Extrajudicial Murder

Obama promised more peace and “changing the world’s mind” about the US, but what he delivered was vastly different.

2 years after in Libya

So, two years ago, NATO stepped in to help the rebels over throw the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. Yet, with the removal of Gaddafi’s regime an immense power vacuum in the country has opened up that no one seems to be able to fill. The result is that militias and war lords now run areas of the country, a lot of whom are extremists and affiliated very closely with, of all groups, Al Qaeda. Of course, it is pretty common knowledge that all the Islamic extremist groups are affiliated and work together when the need arises even if they do not share identical ideologies. Not only does the US government have basically NO presence in Libya to help stabilize the situation and ensure a transition to a fair and legal government; there is some question as to if they did not intentionally, at least, endanger embassy and security personnel or at most, sacrifice them for some convoluted reasons. At the same time we are still waging a war on terror.

No Hope Under Treason

Treason is the act of assisting or rendering aid to or providing comfort for the enemies of the United States or her citizens.

We are engaged in a GWOT and have a standing policy not to support or deal with terrorists. But just like every part of the Constitution and our laws that have been inconvenient to him, Obama just ignores them and does what he wants. And Congress whom is suppose to keep the Commander in Chief in check have turned a blind eye to his crimes. But then again, Congress has not done their job since Obama has been in office. Yet, they have stayed in office and even given themselves pay raises every year. And the American public seems to be totally agreeable with loosing all their liberties and rights as long as they have their worthless money and gadgets.