NO ONE deserves to die for words!!!

imprisoned journalists
Al Jezeera Journalists held in Egypt

The example of people that have been jailed, punished, tortured, and killed for exercising their basic right of Free Speech can go on and on….
how does this make us civilized that we are so barbaric that we are afraid of words!!!!

We must protect EVERYONE’S right to speak without fear of violence or criminal action!



Jihadist, Just Another Word For COWARD!


When your only reaction to someone that speaks differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that thinks differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that acts differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that believes differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that worships differently than you is to kill…YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that dresses differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that loves differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When you only reaction is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

via and AP

The cruel attack on the Paris Office of Charlie Hebdo was the act of COWARDS pure and simple. If you know your path is the best path, if you know you are the most righteous, then you do not have to KILL those you disagree with. For if you were so pure and righteous and just then you would have your acts and deeds and your faith and your belief and the power of your words to defend your path against ALL attacks. If you were strong in your faith and your path and sure of the rightness of your beliefs then you would not be angered or insulted or offended by the words of those you call lesser than you. Of course, if you were so righteous and holy you would not call anyone lesser than yourself.

The fact that you are WRONG in your beliefs and thus cruel and evil in your deeds is a blight on all that claim the path of Islam. However, the fact that ‘moderate’ Muslims, as the politically correct call them, do not rise up and speak out against the acts of the evil nor do they put the effort into correcting the wrongs of those leaders that have corrupted the young followers by doing nothing are showing support for and approving of the evil carried out in the name of their religion. And the weak claim that they are not acting as true Muslims and thus in our eyes are not Muslims and we need not say anything about it are in effect offending and insulting the innocent victims of each act of evil carried out in the name of Islam and Allah. These moderate Muslims are also neglecting their duties as ‘real and true’ followers by not protecting the life of innocent. Allah states clearly and plainly that ALL human life is sacred and valued and is not to be taken!

Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.  (Al-Ma’idah 5: 32)


The US news machine is so full of hype that they make the stereo typical damsel in distress look like a cool calm collected independent modern woman. It is utterly insane the amount of foul crying that they have been doing recently.

“RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!again”

“ISRAEL MUST DEFEND ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still”

“I.S. IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO THE US EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!made by us”


I do not know what is sadder; the fact that MSM acts like the corner whore or that the public eats it up like the starving John. All the news does these days is have OPINION panels that cheer their side and never once say anything for real change or truly say anything that will unite and solve the issue.


1) Send REAL journalists (if there are any left) to locations around the world (like Donbas) to get the real story!
2) Ask the US to PROVE that active Russian troops are inside Ukraine! Ask for the PROOF that US claims it has about MH17!
3) Ask why the US is supporting an ILLEGAL government killing its own people! Ask how many US Troops are on the ground there helping the ILLEGAL government kill their own!
4) Ask how the INTEL community saw MH17 fall from the sky, but didn’t see I.S. take over half of Iraq and third of Syria!
5) How are members of I.S. able to use US military equipment that the US taxpayers spent millions on and US military spent years training the Iraq Forces and they still couldn’t use it to defend themselves and their citizens!
6) Why can’t ISRAEL abide by the 1967 borders if they wont abide by the 1949 ones!!!
7) Where is ALL the outrage NATIONALLY over all the BLACK ON BLACK deaths in inner city gang and drug violence?
8) Where is the condemnation by ‘Civil Rights’ Leaders over the looters high-jacking the protests and detracting from Freedom of Speech and Assembly?
9) Where are the attacks on both parties for not doing their jobs and serving the public?
10) Seek facts and truth and report what is REALLY happening not just spin Press Releases!

Eli Lake Needs A Dictionary

Last week, The Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake stated that the Kremlin was not familiar with the term hypocrisy for releasing the private phone calls of politicians and leaders that are involved with the Ukrainian unrest. Mr. Lake seems to think that protecting the freedom of Edward Snowden is somehow hypocritical to the afore mentioned action. What Mr. Snowden did was to inform the public that the NSA was not only spying on the enemies and those that pose a threat to the security of the US; but, the NSA was also spying on private citizens of the US, as well as, the leaders of our allies. What Mr. Putin and the Kremlin did is not the same. Mr. Snowden was a private citizen, whom acted as a whistle-blower, whereas the Kremlin was acting as a government entity.
Here is a little history lesson, Mr. Lake, it has always been the prudent common practice of governments to spy on the leaders of their enemies. It is not common or prudent for a government to spy on its own citizens when that country is touted as a democracy, with freedom of speech. This means that there is absolutely nothing wrong with or uncommon about what Putin and the Kremlin have done by releasing the private phone calls of the opposition to the democratically elected government of Ukraine. It is exactly the same as the US releasing transcripts of Al Qaeda to justify the use of drone attacks on family gatherings in countries that we are not even at war with; in countries that we do not have large American populations in; in countries that do not border the US mainland.
To compare the circumstances of the Ukrainian unrest and the circumstances surrounding the Edward Snowden affair is either at best a lame attempt to demonize Putin to the American public or at worst to bolster US involvement in Ukraine that is in contrast to International Law by promoting the blatant misinformation of the government in order to initiate military action in an area and manner that is not justified. If the US, on its own or as part of NATO, intervenes in Ukraine in a military manner, it is the Balkans all over again. And the Balkans were not ethically or morally just interventions but the actions of the greed of our German and French allies whom have eyed the containment of the Balkan peoples for hundreds of years.

Patriotism or Self-Promotion

Last week anchor Liz Wahl quit on air from her post at RT. Her claim was that she did not like taking money from Russia, nor for “white-washing Putin’s actions”. I am some what confused and certainly unimpressed by her “patriotic” actions. Wahl has been an anchor for RT for some time, has she never read her contract or her paystub? How did she not know that her money came from Russia? Is she not a journalist, did she not know whom she was seeking employment from, did she never figure out that the R in RT was Russia? All those questions, certainly makes one wonder why she was ever hired by RT to begin with. I do understand why she was on the desk and not out in the field; she could not conduct an interview or broadcast without extreme assistance of her legal pad. Matter of fact even upon finding her “Patriotism” she was so passionate and determined about her decision that she sat melancholy and despondent with legal pad in hand, reading her new found passion like a school child reciting a list of unappreciated historic dates.
I also find it ironic that she doesn’t like that her previous employer was pro-Putin. Does she actually believe that any mass media outlet is not biased? Is she that naive that she thinks that the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, or BBC are not biased in their presentation of the news? Does she not think that they do not “white-wash” stories to the benefit of their audience and producers and ratings? This is just another example of how lacking our education system is that we produce individuals in fields where open-minds and free-thinking are primary components yet the individuals have no idea how to think for themselves, how to seek the truth, how to investigate the event without having a biased point of view. Of course the government and big business do not want reporters and a press that seeks the truth, that thinks for themselves, that is out for the common good of the people. That is why big business bought up all the news outlets. How can you call any mass media outlet unbiased when 6 corporations own over 90% of the news published in most countries.
I am sure that Wahl will find her 15 minutes of fame in US mainstream media, they cannot wait to exploit her antics in their very biased anti-Putin stance. Therefore, she will be a praised pawn for the very pro-Obama pieces, especially during the Ukrainian unrest. She should enjoy her 15 minutes and charge top dollar for her selling her legal pad patriotism and invest that money well, she has no real future in journalism, she is not smart enough, nor is she pretty enough to be of lasting rating for anyone worthwhile in the industry.

Where has real news gone?

This past week the news has reported on a substitute teacher being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma and an elderly man taking home the wrong student from a school in Connecticut, not to mention updates on plea deal offered for Bieber and issues with Katy Perry’s accessories in a music video……..
Really??? This is the best that you can do???? How does national news channels justify that the whole nation needs to know that some drunk was arrested in the school parking lot in Oklahoma? Where is the story there? There are thousands of drunks arrested everyday, a lot of them are headed to work, some as healthcare providers and others in fields that help protect our weakest citizens. If we covered every arrest we would know absolutely nothing of real importance in the world. While these stories might be important to the parents of said schools, they have absolutely NO impact on the nation as a whole.
The intentional distraction of the American public with stupid, needless nonsense to facilitate the abuse of power prevalent in the current and recent administrations as well as the reality that big business and government are allies without regard for the public is only magnified by the fact that 6 mega-news corporations control over 75% of the news in the nation as well as in the world. Comcast and Time Warner will merge to create a basic national monopoly in the cable/internet provider sector and there is not a single outraged government voice yelling about anti-trust laws and the courts are not going to consider the merger illegal under monopoly regulations.
Our schools no longer educate our youth, instead they teach conformity and rule following without questions. They insist on our children being tattle tells and whiners instead of teaching them to solve issues and problems on their own or to be responsible for their own actions or heaven forbid to stand up for themselves. Teachers whom actually teach the Constitution as the living framework of our nation instead of some historical document with no current applications, are disciplined and risk losing their career. This mentality is evident across all areas of government control. Just look at our healthcare system, it is big business and government that is telling doctors what and how to treat patients instead of doctors working with their patients to encourage healthier lifestyles. There is no profit in healthier lifestyles that compares to the profit of chemical masking of increased poisoning of the body so that more chemicals are need to mask the harmful effects of the first chemicals that merely masked the symptoms so that the patient would require the continued ingesting of said chemicals to believe the lie of improved health.
Big business is so in control of the politicians that they can insure their profit margins simply by requiring laws that demand their products be purchased by private citizens. Our forefathers would be so disappointed in the state of the nation that they would lead another revolution. They never intended for government to intervene SO much in private affairs of men, that was the whole reason this country was founded, to PREVENT government’s interference in the private affairs of men.
The first amendment we created to ensure the integrity of men and journalists among other things. Yet, today there is NO integrity within the newsrooms of the nations. They are controlled and run by big business, in order to promote the propaganda that they wish to ensure the conformity they require to maintain their profit margins and way of life. The fact that ordinary citizens seem to think this is a good idea, proves just how successful the socialist mentality of the education system has become.
This current state of affairs will be the undoing of this nation. And the undoing will come sooner rather than later. There is no one to blame but the everyday individual American citizen for not loving the nation handed them by their forefathers to insure that it remains for future generations. The country is less secure, not more secure; the individual is less intelligent and educated, not more civilized or advanced; the world is on the brink of major change, not steadily moving forward to some illusion of unity and peace.
There is still time to change the course of history, but only if you stop deluding yourself that actors, singers, and reality TV are in fact REAL and instead remember that your children, your neighbor, your community are what is truly real. Make no mistake this is not something that you can put off until you decide to get around to it…..time will come, when it is too late.

Is Real Journalism Gone

Michael Hastings Accident Scene
via latimes

No wonder it is so easy for the powers that be to keep the masses in the dark or so divided as to be of no threat. This weekend Michael Grundwald,  ‘respected’ reporter for Time tweeted that he “can’t wait” for the drone attack on Julian Assange. The fact that someone whom claims to be a protector of the interests of society and watcher of government and big business would be so callus about the life of another watchman, gives great pause about the motives as well as the integrity of our press. This latest tit for tat also makes you understand how little lasting the inquiry into the death of Michael Hastings a watchman of renown was, at least among some circles. This blatant disregard for the dissemination of various points of view, even if you disagree with them goes against the basis for a free press and honest journalism. When our faith in the integrity of journalists becomes suspect those with evil intention have the belief of safe quarter.
It is bad enough that we have the Obama administration either intimidating, dictating or straight up violating the rights of journalists and media outlets by ease dropping or other collecting of the communications of journalists working on pieces; now the British government is forcing British media outlets to destroy information under threat of being shut down. Is there anything more oppressive than the recent actions of the governments of the “free world.”  The irony is that Turkey is not allowed to join the EU……WHY…..for its stifling of their press!!!! One word comes to mind Hypocrisy. This is typical behavior by the big boys.
One set of rules for them and one for everyone else. This is why the 2nd and 3rd world countries so easily hate the industrialized nations. In this instant, how can the EU and US criticize any other country for its treatment of whistle-blowers or journalists. Most countries that limit free speech and free press have great arguments for justifying their censorship. The arguments range from National Security to security of society or keeping the peace. Oh wait, those are the arguments used in Europe and US. The lines between “free” countries and tyrannical regimes are becoming blurred in to oblivion. In the near future there will be no difference other than the names of the countries. And that will be the greatest travesty.
The saddest part of this movement of oppression is how similar it is to the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany, except that this time around the evil is not limited to just one country but will encompass the whole globe. And the masses will have NO ONE to blame but themselves. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. The masses seem totally complacent in the events that will further enslave them to illusions of freedom and evolution. There is nothing free or evolved about the actions of our current governments. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that the powers at be do not want citizens that think and question and act. They only want citizens that comply. That is not what human nature is based on.
The solution rests solely in the hands of the masses, you cannot sit on the sidelines and expect the corrupt and greedy to change themselves. Matter of fact real change, true change can only come from the inside, which means that we have to change ourselves. We have to open our eyes. We have to open our ears. We have to listen. We have to watch. We have to think. Then most importantly we have to ACT.

Infotainment kills real news

Today RT did a piece on the news media, and it was spot on. We may want to talk about FOX being extreme right or MSNBC being extreme left but the point is that neither nor the others really do the job they proclaim to. A prime example is presented everyday when you look at the “Top Headlines” on any of the search engine pages. Today on Google the Top Story is still about Trevon Martin and George Zimmerman; on Yahoo, it is that Kris Jenner is annoyed that Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are not getting married, and the Royal Baby Watch; on Ask news it is Zimmerman and the Glee actor’s death; Bing does at least start off with Detroit being bankrupt; on BBC it is Detroit Bankruptcy and the Boston Bomber photos…which is a stretch to consider it really news about the event itself. I think I have proven my point, it takes a lot of effort on the part of a concerned individual to seek out articles about real news events.
But finding the articles on real news worthy events is just the first challenge. The second challenge is finding the facts and the truth hidden in all the slanted versions of the tellings to promote the opinions of the media outlet. So what happened? Where did honest reporters go? Where did the trust go? Where did the desire for knowledge go? The answer is simple… was stolen.
news boxesYes, I said it was stolen, big business stole it for ratings and profits. It is all about money now. However, do not deceive yourself. It isn’t just about direct profit, it is also about manipulation for future profits and actually control of the masses. If you control the flow of information then you control the thoughts and if you control the thoughts then you have complete control. This complete control used to rest in the hands of religious leaders, and still does in less developed areas of the world, but in the west where religion has lost it power to a huge extent the control has been regained by the media conglomerates.
The sad part is that we have no one to blame but ourselves, through our own greed and laziness we have been complacent in our own enslavement. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that money and things and just us are the most important things in the world. We allowed ourselves to be convinced a bigger house showed how much more we loved our family, that a faster car would make us feel freer, that giving more things to our kids would make them more appreciative and give them more opportunities. We changed from measuring a man by his character and deeds to measuring him by his looks and his things. We changed from caring about the person next door to fearing the person walking down the street.
We watch our TVs and believe them when they tell us that something is bad or evil, without a thought we worry about things that are insignificant, we look for and blame details instead of seeking out the real issues and solving the real problems. The color of someone’s skin doesn’t make them behave a certain way, the religion that someone practices does not make them behave a certain way, the place that someone lives does not make then behave a certain way. What makes a person behave a certain way is the type of character they have. Nothing more, nothing less. So stop letting the media cover up real issues by creating issues that do not exist that focus on things that feed hate.