Refugee Crysis Colors (Y)Our Culture

PEGIDA movement Germany

There are some leftist idealists that state that every nation that does not want to just open their borders freely and completely are WRONG!

That national and cultural identity are vague, unfounded and outdated notions. That these ideas create wrong policy regarding ‘refugees’ and thus inflame the problem. The leftist idealists would have us all believe that we have NO right to have a language, culture, religion, ethnicity, or traditions to call ours unless they are so loosely held that we change them on the whim of every new arrival. These leftist idealists are the ones that are wrong!

Each one of us has the right to decide whom we want to interact with and whom we want to form relationships with, whom we call family. It is our right to form family and it is the family’s right to decide whom to include and whom to ignore. It is the family’s right to chose new members and to decide how to live, how to raise its young, whom we call clan. It is the clan’s right to decide whom is a member, whom is leader, what the rules are, how they live, how they communicate. And so it goes with villages and cities and nations! We have EVERY right to ban together with those whom we have similar interests, goals, values, and ideals. And we are not evil if we do not want to lose those connections.


Does every person have the right to live freely in peace? Absolutely; but not at the expense of someone else’s right to the same rights and freedom. This is where the leftist idealists are wrong. If someone wants to move into a new ‘community’ then they should enter with humility and interest and the intent of learning, respecting and understanding. When they enter with the intent of ignoring and even changing the ways of the new community, their language, their rules, their culture that is not immigration that is INVASION! Whether it is one person or 1 million persons.

This does not mean that the ‘immigrant’ has to give up everything that they were before the move, it means that they should with respect live in a balance of both ‘worlds’. And yes, that is very possible. The ‘immigrant’ can and should speak both languages. The ‘immigrant’ can and should respect the laws of the new land while maintaining their core morals. The ‘immigrant’ can and should participate in the cultural activities of the new land. If any of the aforementioned parts of the ‘new land’ are unacceptable to the ‘immigrant’ then the ‘immigrant’ should not enter the new land. The world is full of many different nations with many different languages and cultures and religions and laws, so the ‘immigrant’ should chose their ‘new land’ based on what they are willing to accept in their everyday life.

Taiko Drummers Seatle
Taiko Drummers @ Japanese Cherry Festival Seattle

It is true that many Western countries are very free and allow individuals to practice their personal morals, cultures, religions, languages and that is, in my opinion, the best system to have, however, that does not mean that the ‘immigrant’ has any right or place to ask for more rights or freedoms or to expect the rights and freedoms of others be limited for their benefit. The ‘immigrant’ needs to be grateful for being given a new home, a place of peace to live, the right to be themselves, the right to live their lives.

If all persons of a nation having the same rights is a problem there are nations where that is not the case. If all persons being able to worship freely is a problem there are nations where only a specific religion is allowed to be practiced or no religion at all. If both genders walking the streets freely is a problem there are nations where only males can walk the streets freely. You should not chose a ‘new land’ based on the handouts you might get. In all honesty, other than maybe free language lessons and tours of the city, help with resumes/CVs and maybe some job placement and or training resources and maybe a fund that will help find housing, the ‘new land’ really should not offer handouts to ‘immigrants’ that makes it safer and more successful for both sides.

Indonesia Dance in Leeds and York
Indonesia wins Best Performance @ World Unite 2015 UK

It should be noted, that while some of you might think based on what you have read so far, that I am anti-immigrant….you could not be further from the truth….I am very pro-immigrant. I believe that diversity when it is honest and sincere and respected makes our lives richer and fuller and more successful. Exploring different cultures and learning different ways of life can improve our critical thinking and increase our creativity and allows for better problem solving. And as the saying goes….variety is the spice of life! That comes in the addition of new things like music and food and celebrations being added to the ‘new land’ experience. The advantage is immense for both sides when the process is proper and fair.

This is the third article of three in a series about the illegal refugee crisis in Europe.

Refugee Crysis Is A Positive

Italian Refugee Crisis

Earlier this month, speaking about the refugee crisis, the Economic Commissioner stated, “There will be an impact on growth that is weak but positive for the EU as a whole, and that will increase GDP by 0.2 to 0.3 percent by 2017.” I would disagree with that statement for a number of reasons. The first of which is that Italy and Greece have been downing in the expense of taking in the refugees for the last 4 years without any real support from the rest of the EU.

Italy has been in recession for the last 6 years and suffers from between 13 and 20 per cent unemployment numbers depending on which source you cite. The unemployment for the youth are up to 43 per cent, yet, that number is blatantly false in that most of the ‘refugees’ landing in Italy are young single men.

'refugees' at French Border

So what is the cost to Italy, whom has decided that illegal immigration is no longer illegal, thus you have to place more blame on Italy than the European Union in their case, but the numbers will affect all of Europe. In the ‘welcome centers’ the ‘refugees’ get free board and lodging, mobile phones and €3 per day in pocket money. If this were not enough, they are also provided with free lessons for Italian, driving and job training, like ice cream making.

So what are the real numbers for the Italian tax payer…. €35 per day directly to the ‘refugee’ or roughly €13000 per year per ‘refugee’ in total cost. Some numbers place the number of ‘refugees’ entering Italy in the first half of 2015 was 54,000, thus €702,000,000; using just this number the ‘refugees’ has cost Italy €2,808,000,000 over the past 4 years. Now, however, the EU has set up a relocation ‘solution’ to ease Italy’s burden….the plan is to relocate a mere 40,000 ‘refugees’ over 2 years. Italy will be paid €6000 per head and the receiving state will receive €500 each. As of October 90 ‘refugees’ have been relocated!

Illegal Migrant Entry Numbers(29JUNE2015)

Even if the 40,000 target number is reached in 2 years, it would take 8 and half years to relocate just the number of ‘refugees’ that landed in Italy in 2014 and that number is expected to be the same in 2015. Right now Italy is housing 99,000 ‘refugees’ at a cost of €1.16billion ($1.32B) for this year.

Of the 61,545 asylum requests received through Oct. 9, 2015, 46,490 have been examined and just over half were rejected, the Interior Ministry study said. The EU is helping to fund the deportation of those ‘refugees’ that are rejected, but is also requesting that Italy speed up and increase their deportation.
The bottom line is that the Economic Commissioner does not have ALL the numbers in his equation. And even if there were some miracle and these ‘refugees’ did a 1 day integration into host countries and start contributing to the GDP it would still take years to cover the initial costs that is still in the red. And at the proposed impact of less than a half of a per cent positive impact to the countries of the European Union it would take the ‘refugees’, their children, their grandchildren, their great-grandchildren and probably even their great-grandchildren to get to a point where the costs break even. And these numbers did not take into account the impact of this crisis on non-EU states that are invaded by the ‘refugees’ on their way to the European Paradise!
This is the second of three articles about the refugee crisis of Europe.

Refugee Crysis In Safe Haven

Migrant group illegally crossing Europe

The world economy is weak. The job market is more famine than feast. And Europe is facing an unending influx of migrants. Over the last 4 to 6 years Italy and Greece have been crying, begging, pleading for help in dealing with an overwhelming invasion of illegal immigrants. They are being called refugees, but a large majority are not true refugees from the Western bombed nations of Libya and Syria, they are simply opportunists from Central Africa and Central Asia that are taking advantage of the plight of displaced civilians in the aforementioned countries. They are freely flooding into Europe by any and all means possible. They come with nothing, thus they are in need of everything for the countries that are stuck taking them in. They are creating an unbearable debt on the smaller and weaker countries of Europe without any intent of ever returning anything of value to those countries.

migrant route 1Not a single one of these refugees is doing anything the legal or proper or right way; yet, they are all reaping all the benefits denied those that try to do things properly and legally. The burden on the people of Europe via loss of benefits and increased taxes to cover the costs is rude and insulting.

Do not get me wrong, I have all the sympathy in the world for REAL refugees, the ones that have no home left cause NATO bombed it off the map, the ones that have no village cause it has been leveled by the Western backed ‘moderate rebels’. But, I cannot believe that EVERY refugee left without documents. The nature of life in both countries is not new, we are not talking about a sudden natural catastrophe, civilians knew how unstable and uncertain life was. Call me mean or callus, but why didn’t EVERY civilian family have a bug-out bag ready to go at all times and why were these people not carrying documents with them at all times just in case, homes get bombed while you are at the market, village gets overrun while you are at work?

And the excuse about traffickers taking documents from refugees, well that shows illegal intent from the start….if you are a genuine refugee than you know that you have a very legal way out, it might not be as comfortable and first-class as you want it, but beggars need to stop being choosers. I have to completely disagree with the European Union’s sudden ‘welcoming’ of refugees that Italy and Greece have been drowning under for years. This action has only increased the burden on them and other smaller EU members as well as, unconscionablly encouraging the invading non-EU nations without recourse or proper compensation for the invited invasion upon those invaded nations.

via UN Watch

It seems to me that since NATO actions have been at the behest of Middle East allies, that they should be the ones taking in all these poor Sunni refugees. Yet, no refugees have sought safe-haven in any Middle Eastern country. Why is that? United Arab Emirates supposedly has a very robust expanding economy. Saudi Arabia is the new head of the Human Rights Council of the UN, so what better place to seek safe-haven, right. And it is much closer than Germany! France! Britain! Sweden!


This is the first of 3 articles focusing on the migration crisis invading Europe.