Our 100 Year Loss

Did you know that the flag of only ONE other nation, besides the US has flown over the White House?

ISIS Claims Caliphate

You cannot create monsters and control them when they are full grown. Especially when you do not even understand their history or their ideology or their culture. It is also worth noting that even US experts seem to not grasp the concept of fighting for or being driven either by a desire or a hatred that is larger than one’s self or the complexity of culture, history, religion that interweaves to create the society we call the Middle East.

Hypocrisy; The US Foreign Policy Maker

Another example of how the US government takes advantage of the short memory of the American public is the hypocrisy that is US foreign policy. The US government makes all number of public statements about their stance on events around the world that are claimed to be based on honor and the pursuit of freedom. Yet, one only needs to look at the history of US action in the world to see that what is said publicly and what is done clandestinely are polar opposite.