New Things For A New Year-You-Life

Building-something-newWith the New Year, there are lots of opportunities to start new things and or to restart old things and or to change old things into something new. Currently, I am in the process of doing all three.

First, as you know, I am changing this old blog into something different if not new. I am going to be more open about posts and in doing so maybe provide insight and company where it might not have existed before and enrich it where it was a faint glimmer already.

Secondly, I am rebranding, in a manner of speaking my blog and podcast that focuses on ancient history and other topics that I feel are closely related to my interests in ancient history. That is a slower work in progress. I am still sorting out the hows and whats and whens and wheres. Taking it slow is okay, as the saying goes any step forward is still forward movement.

Lastly, kinda, sort-of, maybe……is the starting of a new blog in the tech area, but for ordinary people and the studying of or improvement of a natural skill set to possibly lead to a new professional adventure. As well as a couple more personal ‘new’ adventures, which I will share at a later date.

Each of us can take each new beginning, whether it be a New Year or new circumstances in life or just a new week or day and make it our new thing, whatever we want that to be. No matter our age or experience or circumstance, we all have the power to make changes, however small they might be at first, that will lead to new things and give us the ability to make more changes leading to more new things.

There are lots of little things that can lead to big changes in our lives that we do have power over. We may not be able to buy the house we want to day, but, we can make a change in the house we have to make it feel new or different. Something that we can all do in that regard is to donate or throw away or sell the things that no longer benefit us. Another easy way to feel like our space is new, is to simply rearrange the things that we have to create a different point of view or flow of energy.

You might be thinking how can that benefit me on a larger scale. Well, having fewer things and letting go of the things that no longer benefit us actually lighten our mental and emotional loads and thus can greatly improve our physical loads, both figuratively and literally. In addition, giving ourselves a new perspective or flow can continue the impact beyond our room or home out into the real world or at least into our outside worlds.

Make very small changes in how you engage the world around you. Take one whole second when you step outside to just stop and breathe in deeply. And then continue one your day. Or take a few extra seconds to just look at the world around you and really see it. This simple gesture will make you more aware of your surroundings and more present in each moment.

Park an extra row out or get off the bus or sub one stop early or ditch the cab one block away and walk those extra steps. Walking provides many benefits to all parts of our self. And will expand our world and provide us with more opportunities and experiences. We might meet new people, find new shops or cafes, see new environments. We will learn something more about places we frequent or work or live by seeing past just their part in our lives and seeing them in their place in their world.

Put your phone on silent or do not disturb for a half an hour or even a whole hour and do something or nothing that does not require that addiction to your phone. Just sit on a park bench or take a nap or go for a walk or read a real book or doodle on real paper with a real pen or pen a real letter. All these things require us to engage different parts of our brain and our bodies and require different muscles and coordination be used to accomplish.

If you pick even just one of these things to accomplish, you will see a much larger difference in your life and world that you can imagine and that will lead to other changes and improvements.

Yes, it can be hard to make even the smallest change, but remember, nothing great comes without some risk and courage. Be we all have that courage to take the risk in us, we just have to dig down into the core of our soul and find it. And take each step, one step at a time. And be proud of each step that you take.

arrows black on whiteIf you have to lighten you load by only letting go of one thing at a time, that is fine, you are still letting go. If you can only walk one extra parking spot, instead of a whole row, fine that is still 10 extra feet. And you can get to a whole row, one spot at a time. And ask for a partner in this. Ask a living companion to also let go and or help you let go. Ask a co worker to walk that extra stop or block with you. Ask friend or family member to be the “no phone” time with you.

Don’t worry about doing it The Right Way, however, you accomplish it is YOUR Right Way!

Photo Credit:    Chicago Agent Magazine
Olivia and Poppy Wallpaper

Some days and Everyday

Some days I get
excited and eager,
Some days I get
productive and creative,
Some days I get
confident and proud.

Some days I get
insecure and shy,
Some days I get
doubtful and silent,
Some days I get
lost and unsure.

Some days I am
happy and loud,
Some days I am
singing and dancing,
Some days I am
smart and witty.

Some days I am
quiet and thoughtful,
Some days I am
little and distant,
Some days I am
scared and hiding.

Everyday I am
looking for you,
Everyday I am,
loving you
Everyday I am
trusting in you.

Everyday you are
my every breath,
Everyday you are
the beat of my heart,
Everyday you are
my whole world.

Do You Know

Days are better
Sun is brighter
Nights are more
Moon is fuller

Yesterday at peace
Today bursts out
Tomorrow beckons
Time is relative

Dreams are bright
Desires are focused
Fear is absent
Doubt is starved

Rivers rush to the ocean
Mountains reach the stars
Waves caress the shore
Dawn kisses each petal

Sunlight warms
Rain cleanses
Breeze kisses
Earth nurtures

Thoughts shift
Words change
Actions follow
Goals reached

Let Me Tell You

There’s this man I know…..
He is amazing and intelligent.
He is compassionate and generous.
He is passionate and motivated.
His smile is the sun of the galaxy.
His words are a symphony to the soul.
His view of the world is a Van Gogh in progress.
In his presence I feel such energy and joy.
In his presence I see so much more lit by his glow.
In his presence I am encouraged to know that I am more with him than I ever was before him.
In his presence I feel free to be me, to be and to be more.
There is such happiness in being in his presence.
There is such encouragement in being surround by his presence.
There is such serenity in being within his confidence.
He is the best friend.
He is the best mentor.
He is the best confidant.
He is the best.
Best of all……………….
I am his!

Meet Me Tomorrow

Yesterday was covered in clouds,
Outside none dared to venture
Under the awnings huddled the masses

Another end to something good
Remembering the joy of ole
Ever wishing for more

Make me that again
Yes we can have more

Sing to me of dreams unlived
Hear the desire in my voice
I know the way to get there
No room for doubt here
Instead only love for you
Need and want combine
Great are the pure of heart

Stubborn and naive in realness
Taking your hand to drag you near
All will be better than before
Rest knowing that I Love You So


Photo by Ingmar H on Unsplash


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Victor Oscar Lima India Mike Tango Echo

You Are

Making all of my dreams come true
You create a world of love and peace,

For all the times that you have sheltered,
All the times that you have protected,
Venturing into my shadows to retrieve,
Opening your heart and arms for me,
Reigning supreme as my champion,
Increasing the borders of our world,
Taking me into new lands every day,
Encouraging me always in all things,

Give me forever to show you,
I am forever grateful for all,
For every word, every deed,
To you I am forever bound.

Thank You

Thank you for your smiles
Thank you for your hugs
Thank you for your kisses
Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your compassion
Thank you for your thoughtfulness

Thank you for Good Mornings
Thank you for Good Nights
Thank you for Late Night Calls
Thank you for Surprise Calls
Thank you for Love Letters
Thank you for Wake up Calls

Thank you for listening
Thank you for caring
Thank you for guiding
Thank you for laughing
Thank you for cuddling
Thank you for sharing

Thank you for everything
all that you do everyday
Thank you for your love
your encouragement and support
Thank you for your security
your protection and trust

Thank you most of all
for being in my life and
letting me be in yours.

Violence for FUN

In the last week horrendous random violent crimes have made the news, one in which the suspects have stated that they shot a man “for fun” cause “they were bored.” It is the second part of the quote that I find the most telling. It is not a good thing for humans to be idle or bored. We are a curious and adventurous creature. We need to be challenged and encouraged to grow and develop. The acts of violence for reasons of “fun,” “boredom,” “just to see how it feels” are symptoms of a much more fatal issue within our society.
Instead of spending real time with our children and nurturing them in healthy and proper ways we are so consumed by our image to people who could care less about us that we pawn them off to family members or day cares or preschools so that we can make more money to buy more things. To show how much we ‘love’ our children we buy bigger houses so that there is enough room that we do not have to spend time together in the same room, we buy bigger cars so our children have their own speakers and video screens to keep them quiet while we run them from one event/activity to another for someone else to teach them, coach them, lead them; we buy them “things” so they can have the coolest toys or the latest phone or the newest fashions. We push our kids to do what will reflect best on us, to go to the schools that we think are right, to have the ‘dreams’ that we think are worthy, to get the ‘right’ job, to have right images presented to the rest of the world that reflect well on them and us. We do not brag about our children being honest or compassionate or honorable; instead we brag about the things they have and their job titles, whether they are any good at their job or not, it is the title that matters.
We have totally forgotten the nature of the child. We have totally forgotten what is true and real. We have totally lost our way. The child is not here for us, we are here for the child. The child is not for our benefit, we are for the benefit of the child. The child is not our fodder for our own greed and desire, we are here to feed the child’s needs and desires.
We have lost our focus as a society and that is our downfall, yet we seem too blind and too deaf to see our own peril. We are allowing our children to be sacrificed to the greed and oppression of immorality. We are limiting our own happiness and evolution. We are in fact willingly providing more ‘livestock’ for the benefit of the greed of the powerful.
We should instead be spending time with our children and encouraging them to explore and experience all things of interest to them. We should allow them to develop their own talents and desires. We should encourage them to dream and help them chase their dreams. We should teach them what real happiness is. Of course to be able to do that we have to learn ourselves what real happiness is. We have to realize that real happiness is not things it is time, it is not image it is heart, it is not money it is affection.
Our rise in violence is based on how hollow we have become as humans in our material world. If we really want to decrease our violence then we cannot blame things or place laws on things, we have to look inside ourselves. We have to ask, do I know my child, do I know the child next door, do I know the child down the street. What do I give to my community, what do I give to my family, what do I give to my friends, what do I give to strangers. The answer to these questions should be pieces of ourselves and not money or things.

How to decide the value of a human life

There are numerous points of view that insist that the pharmaceutical companies creates more illness and disease than it cures or prevents. Well if we look at it logically, where is the profit or job security in preventing disease for the pharmacological industry. But this is not the only contributing factor to an increase in our diseased population. Pollution, industry, change in lifestyle all contribute to the decrease in our health and happiness.
One of the increases that we have seen in the news lately has been the practice of organ transplants, specifically in the case of children and teens.
Not long ago there were two cases where children age 12 or younger were allowed by court order to be placed on “adult” lists for transplants. The rule about having 2 lists for organ needs is logical and biologically necessary. Children are still growing and do not have the size, capacity or internal space to receive adult organs, as in reverse, adults require organs that have finished developing and growing and are capable of sustaining adult life. These guidelines are rational, logical, and medically relevant to the acceptance of the new organ in the patient’s body.
The conflict arises when the patient is in the gray area of being on the border of the child adult division. It is hard for the family when it is their loved one that is in need. When in this situation emotions become the primary driving force, sometimes at the expense of logic or reason or quality of the patient. In the two cases previously mentioned the families used the courts to impose their will on the medical establishment to move their children to the adult lists to increase their chances of receiving the much needed organs.
It would seem that having to go to court to allow examination and compromise within the individual cases is overkill. But this is a simple example of control combined with compliance instead of independent thinking and assessment by those members of the medical team that are closest to the situation and also the most informed. We can thank this issue on the insurance industry, but that is a whole other article.
Now we have another case in the news where a young man, 15 years old, was originally denied addition to the transplant list “due to his failure to comply” previously. Another words, he was not deemed acceptable to allow to grow into a full grown man, cause the “board” that makes the decisions for this Georgia Hospital, tells the future and knows what a person will become if allowed to live. This is a prime example of what is wrong with a lot of parts of society.
This is not a race issue, this is a human issue. We have limited our value to numbers and bottom lines and profit margins and investment returns as we can put dollar signs on them. We have lost the knowledge that a person’s ideas or thoughts or actions or words are not just profit margins they are gifts to the whole world, their impact cannot be measured or logged in a ledger. We do not know what impact saying hello or shaking a hand or holding a door open or smiling at someone can have. The ripples of the smallest pebble will reach all shores of the ocean.