Tyranny Is An Insatiable Beast

hc-will-gay-marriage-backers-win-nationwide-20-001When the people allow the government to restrict any previous freedom for the sake of security the overall safety of the public has been diminished. That is a really scary environment to live in. Americans like to hold themselves up as examples that the rest of the world should strive to be…..but what exactly is America today???

Today’s America would be recognized by our Founding Fathers, but in a very bad way! Our government would remind them of the tyranny of the British Crown and would be quite the insult that we took their sacrifice so lightly that we WILLINGLY allowed and even asked for and encouraged the creation of such a condition that we are now in. Our founding was based on a very limited government and the right and responsibility of individual men to live their lives in the way that brought out the best in them and thus improved the community in which they lived as well. The was to be an individual responsibility to one’s self and own. What did one’s own mean? Well part of the vision and intelligence of the founding fathers was that it was up to each man to determine what was ‘his own’ but for sure it began with individual responsibility.

Unfortunately, the majority of citizens in the USA have either decided it is easier to have others, in this case the government on every level, think for them or have been duped into believing that others think better than they do. That leaves the minority trying to reign in the Hydra that is the government. And of course that upsets the beast!

ferguson-missouri-9-via businessinsiderIf you have ever looked at ‘questionable’ police arrests, you will find that a majority of those arrests, especially during protests or civil disobedience acts, as defined by the government, result in a majority of the arrests being for the sole charge of ‘resisting arrest’. Isn’t it ironic that you can be arrested for nothing more than resisting being arrested. But what is more concerning is that what is defined as ‘resisting’ is left up totally and completely to the discretion of the arresting police officer. Which means that you can be arrested, for anything from physically defending yourself from law enforcement members to merely asking ‘what am I being arrested for’. Being arrested for the latter is actually a violation of the individual’s civil rights as defined by the Constitution. Also, a majority of these arrests never see the inside of a courtroom so no REAL justice can be served. There is NO real recourse for the individual that was illegally detained for exercising their rights under the First Amendment of  the Constitution.

Now one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the world is pushing for resisting arrest to be a felony charge. This is not only disgraceful it is completely unconstitutional! And it is a very open attempt to remove the active minority from the political process, since convicted felons lose their right to vote and other rights that are reserved for ‘good citizens’. This move, if successful would mean the end of democracy in America and would leave NO option but revolution to the minorities that seem to be the only truly active participants in communities.



There are a lot of skeptics out there that are saying Freedom of Speech is being too simple in the Charlie Hebdo attacks…..I disagree!

BF-Freedom Of SpeechFreedom of Speech is the basis of the story! There are people that say Freedom of Speech does not give you the right to insult people or say things of ‘hate’! I say, who decides what is insulting or hateful? Censorship by ANY outside force is destructive and NEVER the enlightened or intelligent or real way to handle discourse that is uncomfortable.
If you think it is black and white to determine what can be said and what can’t be said…..If you think that insulting and hateful are easily defined terms that ‘any fool should know‘ by your own arrogance you have violated your own black and white rule!!!


We have seen these hashtag wars in social media about ‘black lives matter’, ‘blue lives matter’, ‘je suis charlie’ ….. every group wants their group to matter more, but you are missing the HUGE picture!!!
We are all people…we all matter!

Coercion is not conversion!!! (Anyone know whom spoke that truth???)

And it is true….you cannot force a person to feel or believe or want or think something ….. and forcing them to be silent for fear of violence against them is not being civilized or responsible or multi-cultural…..that is being immature and ignorant and hateful and rude and a bully!!!!

1395569779536050926We have become a world filled with over grown toddlers in constant temper-tantrum mode cause the whole world isn’t meeting all our demands instantly!!! GROW UP!!!
If you do not like how a country exists…then do not go to that country….there are plenty of countries in the world that function from absolutely NO freedoms to having immense freedom and everything in between….you do not want freedom then move to a country that does not allow freedom. It really isn’t that hard to figure out!

charlie hebdo victims_3158173b
Charlie Hebdo victims

If you do not like what someone says then do not listen to them. If you do not like what someone writes then do not read their work. If you do not like the art that someone creates then do not purchase it. If you do not like what is being said or shown on TV then change the channel or better yet turn it off. In general, in the world you are not forced to listen to what someone says so why think you have the right to force them to speak only what you want to hear?
What makes you more valuable than the other person?
What makes your life matter more than mine?
What makes your feelings more significant than a stranger?
What makes your thoughts more right than the hater?
What makes your opinions better than the poor man’s?
What makes you anything that elevates you above anyone else?

NOTHING!!!! You are not better than anyone else, so stop trying to pretend you are cause you are missing something inside that no amount of will bending in others will fulfill.

Yes, most of us are broken as humans! We see everything that someone says or does as some attack on us and we get mad and upset. We have no real faith in anything that keeps up grounded or humane. We see others only in what have they, what they are or what might they do for me; or I better get them before they get me. We have lost our sense of connection. There is nothing more lonely than feeling alone surrounded by a million people……except for when those million people are your ‘friends and family’.
Why do we feel so alone? Cause we have lost the connection. We no longer value lasting relationships. We no longer value the character of an individual. When we ‘judge’ someone we do not ask about their honor or heart or mind…..we ask about their income, their ‘schooling’, their house, their car, their things.
But a million dollars does not buy kindness. A Ph.D. does not ensure understanding. A mansion isn’t built with compassion. A Ferrari does not purr mercy. And things do not provide love!!

BeFunky_saudi-blogger.jpgIf you want less hate and more understanding…then stop forcing others to do what you want and start listening to them with understanding and compassion. If you want people to stop insulting and hating then speak with kindness and intelligence. If you want less violence and pain then show more mercy and patience.

It isn’t Freedom of Speech that is broken….it is the people speaking and no law can force morals, compassion, understanding or intelligence into them. And NO ONE deserves to die for words!!!

imprisoned journalists
Al Jezeera Journalists held in Egypt

The example of people that have been jailed, punished, tortured, and killed for exercising their basic right of Free Speech can go on and on….
how does this make us civilized that we are so barbaric that we are afraid of words!!!!

We must protect EVERYONE’S right to speak without fear of violence or criminal action!



Jihadist, Just Another Word For COWARD!

via OnIslam.net

When your only reaction to someone that speaks differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that thinks differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that acts differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that believes differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that worships differently than you is to kill…YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that dresses differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When your only reaction to someone that loves differently than you is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

When you only reaction is to kill….YOU ARE A COWARD!

via nypost.com and AP

The cruel attack on the Paris Office of Charlie Hebdo was the act of COWARDS pure and simple. If you know your path is the best path, if you know you are the most righteous, then you do not have to KILL those you disagree with. For if you were so pure and righteous and just then you would have your acts and deeds and your faith and your belief and the power of your words to defend your path against ALL attacks. If you were strong in your faith and your path and sure of the rightness of your beliefs then you would not be angered or insulted or offended by the words of those you call lesser than you. Of course, if you were so righteous and holy you would not call anyone lesser than yourself.

The fact that you are WRONG in your beliefs and thus cruel and evil in your deeds is a blight on all that claim the path of Islam. However, the fact that ‘moderate’ Muslims, as the politically correct call them, do not rise up and speak out against the acts of the evil nor do they put the effort into correcting the wrongs of those leaders that have corrupted the young followers by doing nothing are showing support for and approving of the evil carried out in the name of their religion. And the weak claim that they are not acting as true Muslims and thus in our eyes are not Muslims and we need not say anything about it are in effect offending and insulting the innocent victims of each act of evil carried out in the name of Islam and Allah. These moderate Muslims are also neglecting their duties as ‘real and true’ followers by not protecting the life of innocent. Allah states clearly and plainly that ALL human life is sacred and valued and is not to be taken!

Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.  (Al-Ma’idah 5: 32)

Step back and look carefully.

While it is VERY true that I am not a conspiracy theorist, I would not label those individuals as crazy, out of touch, or paranoid. Not everything they say is wrong; as the saying goes, ‘just cause I am paranoid, doesn’t mean I am wrong‘. Those words are very true. I also believe in 2 more important things:
1) that EVERYONE has the right to free speech, up to the point that it infringes on another’s rights,
2) that no matter how EXTREME the views of individuals might be, they are entitled to their point of view and they help to provide a broad dialogue on issues that should be important to all citizens.

So today, I would like to present a different view on certain statements that are being printed in the media and my opinion of said statements might seem logical or paranoid; but, hopefully, they will start a dialogue.
The government currently in power in Ukraine is a legitimate government. They were elected by the Parliament.’ Before the protests started, not one single leader of Western countries stated that the legally elected government of Ukraine was not legitimate. Matter of fact that government was recognized and conducted business like any other European country. In order to ensure peace and democracy, that government even offered to hold early elections to allow the protesters to change the government in power legally, the pro-West protesters continued their violence until they were in power by a vote under duress of what was left of the Parliament.
The people in power in Kiev have sanctioned/ordered “anti-terrorist” actions against pro-Russian protesters in Eastern Ukraine.’ Whereas the legitimate government was criticized as being brutal when it finally sanctioned appropriate force by police, the new power grabbers are being praised for being measured and restrained by using the military against its own citizens, whom are being called Russian spies.
The United States has not ended its Global War On Terror. Top on the terrorist enemy list is Al Qaeda and its off-shoots. It has been reported not just by media, even mega-corporate controlled western media, but also, by the various terror groups, themselves, that most of Al Qaeda’s off-shoots have sent fighters into Syria to remove the legitimate government of that country. The law of the land states that a traitor is any person that by any action supports or enables through any means the enemy of the state or provides comfort. Now this law is broad as it is expected to be applied with logic and reason based on the intent of those charged. That being said, the media has reported that the US is now directly and officially arming the rebels of Syria. Their supposed ‘get out of jail’ clause is that they are only arming moderate rebels, yet only a complete idiot or the most naive fool would believe that ONLY moderate rebels will have access to any items provided. Not to mention that arms and money and any other needed support has been provided indirectly via American allies in the region. Yet, not one person in the US government is being investigated for treason. It will be interesting to see how the government reacts if some independent journalist actually grows a pair and reports on US weapons being used against US soldiers in other areas of the world, like, maybe, Afghanistan! Which will be a very distinct possibility.
Again I say, if Pro-Russian protesters are equated with terrorists and professional terrorists that entered Syria solely for the purpose of overthrowing the legitimate government there are equated with rebels or freedom fighters how can any independent country in the world think that it can be independent in opinion and action, even internally, and not risk invasion directly or covertly by the US and EU!

Is Real Journalism Gone

Michael Hastings Accident Scene
via latimes

No wonder it is so easy for the powers that be to keep the masses in the dark or so divided as to be of no threat. This weekend Michael Grundwald,  ‘respected’ reporter for Time tweeted that he “can’t wait” for the drone attack on Julian Assange. The fact that someone whom claims to be a protector of the interests of society and watcher of government and big business would be so callus about the life of another watchman, gives great pause about the motives as well as the integrity of our press. This latest tit for tat also makes you understand how little lasting the inquiry into the death of Michael Hastings a watchman of renown was, at least among some circles. This blatant disregard for the dissemination of various points of view, even if you disagree with them goes against the basis for a free press and honest journalism. When our faith in the integrity of journalists becomes suspect those with evil intention have the belief of safe quarter.
It is bad enough that we have the Obama administration either intimidating, dictating or straight up violating the rights of journalists and media outlets by ease dropping or other collecting of the communications of journalists working on pieces; now the British government is forcing British media outlets to destroy information under threat of being shut down. Is there anything more oppressive than the recent actions of the governments of the “free world.”  The irony is that Turkey is not allowed to join the EU……WHY…..for its stifling of their press!!!! One word comes to mind Hypocrisy. This is typical behavior by the big boys.
One set of rules for them and one for everyone else. This is why the 2nd and 3rd world countries so easily hate the industrialized nations. In this instant, how can the EU and US criticize any other country for its treatment of whistle-blowers or journalists. Most countries that limit free speech and free press have great arguments for justifying their censorship. The arguments range from National Security to security of society or keeping the peace. Oh wait, those are the arguments used in Europe and US. The lines between “free” countries and tyrannical regimes are becoming blurred in to oblivion. In the near future there will be no difference other than the names of the countries. And that will be the greatest travesty.
The saddest part of this movement of oppression is how similar it is to the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany, except that this time around the evil is not limited to just one country but will encompass the whole globe. And the masses will have NO ONE to blame but themselves. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. The masses seem totally complacent in the events that will further enslave them to illusions of freedom and evolution. There is nothing free or evolved about the actions of our current governments. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that the powers at be do not want citizens that think and question and act. They only want citizens that comply. That is not what human nature is based on.
The solution rests solely in the hands of the masses, you cannot sit on the sidelines and expect the corrupt and greedy to change themselves. Matter of fact real change, true change can only come from the inside, which means that we have to change ourselves. We have to open our eyes. We have to open our ears. We have to listen. We have to watch. We have to think. Then most importantly we have to ACT.

Ignored Warnings

Mr. Orwell warned us decades ago that we should always be vigilant, else the government would be ursurped by those with without moral compasses, that if we as a society stopped thinking for ourselves and speaking up when wrong was committed then we would lose our independence and freedom. The signs are everywhere, yet the masses seem to be totally clueless. The signs are all around us…all you need do is to open your eyes and look. From such simple things as school uniforms, to whistle-blowers being charged and labeled as traitors.
Now if you do not see the connection between school uniforms and big brother, let me illustrate; when you require children to conform to what the institution deems correct thinking then they limit descent among the masses. The “school uniforms” have gone so far as to limit hair color and styles allowed, to even what names are appropriate for school. You might say what is the big deal……these little rules crush independent thought and expression, that is the BIG DEAL!
When our children are punished for their imagination and curiosity and for being children we have reached the bottom.
We have children that must have their “thoughts and words” approved before graduation speeches, that is absurd!
We have children that are threatened with expulsion for dying their hair, that is absurd! We have children that are told that “men don’t wear skirts”, idiots do not even know what kilts are, that is absurd!
The official statement is that all the above “bad things” prevent children from learning, they disrupt the classroom and learning experience. My retort would be what learning experience? Children are not educated in public schools; everything they are taught is focused on one thing…..taking annual standardized tests.
They are not taught to think, that is a bad thing.
They are not taught to explore, that is a bad thing.
They are not taught to question, that is a really bad thing.
Teachers are punished for teaching things like the 5th Amendment. Children are punished when parents speak out. The information that is published “as fact” in school textbooks is not totally accurate nor is it complete, in some cases what is published it completely wrong. Most teachers are not learned in the subjects they teach, instead they have degrees in “how to teach.” That has always confused me, if you do not know a subject, if you are not learned in a subject, how can you instruct that subject.  Of course again we are training compliant masses not independent thinking citizens. So the less students know the better the establishment is.
And if you manage to get through the public education system with a free-thinking working brain, you will be punished. That will be for certain if you speak out against the government. If you do not agree, just look at the 8 individuals that have been charged with crimes for nothing more than speaking out. I do have to commend the Military Judge for not convicting PFC Manning with Aiding the Enemy; that charge had been a reach from the start. To have found Manning guilty of that charge would have made every Special Ops soldier that has been sent to any country recently to aid “rebels” in their uprisings subject to the same charge and would have basically demanded their conviction. We know for a fact that ALL aid that this government sends to Syrian Rebels is in fact reaching named terrorist enemies of not only the US, but also the EU and Russia as well as many other countries around the world. And I am sure that we will NEVER see one of those men charged with Aiding the Enemy, and for following orders sanctioned by the Commander in Chief, they shouldn’t be, however there are provisions under UCMJ that not only allow for soldiers to disobey immoral or criminal orders, but encourage such action. To bad those provisions are merely words in the regs and not practiced behavior of our officers and enlisted military personnel. The intimidation factor in place presently is merely to ensure that most people DO NOT speak out for fear of losing EVERYTHING. And if you do speak up as in the case of Edward SNOWDEN, not only will they go after you, the institution will threaten those countries that do not bow to their demands. These actions are not the actions of ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave!’