Little Steps Are Still Steps

So this past week, an article appeared in The Guardian making a move away from the completely liner thinking dogma that has imprisoned paleoanthropologists and others in the human evolution field for decades.

Out Of Africa Basic Map

In the past, the theory, stated as fact, was that ALL modern humans evolved from one family group with one mitochondrial Eve. And that most of this evolution has occurred in the last 250,000 to 500,000 YAG, after millions of years basically remaining intelligent apes.

The map is from an article in late 2016 that still promotes that while some of the migration details of other maps are “inaccurate” that this map is the least inaccurate one to date. Even if more than 15 years ago I would have argued that this model is wrong and lacking, without all the research, reading, and study that I have done in the ensuing years up to the present, I cannot grasp how supposedly intelligent students in the various related fields do not use their own logic and reason with rational thought and question all of it. Thus the result from all of this self-study of the question “What and or where are man’s origins?” instead of becoming more certain of the official dogma, I have become certain of one glaring fact – – We Do Not Have A Clue!

human origins tree 1

The first argument the dogma propagandists throw at the rebellious divergent is all the oldest hominid specimens have been found in Africa, East Africa specifically, thus there is no doubt about the origins of homo sapiens sapiens, of course the reality is that academia has focused their search exclusively to East Africa, thus basically eliminating finds in other areas. In light of this dogged determination to stick to their story, there are still finds accidentally stumbled upon in other parts of the world, such as homo floresiensis and homo gigantopithecus, which while labeled as an ape member of the primate family, some researchers claim some possible familiar human behavior and even some possible interbreeding with homo erectus.

Other bumps in the official dogmatic linear evolution process that originally had offshoots of our evolution process just dying off, cause they were not as adaptable, intelligent or modern as we are, are being proven incorrect. It has been proven that while geneticists label the majority of human genome as junk DNA (translate as they don’t have a clue), in the parts that they have figured out, they have admitted that significant groups of the modern population have at least 3% Neanderthal DNA (Homo neanderthalensis) and that others also have at least as much Denisovan DNA (Homo sapiens denisova) within their gene pools.

Thus, while there is still a very long way to go in the halls of academia before even seeing the truth on the horizon, the step forward that now allows modern humans to have originated in multiple places in Africa is a step closer to greater knowledge and understanding of our past and our history. With new knowledge, new finds, and the possible acceptance of accessing existing finds with more interest and less hostility, we might once again be moving forward in our search for the origins of our species.


DNA: The Most Accurate Ignorance In History

In recent history, the last few decades, all the rage to prove the written history has been centered on the new love affair with the absoluteness of DNA. I know what ALL you PRO DNAers are thinking, it is DNA. And DNA doesn’t lie. It is accurate,it is pure, and it is ALL fact. For what it does, yes, I allow that DNA does not in and of itself lie. That being said DNA can only tell a few details in an enormous story! The proof of the detail is only as good as the supporting facts, which as we know, can be incomplete, biased or limited in scope and or depth.

vitstudiostock via

A good example is that of most ethnic DNA studies, to show that all of this group or that group have this gene or that marker in common are incredibly handicapped. The problem is several fold; first, the studies are conducted with a very, very, small number of believed members of the whole group, when I say that I mean like in some cases less than 1% of the population of the group as a whole. Tell me of any experiment that would hold up to any rigorous peer review with less than 1% of a population whole being tested and not even that group has 100% results of the find. Let me put this is in a better example for you to understand how these absolute facts are being taken out of their limited context to prop up huge theories….Aliens come to Earth and their ‘Scotty’ beams up 70 out of 7 billion Earthlings 28 of whom have both blonde hair and blue eyes, so they state in their Wikipedia, that Earthlings are humanoids with blonde hair and blue eyes and thus it is blonde hair and blue eyes that determines a humanoid is an Earthling.

DNA Molecule of Life

However, in addition to usually using no more than 1000 examples of a group, which for most ethnic groups is nothing, they are not consistent with being able to have properly chosen the right examples of a group. What do I mean? If you have ever attempted to trace your family tree you know what I am talking about; if you haven’t, trust me you will learn just how much of what we think we know, we either cannot prove or we prove is totally wrong. There were many reasons for persons to get married and as we still know, being married does not insure fidelity, and there were even more reasons for false information to be given for many noble and not so noble reasons. You have no idea what I am talking about; I am talking about affairs, rape, molestation, war, invasions, religious persecutions, ethnic cleansing, assimilation. Trust me there is way more contaminated DNA in ethnic groups then we want to admit to. For me to accept any DNA study as an absolute you would have to base it on a closed society and we don’t do that, cause we do not have any truly closed societies. We do have societies that have stayed semi-isolated, but we cannot even be completely sure of just how pure their DNA is either. Thus, every DNA test that is trying to find differences between ethnic groups is flawed based on the fact that we can safely assume that all donations are contaminated. While I believe that we should try to never assume, as making assumptions and playing them off as facts is how we have gotten so much of history wrong, based on the examples that I have given you it is highly probable that most samples will be contaminated.


Now before you get upset that I am screaming foul, I am not. I am not saying that the DNA tests are as poorly done as the study of the Giza Necropolis. What I am saying is that like with the Pyramids, just cause you have a rectangle box that some people think is large enough for a body to fit in that does not make it a tomb, thus less than 1% of a population having a similar trait or gene or marker does not make that a standard for that ‘race’/ethnic group. Also, just like people either went to or lived along the banks of the Nile and built the wonders of Giza, but we do not know that they had always been in Giza/Egypt and the people that live along the Nile today are not the same people that lived there no matter when you think the Pyramids were built. And that goes for pretty much EVERYWHERE in the world today. That also does not mean that there was not any mixing of those peoples and these peoples.

Here is the bottom line, DNA is a fact from one point of view. If 2 people stand facing each other they will see totally different views, this does not make either one wrong, mater of fact they are both right. But to know the whole story, you have to be willing to take both truths and use them as they are, not more and not less, to help tell the whole story and to understand that you only have 2 points of view and that is only part of the whole. But we have to learn that each and every part of the story is important to the whole and we cannot leave out parts that we do not like or that are not pretty then we are losing parts of the story that is our own.

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I starred at myself,
Then I looked in the mirror.
I saw nothing but bones covered with flesh,
Covered with soft pale skin.
But then how soft it really is,
Or as a matter of fact
How soft am I?
Day in and day out,
I see people die,
They kill each other,
No fear, no guilt.
It seems that humans are losing senses
It’s scary when you realize
Your thoughts can be read
From anywhere, everywhere.
It’s scary when you realize
That what you once had
Is no longer just yours,
It’s everyone’s.
You see people get murdered
Simply for saying things out loud.
For trying to protect others.
Humans are consumed
By being civilized,
By their own ideas of perfection,
By the hunger for money,
By the power of false…
Humans want to improve nature by killing it,
To improve health by destroying it.
Then I woke up realizing
It was only just a nightmare.
I woke up grateful knowing
I’m just a beast.

Marriage Vs. Civil Unions


This is a hot button topic that has been used to divert attention from real issues!

I know that just pissed some of you off and that is just fine as far as I am concerned.

There have been battles fought across the nation for the right to persons involved in same-sex romantic relations to get married and enjoy the ‘legal’ benefits that are reserved for spouses.

wedding via bufalogov org

I think this is a bad solution to a complex issue. Marriage should not be a legal issue, it should be a religious/spiritual ceremony, thus it should be up to each religious organization whom they determine to be eligible for marriage. This religious ceremony should have no more legal status than baptism or confirmation!

The legal counter-part that should give the desired benefits should be a Civil Union Declaration. This declaration should be made to the courts and should declare that 2 persons, regardless of their biological or religious relationship, wish to be seen as a union in the eyes of the law. This would give them all benefits that are now reserved only for spouses. This would also declare that the partner in the union can be supported by the other member in the union and gives the persons special status that is currently reserved for spouses, such as ‘spousal privilege’ and survivorship status if one of the union dies.

Handfasting-1 via stylemepretty
Handfasting via stylemepretty

Why should we have 2 different statuses? There are several reasons for this solution. The first is that defining marriage, a religious union, by law violates not only the First Amendment, but also blurs the line between Church and State. Another reason is that ‘family’ comes in many different fashions and types and styles. Whom we love and how we love should NEVER be limited to the definitions of religious organizations or the whims of government.

Just because 2 people are involved in a romantic relationship regardless of any other factors, they should not have to ‘be married’ to be considered legitimate. Our divorce rate proves that a ‘marriage certificate’ does not improve relations or commitments. Also, sometimes siblings, cousins, or best friends have become life-long companions, AND that is okay and should not be discriminated against or judged, nor should it be considered less of a commitment to another person than any marriage.

maui_civil_union via gayhawaiiwedding

It should not be the right of the government to determine the rightness of any relationship between 2 consenting adults. If people were allowed to identify their relationships as they fit their lives we would find less broken homes and lower divorce rates as well. Yes, there would have to be provisions for the dissolution of Civil Unions and yes, a husband and wife can also be parties of a Civil Union, but by allowing Civil Unions between any 2 adults you would recognize the importance of social contact and relations to the health and well-being of society as a whole.


How Doomed Are We?

From the NFL to Mexico to the Middle East one thing is very clear……there is a complete lack of morals and character in the world. This poor horse has been beat by myself more than once and thus is somewhat disconcerting that here we are beating the same poor horse AGAIN!

When you hear the lamest excuses by people to justify their actions and they are able not only to get those words out without choking on them, but that the public accepts those ‘jokes’ without any uproar or condemnation it is apparent that the whole of society has lost their moral compass. But that is not surprising at all considering how people conduct themselves everyday.


When Ray Rice, after knocking his then girlfriend out in an Atlantic City elevator had no more concern or compassion for her than to drag her lack a sack of potatoes out of the elevator and just drop her on the ground, is upset that the ‘world’ has seen and ‘judged’ him on his private life yet, his true concern is that his career was impacted shows that he was not the least bit morally remorseful about his treatment of the woman that he supposedly wants to spend the rest of his life with. Of course that actually plays into the fact that how we choose our partners these days is not based on wanting to spend the rest of our lives with them or that we value them above all others. In most cases we choose based on looks or money or some other benefit that the person can provide for us. And this is only for the short term. We have no true concept of forever, for our memory as a whole doesn’t seem to last longer than 5 minutes.

via the

In seeing how little true value we place on choosing our life partner, it is no surprise that we place NO value on people in general. Which was very evident when the wife of the Mayor of Iguala ordered the Police Chief to kill 43 student teachers, whom she thought might interrupt her party. Of course the fact that the Police Chief carried out the order also shows that even those persons whom we should be able to count on to protect and defend the innocent have neither the moral component nor the personal integrity to do the right thing!

Thus it should be absolutely no surprise that violent, radical groups like I.S. are able to not only exist in the world but can recruit across all borders and gain support for actions that should completely and totally morally deplorable to ALL persons and societies. The deniers will say that only the crazy or lost people are likely to join groups like I.S. or act in a similar manner. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that; 1) their numbers show that we have a WHOLE LOT of those lost crazy souls in the world, 2) the fact that so many of those persons exist is the fault of all of humanity. The proof that problems like terrorism are all our fault can be seen in the fact that young persons that were identified as ‘good, normal kids’ are a lot of the recruits headed to Turkey and Syria to join the ranks of I.S.

There is NO quick fix for this dilemma. There is NO short term fix for this dilemma. The only fix is for society as a whole to give up their primary focus of money and materialism and to shift that focus back to morals, integrity, honor, and personal character. If we made that shift as a whole today we would not see any real improvement for a whole generation, which is why we will not fix this issue. What will have to happen will be the near destruction of the world as a whole to wake up those that survive; the ironic part is that our own human history tells us that this has happened before, whether you believe in the story or Atlantis, or Noah’s flood, or Veda’s of India, or the ‘myths’ of many tribal people world-wide, you have been warned about what happens when we lose our humanity.

Other’s Acts Should NEVER Change Your Morals

But the crimes of one side do not justify those of the other.” Those words need to be hung on the walls of every government building in every city, especially those government buildings that supposedly protect and defend the masses. Once again just reading the headlines it is so evident that we lose more of our humanity everyday and blame those we injury, oppress, persecute as being at fault. Maybe my point of view is skewed cause I did not have siblings so I could not use the age old “it was their fault”, “they started it”, “but they did ____ to me.” If I did something I was responsible for my actions period, end of story! However, in situations where I was with others, like classrooms or friends’ or family’s (cousins) homes I did experience paying a larger ‘fine’ cause I was quick to own up to my part of any ‘bad thing’. But NEVER did that change my moral that I and I alone was responsible for my actions. Even if someone does something to me, it is still ALL ME that dictates how I react.

So what has happened? Several things have happened. First as I have stated several times previously, society has lost its moral core. We now focus on Our Rep not on our character, we are only worried about our image, what other people think about us. The real problem is that we have shifted from wanting people to base their thoughts of us on our actions, instead we want our images to be our measure one based on the clothing brands we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we live in. We act one way and expect others to treat us better, we show NO respect, self or other-wise but demand respect from EVERYONE. For a white person to use the N word it is a crime, yet blacks use that vulgar word in everyday language and the lyrics of their songs and the lines of the media. If the word is wrong (and I think it is a vulgar disgusting word) then it is ALWAYS wrong, not just when it isn’t used by you. If you have no more respect for yourself than to use a word that you claim is SO offensive than why are you surprised that white people offend you with your word? If you want respect for yourself then respect yourself!

olson_scott arrested via
Scott Olson Arrest via

How we act and survive as a society is directly related to how we act and survive as individuals. And that is clearly seen in how we allow media and government to use double standards and keep us divided. EVERY violent death of an unarmed person should be a HUGE outrage by all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender. It should NEVER be a black or white suspect, just as it should NEVER be a black or white victim. It should ALWAYS be a violent suspect and an unarmed victim! The focus should be on the facts of the crime not on the ‘drama of division’ forced down our throats by ‘the man’ to keep us from uniting and rising up.

Does this mean that I think racism isn’t an issue? Of course I know that racism is an issue, but it is a created issue to benefit government and media. Poor people face the same issues no matter what color their skin is. Hungry people don’t fare better or worse cause of ethnicity. Homeless people do not find better shelter based on religion. As long as you focus on what makes us different, instead of remembering that we are all people, we all love, we all grow, we all bleed and we all die, those whom benefit from our division win. And as long as you expect government to change your heart you will be heartless. There is absolutely NO incentive for government to EVER create a unified public. A unified public is a powerful public and threatens the establishment. That is not conspiracy theory that is human nature, it is not human nature to give up power for the improvement of your fellow man!

Marco Longari-AFPGetty via nydailynews
UN School Gaza via Marco Longari AFP/Gettty Images

This perversion of our true nature, to be social caring creatures that care for each other extends across the globe. Just look at how we choose what is good or bad in another country and how we think we should or shouldn’t intervene. In Israel we support the bombing of schools and other ‘safe’ places cause supposedly Hamas has built tunnels under these ‘safe’ places to use them as shields, but instead of sticking to their claimed moral superiority the government of Israel justifies their uncaring murder of children, civilians and the elderly, ‘because Hamas made us do it’. But in the same breath, Hamas is a savage terrorist group that is inhumane for shelling civilian targets in Israel. The basis for this WHOLE conflict was the alleged abduction and murder of 3 teenage Jewish settlers by Hamas, which there was NEVER an actual POLICE investigation into what happened to the boys nor any charges or arrest (legitimate that is) nor any trail, but the ‘war’ is completely morally correct and totally supported by the US government. Side note here, almost 10% of our elected members of Congress (both houses) are both US and Israeli citizens…..CONFLICT OF INTERESTS!!! Another side note, no other country has any citizens sitting in the US Congress, matter of fact it is still ILLEGAL to hold dual citizenship in the US. But those with Israeli citizenship not only are never questioned they are allowed high government positions and sometimes serve in positions both in the US and Israel!

Ukraine Separatists via businessinsider-com-au
Ukraine Separatist via

In Ukraine the US government supported the illegal change of government in February of this year, and have not only supported but repeatedly praised the ‘restrained and measured use of force’ of the ‘Anti-Terrorist Operations’ in the East of the country. If the US government considers a military incursion into regions (think states) of dissent (think protests) then how can you be surprised at all by what is going on in Ferguson. The US government openly calls those that do not support the government ‘Russian terrorists’, why, cause ethnically they have more Russian aspects, including speaking Russian, imagine what the US government reaction would be if the citizens of Texas to California finally got upset and protested and wanted to leave the US over the failure of the federal government to solve the border issue….It would be military action against Mexican and Central American terrorists!!! Yet, the citizens of said states would be well within their Constitutional rights! Better yet, just who do you think would come to the aid of said states? If you do not think that Mexico might get involved then you do not understand politics on even a basic level. It is very natural for a country to be concerned about destabilization on its borders; think about it this way, you live in a very nice neighborhood and a house goes up for sale, the new owners do not keep their yard ‘neat’ and they have older cars just sitting in the drive and they are regularly arguing loudly and throwing things and just all around bad neighbors……are you not going to do something to try to either get them to move or change their ways and be more in line with the rest of the block? That is how regional politics works too…it is keeping the block safe and pretty!

The bottom line if we want real change as the song goes “We have to start with the man in the mirror,” but in addition to that, we have to demand that media (start there cause they are focused on money) stop playing the race card as they are not us, the regular people on the street, they don’t know us and they don’t care about us. We need to decry any foul committed against any person with the same passion as if it was against ourselves. We need to together nurture each other so that we have the security in each other to take the time to be pro-active in our communities and hold authority accountable all the time not just when they REALLY upset us, but also to work with them (most of the little guys, like the beat patrolmen are not the enemy they are as much victims of the establishment as we are) when they get it right. No matter how bad the incident we have to find some way to work together against the media (mainstream) and government (highest levels) and the best way is to work with and unite with alternative little media and the ‘foot soldiers’ of our community.

If we do this we have a very high likely hood of creating a society that our children will thrive in and be happy in! Isn’t that result worth it?!?!


Violence for FUN

In the last week horrendous random violent crimes have made the news, one in which the suspects have stated that they shot a man “for fun” cause “they were bored.” It is the second part of the quote that I find the most telling. It is not a good thing for humans to be idle or bored. We are a curious and adventurous creature. We need to be challenged and encouraged to grow and develop. The acts of violence for reasons of “fun,” “boredom,” “just to see how it feels” are symptoms of a much more fatal issue within our society.
Instead of spending real time with our children and nurturing them in healthy and proper ways we are so consumed by our image to people who could care less about us that we pawn them off to family members or day cares or preschools so that we can make more money to buy more things. To show how much we ‘love’ our children we buy bigger houses so that there is enough room that we do not have to spend time together in the same room, we buy bigger cars so our children have their own speakers and video screens to keep them quiet while we run them from one event/activity to another for someone else to teach them, coach them, lead them; we buy them “things” so they can have the coolest toys or the latest phone or the newest fashions. We push our kids to do what will reflect best on us, to go to the schools that we think are right, to have the ‘dreams’ that we think are worthy, to get the ‘right’ job, to have right images presented to the rest of the world that reflect well on them and us. We do not brag about our children being honest or compassionate or honorable; instead we brag about the things they have and their job titles, whether they are any good at their job or not, it is the title that matters.
We have totally forgotten the nature of the child. We have totally forgotten what is true and real. We have totally lost our way. The child is not here for us, we are here for the child. The child is not for our benefit, we are for the benefit of the child. The child is not our fodder for our own greed and desire, we are here to feed the child’s needs and desires.
We have lost our focus as a society and that is our downfall, yet we seem too blind and too deaf to see our own peril. We are allowing our children to be sacrificed to the greed and oppression of immorality. We are limiting our own happiness and evolution. We are in fact willingly providing more ‘livestock’ for the benefit of the greed of the powerful.
We should instead be spending time with our children and encouraging them to explore and experience all things of interest to them. We should allow them to develop their own talents and desires. We should encourage them to dream and help them chase their dreams. We should teach them what real happiness is. Of course to be able to do that we have to learn ourselves what real happiness is. We have to realize that real happiness is not things it is time, it is not image it is heart, it is not money it is affection.
Our rise in violence is based on how hollow we have become as humans in our material world. If we really want to decrease our violence then we cannot blame things or place laws on things, we have to look inside ourselves. We have to ask, do I know my child, do I know the child next door, do I know the child down the street. What do I give to my community, what do I give to my family, what do I give to my friends, what do I give to strangers. The answer to these questions should be pieces of ourselves and not money or things.

Government Taking the Humanity Out Of Humans

It seems that everyday you can find a report where the government is either punishing Good Samaritans or encouraging division and hatred and violence, while claiming the opposite. Every crime that is committed between individuals that can be labeled as being of different races is fodder for keeping the masses fearing and avoiding each other.
Every crime should be treated as one or more humans injuring one or more other humans. That should be the end of the issue, each crime should be treated individually as the crime that it is. Does this mean that I do not believe in hate crimes or in the pure hate of people; No, I know that hate exists in the hearts of those that have not found real love, in those that live in ignorance and full of fear. I know that those that are afraid of others for things such as the color of their skin or the language they speak or the religion they practice is not based on real facts.
When you accept others platforms of hate, even if they are the violent acts of the hate, you are giving them power that they do not deserve.
When you allow that a person committed a crime because they are a certain “type” and their victim was a different “type,” what you have done is to give their ill-gotten “cause” substance that it does not deserve. And when we allow the government to point out the differences between us we are agreeing that we prefer hate and oppression to love and freedom. This is why we have such chronic issues in our society. En mass we accept that people hate, that people are different, that people are violent, that people are many groups instead of one group.
The largest of the cancers rotting our society while the masses are distracted with non-issues, is the actions of the government to limit our freedoms and restrict our rights. One of the most widely used tools to limit our freedom and rights is the required “permits” needed for almost every activity in basically every city, town, village or community in the country. Requiring permits gives the government control over what descent and how much descent is voiced. It also gives the government control over how much unity is created between the masses as well. You might think that sounds crazy; but, when you have to have permits and permission to play sports in parks or to help your fellow man then it is obvious that the control to limit how much unity we have in our society is of grave concern for our government and should offend and insult every member of society.
If we, as a whole people, would stand together then we would be stronger and more powerful than the government. And with that power we could right most if not all the wrongs we currently accept as unsolvable. Then the possibilities of what we could accomplish as the human race would be greatly expanded.
Photo by McKenna Phillips on Unsplash