Black Widow: Right Hero, Wrong Story

Last summer we finally got a Black Widow movie, but let’s face it…. Disney SUCKED at it!!!

Of course Disney has lost all recognition for producing quality products. They are just expensive ones now. Disney also sucks as a business entity.

Scarlett Johansson At San Diego Comic Con

The story-line that they chose for Scarlett Johansson’s title character was not awful in concept, but it was beneath the accomplishments of Johansson’s protrayl of her Black Widow role. Scarlett Johansson is one of those rare talents who can truly own the character she plays. She is an actor’s actor. When she steps into a character the audience doesn’t watch Scarlett act; they, instead, are enthralled by the character that Johansson has morphed into and it is only that character the audience experiences and loves. She is one of the best character actors in the business. Ranking among such other greats as Morgan Freeman, Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, and Denzel Washington.

With the quality and caliber of Johansson, Disney has the main ingredient to create a phenomenal series of movies to rival such successes as The Dark Knight and Christopher Reeve’s Superman. However, they instead fumbled the ball into the endzone for a safety. They chose the most lack-luster part of Natasha’s story-line and then treated Johansson like dirt. I do not believe that they treated Johansson like dirt cause she is a female; no, they treated her like dirt because Disney Corporation has no morals or ethics. Any and all sense of right and wrong left the company when the Disney family left the Executive Offices. Disney is no longer an idea, a concept, a dream to realize. Now it is just another mega-media mega-corporation whose only focus is profit margin. Employees, actors, and “partners” are just assets to be leveraged, used, and disposed of.

Two resin cast Black Widow Glock 26 Handguns

Disney has murdered EVERY movie franchise they have acquired. They have taken some of the icons of American Film and completely eviscerated them, dismembering them into paper-shell jokes. Their writers write not for the love and desire of storytelling. No, they write stories for virtue signaling and political statements, to prove support of trendy special interest movements. The sad thing is; their stories are so shallow that nothing supports their farce propaganda.

Disney could have written and filmed a great Black Widow back story that touched on truly meaningful social issues and still enthralled die-hard Marvel fans, that is part of what really great stories and storytellers do. They could have expanded on Natasha’s forced removal from her family and the plight and murder of her mother. They could have exposed us to some of her assassinations that brought her into contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. All culminating with her mission with Hawkeye to bring own the Red Room.

3 Ticket Stubs for Black Widow movie

That was the story that this fan wanted to see. And I don’t think I was alone in that hoping while waiting for the movie to release. Even so, in spite of this not being the story I wanted to see, the actors did a great job with the what they had to work with from the writers. I had been waiting for the release and have become such a fan of Johansson’s Black Widow that I was actually wanting to go to a theater and see this film on the big screen. Therefore, as an individual spite to Disney for their rude handling of the release and contractual obligations to Johansson, instead of streaming the movie for $30 on my Disney+, I made 3 trips to movie theaters to watch Johansson be Black Widow, thus requiring that Disney have to split my profit contribution with Scarlett.

I am still hopeful that Disney will be greedy enough in the future to produce a Black Widow back story worthy of the excellence that Scarlett Johansson has brought to the role. And one that gives Marvel fans something worth paying for.