Saying It’s Over, Doesn’t Make It So

A few days ago, the UNHCR recommended without much consultation of those being affected, to remove the refugee status of those persons that fled what is now present day Croatia. One of the arguments that the UNHCR used to justify their decision was the inclusion of Croatia in the EU. If joining a club makes you a different country, why wasn’t joining the UN good enough?
The ‘steps’ that one has to go through to ‘be good enough’ to join the EU, have nothing to do with improving the real situation within the borders of said country, they are more an act of obedience. How willing are the new kids to follow orders and conform to the will of the Big Boys. The reality of the EU is not peaceful co-existence, it is economic, political and social control. Make no mistake, any country that has to answer to the demands, even if they are labeled as policies and laws, of another country or governing body down to the daily running of their affairs is neither free nor independent. The con of economic development and aid is not to improve the receiving country, it is instead to insure the conformity of the state to the oppressors. One need only look at Greece, whom ONLY if their economy was healed overnight, will be in-debt to the EU and IMF for the next 150 years. If you consider that 30 years is a generation, the current population of Greece has sold the next 5 generations of its citizens into servitude of EU, without any hope of enjoying the sense of self-worth that sovereignty allows. The situation in Greece is a prime example of how being a member of the EU does not denote that a country is of such quality as to make it a prosperous entity as opposed to being somewhere in the act of rebuilding from destruction or war, as the case in Croatia.
The prime example that Croatia is at most in healing stage and not healed is the anti-Serb actions of persons in Croatia that has continued since the end of the war. Last fall the signs that were in both Latin and Cyrillic script, Cyrillic being the script used most by Serbs were ripped down and or destroyed and now persons using social media are calling for boycotts of businesses and products that are owned and produced by Serbs. This is not the behavior of a compliant people, but Germany and France are not worried they will place more economic burden on the state to bring it into line, of course it will be called loans and economic boost as well as outside investment contingent on demanded behavior. This behavior is not as reprehensible to members of the EU as it is to the persons that have to live with the day to day violence. It is to the advantage of big government to have the little people fighting each other, instead of uniting and keeping government in check.

Croatia in the EU Gives Serbia New Opportunities; But will they take them….

Trade_organizations_in_Europe_by_GDPCroatia has now officially become part of the EU. It would appear that no one in Croatia has been following the plight of current EU members such as Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Portugal. It is amazing that anyone would want to become part of the EU, or that it can still successfully sell itself on an image without substance. Joining the EU is played as getting invited to sit at the lunch table with the cool, rich kids. But just like in school, the image that some of those “really cool kids with their perfect lives” portray is not the reality of their homes. They drive their fancy sports cars and wear designer clothes and take holidays to all the cool spots…. but what you don’t see being on the outside looking in, most of the time, is that it is all on credit, it is all on borrowed ideas or promised future successes; it is all debt and sold souls.
Sure at one time in the past, there were countries in the EU that were full of prosperity and opportunity and were built on strong and solid foundations with vision and innovation. The problem is that those blessed countries got greedy. They wanted more and more and expected even more. Their greed consumed them, they became so caught up in having more and spending more and shining more than the guy next door that they lost sight of morals and values and honor and integrity and even of the law itself. Avoiding the guilt of the law was easy….just change the law, write the regulations so that they are so lengthy and complex that even most experts cannot understand them or know when they are being violated or not. And then the wheeling and dealing and back door agreements started hiding the cracks in the foundation; once they succeeded in hiding the first crack they decided that it was easier to just hide the real problems than you actually rebuild the foundation and make the house stronger. And now the castles of the past have been replaced with a house of cards. They are like movie sets pretty fronts with nothing holding them up.
Joining the EU is, as we have already stated, willing giving up your independence and sovereignty. You are compelled to conduct your affairs in accordance with the laws and regulations of the EU. Joining the EU today is like pledging the most popular fraternity on campus. You go through all the kissing ass and jumping through hoops just to be considered a pledge then you need to go through the hazing the purpose of which is to convince you that you are really joining a brotherhood, a group that is as strong as family. If you survive then you are called a brother, but you are more like a permanent guest as the leaders are already in place and during the hazing you have been taught your place, at the bottom of the barrel.
But specifically as it relates to Croatia and Serbia; the export/customs expenses has hurt Croatia and can help Serbia increase exports to areas that Croatian products are now going to more than double in cost. Serbia will lose some of its sugar exports since there is a total export limit to EU, however with the new markets of CEFTA members the loss of the sugar export to Croatia should not be significant. And the new market areas that Serbia can exploit within CEFTA should help with the economies of all concerned.
This opportunity is one of the ones that is available solely because Serbia is NOT an EU member. Which brings up another negative of joining the EU and that is the limits placed on the country in creating opportunities that benefit one’s own people. That is again returning to the basic principle that you are not allowed to benefit your own without approval of the EU, which is not inclined to think of your best interests but of their own. This actually keeps innovation and competition contained and limited and owned. The EU is a pretty form of imperialism which is the destruction of capitalism and innovation and limits the advancement of individuals and nature.
Let’s hope that Serbia realizes the opportunity that is now her’s and that she embraces the path that will lead to health and prosperity and innovation to the benefit of ALL Serbs!!!