Extrajudicial Murder

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While traveling in Vietnam, President Obama announced another “successful” drone attack in Pakistan. It appears this time he might actually be correct. From photos of the scene it looks as though a single vehicle carrying the target and at least a driver if not others was hit without damage to other vehicles or individuals; however, this is the exception and not the more common results of Obama’s favored covert drone war on terror.

In case anyone has forgotten, Pakistan is a sovereign country, that we have not declared war against and was not officially consulted prior to the attacks. Before we go further, how do you think it would go over if say Columbia initiated a drone attack of a ‘known’ cartel leader inside U.S. borders? (And we do not even have to consider any collateral damage for this rhetorical hypothetical scenario.) 

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It has been reported in The Washington Times that while Obama claimed he wanted to get America out of war, he merely wanted to change the way in which the war was fought. Whereas Bush fought his wars openly, Obama wants to fight his in the secrecy of ‘national security’ redaction. For Obama the cloak of ‘national security’ has been his greatest weapon both abroad and within the Beltline. However, the headline of that Washington Times article told the sad truth of his war….. “Obama-led drone strikes kill innocents 90% of the time

Pakistan Drone Attack NumbersThe information for the above article is based on a 5-month long mission in Afghanistan that was, based on the numbers, a complete failure! The complete exposé can be found at The Intercept. The original article states what EVERY American should be thinking, but seems completely unfazed by. “This outrageous explosion of watch-listing — of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield – it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the unnamed source told The Intercept. Luckily for some of those that have been detained as our enemy or the families of those death-listed there is someone in the States that is working for justice and not revenge being served. As Reprieve started freeing GITMO detainees, George Bush’s Attorney General told them “if you don’t let us imprison and interrogate these guys, we will just kill them.” The drone program amounts to little more than a killing spree of fear and hate that increases the profits for defense contractors flying under the guise of foreign policy’s agenda of keeping the world safe and spreading democracy. Neither of which has improved over the course of the decade and half since 9/11.
Yemen Drone Attack NumbersAs a matter of record, the countries, in which the drone program has been the primary weapon of choice, have seen greater violence and instability. In addition to having less security and democracy and living in constant fear, their citizens have been deemed unworthy to have any access to any proper legal process. This ‘justification’ that a group of people, no matter how ‘evil’ they appear to the world, is not allowed access to the legal process of justice to determine guilt or innocence is completely immoral and by action shows the unworthiness of those justifying and carrying out these executions without the order of a proper and public conviction of crimes.

Based on numbers found in an article in The Guardian at least 6 different targets were ‘hit’ 5 or more times and at least 5 different targets resulted in collateral deaths of over 100 individuals each, with another 35 targets resulting in the collateral deaths of on average over 25 others. The inexcusable fact is that these numbers which are based on 2014 figures are lower than the current truth, if the truth were to ever be told.

Afghanistan Drone Attack NumbersIn 2013,  Obama declared that no drone strike was taken without “near-certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.” adding that “nevertheless, it is a hard fact that U.S. strikes have resulted in civilian casualties” and said “those deaths will haunt us as long as we live.” Apparently, based on the continued use of these weapons and the continued skirting of accountability, the haunting only lasts till the next morning when he signs the next day’s “kill list”.  It seems that the label of ‘national security’ like a spoonful of honey makes it sweet enough to swallow.

In the course of this very covert public war on terror, at least 8 American citizens have been murdered without due process or judicial precedent. The more troubling fact is that not all drone attacks are target attacks on ‘known’ and ‘identified’ terrorists, some are so-called signature strikes based on indications that people on the ground were likely with Al Qaeda or allied militant groups. Another words, the US government is intentionally murdering foreign citizens based entirely on association and possible behavior and or location, without any real or tangible evidence or even identification.

Somalia Done Attack NumbersWhile it is true that drone attacks have killed alleged terrorists, they have also killed innocent civilians, American citizens, misidentified targets, and victims of the terror groups. Military and intelligence officials argue that in most cases they were confident that they were killing only dangerous militants. However, when they are questioned about the misses and civilian casualties, they insist they did not know that the civilians were present and or that the target was absent. This proves that the intelligence on the ground is haphazard at best and that the method of drone attacks needs to end until such time as it can be carried out within the bounds of proper legal precedent without civilian casualties being the norm and in great excess of the actual stated intent.

Enemies Or Partners In Destruction

Brussels Airport Security Photo
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In the after mass of the Brussels attacks, it comes to light that most if not all of the suspects were not only known to security officials, but had even already committed crimes that had sent them to prison.  Brahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, were both arrested and convicted of violent crimes. Had they had to serve the entirety of their sentences they would still have been in prison and thus not free to commit the violent attacks on the Brussels Airport in March. Matter of fact the younger brother would only be getting out sometime this year and the older brother not for 3 more years. What is worse is that this is not an exception, this is the norm. Several of the suspects of the Paris attacks had similar stories. The Boston Marathon bombers we also known to have traveled to terror locations and shown violent behavior. 

While I believe that, if someone makes a mistake and they are remorseful and even show by their behavior and actions the truth of that remorse that early release is a good thing; and also that once someone serves their sentence or completes whatever punishment they have been given that should be the end of it. Those things being said, if someone is known to be a gang member or terrorist and especially if their crime is in connection with their gang or terrorist affiliation then there should be NO early release. Also, if you entered a country as a refugee or even a migrant and engage in terrorists activities you should also be deported. I have said it before and I will say it again, if someone travels to any terrorist location for the purpose of ‘joining the cause’ then upon arrival in that area, their passport and citizenship should be revoked.

Raid in Brussels
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The fact that the above actions are not being practiced by Western countries in their war on terror shows the true intent of the governments’ commitment to their own publicly stated policies. This is truly the only action that is needed for the public to know that they are being put at risk for the sake of their justification of further oppression of peaceful and law abiding citizens and the transformation of free democracies into the profitable police states of the military industry. If you want to know any government’s or company’s true intention and focus, all you have to do is follow the money. Corporate “America” (America is not the country with corporations that fit this comment) has one goal above all others and that is profit! If you are in business then you do need to make a profit; however, when your desire for profit out weighs all other focus and even destroys your morals, then you are in the wrong.

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The top defense contractors made thousands of millions of dollars in profit in FY2013. With Lockheed Martin leading the pack at $10,402 million. Together the top 20 defense contractors made $52,533 million in profit in the same year. Lockheed Martin is the leading defense contractor in the world, in 2014 the company had “defense revenues of $40.128 billion out of $45.6 billion total revenues. That was down $366 million, or -0.1 percent, from last year’s defense revenues of $40.494 billion.”  These contracts are a sizable part of the defense budget which is 55% of the US budget for 2015. Of the top 5 contractors, their overall revenues are made up of defense contracts from 64% of General Dynamics to 75% of Lockheed Martin’s total, based on Washington Technology’s company profiles. The same contractors contributed a combined $7,272,642 in the political arena, both Democrats and Republicans as well as special interest groups. Also in the second quarter of 2015 defense lobbying was up $12.8 million over the same quarter in 2014. One does not need to be an economist to see that there is TOO MUCH MONEY at stake for the war on terror to ever end!

Thus unless the public collectively puts their difference aside and joins together en mass to demand some very real change to our policies and actions regarding terrorism and regime change in foreign nations, we can look forward to many more terror attacks, each more violent and deadly than the previous all in the name of destroying what is left of democracy and freedom to be replaced by military police states that will continue to oppress and imprison and impoverish all in the name of profits.

2 years after in Libya

So, two years ago, NATO stepped in to help the rebels over throw the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. Yet, with the removal of Gaddafi’s regime an immense power vacuum in the country has opened up that no one seems to be able to fill. The result is that militias and war lords now run areas of the country, a lot of whom are extremists and affiliated very closely with, of all groups, Al Qaeda. Of course, it is pretty common knowledge that all the Islamic extremist groups are affiliated and work together when the need arises even if they do not share identical ideologies. Not only does the US government have basically NO presence in Libya to help stabilize the situation and ensure a transition to a fair and legal government; there is some question as to if they did not intentionally, at least, endanger embassy and security personnel or at most, sacrifice them for some convoluted reasons. At the same time we are still waging a war on terror.
Just what is the US government and its allies doing to combat terror globally? They have waged a driven and extremely motivated war on journalists, whistle-blowers and the law abiding citizens of countries all over the world. They have done very little to truly limit the growth of extremism, Islamic or otherwise. The public statements from agencies of the US government would have you believe that their methods have prevented and or interrupted some 20 plus terrorist operations that would have inflicted injury on US targets. However, there is some dispute about the honesty and accuracy of these numbers; some media sources have stated that at least 17 of these successful interventions were actually created by the US government. That agents of our law enforcement and security agencies have in fact sought out “susceptible or easily manipulated” individuals, befriended them, coached them and encouraged them to carry out acts of terror against the US; then arrested them for terrorism or various other crimes. These actions by our law enforcement and others while may not be illegal is certainly immoral. And the implications of their actions should concern ALL citizens of any country of the “free world”. 
And now we are speaking of military intervention in Syria. How? By supporting the very groups that have been labeled as terrorists. The fact that the governments of the US, UK and France while they are violating the rights, privacy and trust of their own citizens now are openly stating that they will support, arm, aid, and even ally with terrorist enemies. Yet, not one leader of those governments will come under investigation or be charged with treason, even though they are openly and publicly committing treason on each news broadcast. 
When will it be enough for the public to have had enough? When will it matter enough for the public to get mad? When will it be enough for the public to realize that the government no longer does it job? When will it impact the public enough to fight back? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be, when it is too late.
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No Hope Under Treason

American allies for today show as much honor as the current US government. It is like beating a dead horse to keep repeating that if one weapon or one dollar or one first aid kit reaches any of the “rebels” in Syria from the US government then treason will have been committed.

Treason is the act of assisting or rendering aid to or providing comfort for the enemies of the United States or her citizens.
terrorism grafiti
We are engaged in a GWOT and have a standing policy not to support or deal with terrorists. But just like every part of the Constitution and our laws that have been inconvenient to him, Obama just ignores them and does what he wants. And Congress whom is suppose to keep the Commander in Chief in check have turned a blind eye to his crimes. But then again, Congress has not done their job since Obama has been in office. Yet, they have stayed in office and even given themselves pay raises every year. And the American public seems to be totally agreeable with loosing all their liberties and rights as long as they have their worthless money and gadgets.
The alliance between big business and the government has successfully destroyed the spirit of the American. They have corrupted the American Dream from achieving your dreams by working hard and living a good life with values and morals to being totally consumed with desire for things and more things and little concern about anything outside their own personal space. Oh, sure we watch the news and say that is awful or they don’t deserve that or we should change that but that is where it ends.
It is interesting that people in countries that have fewer rights and liberties and more to lose taking stronger stances against their governments to keep them in check than we do. There are protests every day in countries around the world speaking out against lesser injustices than we have seen carried out here. The American public has allowed the government to destroy the economy and the rebuild an imaginary one to replace it, they are stamping out our rights in the name of security.
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.
 Our schools no longer teach the Constitution or how to think independently. They instead teach compliance and ignorance. It is a shame that the US has lost its spirit and direction.