“More Money Less Insurance”

Ah, if the ACA, better known as ObamaCare, hasn’t totally made you sick yet, give it another few weeks and it will. Looking at the promises made and repeated time and time again, and looking at the numbers, there was never any way that the Affordable Care Act could float as promised.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane;
Obama promised that “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.” The fact is that from the time that the ACA was signed into law and companies started seeing the requirements and the number crunchers started crunching the numbers: companies have been cutting full-time employees to part-time status; companies have been limiting the hours that part-time employees are working; companies have informed employees that insurance benefits will be limited or dropped.Β It is estimated that 2 million Americans have lost the health care that they had. And there are more to follow, not to mention that for those 2 million most are finding that their premiums will increase by up to 50% over their lost benefits and that might not even mean similar coverage.
Obama’s stance was that the ACA was a way for those that currently did not have or could not afford health care to be covered. It was to catch those that had fallen through the cracks of the old system. The problem is that a significant number of those millions of uninsured Americans will not only still fall through the cracks they will also be punished for it. And the insurance companies are still making billions in profits every year, as they are raking in on this force purchase of their products.If Obama wanted to really help out the poor and uninsured then he should have taken a very courageous approach to healthcare. He should have fought to make all hospitals and clinics and other health industries non-profits. He should have consolidated the health industry and imposed rules and regulations that insure that patients are put before profits. He should have developed a method by which medical students and others receiving a degree or certification in the health industry are required instead of paying back student loans, those individuals should commit to equal service to their length of education in the poorest and most in need areas of the country. There is even a bonus in this that maybe some of these persons that pursue a health care career for the primary purpose of monetary gain, might actually learn the real and true purpose of healing others. It is about giving and not receiving.Now there are those that say the naysayers are just trying to scare people for political motives. And theΒ supporters of ObamaCare can show figures for how many people have been helped by the ACA. But here is the bottom line, big business has more pull in Washington than any individual group of private citizens; therefore, the insurance and healthcare industry would have never allowed any law to be passed that would in any way diminish their profit margin.
The real losers here are future American citizens. The way to have a healthier public is to limit the greed of, not only, big business, but also, of the falsely entitled self: to reteach people to be active; to use common sense; to practice moderation; to be responsible for their own choices; to think about the ramifications of ALL their actions.