Beyond Apathetic Disillusionment


For well over 15 years, maybe even my whole adult voting life, I have been completely disillusioned with both political parties and even the minor parties seemed for the most part to be complete extremes of some thought or whim or another. Who was an intelligent, logical, rational person supposed to vote for? On top of that I was a confused mix of my own intelligence and the values instilled in me in my childhood. Maybe, more so than most regular, normal, girl or boy next door kids, I became a very eclectic mix of the conservative military values I was surrounded by and the over driven push for knowledge. Thus I have some very ‘Republican’ ideals and some very ‘Democratic’ ideals as well, but mostly I have ideals that are VERY unRepublician and unDemocratic.

First and foremost, I believe in the Constitution in it’s truest form. Unfortunately, between the Republicans wanting to infringe on freedom of religion and speech and the Democrats wanting to infringe on the right to bear arms and both parties wanting to strip away the rest of the 1st Amendment protections for press and assembly and protest, as well as taking away most protections found in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Amendments under the guise of national security within the intentionally very vaguely worded Patriot Act and NDAA, it makes both parties completely un-American.

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In keeping with the Constitution and the intentions of the founding fathers, the Constitution was written to keep government limited and as close to the people as possible, thus the emphasis on states’ rights. Yet, states are constantly being given mandates from the federal government about what they can and cannot do and what laws they can and cannot pass. All of this violates the intent and spirit and even letter of the law of the Constitution, however, being that the Supreme Court is political due to the rise of political parties, the Court no longer uses the Constitution as its measure, but merely as its means if it happens to benefit them or as a door mat if it does not. Neither party has any desire to have a limited government, their only differences are the areas of government that they want to be the largest. Republicans want the military/police arms of the government to increase in size; whereas the Democrats want the social/welfare arms to be the largest.

Political parties create division and prevent unity. The first elections were ‘independent’ men running ‘singularly’. Our Presidents and Vice Presidents were determined by the 1st and 2nd place finishes of candidates in the election, supposing that one had the majority of the vote. Sometimes you had 2 men that were from different political thoughts, but they worked together, they compromised, and came together for the good of the nation. These are things that do not happen today, politicians do not come together for the good of the nation, only for the good of their wallets.

TeaParty Protest via Wikipedia
Taxpayer Protest via wikipedia

As an American and a voter, there are a couple things that I would like to see happen in the electoral system; first, I think that any candidate should have to have a clear majority of the popular vote, so over 55%, not just of those that got out and voted but of the whole voting population, and to encourage ALL voters to get out and vote, give them a NO vote, which says that they do not accept any of the candidates: second, either do completely away with political parties, or make them ‘equal’ in how they nominate candidates, another words you have candidates that do not even get a simple majority of the voters that voted in a state primary instead of only receiving their percentage of delegates they get all of them, and the Super-Delegates need to be completely done away with, that completely usurps the democracy of the primary process. Another change that needs to be made, the Electoral College needs to do their voting in public, it needs to be a televised event so that voters truly understand their input and limits of their wishes when it comes to deciding who runs this country.

Monday morning quarterbacking will not change anything. Working with your own little click will not change things. Attacking each other will not change things. All the splinter groups need to work together on their common interests! There are members of all sides that want the same changes, maybe not for the same reason, but that can be handled later. Look for reasons to work together and make the common changes! Start with the local levels and state levels first! If petitions were successful in three-quarters of the states for say term limits for Congress then Washington would see that an Amendment by the people would be possible. The voting public needs to come together for EVERYONE’S right to vote and be fairly governed.


There are a lot of skeptics out there that are saying Freedom of Speech is being too simple in the Charlie Hebdo attacks…..I disagree!

BF-Freedom Of SpeechFreedom of Speech is the basis of the story! There are people that say Freedom of Speech does not give you the right to insult people or say things of ‘hate’! I say, who decides what is insulting or hateful? Censorship by ANY outside force is destructive and NEVER the enlightened or intelligent or real way to handle discourse that is uncomfortable.
If you think it is black and white to determine what can be said and what can’t be said…..If you think that insulting and hateful are easily defined terms that ‘any fool should know‘ by your own arrogance you have violated your own black and white rule!!!


We have seen these hashtag wars in social media about ‘black lives matter’, ‘blue lives matter’, ‘je suis charlie’ ….. every group wants their group to matter more, but you are missing the HUGE picture!!!
We are all people…we all matter!

Coercion is not conversion!!! (Anyone know whom spoke that truth???)

And it is true….you cannot force a person to feel or believe or want or think something ….. and forcing them to be silent for fear of violence against them is not being civilized or responsible or multi-cultural…..that is being immature and ignorant and hateful and rude and a bully!!!!

1395569779536050926We have become a world filled with over grown toddlers in constant temper-tantrum mode cause the whole world isn’t meeting all our demands instantly!!! GROW UP!!!
If you do not like how a country exists…then do not go to that country….there are plenty of countries in the world that function from absolutely NO freedoms to having immense freedom and everything in between….you do not want freedom then move to a country that does not allow freedom. It really isn’t that hard to figure out!

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Charlie Hebdo victims

If you do not like what someone says then do not listen to them. If you do not like what someone writes then do not read their work. If you do not like the art that someone creates then do not purchase it. If you do not like what is being said or shown on TV then change the channel or better yet turn it off. In general, in the world you are not forced to listen to what someone says so why think you have the right to force them to speak only what you want to hear?
What makes you more valuable than the other person?
What makes your life matter more than mine?
What makes your feelings more significant than a stranger?
What makes your thoughts more right than the hater?
What makes your opinions better than the poor man’s?
What makes you anything that elevates you above anyone else?

NOTHING!!!! You are not better than anyone else, so stop trying to pretend you are cause you are missing something inside that no amount of will bending in others will fulfill.

Yes, most of us are broken as humans! We see everything that someone says or does as some attack on us and we get mad and upset. We have no real faith in anything that keeps up grounded or humane. We see others only in what have they, what they are or what might they do for me; or I better get them before they get me. We have lost our sense of connection. There is nothing more lonely than feeling alone surrounded by a million people……except for when those million people are your ‘friends and family’.
Why do we feel so alone? Cause we have lost the connection. We no longer value lasting relationships. We no longer value the character of an individual. When we ‘judge’ someone we do not ask about their honor or heart or mind…..we ask about their income, their ‘schooling’, their house, their car, their things.
But a million dollars does not buy kindness. A Ph.D. does not ensure understanding. A mansion isn’t built with compassion. A Ferrari does not purr mercy. And things do not provide love!!

BeFunky_saudi-blogger.jpgIf you want less hate and more understanding…then stop forcing others to do what you want and start listening to them with understanding and compassion. If you want people to stop insulting and hating then speak with kindness and intelligence. If you want less violence and pain then show more mercy and patience.

It isn’t Freedom of Speech that is broken….it is the people speaking and no law can force morals, compassion, understanding or intelligence into them. And NO ONE deserves to die for words!!!

imprisoned journalists
Al Jezeera Journalists held in Egypt

The example of people that have been jailed, punished, tortured, and killed for exercising their basic right of Free Speech can go on and on….
how does this make us civilized that we are so barbaric that we are afraid of words!!!!

We must protect EVERYONE’S right to speak without fear of violence or criminal action!



Playing With Words To Strip Rights

Retired Justice Stevens is speaking up against the Right to Bear Arms. He is making his case sound rational and logical and uber-civilized by manipulating the spirit of the words within the 2nd Amendment. The words that he is focusing on are “well regulated militia” and he would also add more limitations to the Amendment, thus making it UNCONSTITUTIONAL in application. It is very apparent that Justice Stevens is either very idealistic and liberal in his point of view or is a complete tool for oppressive government. Which, matters not, as both are detrimental to individual rights of ALL citizens.
The basic premise, intended or not, by the retired Justice is that only persons that are loyal to the government and labeled as militia by the government (so basically each states’ National Guard) would be allowed to have weapons ONLY when performing their tasks as militia of the government. So Justice Stevens’ new 2nd Amendment would read:


While his proposal might sound perfectly civilized and acceptable to most upper-middle class suburbia, it is nailing shut the coffin lid on individual rights and freedom. Justice Stevens, effectively removes all ability of the citizenry to protect themselves from an oppressive government. I guess Justice Stevens has so focused on the Amendments that he has forgotten why the Bill of Rights were included in the Constitution from the start and were expected to be left completely and unequivocally intact.

If the Colonists had no weapons then we would still be declaring loyalty to the Queen and paying tithe to the Church of England. And that makes the death of EVERY Patriot from the Revolution to WWII in vain. And endangers ALL our individual rights. Think I am wrong; ask any dissident from the Soviet Block, better yet, ask anyone that has fled China, Cuba. The Soviet Union had a Constitution that on paper put the US one to shame, yet cause the public was unarmed and thus was NO threat to the government, big government I might add, it was just words on paper.
If you think that that could NEVER happen here, you are one of the ones that is supporting the gradual oppression of yourself and everyone else. Think about the logic, you fear criminals cause they are bad people and armed, yet you support the Government, that is run by less than honorable people who are armed. You have not really thought your logic and reasoning through.
Our Bill of Rights are a GIFT from our forefathers. And throwing it away for non-sense is throwing away everything that our forefathers sacrificed for us in hopes to ensure that we would never have to repeat their actions. Throw away our rights and you are setting us up to repeat history. Hence the basis for the saying; Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it!

The Only Guarantee of Freedom

 During the 18th Century, the British Colonies in America found themselves feeling more and more oppressed by a government that not only was not listening to them, but was so removed from them that they had no idea about the lives or issues facing the daily lives of the colonists. Ironically, most of the leaders of the Revolution were originally willing to remain British, if only their country would treat them properly. The first attempts to bring about change between the Acts coming out of Parliament and the quality of life of the colonists was in the form of editorials and pamphlets or the use of free speech and freedom of the press. When that brought no relief then the colonists sent envoys to plead their case in person in front of Parliament and the King. Benjamin Franklin was one such envoy and was actually initially a very loyal subject of the crown; that was until he was shown first hand exactly how poorly the Crown looked down on His subjects from ‘across the pond’. It was after this experience that Mr. Franklin returned to the Colonies to sadly state that there would be no comfort found under the rule of the Crown. Thus, the Revolution became necessary.
After with the founding of our free republic our forefathers wrote one of the greatest living documents ever. The whole point of the document was for it to be adaptable to the needs, not of the government, but the people. To insure the eternal freedom, or so the founding fathers thought, of the people of the United States, the Constitution included 10 Amendments, commonly known as the Bill of Rights. The rights include the most sacred and necessary rights for the people to be able to keep the government in check.

Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

 The current government would tell you that an individual’s right to bear arms is limited to the purpose of the sport of hunting or sport target shooting and at the pleasure of the government. However, one needs only read the first 13 words of the Second Amendment to see that any limitation of any person of the United States to own any arms is a direct violation of the Constitution. The purpose of the Second Amendment clearly states, that our founding fathers understood that the public needed to be equally armed with the government so that it was the government that feared the people not the people who fear their government. An armed population is the ONLY guarantee of a free state. Any state that removes the right and means by which the population is to be equally armed with the government is a questionably oppressive government.

Learn Your Constitution; It Was Written For YOU!

US ConstitutionIt seems that most Americans have no clue about the words or the meaning contained in the Constitution. It is that ignorance that has allowed greedy, immoral, selfish politicians to usurp our freedoms and line their pockets with our tax dollars while not actually performing the duties set out for them in the Articles of the Constitution. The Constitution states that the federal government is supposed to be limited and that it is to be a body of the people, by the people and for the people.
There were very good reasons behind setting up a government around the population. The first was to eliminate a disconnected ruling class from the masses, this is done with the words “of the people”; all people are to be involved in government, it is EVERY citizen’s duty and obligation to be informed and to participate in government. The next reason was to ensure that government worked for the good of the individual, “for the people”; government is not to oppress or dictate, nor is government to infringe on the rights of the states or the individual, government it to be limited to only those duties that are required to ensure a secure nation, not personal security, that is the responsibility of the individual. The last part is that ALL power, ALL approval in the actions of the government rests in the authority given to the government “by the people”; we are the people, we have the right, the responsibility and the duty to keep the government in check.
WE THE PEOPLE are the counter balance to the tyranny of government. Power more often than not corrupts those who gain it. Our founding fathers knew this, they threw off the chains of a government that was tyrannical and oppressive and out of touch with the colonists. The Revolutionists did not wage a war at the drop of a hat, they voiced their opinions, the sent envoys to speak on their behalf before Parliament and the King. The took all forms of peaceful means to avoid war. In the end they faced 2 choices, to be treated as less than they were or to revolt and gain independence that ensured that each man would be treated as they should.
Those men believed that each man had the right to live free and to achieve their full potential without being burdened or oppressed by the government. They had more faith in the individual as the strongest link in the chain of the collective. They knew that men by nature are selfish and will protect what is theirs, so they created a government to give the means to always have something worth protecting and fighting for if the need arose. It is this environment of opportunity created by the founding fathers that became known as the American Dream. The belief that anyone no matter how they began life or who they were yesterday had the same chance to follow and fulfill their dreams as every other person without discrimination or limitations.
And it is this very thing that is at risk of extinction right now with the current administration. It is not the sole fault of the current administration, this has been a slow progression that began with the New Deal, but this current administration has done the most damage to the individual and his freedoms and has been the most oppressive and divisive of any previous administration. It has been the liberal/democrat mentality to enslave the masses, especially the poor or under educated in order to maintain control. It is time that those individuals that believe that liberal/democrat politicians have their best interest at heart to open their eyes to the reality that their true intent is to keep them oppressed and poor and uneducated so that they can maintain control. They do not believe that the “poor huddled masses” can think for themselves or make good choices either. They have taken it upon themselves to create a government that will do the thinking for the poor and “take care” of them. But they are the real reason that the poor and disenfranchised stays poor and disenfranchised.
If you are not one of the “poor huddled masses” you might think this doesn’t concern me, but it does. The Constitution states that our duty as citizens is not just our for ourselves, it is our duty to make sure the government does not infringe or diminish the rights of anyone. Do not wait until it is your rights that are being trampled on to care.