Hate Is The Shortest Path To Oppression

Americans have been so busy hating Syria, Gaza and Russia that they have not noticed their own conquering by Corporate America. Syria, Gaza and Ukraine are all very nice diversions to keep you worried about ‘threats’ beyond our borders that no one has been watching what is going on in our own house. This is actually a very common thing. Those of us that grew up in the homes of defenders and warriors know that it is very easy for said hero/warrior to spend so much time saving the world that they sacrifice their own to a worse fate.
Take stroll on Twitter and you will find plenty of opinions of all the ‘wars’ in the world, but you will find very little about the war on our freedom and independence in the US. Most Americans are very firmly in the Pro-Israel camp. I have been told by plenty of upstanding Christians that to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, one need only to wipe out all of Hamas. When you ask their feeling about civilians, especially children being killed by Israeli rockets they claim it is Hamas’ fault for using them as human shields. When asked where Jesus states there are times when killing innocents is justified and okay, they reply to tell you that Hamas, hates all Jews and Christians and want to kill them all. They call you a ‘killer’ or ‘hater’ for questioning their morals. Yet, they never give the quote of Jesus’ teaching explaining when killing children is justified and acceptable.
On the topic of Ukraine, most Americans will tell you that “Russia invaded Ukraine.” They will tell you that Russia wants another Soviet Union. They think that Russian soldiers are fighting the ‘mighty and honorable’ Ukraine army. An army so poorly trained and armed initially that any one of our street gangs would have beat them back to Kiev in a weeks time, much less the damage done had they been fighting a professional fighting force. Unfortunately, from a military point of view, the Self-defense forces made the same mistake as the Confederate forces did in the US Civil War. Their mentality and objective was just that, defense, they didn’t want to conquer the other side, they just wanted to protect what was theirs and be left alone. Thus their initial approach to the battle was simply to defend against advances from the UA, to keep their land and property and persons safe. I fear that Novorussia well learn the same lesson the Confederates did in the same manner.
On the poor dead horse, known as Syria, which now has split Iraq, Americans were appalled by ‘Assad the Butcher’ as Western media portrayed him, reporting how prisoners were systematically tortured, beaten, raped and even killed. Yet, in polls and reports by global watch dogs the largest prison population is in the US and the greatest fear of being in prison and of one’s well-being and life if found in prison is also the US. That being said, no American is willing to go to war over US prisons, which are increasingly run by for-profit private corporations, without any oversight; but also completely support the aiding, arming, supporting of terrorist groups that are labeled by the US Government as ‘freedom fighters’ thus empowering ISIS to have the ability, capability, and support to conquer half of Iraq and a third of Syria and is being allowed to sale crude oil to Israel, our ally, whom is carpet bombing one of the few regional supporters of the Syrian government.
One of the reasons that Americans seem unable to connect the dots in conflicts around the globe is in the lack of diversity in US media. Over 90% of US news and media is owned by just 6 corporations and with the buying of Time Warner, by either Comcast or Murdoch then that number goes down to 5, thus limiting more the availability of the American public to receive diverse reporting on any issue. It is the lack of diversity in sources available to the American public that through ignorance make it complacent in global immorality by American mega corporations through control of politicians and thus government. America has anti-trust and monopoly laws yet time and time again different government agencies and the Supreme Court have turned blind eyes to the merging of big business into mega-corporations thus insuring maximum increase in profits and decrease in competition. In addition these corporations reach outside the borders of the US thus the basis for hypocrisy in American Foreign Policy. Our Foreign Policy is based on the greed of US business and politicians not on honor or integrity or our founding fathers’ belief in the right of every man to self determination.

Egypt’s Good So Let’s Arm Them

Really, just cause Egypt has been SO busy fighting among internal factions and has thus not violated its Treaty with Israel, we are going to start sending them military shipments again? Really, who decided that the Treaty was the best and ONLY measure to use to determine military shipments to a country that can’t keep a government in place for more than a year after ousting the lifetime dictator was sound logic? Oh, that’s right our lovely State Department!
Well we can take heart in the fact that our State Department has a stellar record in judging the short term actions of foreign entities. And the US has an even better record of picking ‘better’ sides in disputes in the internal conflicts of other countries. One need only look at Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, to see how well we pick sides.
The US has a long history of intervening in the internal affairs of other countries, when the US chooses to intervene it is not in the context of moral obligations of the citizens in the said country, in some cases the resulting interference results in the daily situation in the said country being worse, or even much worse as in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is not referring to their current states which are not good by any means, but to their former. Yes, for those who missed it in history class, the US helped put Saddam in power in Iraq. A man who gassed not only his own people, which we did nothing about, but gassed the battlefield in his war with Iran, thus killing not only Iranian soldiers but also his own soldiers. And it was US intervention that put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan.
All intervention into Iraq was pushed for economic reasons and to the benefit of the US and her OPEC allies, whereas the mess we created in Afghanistan that led to 9/11 were merely the US keeping score against the Soviet Union. There was never any real interest in the actual welfare of the citizens of either country. And there is no real concern in the daily lives of the citizens of Egypt either; otherwise we would instead consider the safety and stability of the internal peoples and area of Egypt to determine whether Egypt should receive military shipments.
The US really needs to learn that it cannot buy loyalty, that the citizens and governments are not of the same model as American citizens. You cannot control them buy keeping them focused on money and ‘sparkleys’ and distracting them with misinformation and down right lies. Sure, they will take your money and your ‘sparkleys’; but they have learned the US game well…..it is all about ME, so there is no need for loyalty. The US only gets involved where there is a profit or benefit for them.
The world doesn’t hate the US cause they are jealous of the American way of life, the world hates the US cause from the other side it is very easy to see the hypocrisy of US foreign policy.

Benghazi Is A Phony Scandal, But

In the last few days the US government has closed twenty-one embassies and consulates in North Africa and the Middle East. This Ramadan has been the most violent in years in Iraq. So much for the Holy Month. The positive is that the Holy Month is coming to an end. Ramadan is the ninth month of the calendar and “The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran” thus making it holy. It would appear that what has been lost is that Ramadan by being the month of revelation is a time of new beginnings. It should be a time of reflection on life over the past year and contemplation of how to better live your life in the upcoming year.
It is ironic that during this Holy Month so many that profess to be devout followers of Islam, instead use this time to incite violence and commit violence. To do the opposite of what this month should represent. I am not a follower of Islam, but I do believe in my rightness of my opinion of Allah’s intention of how we should act during this time. It is NEVER the wish of any loving God, that violence should be committed in his name against the innocent, regardless of their own path. But I have detoured from my direct topic.
The closings of embassies and consulates in North Africa and Middle East is a result of a warning of a threat based on the intelligence community. It does seem ironic that warnings of “chatter” is more believed than the warnings of “experts” on the ground in the locations. It is interesting that people with authority tend to be sitting in offices thousands of miles away and due to ego or arrogance or power trips they seem to be more interested in their positions or in images or in bottom lines or other mundane details that they do not value the pricelessness of human life or the opinions of the individuals that are actually on the ground in the specific locations.
No, I am not saying that we should risk the lives of many just for the one. However, in the case of Benghazi, there was a lot that was done wrong before, during and after that could have probably changed the outcome of the events 11 months ago. It is callus of the Administration to say that the event is over and done with and should be forgotten and move on. We seem to have forgotten that it is better to be human than it is to pretend you are perfect. Humans care, humans make mistakes, humans say they are sorry, humans learn from their mistakes; perfection focuses on image, perfection touts rightness of itself, perfection claims no responsibilities. These conflicts of purpose create chaos that prevents improvement of our world.
It also, is ironic that suddenly we have “chatter” in a volume that has not been seen since 9/11. It seems that most embassies will be closed until Thursday, the end of Ramadan. Unfortunately, considering the recent challenges concerning the public image of the government and the intelligent community, there will be doubt about this well timed new threat. It is my wish that this new threat is not some hyped up show to justify the over zealous actions of government in the guise of National Security. The near future will be challenging to say the least. But I believe it is a challenge that we will survive and it is my hope that we rise above it and move forward in a brighter light than the dimming of our current lighting.