Euro Illusion

The EU is stating that Greece will need another bailout; this would be the third one for the country since its fall into the Euro Economic Chasm. If the amount of debt that Greece has occurred were limited to its current total of 350 Billion Euros it would take Greece about 175 years to climb out of debt. Of course, this would only be possible if not only does Greece not incur one more Euro of debt but also actually creates from today a sustainable national income that includes a surplus of an average of 3 Billion Euros per annum. These figures are simple and basic, they do not include interest or penalties or fees or other charges; but the simple numbers are enough to show the real horror that is the Euro Zone.

Hungary Has Seen The Light!

So, over the weekend the news reported that Hungary, having repaid their debt, wants the IMF out of Budapest. There are also rumblings about the possibility that they will hold a referendum on whether to exit the EU. I cannot adequately express my admiration for the enlightenment of the government of Hungary with regard to the EU. It is totally and completely refreshing to see a country decide to take back their independence from the regional overlords, Germany and France. Once again, I state it is the best choice by far to exit the EU. One need only look at the current situations in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal and others to see that the EU is not the best viable option for economic advancement of member nations.

Croatia in the EU Gives Serbia New Opportunities; But will they take them….

Croatia has now officially become part of the EU. It would appear that no one in Croatia has been following the plight of current EU members such as Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Portugal. It is amazing that anyone would want to become part of the EU, or that it can still successfully sell itself on an image without substance. Joining the EU is played as getting invited to sit at the lunch table with the cool, rich kids. But just like in school, the image that some of those “really cool kids with their perfect lives” portray is not the reality of their homes. They drive their fancy sports cars and wear designer clothes and take holidays to all the cool spots…. but what you don’t see being on the outside looking in, most of the time, is that it is all on credit, it is all on borrowed ideas or promised future successes; it is all debt and sold souls.

An Open Letter for Different Option for the Nation of Serbia without the EU

It is desire to see Serbia improve its current conditions and to elevate its economy as well as the standard of its people that demands the composition of this Open Letter stating that there is NO positive to joining the EU and many negatives.

In looking at the recent history of Europe and the area that was formerly the state of Yugoslavia, the first thing that needs to be taken into account is that Yugoslavia was the most stable and established and healthy economy to emerge from the Iron Curtain after the Cold War. This primary fact presents a very real threat to the EU and specifically to the countries of Germany, France and Britain. The big 3 of the EU have enjoyed a patriarchal regime within the EU since its conception. In their eyes there was and will never be room for any dissenting voices. And certainly not one that was aligned with Russia.