Nobody Did It,

Well, Maybe Someone

Metrojet Flight 9268 2

Over the weekend, Metrojet Flight 9268 fell out of the sky over the Sinai. All 224 persons on board perished in the crash. As of yesterday, 33 victims had been identified. The first reports, more like denials, was from Metrojet, itself, stating that neither mechanical or pilot error were the cause of the crash. This statement was released even before the black boxes had been secured and delivered to Moscow. This Airbus plane had survived a ‘hard landing’ some 14 years ago, which resulted in the tail of the plane coming in contact with the runway upon landing. It is known that if injuries to the body are not properly repaired then the structural integrity of the aircraft is compromised forever. The compromise is in and of itself a ticking time bomb.

The next denial came from Egyptian and Russian officials that Islamic State was not capable of shooting the aircraft out of the sky. The flight was at 32,000 feet when it apparently broke apart. The US and UK seemed to back up that denial as well, and whom would know better what arms have been supplied to Islamic State via Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Although, it would be an advantageous public relation event, if the plane is found to have been a terrorist attack. Ironically, it would be advantageous to both sides; the US and UK would try to show how Russia ‘asked for it’ or ‘Putin brought it on his people’ by getting involved in Syria, yet, at home for Putin, the Russian public will be much more supportive of the Russian involvement in Syria, not just to stop US/NATO aggression, but also, if Islamic State is to blame, that makes it personal with the Russian people, who have had a much closer and longer war with terrorism than the US or UK. The Russian people are much more personally aware of terrorism; for them, unlike in the US, it is not something that happens somewhere else, across the ocean, it is something that happens even in their own cities. It is something that disrupts their lives and has for years. It is something that they are in fact tired of and ready to be rid of.

Metrojet Flight 9268
via AFP Russian Investigators on Site

The US has presented reports of a heat flash immediately prior to the crash. And as supporting ‘evidence’ numerous American and British officials, including Congressmen and Intelligence Officials, as well as a Spokesperson for the British Prime Minister have all stated that it is most likely a bomb on board the passenger jet that brought it down. These claims have been talked down by Russian and Egyptian officials, however, the US State Department issued a travel warning to Americans in Egypt, especially in the Sinai and London has told British Airlines to suspend flights from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh airport. There have also been varying degrees of concern expressed by Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands to name a few.

The true losers here are Egypt, whom is struggling with regaining stability within its borders and rebuilding its reputation with international tourists, and the Russian people, whom lost loved ones in the crash. Once again terror has done what it is best at, attacking innocent, unarmed, defenseless civilians. If the US truly was against terrorism and terrorist organizations then they would have stayed out of regime change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and numerous other places. If there was an honest Global War on Terror then the US and NATO would want all the help they can get from every country, including Russia.

Egypt in Both Headlines

First, I am sorry that I have not posted here in awhile, but life likes to detour us whether we want it or not. And life has given us a couple huge detours recently, there was the historic floods in the Balkans (which still need huge help), there is the violence in Ukraine, there are several crises in Africa (Nigeria, Libya, Sudan), as well as the elections in Syria and Egypt this past week (give or take a day or two). Which brings me to our topic….Egypt.

Karnak Temple by jumpingnorman via virtualtourist
Karnak Temple by jumpingnorman via virtualtourist

It had been my initial plan to move out of Egypt at least for a bit in our journeys of thought, but as such would have it Egypt had other ideas, I couldn’t afford the $25 exit tourist fee to leave the country! No, I am kidding there, but the exit tourist fee is real. Did you know that when you fly say from Cairo to Luxor as a tourist you will pay a $4 tourist fee, for the airport handling you? And when you are attempting to leave Egypt to return home from holiday or maybe move on to another holiday, rambling destination or whatever you will be charged $25, again for the airport expense of handling you. So their thank you for spending the money to fly into their country, stay and eat in their country, use their businesses and services in your daily activities while in their country, and buy their trinkets in their markets to hand out back home is to charge you for needing to be handled. Really? Cause the $1 -2K for the plane ticket and the at least $500+ I spent in your country wasn’t enough for you, you prove a point of principle by charging me to leave. Considering the political instability, which has led to security issues on the streets, Egypt should be paying tourists $50 for showing up!

Ramses Square Egypt Unrest
Ramses Square via CPJ

That being said the focus of this post is about a curiosity that I noticed recently, well in the recent past, like last few months, in relation to Egypt and the headlines. I am sure you know that Egypt has been in the headlines concerning its ousting of its ‘last’ elected President and the clashes between all sides, you can’t say both as there are more sides than a dance card can hold, have led to less security on the streets and less than civilized behavior by some aspects of society. Egypt is not a top safe travel destination. I’m not easily intimidated, which frustrates some of my male friends in the region, they are really good guys and kinda have over protective/big brother syndrome.  But I have never been overly worried about being abroad alone. That being said I would not just holiday in Egypt right now. Would I still travel there on business or other needed reasons? Sure, but just to go hang out and see the sights, nope I’ll wait till later.

respro_pyramid_British Museum
Excavation at Hagr-Edfu via British Museum

That being said, thus the reason for this post, has anyone else noticed that not only has the Egyptology field been business as usual, it has been business extraordinaire! I mean seriously, every few day not less than every week there seems to be some HUGE NEW find! How is it that in the midst of such unrest, granted not nearly as bad as Libya, but still, not only are digs still going on, they are having a very high, abnormally high success rate. Don’t get me wrong, I think that is a great thing, but it does make me wonder if you can make these great finds while you have to at least have the back of your mind flooded with safety concerns, you in some cases have to actually have either someone watching your back or one eye looking over your shoulder; why weren’t they being made in relative peace-time under Dr. Hawass? And how many more amazing finds are going to be so easily and quickly (yes, I am using the terms loosely, I do know that years of work go into the efforts) discovered with Dr. Hawass no longer GOD of Egyptology? I guess only time will tell, I just hope this means that new and fresh looks and thoughts and ideas will be allowed inside the field now!

Egypt’s Good So Let’s Arm Them

Really, just cause Egypt has been SO busy fighting among internal factions and has thus not violated its Treaty with Israel, we are going to start sending them military shipments again? Really, who decided that the Treaty was the best and ONLY measure to use to determine military shipments to a country that can’t keep a government in place for more than a year after ousting the lifetime dictator was sound logic? Oh, that’s right our lovely State Department!
Well we can take heart in the fact that our State Department has a stellar record in judging the short term actions of foreign entities. And the US has an even better record of picking ‘better’ sides in disputes in the internal conflicts of other countries. One need only look at Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, to see how well we pick sides.
The US has a long history of intervening in the internal affairs of other countries, when the US chooses to intervene it is not in the context of moral obligations of the citizens in the said country, in some cases the resulting interference results in the daily situation in the said country being worse, or even much worse as in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is not referring to their current states which are not good by any means, but to their former. Yes, for those who missed it in history class, the US helped put Saddam in power in Iraq. A man who gassed not only his own people, which we did nothing about, but gassed the battlefield in his war with Iran, thus killing not only Iranian soldiers but also his own soldiers. And it was US intervention that put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan.
All intervention into Iraq was pushed for economic reasons and to the benefit of the US and her OPEC allies, whereas the mess we created in Afghanistan that led to 9/11 were merely the US keeping score against the Soviet Union. There was never any real interest in the actual welfare of the citizens of either country. And there is no real concern in the daily lives of the citizens of Egypt either; otherwise we would instead consider the safety and stability of the internal peoples and area of Egypt to determine whether Egypt should receive military shipments.
The US really needs to learn that it cannot buy loyalty, that the citizens and governments are not of the same model as American citizens. You cannot control them buy keeping them focused on money and ‘sparkleys’ and distracting them with misinformation and down right lies. Sure, they will take your money and your ‘sparkleys’; but they have learned the US game well… is all about ME, so there is no need for loyalty. The US only gets involved where there is a profit or benefit for them.
The world doesn’t hate the US cause they are jealous of the American way of life, the world hates the US cause from the other side it is very easy to see the hypocrisy of US foreign policy.

The Journey Begins

There are many ancient sites and artifacts that are known the world over. Some of these sites are mysterious and shrouded in wonder and enigmas, while others seem to be fully and or completely explained, at least according to the experts. Starting our ramblings through the moments of our history at one of the most recognizable locales on the planet seems appropriate for our journey.

giza-pyramids_24757_600x450We believe in labeling and ranking things in our world to give them importance and value. This act in and of itself seems simple and harmless enough; however, when we list things and rank things we are actually diminishing their importance in our world and limiting our understanding as well. There is a saying that we all have talents, things we excel in, however, if the fish is judged by how well he climbs a tree, then he will always feel stupid. By judging places and things against hard-fast, unbending limits that the egos of experts place in our knowledge banks it is not the sites and cultures and artifacts we make ‘stupid’, but ourselves. By accepting without question the words of the textbooks and experts we voluntarily shut ourselves into the dark closets of ignorance.

Returning to the start of our journey; the Giza Necropolis is the site of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, as well as, the Sphinx and other temples and archaeological finds that have yet to be fully understood. For this post we will focus on the Pyramids themselves. There are 3 great or grand pyramids in close proximity that are the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is a standard propagated fact that these pyramids were the tombs for the Pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. It has been the practice of mainstream Egyptologists to criticize, ostracize and black-ball any researcher that does not hold to this archaic and suspect view.

Giza Necropolis DrawingIt has been one of the greatest mysteries, to my personal understanding, that academics and researchers do not seek the truth and knowledge, they seek fame and tenure. If these so called experts really believed their own opinions regarding the pyramids, then why not let every “out there,” “off the wall,” “crazy” person with a “wild” and “delusional” idea research it and study the site and fall flat on their face in the error of their own study. Instead any person that has any view that deviates from the idea that the pyramids are tombs is not even granted access to the site for research purposes.

Ironically, you do not need access to the site to call into question the statement that the Pyramids are tombs. First, there are burial mounds located all over the world, dirt mounds that have served as the final resting places for the deceased. That being said, there has not to this point ever been a body of a deceased found in the middle of any funeral pyramid structure any where in the world. You can try to point to priests and ‘kings’ that have been found in some American pyramids, but all their entombments were under said pyramids or added within them and the pyramids were not constructed for the purpose of their burials, instead the entombment was either repurposing of temples or after-thought. But our focus is not on ALL pyramids, just the 3 at Giza.

Valley Of The Kings via ancient eu
Valley Of The Kings via

According to mainstream Egyptologists, most pharaohs have been found buried in the Valley of the Kings. This is not a valley full of pyramids, nor is it the earliest or latest of the pharaohs. What I mean is that the Pharaohs of the Pyramids were from the 4th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. Yet, building pyramids was not happening prior, even if you consider the Step Pyramid at Saqqara of Dojser, neither was it continued after the fact. Some Egyptologists might tell you this was due to grave robbers, but that contradicts the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. It is very hard to say with any certainty when certain tombs might have been raided. It is highly unlikely that the tombs were raided during the Dynastic periods, but were instead violated later by those peoples whose culture did not value the beliefs of the past times. The point being that the likelihood of just 3 Pharaohs, 4 if you count Djoser, building Pyramids for tombs and not being followed by subsequent Pharaohs when all other aspects of society remained virtually unchanged is slim to none.

If we allow for the study of the possibility of the Pyramids being those of our 3 Pharaohs, why did these pharaohs deviate so far from the norm before them and after them. What makes the burial rites and practices of our 3 so unique? Why would they basically shun their religion and culture and immortality by shunning the very things that would insure their place in the afterlife. If one only looks at the tombs found in the Valley of the Kings and see the names and images on the walls of tombs along with the verses of the Book of the Dead and the Book of the Gates, they provided the tomb resident with spells and advice to help get them to the afterlife. This information is missing from the King’s Chambers in the Pyramids of our 3 Pharaohs. So if the pyramids were their actual tombs you must consider that they lived such perfect lives they did not need any help facing their judgements or they snubbed the religion in death, that kept them in power in life. Both of those theories seems highly unlikely.

robbed tomb egypt
Robbed Tomb via Pintrest

We can put this theory aside if you have not started questioning the ‘truth’ yet and move to the next questionable fact regarding the Pyramids. Let’s assume for the sake of mainstream argument that these Pyramids were tombs. One of the main reasons that the Great Pyramid is considered Khufu’s is that his name is found on a ‘plaque’ near the Pyramid itself. Now if having your name on a building makes you the builder of said building, then George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln just became the most prolific builders in America. For their names adorn more public buildings than most any other notable leaders in American History. But more importantly, it was the practice of the Egyptians to bury with their Pharaohs, everything they would need in their afterlife. This matters since the afterlife was a mirrored existence of life on Earth. As it is above so it is below. Everything that one would need to be of their status in the afterlife was provided in their burial for their possession as needed. This included not only treasures, the desire of tomb robbers, but also mundane items for life, foods and daily basics, not so much valued by our robbers. Once again, these remnants were also missing from the burial chambers. Not even the debris of broken shards of pottery or spilled seeds remained after the robbing, thus inferring that they were also the neatest grave robbers in history.


So it seems that if we are to maintain and or accept that the Pyramids were tombs for our 3 Pharaohs, we have to accept several unsupported and irrational facts about them. First, that all Pharaohs that followed were incredibly humble and did not have a desire to leave their mark more permanently on the world. Secondly, that our Pharaohs either lived perfect sin free lives or snubbed their society’s belief in the afterlife. Thirdly, that they did not need any of the trivial things that ordinary Egyptians needed in their afterlife like food.

I hope that some of these presented views made you think and wonder. Ask questions and seek answers and do not believe that just because someone has letters, even the whole alphabet, after their name they are smarter than you. You can make the next big discovery just as surely as any expert, maybe even more so if your mind is open and your eyes are seeking.


Egyptian Men Prove They Are NOT Real Men….

Egypt violence against women in public groupsThere is a very prevalent double standard that is epidemic in Egypt right now, but exists world wide. This double standard is that men are superior in all aspects except being responsible for their crimes against women. This idiocy that women are totally and completely responsible for all crimes committed against them is based on the corruption of inferior men in positions of spiritual and political power. I know that the Western world would like to say that it is a Muslim flaw, but it is actually a MALE flaw. In general the idea that “women ask for it” that they “drive men to do it” is nothing more than a cop out. If men are so strong in all other aspects of life and the world then they certainly should be “strong enough” to conduct themselves in accordance with honor and integrity. Every man that says that “she asked for it”, that “it is her fault”, is saying the SAME thing about their own mothers. They are saying that it is OK for men to rape and beat and violate their mothers. Now if you took a poll, how many men would say, ‘yes, sure, feel free to go rape my mother’; but, the same men that would be so publicly offended by the suggestion of complacency in crimes against their mother are the same ones that would say about a stranger “what did she do to have that happen”.

The WHOLE society has to decide that sexual crimes are crimes against humanity and society. Every act destroys the foundation of society. Women are the givers of life, they are the nurturers of children and family, and without women life would cease. This does not mean that women are the only victims of the most horrendous crimes; babies, girls, boys, women, men and the elderly are all victims of this complete disregard for humanity and human life. This one SIN will prevent mankind from becoming better than we are right now; as a matter of fact it will actually digress our advancement thus far. Instead but strengthening the ties of society we are ripping them apart and into shreds. If we continue in this manner will we do more damage than can be undone.
There is HOPE. You do not have to be a powerful man to change what is happening. The change starts with you! Start by listening to your own heart and mind about what is right and what is wrong. Most men do not need some “Holy Man” to tell them to respect life….ALL life. If a “Holy Man” tells you that you need only listen to him or do as he says then he is not a REAL “Holy Man”. A sincere and honorable man of faith would tell you to look within your own heart, to seek your own knowledge, to have your own relationship with God. Any man that tells you that it is ever acceptable to hurt an innocent person is not a good man, they are not a man you should respect, they are not a man that has power over you. It is a very simple thing to do…if you are unsure about if the act you are committing is good or bad, you need only ask ONE question; “Would I want this act committed against me or mine?”  Your answer to that question is your best guide to doing the godly thing. Never let another man tell you that something wrong is the WILL OF GOD, IT ISN’T!!!! You will not find any text of any spiritual manner that tells that God demands religion, GOD DEMANDS FAITH IN HIM not in another man. Any man that tells you different does not have yours or Gods interests in mind.
God did not create woman to be destroyed by man. God did not create woman lesser than man. God proves this by making woman the bearer of life. God created man to protect woman. It is time that REAL MEN step forward and show that they have honor and integrity. It has to be other men that condemn the acts of bad men in this SIN. It is the mere SILENCE of “good” men that give these criminals acceptance. Every victim is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, wife. What will you do when it is yours?

UPDATE: (6JUL2013) More proof that Egyptian men have a long way to go to impress anyone….