Out of Africa, Still?

Well you have to give the ‘mainstreams‘ credit, they don’t give up even after they lose the fight. Of course there are many examples of the defeated never admitting their defeat and I can imagine if your ego is as huge as some mainstreamers then admitting that you might have had it wrong cause you instantly went from we think or based on what we know to THIS IS FACT! like a Ferrari going from 0 to 60, hitting that brick wall at the end might smart a little.

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But I don’t blame the egomaniacs, no I blame the institutions! That is right, academic pursuit is controlled by the institutes of higher learning around the world and they ALL have an agenda and a position and are interested in donations (read profits), not the pursuit of knowledge. Maybe I am just the extreme optimist, but I believe that most academics, no matter what their field, chose to be academics cause they purely and sincerely wanted to pursue knowledge and truth. But the world likes to have complete control over us, it is very few that have the courage to let the world shun them or have parents so unconditionally supportive that they encourage being happy and being honest to one’s self over having the nice house and car and a ‘good job’. And what child, at least up to early adulthood, doesn’t want to make mom and dad proud!

That being said, once you get your degree you need funding so that you can research and seek that knowledge, the most common sources of funding are those institutions of higher learning (and you are probably already in with the one that you got your last degree with) and foundations and museums. Whereas you might have been left to your own ‘choices’ as a student working on your Masters or PhD., as their employee they are much more interested in your pursuits, as you now professionally carry their name; and they have an agenda, whether they work within the confines of a religious dogma, or have maintained a ‘long line of academic discoveries’ or they promote a conservative education, it is there. Stated or unspoken you know it, I know it, we all know it! And your pursuit of knowledge has now had it wings clipped and the scissors were TENURE.

What an awful, vulgar word! That word needs to be removed from ALL education! If you are a good teacher then you should be able to teach without fear and no teacher at any level (no employee anywhere in any field, except politicians) should fear being fired over POLITICS! Thus if one wants to pursue any part of the pursuit of knowledge under the safety and security of a university or other such institution then one must as they say ‘play by the rules’.
And we have many examples of ‘playing by the rules’:

  1. The Pyramids of Giza were built for the sole purpose of tombs for three 4th dynasty pharaohs, yet there is absolutely NO real evidence to support this, the prior and later pharaohs all used underground hidden chambers and the building skills 500yrs on either side of the alleged date of the pyramids is technologically inferior (understatement).
  2. The National Geographic version of the Florida World History text books states as a fact that the Nazca lines ARE irrigation canals! (If you need this one explained message me.)
  3. That humans only came to North and South America via the Bering Land Bridge from the last ice age. Yet, there are many sites on both continents that are older than the Bering Land Bridge.
  4. That civilization is ONLY ~5000 years old! You cannot accurately measure stone buildings/monuments. You have to rely on ‘carbon finds’ at the site. Most experts will dig till they hit the first one dig a little more to ‘prove’ no more and then date the site as being built then, instead of used/occupied/existing in part or in whole.

There are many more examples which you can seek for yourself in addition to the 4 listed above; however, the big one that DOES impact all other ‘mis-truths’ in our history is that it is stated and taught as FACT without any room for doubt or deviation that man evolved only in Africa and then ventured our from Africa to populate the rest of the world and this was done on a very precise and recent timeline. These same experts are kinda funny about how many different species existed at any one time and interbreeding is an even more touchy subject. However, DNA studies show that present day humans, that is you and me, carry DNA of which at least 2% is directly from Neanderthal; considering that Neanderthal ‘died out’ about 40,000 years ago and you only get 1/2 of each parents DNA to make up your own, I think by the math it is hard to think that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon only in very very small numbers interacted and interbred. Not to mention DNA studies show that the Aborigines from Austrailia do not share the same ‘Eve’ that the rest of the world share. And there are groups in South East Asia and Oceania that contain DNA from at one unknown independent ancestor.

Hominids viaDiscovery
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Again just by the numbers supposedly ‘we’ only left Africa, on foot mind you cause we weren’t technologically advanced, ‘no more than’ 60,000 years ago and our ancestors left not more than 200,000 years ago (but experts claim they all died out but us). Yet, there are footprints in Britain dated to a million years agoartifacts have been found in Arabia that date 100,000 years ago and would be from ‘us’, then in Asia there has been a tooth of Homo sapiens that was found dated to more than 70 thousand years ago possibly as old as 125 thousand years ago. Also in Asia there has been found another human species that lived along side Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. However, originally believed to only cross paths in Asia, this new species, Denisovans, there is now a femur bone dated to 400,000 years ago found in Spain that is more closely linked to Denisovans than to either Neanderthal or Homo heidelbergensis the assumed total contributors to the population at the time. There are individuals in Oceanic and some Indian populations that seem to have as much as 5% DNA in common with Denisovans.

I think it is and always has been fair to say that how we ended up the way we are and all over the world is still a huge wonderful mystery and that we should seek with open minds to discover the truth of the journey and learn so much more than we ever thought possible.

Dissin Neanderthal Is Dissin Grandpa

neanderthal nikola solicPersonally I have thought for a long time that Neanderthal has gotten the short end of the stick. And as more studies are published and more finds are made in the field, it looks like the pre-history and evolution books are going to have to be seriously rewritten…..like thrown out and start from scratch! From my point of view this is a very good thing. I have had serious issues with many of the ‘facts’ of the ‘Out of Africa’ one way point of view. Just as I have more serious issues with the “Bering Strait” migration route into North and South America.

Starting here in North America, there are many places that show human occupation prior to the 10,000 year date, there are locations in Vero Beach, Florida that date approximately 15,000 years ago, in Clovis, New Mexico that date to approximately 13,000 years ago, and in Valsequillo, Mexico with dates that go as far back as possibly 40,000 years ago. Oops! And these are not ALL the sites in the Americas that did not get the “Bering Strait” migration memo.

While I understand the concept of ego and pride and self-importance, the extreme use of such emotions in studying the past is beyond reasonable. What such arrogance has done is to destroy and diminish and limit our knowledge about peoples that while were different from us are becoming more and more important in our own story. What past and present historians, archaeologists and anthropologists along with other experts have done is an unforgivable crime against humanity. Maybe this project can help change the public’s view on other homos species and their importance not just in their own stories but also their importance in our story.

Hominids viaDiscoverySome of the direct conflicts of new studies with ‘proven historical facts’ show that we share up to 20% of our genes with Neanderthalsthat show Mungo Man is too old to be from Africa and his ‘mother’ isn’t the so-called “Mitochondrial Eve,” and that the Denisovans, one of our ancient ancestors, has DNA that is of an unknown species. We are not a pure people that just suddenly appeared here one day long ago, we are the product of the living and dying and surviving of many other homos species and that is an interesting and good thing. That gives us the rare gift of claiming all those previous species as our own.