9/11; The Day The US Govt. Hit The Bottom Of The Moral Barrel

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13 years ago, today, the US Government threw away what little morals and honor they had left and sold the souls of all the honorable men and women that believe in the ideal of a free and independent democratic republic. There is no one man that is responsible; stop blaming Bush like he flew the planes, himself! That being said hold the feet of ALL government officials to the coals for their part in the crime committed against the citizens of the country.

There is a common trick played in D.C. whereas the ‘elected official’ NEVER specifically says they want something directly to happen; this is to create the ‘truth’ of ‘plausible deniability’ thus supposedly absolving the political from being guilty of some wrong doing or worse tarnishing their image.
Another common trick that politicians play, that was a FAVORITE of then Senator Obama; that is one of abstaining from any and all actions. If you do not participate in speeches or actually vote on bills presented on the floor then you do not have to deny a choice you made nor do you have to explain your actions, cause you were action-less.

There are 2 sayings that apply here, one is a well known one, the other one is from a very respected friend during an intellectual conversation, but is very applicable here;
1) You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.
2) Even when you make no choice that is still a choice, the choice not to choose.

Both of these work well for creating terrorism threats. How? Direct example; it was the US Government that put Saddam in power in Iraq, when the previous regime leaned more to the ideals of an Iraqi-first point of view versus a Western controlled Pan-Arab group and aligned itself with the communist party. This action is directly opposed to the founding of the US, which was based on the ideal that the citizens of any location or nation have the right to self-determination, even if they choose a path that is not ours. Thus it is not up to the US to decide what type of government that the citizens of any nation choose, our only concern should be that they have the freedom and right to choose their government and choose differently in the future under the legal means of their country, but it is still THEIR choice, not ours.

During the Cold War, the US had a single-minded approach to their Foreign Policy, stop the spread of communism. This focus completely disregarded the will of the citizens of most states in question. This policy worked very nicely for the corporate machine that was entrenched into the political wheels of the US Government. For the politicians there was the very pretty ideal for the support of the American public, that of defeating the oppressive, cruel communist regime, to which the US Elite has to give Stalin much gratitude for providing prefect propaganda that could be used for decades to follow. More importantly and less obvious was the ability of the corporate big wigs to use that political ideal to further their global profit base, as well as, backdoor access to directly guide the acts of the US government to benefit the corporate world both at home and abroad, while disregarding the rights of individual citizens of the country.

This single-minded focus of US Foreign Policy was the mechanics that created Al Qaeda — thus by default creating the tragedy of 13 years ago. How? First it was one of many unsupervised CIA global operations to stop the spread of communism. The only criteria one had to have to be funded, trained, supported by the CIA was to be willing to fight the Soviets. The problem with the methods of the CIA covert operations were that they were basically violent in nature without regard for the culture or public opinion of the areas in which they were supporting armed resistance to Soviet advances. In most, if not all cases, those ‘rebels’ were not idealists whom wanted to see democracy succeed in their countries, in the specific case of Afghanistan, that was not even Bin Laden’s country nor the home of many of his soldiers. Their goal was not the best interest of the Afghan people, but the influence of their own like minded oppressors! Al Qaeda never wanted a free Afghanistan, they wanted an Islamic State of Afghanistan……hmmm sounds familiar doesn’t it. And the US Government, via the covert actions of the CIA supported the oppression and destruction of the people of Afghanistan as well as other countries in the name of stopping the spread of oppressive communism!!!

WOW! There is one for the double-speak, hypocrisy play book, support oppressive thugs in over-throwing ‘oppressive politics’!

The real hypocrisy was not in whom the CIA funded, but in how they left those areas, the CIA and thus by association, the US Government, is like inviting the animal kids to the party, you know the ones that come trash everything and then leave. That is what happened all around the world during the Cold War, or worse, they left behind the heartless, soulless mega corporations to continue to rape and pillage the remains from the violence for freedom and democracy. And any one with a 3 digit IQ wonders about why the world hates America? Really?!?!

This history of violent actions followed by inaction or worse corporate action is the true blame for the shame of 9/11. Thus, the US public cannot blame terror or a ‘terror group’ for what happened on that day. It is the fault of the American public for not making a choice to pay attention to the acts of their own elected servants and allow them to deem themselves elected officials. It is the fault of Americans for not making the choice to be active in their communities thus ensuring that those politicians that rose in office were of honor and noble character. It is the fault of the American public for allowing the US Government to surrender to terror 13 years ago today by giving up most of their freedoms and rights in the lie of security.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Our 100 Year Loss

100 years ago today the little country with a huge heart stood up to a much larger European power. The little country was Serbia, she refused to be ‘annexed’ and ‘occupied’ by the Austro-Hungary Empire. The Serbs believed, just as our Founding Fathers, that men had the right to determine their own destinies and that freedom was worth fighting for. When the little country of Serbia stood up to her aggressor, she showed the world that some ideas were worth the fight and were larger than any invading army. It was not an easy fight, nor was it short or civilized, for those are not the way of war. It was the heart and soul of each Serb that supported her cause and did in fact aid in her ability to hold out against such insurmountable odds.

During the days of this struggle of the Serbian people in a land far removed from American Shores, it was the original spirit of America that stood with them and is best remembered in these words by then President Wilson;

save-serbia-our-ally-posterOn Sunday, 28th of this present month, will occur the fourth anniversary of the day when the gallant people of Serbia, rather than submit to the studied and ignoble exactions of a prearranged foe, were called upon by the war declaration of Austria-Hungary to defend their territory and their homes against an enemy bent on their destruction. Nobly did they respond. So valiantly and courageously did they oppose the forces of a country ten times greater in population and resources that it was only after they had thrice driven the Austrians back and Germany and Bulgaria had come to the aid of Austria that they were compelled to retreat into Albania. While their territory has been devastated and their homes despoiled, the spirit of the Serbian people has not been broken. Though overwhelmed by superior forces, their love of freedom remains unabated. Brutal force has left unaffected their firm determination to sacrifice everything for liberty and independence.

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government, and remembering that the principles for which Serbia has so nobly fought and suffered are those for which the United States is fighting, should on the occasion of this anniversary manifest in an appropriate manner their war sympathy with this oppressed people who have so heroically resisted the aims of the Germanic nations to master the world. At the same time, we should not forget the kindred people of the Great Slavic race–the Poles, the Czechs and Jugo-Slavs, who, now dominated and oppressed by alien races yearn for independence and national unity.
This can be done in a manner no more appropriate than in our churches.
I, therefore, appeal to the people of the United States of all faiths and creeds to assemble in their several places of worship on Sunday July 28, for the purpose of giving expression to their sympathy with this subjugated people and their oppressed and dominated kindred on other lands, and to invoke the blessings of Almighty God upon them and upon the cause to which they are pledged.
Woodrow Wilson, President
The White House, July 1918

If as an American you managed to get through that speech without the slightest hint of shame or guilt or feeling of smallness, then you have lost all of the spirit that built this once great nation. For those of you that think that America is still the ‘Greatest’ nation on Earth and deserving of the title of ‘Superpower’ let me point out the basic tenant of the founding of America and of her foreign policy up till 100 years ago, when She sold out and lost her honor and valor and integrity;

It is fitting that the people of the United States, dedicated to the self-evident truth that is the right of the people of all nations, small as well as great, to live their own lives and choose their own Government…

Whether we adhere to the truth or not, it is still truth that it is the RIGHT of the people of ALL nations to live their own lives and choose their own governments. It is NOT the right of this country or any other country to impose by bribery, intimidation, or force their own will for their own gain over the people of another country. And it should NEVER be accepted by the people of any nation that their government allow such incursions against their sovereignty.

Hate Is The Shortest Path To Oppression

Americans have been so busy hating Syria, Gaza and Russia that they have not noticed their own conquering by Corporate America. Syria, Gaza and Ukraine are all very nice diversions to keep you worried about ‘threats’ beyond our borders that no one has been watching what is going on in our own house. This is actually a very common thing. Those of us that grew up in the homes of defenders and warriors know that it is very easy for said hero/warrior to spend so much time saving the world that they sacrifice their own to a worse fate.
Take stroll on Twitter and you will find plenty of opinions of all the ‘wars’ in the world, but you will find very little about the war on our freedom and independence in the US. Most Americans are very firmly in the Pro-Israel camp. I have been told by plenty of upstanding Christians that to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, one need only to wipe out all of Hamas. When you ask their feeling about civilians, especially children being killed by Israeli rockets they claim it is Hamas’ fault for using them as human shields. When asked where Jesus states there are times when killing innocents is justified and okay, they reply to tell you that Hamas, hates all Jews and Christians and want to kill them all. They call you a ‘killer’ or ‘hater’ for questioning their morals. Yet, they never give the quote of Jesus’ teaching explaining when killing children is justified and acceptable.
On the topic of Ukraine, most Americans will tell you that “Russia invaded Ukraine.” They will tell you that Russia wants another Soviet Union. They think that Russian soldiers are fighting the ‘mighty and honorable’ Ukraine army. An army so poorly trained and armed initially that any one of our street gangs would have beat them back to Kiev in a weeks time, much less the damage done had they been fighting a professional fighting force. Unfortunately, from a military point of view, the Self-defense forces made the same mistake as the Confederate forces did in the US Civil War. Their mentality and objective was just that, defense, they didn’t want to conquer the other side, they just wanted to protect what was theirs and be left alone. Thus their initial approach to the battle was simply to defend against advances from the UA, to keep their land and property and persons safe. I fear that Novorussia well learn the same lesson the Confederates did in the same manner.
On the poor dead horse, known as Syria, which now has split Iraq, Americans were appalled by ‘Assad the Butcher’ as Western media portrayed him, reporting how prisoners were systematically tortured, beaten, raped and even killed. Yet, in polls and reports by global watch dogs the largest prison population is in the US and the greatest fear of being in prison and of one’s well-being and life if found in prison is also the US. That being said, no American is willing to go to war over US prisons, which are increasingly run by for-profit private corporations, without any oversight; but also completely support the aiding, arming, supporting of terrorist groups that are labeled by the US Government as ‘freedom fighters’ thus empowering ISIS to have the ability, capability, and support to conquer half of Iraq and a third of Syria and is being allowed to sale crude oil to Israel, our ally, whom is carpet bombing one of the few regional supporters of the Syrian government.
One of the reasons that Americans seem unable to connect the dots in conflicts around the globe is in the lack of diversity in US media. Over 90% of US news and media is owned by just 6 corporations and with the buying of Time Warner, by either Comcast or Murdoch then that number goes down to 5, thus limiting more the availability of the American public to receive diverse reporting on any issue. It is the lack of diversity in sources available to the American public that through ignorance make it complacent in global immorality by American mega corporations through control of politicians and thus government. America has anti-trust and monopoly laws yet time and time again different government agencies and the Supreme Court have turned blind eyes to the merging of big business into mega-corporations thus insuring maximum increase in profits and decrease in competition. In addition these corporations reach outside the borders of the US thus the basis for hypocrisy in American Foreign Policy. Our Foreign Policy is based on the greed of US business and politicians not on honor or integrity or our founding fathers’ belief in the right of every man to self determination.

ISIS Claims Caliphate

Now What?

Ah President Obama and Senators McCain and Graham should be so very proud! Their little moderate terrorists are ALL grown up into a full fledged threat to the whole world that cannot be controlled. D.C. never seems to learn from one failure to the next. You cannot create monsters and control them when they are full grown. Especially when you do not even understand their history or their ideology or their culture. It is also worth noting that even US experts seem to not grasp the concept of fighting for or being driven either by a desire or a hatred that is larger than one’s self or the complexity of culture, history, religion that interweaves to create the society we call the Middle East.

ISIS Caliphate Map
via Stratfor Global Intelligence

Who would have thought that President Obama, the man whom ran as the uniter, would be so successful in working toward such controversial goals as arming, aiding, funding, training the sequel to Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL with Senators that seem so politically opposed to any and every thing that the White House has tried to accomplish. But when it counts they seem to have proved that they really can work together while appearing to be totally at odds.

Over the weekend ISIS declared their own state or caliphate. How does that impact the Middle East and the whole world? Well, first and foremost, it completely destabilizes the region in an attempt to supposedly promote stability. Second, and maybe more importantly in the long run, it completely rewrites the view of the US in the Middle East, thus creating more distrust and animosity than previously existed. Thirdly, by realigning the region, it creates chaos that will be used by mega-corps to further separate the 1% from the 99% and provide tools by which to manipulate things like price of oil which will also impact the price of all consumer products on multiple levels. What most people do not realize is that gas or petrol, depending on your part of the world, is not the primary end product of oil production. Petrol makes up the least over all end user consumption of crude oil. Petroleum ingredients are found in everything from cosmetics to plastics to textiles and manufacturing.

The main point is, that it is the opinion, based on the very successful implementation of a disposable consumer society, that control oil and you control the world by virtue of controlling the world’s markets on multiple levels.  Again, let me remind readers that many global economies are no longer based on a gold standard, instead most experts will tell you that they are based on the petrol-dollar, which from some points of view is accurate, however, the most basic economic describer is that most petrol-dollar economies are really just debt economies, meaning they are a complete sham and totally worthless, thus the need to maintain the illusion of richness based on oil dominance. Don’t believe me, pull out your ‘currency’ and read it, it is a promissory note, basically an IOU. So we all go around and pass debt from one to another and take things in that method. Ah, but I have ‘real’ money in the bank, just look at my bank statement…uhm, sorry, no you don’t. Those are just numbers on paper. Those numbers no longer represent your share of gold backing that institution cause the gold isn’t there. And on top of it, the banks charge you to move those numbers from one piece of paper to another and to let you see the numbers and for you to change the numbers. Every single automated and automatic shift of those numbers on paper are charged by fees and penalties and decreased interest or dividends. They show assets in the form of loans (debts) or futures (illusions) and you believe that you have wealth. What you have is owned debt that is under secured and when the global economy collapses due to bad politics in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Africa, it will not be repaid. The debt completely and astronomically out runs whatever gold/property/capital that might have backed it up at one time.

So how does this relate to the ISIS ‘take over’? Easy, the US and allies used the ISIS and other groups to try to conquer Syria. Syria does not play by the rules. They keep their oil and sell it as they chose. Syria is really just Libya 2.0, in respect to oil control.  This means that US and allies do not directly control ALL oil sources. And that is the true and real end game of stability in the Middle East; complete and total control of ALL oil production. However, the chaos shows that the US is losing its finesse to manage regime change with behind the scenes control in such a manner as to appear to be doing the right thing and it not falling apart until history forgets that it was US that caused the issue to begin with…Saddam and Taliban. The US and her allies have to control ALL the oil production to maintain global control. It is that required control that inhibits the progress of renewable energy sources as well as lifestyle changes being encouraged that would increase the value of nature and decrease control through decreased oil product consumption. Greed of the 1% have encouraged the creation of and growth of ISIS. It is that hollow greed that will also be their downfall, for they have forgotten about the things that cannot be bought and thus will not know how to fight for ideas with their world of mirrors breaks.

UPDATE: This is a great article that shows steps to Syria’s chaos and ISIS rampage…..by Ian56.

Hypocrisy; The US Foreign Policy Maker

obama political cartoonAnother example of how the US government takes advantage of the short memory of the American public is the hypocrisy that is US foreign policy. The US government makes all number of public statements about their stance on events around the world that are claimed to be based on honor and the pursuit of freedom. Yet, one only needs to look at the history of US action in the world to see that what is said publicly and what is done clandestinely are polar opposite.
The official policy of the American government is to never deal with terrorism; is to support the growth of democracy in all areas of the world; to provide support and aid to help improve the lives of the poorest countries and peoples. With the exception to the first part listed most of the policy is left over from the cold war. What is not stated is that the government did not care about the democracy or honesty of the countries that they supported, what they cared about was that the leaders gave their allegiance to the US and not the Soviet Union. To prove the point, one only needs to look at recent history of revolutions and coups and sanctions to see the proof. The US trained Noriega and assisted his rise to power in Panama, only to invade the country and take him into custody under drug charges. The US trained and supported rebels in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras and when one the revolutions failed or ended they moved rebels to the US and introduced to the public MS13 the most violent latin gang in the country. The US trained and supported the rise of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and unless you have been traveling in deep space you know the outcome. The US supported the KLA (Albanian Paramilitary Group that was another Narco-Terrorism Entity) in the separation of Kosovo from FRY. Bin Laden and other individuals that became top leaders in Al Queda were also trained by the US to support their resistance of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan these “rebels” fought in multiple civil wars around the world and built up empires funded by all means of illegal operations. Some of these civil wars that these US trained freedom fighters participated in, include but are not limited to; Bosnia, Somalia, Chad, Congo, Georgia, Chechnya, Libya, Egypt and Syria.
The US states in its press release that it will not support or work with terrorists or negotiate with terrorists, yet we are sending weapons, supplies and funds to terror groups around the world that will use those weapons and training on American people and targets. It is not America’s right to impose their way on the WHOLE world. It is ALL peoples duty to ensure that all other peoples are treated fairly and justly.