Dissin Neanderthal Is Dissin Grandpa

neanderthal nikola solicPersonally I have thought for a long time that Neanderthal has gotten the short end of the stick. And as more studies are published and more finds are made in the field, it looks like the pre-history and evolution books are going to have to be seriously rewritten…..like thrown out and start from scratch! From my point of view this is a very good thing. I have had serious issues with many of the ‘facts’ of the ‘Out of Africa’ one way point of view. Just as I have more serious issues with the “Bering Strait” migration route into North and South America.

Starting here in North America, there are many places that show human occupation prior to the 10,000 year date, there are locations in Vero Beach, Florida that date approximately 15,000 years ago, in Clovis, New Mexico that date to approximately 13,000 years ago, and in Valsequillo, Mexico with dates that go as far back as possibly 40,000 years ago. Oops! And these are not ALL the sites in the Americas that did not get the “Bering Strait” migration memo.

While I understand the concept of ego and pride and self-importance, the extreme use of such emotions in studying the past is beyond reasonable. What such arrogance has done is to destroy and diminish and limit our knowledge about peoples that while were different from us are becoming more and more important in our own story. What past and present historians, archaeologists and anthropologists along with other experts have done is an unforgivable crime against humanity. Maybe this project can help change the public’s view on other homos species and their importance not just in their own stories but also their importance in our story.

Hominids viaDiscoverySome of the direct conflicts of new studies with ‘proven historical facts’ show that we share up to 20% of our genes with Neanderthalsthat show Mungo Man is too old to be from Africa and his ‘mother’ isn’t the so-called “Mitochondrial Eve,” and that the Denisovans, one of our ancient ancestors, has DNA that is of an unknown species. We are not a pure people that just suddenly appeared here one day long ago, we are the product of the living and dying and surviving of many other homos species and that is an interesting and good thing. That gives us the rare gift of claiming all those previous species as our own.