2 years after in Libya

So, two years ago, NATO stepped in to help the rebels over throw the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. Yet, with the removal of Gaddafi’s regime an immense power vacuum in the country has opened up that no one seems to be able to fill. The result is that militias and war lords now run areas of the country, a lot of whom are extremists and affiliated very closely with, of all groups, Al Qaeda. Of course, it is pretty common knowledge that all the Islamic extremist groups are affiliated and work together when the need arises even if they do not share identical ideologies. Not only does the US government have basically NO presence in Libya to help stabilize the situation and ensure a transition to a fair and legal government; there is some question as to if they did not intentionally, at least, endanger embassy and security personnel or at most, sacrifice them for some convoluted reasons. At the same time we are still waging a war on terror.
Just what is the US government and its allies doing to combat terror globally? They have waged a driven and extremely motivated war on journalists, whistle-blowers and the law abiding citizens of countries all over the world. They have done very little to truly limit the growth of extremism, Islamic or otherwise. The public statements from agencies of the US government would have you believe that their methods have prevented and or interrupted some 20 plus terrorist operations that would have inflicted injury on US targets. However, there is some dispute about the honesty and accuracy of these numbers; some media sources have stated that at least 17 of these successful interventions were actually created by the US government. That agents of our law enforcement and security agencies have in fact sought out “susceptible or easily manipulated” individuals, befriended them, coached them and encouraged them to carry out acts of terror against the US; then arrested them for terrorism or various other crimes. These actions by our law enforcement and others while may not be illegal is certainly immoral. And the implications of their actions should concern ALL citizens of any country of the “free world”. 
And now we are speaking of military intervention in Syria. How? By supporting the very groups that have been labeled as terrorists. The fact that the governments of the US, UK and France while they are violating the rights, privacy and trust of their own citizens now are openly stating that they will support, arm, aid, and even ally with terrorist enemies. Yet, not one leader of those governments will come under investigation or be charged with treason, even though they are openly and publicly committing treason on each news broadcast. 
When will it be enough for the public to have had enough? When will it matter enough for the public to get mad? When will it be enough for the public to realize that the government no longer does it job? When will it impact the public enough to fight back? Unfortunately, the answer seems to be, when it is too late.
Photo Credit: bbc.com