Kudos Greece!

Syriza party supporters celebrate in Athens

So Greece has gone the way of Hungary and Slovakia and bucked the EU oppression! Super for them, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel now. I can only hope that others such as Spain and Portugal and Ireland take note and that Serbia, Bosnia and even Ukraine rethink their current paths!
The EU is not the paradise they present themselves as and they are not the solution to the problems in your individual countries. Oh, certainly the EU has contributed and exacerbated issues that were in place in countries so as to put themselves in the position to conquer these countries in a manner that presented them as saviors. I have said before and I will say again..with VERY FEW exceptions…NO ONE outside your country will care more for you and your nation than you will! The struggle will be hard but it will be worth it as it will be YOUR success, YOUR goals, YOUR gains, YOUR home!

Let me ask you a simple question…..what are your priorities and how do they stack up? For most people it starts with home and family and works out from there….that is true pretty much everywhere and with everyone. So if that is the case, please tell me why you would EVER believe that some politician in Brussels would put your little country first????

Syriza made recent history with their almost majority win and is a very logical reaction to the over-bearing strong arm tactics of the EU and IMF in the attempt to destroy Greece to such a degree as for her to not be able to recover in the foreseeable future. And Syriza’s decision to try to work a coalition with just Independent Greeks, whom won 13 seats would make their ability to move forward possible.

The reaction from Brussels is typical and focuses on the money only; “Grexit is unthinkable,” said a second senior Brussels policymaker involved in the negotiations. “It would be extremely bad. Europe is about irreversibility. If you start doubting that, you start pricing in the risk of fragmentation and soon you have no monetary union.…” Think really hard about the part in bold….”Europe is about irreversibility” it sounds more like getting your beat down into a street gang….the only way out is by dying!!! And Brussels treatment of Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and others is very reminiscent of mafia intimidation.

There is hope that change is afoot…This is not a knee-jerk reaction, “It is, instead, testimony to three things: the strategic crisis of the eurozone, the determination of the Greek elite to cling to systemic corruption, and a new way of thinking among the young.” The first 2 of these reasons are intrinsically entwined. It is the systemic corruption of the oligarchs and their misuse of the duties placed on them by the public that have created an unsolvable problem with them, but hope without them.

In that hope has sprung up Solidarity for All, a movement that encompasses many ways that average, everyday Greeks are doing their best to help their country, from free clinics to legal aid to kitchen distribution centers and they are making a difference that others should take notice of…“almost a different sense of what politics should be – a politics from the bottom up, that starts with real people’s needs.” The basis for what REAL politics should be, the taking care of the community as a whole; not the taking from the community what you can and claim you deserve!

There are no better closing words than those of  Theano Fotiou, “The only real way out of this crisis is people doing it for themselves,” she said. “If people don’t participate, we will be lost as a country.”

Listen to her, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal….

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Euro Illusion

euros scattered
The EU is stating that Greece will need another bailout; this would be the third one for the country since its fall into the Euro Economic Chasm. If the amount of debt that Greece has occurred were limited to its current total of 350 Billion Euros it would take Greece about 175 years to climb out of debt. Of course, this would only be possible if not only does Greece not incur one more Euro of debt but also actually creates from today a sustainable national income that includes a surplus of an average of 3 Billion Euros per annum. These figures are simple and basic, they do not include interest or penalties or fees or other charges; but the simple numbers are enough to show the real horror that is the Euro Zone.
This is just another example of the EU not being the best thing in Europe. It is another argument against the Euro Zone and the EU in general. The EU was a very clever shift from military to political and economic dominance of smaller and weaker countries within the continent. This can be seen from Hungry to Cyprus, and Greece to Portugal. What the ‘big boys’ did not think about was how much it would cost them to have such dominance.
They are dragging their own economies down with them. Of course in reality most of the economies of the world are not real economies. These economies are illusions based on credit, which is based on debt. This means that all the “wealth” does not actually exist. The reserves are printing money that is backed by the debt of the public and the governments in banks that are listing profits that are based on the future payments of the same debts.
To put this in simple terms for the visualization of this set up look at the following example. In previous centuries, prior to the 20th, governments were expected to have gold bullion to back up their economies and banks were limited in the amount of their deposits that they could lend out. This restriction was to protect the customers, insuring that the banks would always have sufficient funds on hand to be able to meet the majority demands of the depositors. With the removal of the gold bullion backing of government, the money of almost all countries is literally not worth the cost and supplies of printing it, or simply put…not worth the paper it is printed on. As for the banks, they are now allowed to use a majority of their deposits for loans. In this set up if even a small percentage, as little as 10% in some cases, of depositors were to seek to remove their deposits it would destabilize the enterprise and have a ripple effect on the local economy, thus creating waves in the larger economy.
There are now calls for the removal of the Euro and for countries to go back to their original currencies. The reasoning for this is that there are not true standards that encompass all of the members of the Euro Zone, Cyprus isn’t as stable as France and Germany is more solvent than Spain and most of the little countries are drowning. The ironic thing is that little and not so little countries are still standing in line to jump off the cliff into EU purgatory.
Photo via: CNBC.com