You hate them,
Yet you tell them
You won’t  buy them,
Yet you sell them.
Sometimes even
You decide to buy
Instead with truth,
You  settle with a lie.
Why do You do it?
What’s there to protect?
Trying to leave an impression?
Or to gain false respect?
If You get busted
Truth can be dusted
When truth is bent
The lie causes dent.
You say
“I don’t want to be lied to.”
Then again,
Like others,You do it,too.
You swear You never told a lie,
You swear You always speak truth.
No, you don’t, You know it.
No, you don’t, You know it.
Even Mister who wears
Black suit and tie
Works for the people,swears,
By selling pretty lie.
You may even lie for a reason,
Who cares!?
You’ll be charged with a treason.
No longer you can tell,
What’s right and what’s wrong,
It all sounds beautiful,
Like a favourite song.
You can shoot, You can miss,
Is it a curse or is it a bliss?
You can hide,
By telling beautiful lies,
Someone gets wounded,
Perhaps, even dies.
You can lie responding with silence,
Then you go through emotional violence.
You smile because
you were told a secret,
Now, You lie because you sworn
To keep it.
When truth becomes a lie,
The truth is no more
You’re getting high
Just by watching it grow.
When lie becomes truth,
No one asks for proof,
But when You tell the truth,
No one believes,
They demand the proof.
Lies can protect,
Like house without roof.
Honesty became a lonely word,
When you tell truth, will it be heard?
So what is it?
So what do you want?
Truth or a lie,
Sick in bed,
Waiting to die,
Now you hang at the end of the rope,
To be forgiven,
Now – that’s a Hope.

Hope Loss

In the dying light of day
We wander without knowing
And we can get lost

Never looking back
Taking chances here or there
Telling promises to ourselves
One day we find out

Fool that we have been
Each heart ache self inflicted
Each failure our ambush

Leeching our truth out
Yearning for hope
Once the source of our venture
Until that realization

Reaching down to our soul
Tumbling down the hole
Over and over again
Under the pain

Cover your heart
Hold on to the hope


Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Do You Know

Days are better
Sun is brighter
Nights are more
Moon is fuller

Yesterday at peace
Today bursts out
Tomorrow beckons
Time is relative

Dreams are bright
Desires are focused
Fear is absent
Doubt is starved

Rivers rush to the ocean
Mountains reach the stars
Waves caress the shore
Dawn kisses each petal

Sunlight warms
Rain cleanses
Breeze kisses
Earth nurtures

Thoughts shift
Words change
Actions follow
Goals reached


The darkness moves in,
The darkness surrounds,
The darkness envelopes,
The darkness conquers.

The silence falls,
It covers everything,
The silence grows,
It pushes out all sound.

The darkness beckons the silence,
It bids her enter for the season,
The darkness shelters the silence,
It wraps her in solitude and doubt.

The silence cries out,
Searching every corner,
Tracing every wall,
Wishing waiting wanting.

The darkness takes,
It pulls from deep within,
The darkness steals,
Leaving her hungry and thirsty.

The silence surrenders,
No more tears
No more dreams
No more wishes

Darkness takes her
Silence gives
Darkness consumes her
Silence relinquishes

The union made,
The joining complete,
The surrender final,
It is done.


We all have those moments when the darkness takes over and the silence remains… being consumed by them at times may give you some comfort at a weird level… but as long as there is love… next day always seems brighter or at least when you hear that voice… the amount of love i have inside is sufficient to keep you warm and happy for the rest of our lives. (19.12.13)