Another Warning, Serbia!

Pay Attention Serbia!

(Alexander Astafyev, RIA-Novosti, Government Pool Photo via AP)

You have spent this century bending to the will of the EU in hopes of some delusional promise of a perfect Serbian Utopia……that you will be an equal at the EU lunch table…..but, you are letting the smoke of the EU illusion blind you to the reality of globalization.
You have ignored the plight of Hungary, Greece, Cyprus. You have gained nothing from the examples of Norway and Iceland.

If the situation were not so precarious, I would delight in the cuteness that is so reminiscent of the naivety of Slobodan, when he believed the West would keep its end of the Dayton Accords, even after he was set up to look defiant and disrespectful by being given bad times for media events. It is high time though that you grew up! It is time to make it ‘on your own’! For all your earnestness you do not need to be the lap dog for the EU or for Russia. History has taught us time and time again the importance of the Balkans, especially to outsiders, use that knowledge to be your own nation, your own people, your own destiny.

There is that little voice in the crowd that is telling you something different. It is in the form of Dveri and others that see a different future. It whispers from the outside, from your scattered children. It is suggested from those that want to see a better world. And even from those that would gain from your change of course.
If these voices are not enough to give you pause, then maybe the voices of  the delusion, itself can prove the point! Not only does pressure to conform and bend to the will of others come from the EU itself it is even applied to strong members of the EU. The US is being used to bully its strongest ally, the UK into staying in ‘the club’. The US is threatening that the UK will be ranked with China, or Brazil or India. The ally that solidly backed the US in its combat involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
Bottom line, if the UK whom has committed more than any other ally to the foreign policy of the US/NATO can be bullied into bending to the EU/US regime, what makes you think that you can ever make a decision for the good of Serbia when you are sitting at the EU lunch table?!?!

Tyranny Is An Insatiable Beast

hc-will-gay-marriage-backers-win-nationwide-20-001When the people allow the government to restrict any previous freedom for the sake of security the overall safety of the public has been diminished. That is a really scary environment to live in. Americans like to hold themselves up as examples that the rest of the world should strive to be…..but what exactly is America today???

Today’s America would be recognized by our Founding Fathers, but in a very bad way! Our government would remind them of the tyranny of the British Crown and would be quite the insult that we took their sacrifice so lightly that we WILLINGLY allowed and even asked for and encouraged the creation of such a condition that we are now in. Our founding was based on a very limited government and the right and responsibility of individual men to live their lives in the way that brought out the best in them and thus improved the community in which they lived as well. The was to be an individual responsibility to one’s self and own. What did one’s own mean? Well part of the vision and intelligence of the founding fathers was that it was up to each man to determine what was ‘his own’ but for sure it began with individual responsibility.

Unfortunately, the majority of citizens in the USA have either decided it is easier to have others, in this case the government on every level, think for them or have been duped into believing that others think better than they do. That leaves the minority trying to reign in the Hydra that is the government. And of course that upsets the beast!

ferguson-missouri-9-via businessinsiderIf you have ever looked at ‘questionable’ police arrests, you will find that a majority of those arrests, especially during protests or civil disobedience acts, as defined by the government, result in a majority of the arrests being for the sole charge of ‘resisting arrest’. Isn’t it ironic that you can be arrested for nothing more than resisting being arrested. But what is more concerning is that what is defined as ‘resisting’ is left up totally and completely to the discretion of the arresting police officer. Which means that you can be arrested, for anything from physically defending yourself from law enforcement members to merely asking ‘what am I being arrested for’. Being arrested for the latter is actually a violation of the individual’s civil rights as defined by the Constitution. Also, a majority of these arrests never see the inside of a courtroom so no REAL justice can be served. There is NO real recourse for the individual that was illegally detained for exercising their rights under the First Amendment of  the Constitution.

Now one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the world is pushing for resisting arrest to be a felony charge. This is not only disgraceful it is completely unconstitutional! And it is a very open attempt to remove the active minority from the political process, since convicted felons lose their right to vote and other rights that are reserved for ‘good citizens’. This move, if successful would mean the end of democracy in America and would leave NO option but revolution to the minorities that seem to be the only truly active participants in communities.


Kudos Greece!

Syriza party supporters celebrate in Athens

So Greece has gone the way of Hungary and Slovakia and bucked the EU oppression! Super for them, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel now. I can only hope that others such as Spain and Portugal and Ireland take note and that Serbia, Bosnia and even Ukraine rethink their current paths!
The EU is not the paradise they present themselves as and they are not the solution to the problems in your individual countries. Oh, certainly the EU has contributed and exacerbated issues that were in place in countries so as to put themselves in the position to conquer these countries in a manner that presented them as saviors. I have said before and I will say again..with VERY FEW exceptions…NO ONE outside your country will care more for you and your nation than you will! The struggle will be hard but it will be worth it as it will be YOUR success, YOUR goals, YOUR gains, YOUR home!

Let me ask you a simple question…..what are your priorities and how do they stack up? For most people it starts with home and family and works out from there….that is true pretty much everywhere and with everyone. So if that is the case, please tell me why you would EVER believe that some politician in Brussels would put your little country first????

Syriza made recent history with their almost majority win and is a very logical reaction to the over-bearing strong arm tactics of the EU and IMF in the attempt to destroy Greece to such a degree as for her to not be able to recover in the foreseeable future. And Syriza’s decision to try to work a coalition with just Independent Greeks, whom won 13 seats would make their ability to move forward possible.

The reaction from Brussels is typical and focuses on the money only; “Grexit is unthinkable,” said a second senior Brussels policymaker involved in the negotiations. “It would be extremely bad. Europe is about irreversibility. If you start doubting that, you start pricing in the risk of fragmentation and soon you have no monetary union.…” Think really hard about the part in bold….”Europe is about irreversibility” it sounds more like getting your beat down into a street gang….the only way out is by dying!!! And Brussels treatment of Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and others is very reminiscent of mafia intimidation.

There is hope that change is afoot…This is not a knee-jerk reaction, “It is, instead, testimony to three things: the strategic crisis of the eurozone, the determination of the Greek elite to cling to systemic corruption, and a new way of thinking among the young.” The first 2 of these reasons are intrinsically entwined. It is the systemic corruption of the oligarchs and their misuse of the duties placed on them by the public that have created an unsolvable problem with them, but hope without them.

In that hope has sprung up Solidarity for All, a movement that encompasses many ways that average, everyday Greeks are doing their best to help their country, from free clinics to legal aid to kitchen distribution centers and they are making a difference that others should take notice of…“almost a different sense of what politics should be – a politics from the bottom up, that starts with real people’s needs.” The basis for what REAL politics should be, the taking care of the community as a whole; not the taking from the community what you can and claim you deserve!

There are no better closing words than those of  Theano Fotiou, “The only real way out of this crisis is people doing it for themselves,” she said. “If people don’t participate, we will be lost as a country.”

Listen to her, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal….

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There are a lot of skeptics out there that are saying Freedom of Speech is being too simple in the Charlie Hebdo attacks…..I disagree!

BF-Freedom Of SpeechFreedom of Speech is the basis of the story! There are people that say Freedom of Speech does not give you the right to insult people or say things of ‘hate’! I say, who decides what is insulting or hateful? Censorship by ANY outside force is destructive and NEVER the enlightened or intelligent or real way to handle discourse that is uncomfortable.
If you think it is black and white to determine what can be said and what can’t be said…..If you think that insulting and hateful are easily defined terms that ‘any fool should know‘ by your own arrogance you have violated your own black and white rule!!!


We have seen these hashtag wars in social media about ‘black lives matter’, ‘blue lives matter’, ‘je suis charlie’ ….. every group wants their group to matter more, but you are missing the HUGE picture!!!
We are all people…we all matter!

Coercion is not conversion!!! (Anyone know whom spoke that truth???)

And it is true….you cannot force a person to feel or believe or want or think something ….. and forcing them to be silent for fear of violence against them is not being civilized or responsible or multi-cultural…..that is being immature and ignorant and hateful and rude and a bully!!!!

1395569779536050926We have become a world filled with over grown toddlers in constant temper-tantrum mode cause the whole world isn’t meeting all our demands instantly!!! GROW UP!!!
If you do not like how a country exists…then do not go to that country….there are plenty of countries in the world that function from absolutely NO freedoms to having immense freedom and everything in between….you do not want freedom then move to a country that does not allow freedom. It really isn’t that hard to figure out!

charlie hebdo victims_3158173b
Charlie Hebdo victims

If you do not like what someone says then do not listen to them. If you do not like what someone writes then do not read their work. If you do not like the art that someone creates then do not purchase it. If you do not like what is being said or shown on TV then change the channel or better yet turn it off. In general, in the world you are not forced to listen to what someone says so why think you have the right to force them to speak only what you want to hear?
What makes you more valuable than the other person?
What makes your life matter more than mine?
What makes your feelings more significant than a stranger?
What makes your thoughts more right than the hater?
What makes your opinions better than the poor man’s?
What makes you anything that elevates you above anyone else?

NOTHING!!!! You are not better than anyone else, so stop trying to pretend you are cause you are missing something inside that no amount of will bending in others will fulfill.

Yes, most of us are broken as humans! We see everything that someone says or does as some attack on us and we get mad and upset. We have no real faith in anything that keeps up grounded or humane. We see others only in what have they, what they are or what might they do for me; or I better get them before they get me. We have lost our sense of connection. There is nothing more lonely than feeling alone surrounded by a million people……except for when those million people are your ‘friends and family’.
Why do we feel so alone? Cause we have lost the connection. We no longer value lasting relationships. We no longer value the character of an individual. When we ‘judge’ someone we do not ask about their honor or heart or mind…..we ask about their income, their ‘schooling’, their house, their car, their things.
But a million dollars does not buy kindness. A Ph.D. does not ensure understanding. A mansion isn’t built with compassion. A Ferrari does not purr mercy. And things do not provide love!!

BeFunky_saudi-blogger.jpgIf you want less hate and more understanding…then stop forcing others to do what you want and start listening to them with understanding and compassion. If you want people to stop insulting and hating then speak with kindness and intelligence. If you want less violence and pain then show more mercy and patience.

It isn’t Freedom of Speech that is broken….it is the people speaking and no law can force morals, compassion, understanding or intelligence into them. And NO ONE deserves to die for words!!!

imprisoned journalists
Al Jezeera Journalists held in Egypt

The example of people that have been jailed, punished, tortured, and killed for exercising their basic right of Free Speech can go on and on….
how does this make us civilized that we are so barbaric that we are afraid of words!!!!

We must protect EVERYONE’S right to speak without fear of violence or criminal action!



Our 100 Year Loss

100 years ago today the little country with a huge heart stood up to a much larger European power. The little country was Serbia, she refused to be ‘annexed’ and ‘occupied’ by the Austro-Hungary Empire. The Serbs believed, just as our Founding Fathers, that men had the right to determine their own destinies and that freedom was worth fighting for. When the little country of Serbia stood up to her aggressor, she showed the world that some ideas were worth the fight and were larger than any invading army. It was not an easy fight, nor was it short or civilized, for those are not the way of war. It was the heart and soul of each Serb that supported her cause and did in fact aid in her ability to hold out against such insurmountable odds.

During the days of this struggle of the Serbian people in a land far removed from American Shores, it was the original spirit of America that stood with them and is best remembered in these words by then President Wilson;

save-serbia-our-ally-posterOn Sunday, 28th of this present month, will occur the fourth anniversary of the day when the gallant people of Serbia, rather than submit to the studied and ignoble exactions of a prearranged foe, were called upon by the war declaration of Austria-Hungary to defend their territory and their homes against an enemy bent on their destruction. Nobly did they respond. So valiantly and courageously did they oppose the forces of a country ten times greater in population and resources that it was only after they had thrice driven the Austrians back and Germany and Bulgaria had come to the aid of Austria that they were compelled to retreat into Albania. While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken. Though overwhelmed by superior forces, their love of freedom remains unabated. Brutal force has left unaffected their firm determination to sacrifice everything for liberty and independence.

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government, and remembering that the principles for which Serbia has so nobly fought and suffered are those for which the United States is fighting, should on the occasion of this anniversary manifest in an appropriate manner their war sympathy with this oppressed people who have so heroically resisted the aims of the Germanic nations to master the world. At the same time, we should not forget the kindred people of the Great Slavic race–the Poles, the Czechs and Jugo-Slavs, who, now dominated and oppressed by alien races yearn for independence and national unity.
This can be done in a manner no more appropriate than in our churches.
I, therefore, appeal to the people of the United States of all faiths and creeds to assemble in their several places of worship on Sunday July 28, for the purpose of giving expression to their sympathy with this subjugated people and their oppressed and dominated kindred on other lands, and to invoke the blessings of Almighty God upon them and upon the cause to which they are pledged.
Woodrow Wilson, President
The White House, July 1918

If as an American you managed to get through that speech without the slightest hint of shame or guilt or feeling of smallness, then you have lost all of the spirit that built this once great nation. For those of you that think that America is still the ‘Greatest’ nation on Earth and deserving of the title of ‘Superpower’ let me point out the basic tenant of the founding of America and of her foreign policy up till 100 years ago, when She sold out and lost her honor and valor and integrity;

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government…

Whether we adhere to the truth or not, it is still truth that it is the RIGHT of the people of ALL nations to live their own lives and choose their own governments. It is NOT the right of this country or any other country to impose by bribery, intimidation, or force their own will for their own gain over the people of another country. And it should NEVER be accepted by the people of any nation that their government allow such incursions against their sovereignty.

Can We Get An E.U.

Part 2: How to join!

So, now that we know what EU membership really means, you say you still want in. Well just in case some people at home forgot, remember you’re only as free as Brussels says you are; you are only as secure as needed to protect Germany, France, Brussels; your prosperity will be in direct relation to, without exceeding, your resource and labor supplies for the benefit of the same. The EU is now a 28 country bloc, with another half dozen countries naively vying for inclusion. Yet, less than a quarter of the member countries are maintaining some form of economic survival. Matter of fact the only country that isn’t sliding is Germany, which by the way isn’t flying.


Today you hear people say, how did Hitler get all those regular people, all those intelligent leaders, all those educated people to follow him blindly into such madness and evil. Look at the 1930’s world; there was a great depression, that had come on the heels of over speculation by Wall Street, which had been running free and without responsibility, Germany and Austria were doubly hit since their unconditional surrender and subsequent ‘punishment’ by US/UK/France meant they missed the roaring 20’s blindly embraced by the West, not only had Germany/Austria lost the war, they had lost all pride and security as well as any economic hope. The phrase about money not being worth the paper it is printed on, was so true in Depression Era Germany that it was used as waste paper, for insulation and burned in heaters. There were no jobs, no food, no money, no hope, no dreams. Then along comes Hitler. He gives names to the blame, then gives answers to the fear, he gives hope to the hopeless. He did what most like him do; he divided the people to gain power. It was the Germans being ill-used by those non-Germans that were jealous of ‘German Greatness & Purity’. And that is how Hitler got all those regular, intelligent, educated people to follow him. He promised them solutions and gave them illusions. And the EU learned well from his success. His weapon was hate, the EU uses money. His promise was German Greatness, the EU promise is ‘American Dream’. Hitler couldn’t deliver on his promise and the EU has NO intention of delivering on its promise either.
And still you want to join…..
The peaceful method is to accept the loans and bailouts, to completely restructure your infrastructure and education system to accommodate the needs of the EU even if that compromises your culture, your history, your lands, your people. To open your doors to free trade with member nations that due to advanced technology and productivity in comparison to emerging or damaged or neglected economies severely undermine and even erode the advancement of your industry. In short you are to play the perfect Dicken’s Oliver to the EU Uncle.


If you cannot seem to get your act together for peaceful subjection then there is the ‘peaceful protest coup’ method, see the timeline of events over the past 8 months in Ukraine. The US and EU pour money into ‘promoting Democracy’ in the target nation by picking and choosing which ‘parties’ and ‘NGO’s’ they support. In addition they run ‘Radio Free Europe’ not to promote freedom of speech or the press, but you promote the opinions, agenda, ‘truth’ of the West. You have negotiations that you do not have to abide by. You hold elections that do not follow the laws of your nation. You remove the current government illegally with the support of US/EU/NATO endorsement. You forcefully put down any and all dissent to EU intergradation.

usceserbia bombing

Then, if you still cannot get your act together and join the EU by the aforementioned methods there is last resort, just ask Serbia. You will be violently ripped apart by ‘NATO/UN Peacekeeping’ and upon failure to comply bombed into submission. If violent protests, sorry ‘peaceful protests’ that include violence, and ripping a country apart illegally does not bring it to its knees then outside force to help with the destruction and ethnic cleansing of the independent minded and free thinking are backed by NATO. There is NO military action too great to protect those innocent terrorists that were supported in their division and destruction of nations and lands that resisted the advancement of  the great EU so that Europe can be ‘free and secure and peaceful’.

With all the options listed above there is a membership route for everyone. Just decide how you want to sell your freedom and the freedom of your children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren to the amazing, wonderful, illusion of the European Union.

More EU Members Wanted

Part 1; What Membership Really Is

Anyone can join! We are lowering our entrance standards! We are desperate! We need to make Europe BIGGER and “SAFER”!
Okay, let me repeat for those that seem to not even be familiar with the word ‘geography’ (which, by the way, means study of land), Europe is a continent. It is a specific mass of land. It is one of 7 major land divisions or continents, of which 5 are connected to at least one other major land mass/continent. With the exception of loss of land to water erosion or natural disasters or land growth due to volcanic activity or earthquake caused plate shifts you cannot increase or decrease the size of said major land masses.


Did we all hear that? I know not everyone understands that, so lets continue.

The EU does not control the title of European. I know they would like to. I know they pretend they do. I know they tell countries you have to join the EU to be European. Those are lies. Any country that lies partly or wholly within the borders of the European Continent are European. That is it! That is ALL it takes to be European. No, special rules. No, special permission. No, secret deals. No, economic enslavement. No, outside control. No, secret handshake.
What does this mean? It means that Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey and even Russia are just as EUROPEAN as France, Sweden, and Germany.
The pathetic irony is that the EU is selling itself as the identity of Europe. That is an advertising scam, it is called a bait and switch. Actually, it more falls under complete false advertising. The bait and switch part is that the EU promises you FREEDOM, SECURITY, PROSPERITY.
Lets see what you really get….
FREEDOM: Your constitution, laws, foreign policy, trade, education, regulations have to follow the laws, agreements, policies and regulations of the EC. As long as everything that you do is under the rules of the EC and approved by the EC and within the limits of the EC then yes you are free to run your nation (which is now no longer a nation but a member state) as you want.
SECURITY: The EU promises to protect all member countries from threats through the military capabilities of NATO. History lesson, Europe has not been invaded by a totally NON-European force in almost 1000 years. So just who are they protecting you from? Leprechaun invasion? Another Great Fairy Incursion? Ah, I know, rumors are that the Unicorns need more land! Now you might be saying that I am being ludicrous and absurd. But how absurd is it that the leading players in the EC are the same 3 countries that have invaded more countries, both in Europe and around the world, than all outside countries combined. If you no longer learn history, cause then you might not blindly follow your bought leaders into EU purgatory, let me remind you; France, Germany and England have at various times in the last 1000 years been the number 1 aggressors in Europe!
PROSPERITY: Little countries are sold images of 30 hour workweeks with great benefits and good wages and everyone living dream lives with all these material items. But what they don’t tell you is that that is their way of life and to insure their way of life, they intend to control your way of life. They will promise to help you become “European” by reforming EVERYTHING about your country and your culture. Don’t believe me? Name me a country that has joined the EU since 1995 that did not have to change anything within their borders or to reform any part of their governments or culture or education or economy.  However, the generous kind big brother EU will help you out with all these reforms by giving you LOANS and AID Packages (nice word for more loans) to help you meet the needs of the EU. Thus, in reality, your leaders have sold you and your children and their children usually for the next 150 years into servitude to the EU. Again, need reference, ask Greece, which honestly, I haven’t redone current numbers, yet considering their GNP hasn’t increased and their austerity hasn’t lowered debt, with interest and fees and new ‘aid’ they are probably now at between 170 and 190 years.

Why would the EU do this you might ask? Simple the same reasons that they were previously militarily aggressive; first and most important land and resources, secondary if you belong to or are part of them then you are not against them and you are also fodder for their self-defense. You provide a buffer-zone for them and their primary security concerns, themselves.

The EU though must be getting desperate. This joke, albeit it be a very bad joke, in Ukraine is proof that NATO and EU think global domination is a good thing. Both the means and modes as well as the motivation for pursuing regime change so quickly in Ukraine, while still having fires in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt seems completely and totally illogical, not to mention it is logistically and tactically a military nightmare. Yet, they have engaged in ill-planned if not completely ill-thought out nation stealing in Ukraine. For those of you, Ukrainians that think the EU/NATO/US group is looking out for you and wants you as an equal, you have my sympathy.

The Only Guarantee of Freedom

 During the 18th Century, the British Colonies in America found themselves feeling more and more oppressed by a government that not only was not listening to them, but was so removed from them that they had no idea about the lives or issues facing the daily lives of the colonists. Ironically, most of the leaders of the Revolution were originally willing to remain British, if only their country would treat them properly. The first attempts to bring about change between the Acts coming out of Parliament and the quality of life of the colonists was in the form of editorials and pamphlets or the use of free speech and freedom of the press. When that brought no relief then the colonists sent envoys to plead their case in person in front of Parliament and the King. Benjamin Franklin was one such envoy and was actually initially a very loyal subject of the crown; that was until he was shown first hand exactly how poorly the Crown looked down on His subjects from ‘across the pond’. It was after this experience that Mr. Franklin returned to the Colonies to sadly state that there would be no comfort found under the rule of the Crown. Thus, the Revolution became necessary.
After with the founding of our free republic our forefathers wrote one of the greatest living documents ever. The whole point of the document was for it to be adaptable to the needs, not of the government, but the people. To insure the eternal freedom, or so the founding fathers thought, of the people of the United States, the Constitution included 10 Amendments, commonly known as the Bill of Rights. The rights include the most sacred and necessary rights for the people to be able to keep the government in check.

Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

 The current government would tell you that an individual’s right to bear arms is limited to the purpose of the sport of hunting or sport target shooting and at the pleasure of the government. However, one needs only read the first 13 words of the Second Amendment to see that any limitation of any person of the United States to own any arms is a direct violation of the Constitution. The purpose of the Second Amendment clearly states, that our founding fathers understood that the public needed to be equally armed with the government so that it was the government that feared the people not the people who fear their government. An armed population is the ONLY guarantee of a free state. Any state that removes the right and means by which the population is to be equally armed with the government is a questionably oppressive government.

Is Real Journalism Gone

Michael Hastings Accident Scene
via latimes

No wonder it is so easy for the powers that be to keep the masses in the dark or so divided as to be of no threat. This weekend Michael Grundwald,  ‘respected’ reporter for Time tweeted that he “can’t wait” for the drone attack on Julian Assange. The fact that someone whom claims to be a protector of the interests of society and watcher of government and big business would be so callus about the life of another watchman, gives great pause about the motives as well as the integrity of our press. This latest tit for tat also makes you understand how little lasting the inquiry into the death of Michael Hastings a watchman of renown was, at least among some circles. This blatant disregard for the dissemination of various points of view, even if you disagree with them goes against the basis for a free press and honest journalism. When our faith in the integrity of journalists becomes suspect those with evil intention have the belief of safe quarter.
It is bad enough that we have the Obama administration either intimidating, dictating or straight up violating the rights of journalists and media outlets by ease dropping or other collecting of the communications of journalists working on pieces; now the British government is forcing British media outlets to destroy information under threat of being shut down. Is there anything more oppressive than the recent actions of the governments of the “free world.”  The irony is that Turkey is not allowed to join the EU……WHY…..for its stifling of their press!!!! One word comes to mind Hypocrisy. This is typical behavior by the big boys.
One set of rules for them and one for everyone else. This is why the 2nd and 3rd world countries so easily hate the industrialized nations. In this instant, how can the EU and US criticize any other country for its treatment of whistle-blowers or journalists. Most countries that limit free speech and free press have great arguments for justifying their censorship. The arguments range from National Security to security of society or keeping the peace. Oh wait, those are the arguments used in Europe and US. The lines between “free” countries and tyrannical regimes are becoming blurred in to oblivion. In the near future there will be no difference other than the names of the countries. And that will be the greatest travesty.
The saddest part of this movement of oppression is how similar it is to the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany, except that this time around the evil is not limited to just one country but will encompass the whole globe. And the masses will have NO ONE to blame but themselves. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. The masses seem totally complacent in the events that will further enslave them to illusions of freedom and evolution. There is nothing free or evolved about the actions of our current governments. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that the powers at be do not want citizens that think and question and act. They only want citizens that comply. That is not what human nature is based on.
The solution rests solely in the hands of the masses, you cannot sit on the sidelines and expect the corrupt and greedy to change themselves. Matter of fact real change, true change can only come from the inside, which means that we have to change ourselves. We have to open our eyes. We have to open our ears. We have to listen. We have to watch. We have to think. Then most importantly we have to ACT.

Government Taking the Humanity Out Of Humans

It seems that everyday you can find a report where the government is either punishing Good Samaritans or encouraging division and hatred and violence, while claiming the opposite. Every crime that is committed between individuals that can be labeled as being of different races is fodder for keeping the masses fearing and avoiding each other.
Every crime should be treated as one or more humans injuring one or more other humans. That should be the end of the issue, each crime should be treated individually as the crime that it is. Does this mean that I do not believe in hate crimes or in the pure hate of people; No, I know that hate exists in the hearts of those that have not found real love, in those that live in ignorance and full of fear. I know that those that are afraid of others for things such as the color of their skin or the language they speak or the religion they practice is not based on real facts.
When you accept others platforms of hate, even if they are the violent acts of the hate, you are giving them power that they do not deserve.
When you allow that a person committed a crime because they are a certain “type” and their victim was a different “type,” what you have done is to give their ill-gotten “cause” substance that it does not deserve. And when we allow the government to point out the differences between us we are agreeing that we prefer hate and oppression to love and freedom. This is why we have such chronic issues in our society. En mass we accept that people hate, that people are different, that people are violent, that people are many groups instead of one group.
The largest of the cancers rotting our society while the masses are distracted with non-issues, is the actions of the government to limit our freedoms and restrict our rights. One of the most widely used tools to limit our freedom and rights is the required “permits” needed for almost every activity in basically every city, town, village or community in the country. Requiring permits gives the government control over what descent and how much descent is voiced. It also gives the government control over how much unity is created between the masses as well. You might think that sounds crazy; but, when you have to have permits and permission to play sports in parks or to help your fellow man then it is obvious that the control to limit how much unity we have in our society is of grave concern for our government and should offend and insult every member of society.
If we, as a whole people, would stand together then we would be stronger and more powerful than the government. And with that power we could right most if not all the wrongs we currently accept as unsolvable. Then the possibilities of what we could accomplish as the human race would be greatly expanded.
Photo by McKenna Phillips on Unsplash

Big Brother Getting Bigger…

celebrate WhistleBlowers
Celebrate Whistle Blowers

Obama’s run for President was based on Change and Transparency…..We have certainly gotten the CHANGE, but the transparency is more a myth than Camelot! During Obama’s tenure more whistle-blowers, an asset in successfully ensuring an honest and transparent government, have been prosecuted than under all other administrations combined, twice as many to be exact. And while by the numbers (6) that may not be a huge number the implications are immense. In addition, the spying on journalists and news agencies is a complete and total violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution, the US one, just in case you forgot we had one as the current administration seems to have. And now we are getting reports that under the PRISM program we have even been spying on…well, yes, you guessed it….EVERYONE; US citizens, the foreign friends of US citizens, the friends of the foreign friends of US citizens, and even high-ranking officials in the governments of our enemies and, oh, did we mention, also our allies…..oops. The NSA is the proverbial spoiled brat that has gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar. To our allies, if you are waiting for an apology, don’t expect one and certainly do not expect it to be sincere.

Take heart allies and enemies alike, you are not the only government officials that the US government is spying on; through a program labeled, INSIDER THREATS they are also spying on their own officials and encouraging, no, actually coercing government employees to snitch on any employee that appears to be a threat. What constitutes a threat is vague, but worse is that failure to report such a threat will result in punishment possibly even criminal prosecution. The methods of this administration show the thug like means by which Mr. Obama started his political career. He did not win his first political race fairly, he won cause he had the petition for his opponent invalidated for not having enough “registered voters” as signers. And getting in the Senate was an appointment. And like him or not, if not for early voting (which is a total joke), he would not have won either presidential election. No one should be surprised by his actions or the actions of his administration, not if said actions seem to be of a thug-like nature.
The scandal about the NSA and PRISM is just the latest scandal in what is very much a pattern of abuse of power from Washington in earnest since 9/11 and has been excessively utilized under Obama. It is ironic that Obama criticized the Bush administration for its secrets and hard-line when it came to National Security and now he uses the excuse of National Security to do things that the Bush Administration probably didn’t even dream of. The Patriot Act and various other legislation regarding National Security were allowed to pass with vague wording in order to allow government agencies movement within the laws; but, it also allows very much for abuse under the law. Again, I repeat myself, restricting or disregarding liberties in the name of security is not security at all. And those citizens that would allow their rights to be taken away to have security will find themselves without liberty or safety and they do not deserve either one.
SnowdenAnd while the government can scream NATIONAL SECURITY, like they do every time they want to violate the rights of any person in America or to carry out a drone attack on American citizens and others abroad, they do not seem to see the broader picture. It is one thing, not a very smart thing, to lack moral prowess in handing foreign citizens abroad; but to show complete disregard for the rights of American citizens domestically and abroad, they are telling every other country that they do not have to respect the basic human rights of American citizens either. We show enough hypocrisy in our foreign policy without making that our domestic policy as well.

Learn Your Constitution; It Was Written For YOU!

US ConstitutionIt seems that most Americans have no clue about the words or the meaning contained in the Constitution. It is that ignorance that has allowed greedy, immoral, selfish politicians to usurp our freedoms and line their pockets with our tax dollars while not actually performing the duties set out for them in the Articles of the Constitution. The Constitution states that the federal government is supposed to be limited and that it is to be a body of the people, by the people and for the people.
There were very good reasons behind setting up a government around the population. The first was to eliminate a disconnected ruling class from the masses, this is done with the words “of the people”; all people are to be involved in government, it is EVERY citizen’s duty and obligation to be informed and to participate in government. The next reason was to ensure that government worked for the good of the individual, “for the people”; government is not to oppress or dictate, nor is government to infringe on the rights of the states or the individual, government it to be limited to only those duties that are required to ensure a secure nation, not personal security, that is the responsibility of the individual. The last part is that ALL power, ALL approval in the actions of the government rests in the authority given to the government “by the people”; we are the people, we have the right, the responsibility and the duty to keep the government in check.
WE THE PEOPLE are the counter balance to the tyranny of government. Power more often than not corrupts those who gain it. Our founding fathers knew this, they threw off the chains of a government that was tyrannical and oppressive and out of touch with the colonists. The Revolutionists did not wage a war at the drop of a hat, they voiced their opinions, the sent envoys to speak on their behalf before Parliament and the King. The took all forms of peaceful means to avoid war. In the end they faced 2 choices, to be treated as less than they were or to revolt and gain independence that ensured that each man would be treated as they should.
Those men believed that each man had the right to live free and to achieve their full potential without being burdened or oppressed by the government. They had more faith in the individual as the strongest link in the chain of the collective. They knew that men by nature are selfish and will protect what is theirs, so they created a government to give the means to always have something worth protecting and fighting for if the need arose. It is this environment of opportunity created by the founding fathers that became known as the American Dream. The belief that anyone no matter how they began life or who they were yesterday had the same chance to follow and fulfill their dreams as every other person without discrimination or limitations.
And it is this very thing that is at risk of extinction right now with the current administration. It is not the sole fault of the current administration, this has been a slow progression that began with the New Deal, but this current administration has done the most damage to the individual and his freedoms and has been the most oppressive and divisive of any previous administration. It has been the liberal/democrat mentality to enslave the masses, especially the poor or under educated in order to maintain control. It is time that those individuals that believe that liberal/democrat politicians have their best interest at heart to open their eyes to the reality that their true intent is to keep them oppressed and poor and uneducated so that they can maintain control. They do not believe that the “poor huddled masses” can think for themselves or make good choices either. They have taken it upon themselves to create a government that will do the thinking for the poor and “take care” of them. But they are the real reason that the poor and disenfranchised stays poor and disenfranchised.
If you are not one of the “poor huddled masses” you might think this doesn’t concern me, but it does. The Constitution states that our duty as citizens is not just our for ourselves, it is our duty to make sure the government does not infringe or diminish the rights of anyone. Do not wait until it is your rights that are being trampled on to care.