I starredΒ at myself,
Then I looked in the mirror.
I saw nothing but bones covered with flesh,
Covered with soft pale skin.
But then how soft it really is,
Or as a matter of fact
How soft am I?
Day in and day out,
I see people die,
They kill each other,
No fear, no guilt.
It seems that humans are losing senses
It’s scary when you realize
Your thoughts can be read
From anywhere, everywhere.
It’s scary when you realize
That what you once had
Is no longer just yours,
It’s everyone’s.
You see people get murdered
Simply for saying things out loud.
For trying to protect others.
Humans are consumed
By being civilized,
By their own ideas of perfection,
By the hunger for money,
By the power of false…
Humans want to improve nature by killing it,
To improve health by destroying it.
Then I woke up realizing
It was only just a nightmare.
I woke up grateful knowing
I’m just a beast.

My Best Things

I have the best best friend,
I have the best teacher,
I have the best partner,
I have the best mentor,
I have the best confidant,
I have the best guide,
I have the best muse,
I have the best motivator,
I have the best safe place,
I have the best encourager,
I have the best man,
I have the best critic,
I have the best lover,
I have the best–
I have YOU!

Let Me Tell You

There’s this man I know…..
He is amazing and intelligent.
He is compassionate and generous.
He is passionate and motivated.
His smile is the sun of the galaxy.
His words are a symphony to the soul.
His view of the world is a Van Gogh in progress.
In his presence I feel such energy and joy.
In his presence I see so much more lit by his glow.
In his presence I am encouraged to know that I am more with him than I ever was before him.
In his presence I feel free to be me, to be and to be more.
There is such happiness in being in his presence.
There is such encouragement in being surround by his presence.
There is such serenity in being within his confidence.
He is the best friend.
He is the best mentor.
He is the best confidant.
He is the best.
Best of all……………….
I am his!