Saying It’s Over, Doesn’t Make It So

A few days ago, the UNHCR recommended without much consultation of those being affected, to remove the refugee status of those persons that fled what is now present day Croatia. One of the arguments that the UNHCR used to justify their decision was the inclusion of Croatia in the EU. If joining a club makes you a different country, why wasn’t joining the UN good enough?

Croatia in the EU Gives Serbia New Opportunities; But will they take them….

Croatia has now officially become part of the EU. It would appear that no one in Croatia has been following the plight of current EU members such as Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Portugal. It is amazing that anyone would want to become part of the EU, or that it can still successfully sell itself on an image without substance. Joining the EU is played as getting invited to sit at the lunch table with the cool, rich kids. But just like in school, the image that some of those “really cool kids with their perfect lives” portray is not the reality of their homes. They drive their fancy sports cars and wear designer clothes and take holidays to all the cool spots…. but what you don’t see being on the outside looking in, most of the time, is that it is all on credit, it is all on borrowed ideas or promised future successes; it is all debt and sold souls.