Eternally Indebted

My Dearest Mr. Hastings,

I hope that as winter settles in that your heart remains warmed and that your eyes oft alight on the flames of a cheery fire. I hope that all the peace and wonder of the season are not lost on your drive and ambition. I hope that you find the time for friends and family and that great conversation and loving laughter are the accompaniment of those times. I hope that you make the time to seek out those that are important to you and I hope that you have the time when sought out by those that find you important.
I wish for you many blessings and joys, now and always. I wish for you dreams coming true and giving rise to new dreams. I wish for you all the success that you desire and have chased; and I hope that it brings you all that you hoped it would. I wish for you memories made with your family and loved ones to treasure always.
I thank you for your patience. I thank you for your thoughtfulness. I thank you for your council. I thank you for listening. I thank you for your tolerance. Most of all I thank you for your time.
With more debt than can be repaid
Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan


Shuttering dreams,
Nightmare – It seems.
Hanging. Waiting.
Social approval.
Perhaps,it is removal.

Standing alone,
Watch people go by.
Unnoticed beauty.
Action is neutral.
Reaction is brutal.

Words you offered
Are promises slaughtered.
It gets better.
Life was given,
Sinsย forgiven.

In public. Awkward.
Reading a book.
Lunatic. Yes!
Oh my gosh! Look!
Moving forward.

Wait there.
Broken glass.
Shattered screen.
Destroyed mass.

Wake up. Wake up.
Is it too late.
Once real.
You were great.

Wake up. Wake up.
Let’s be friends.
Forget the screens.
No!? That’s where it ends.

My Best Things

I have the best best friend,
I have the best teacher,
I have the best partner,
I have the best mentor,
I have the best confidant,
I have the best guide,
I have the best muse,
I have the best motivator,
I have the best safe place,
I have the best encourager,
I have the best man,
I have the best critic,
I have the best lover,
I have the best–
I have YOU!