Looters And Rioters Hurt Not Help

I really didn’t want to cover the Ferguson issue anymore, cause I think that over coverage of the incident is causing the problems and not helping anyone or anything. This is a sad story, in so much as outsiders have incited violence for a community that needs peace.

Ferguson Burning via nbcnews

The MSM is as much to blame for the violence in Ferguson as the looters are. The media has done a piss poor job, as is their norm, of covering the WHOLE story. They also have covered only the emotions and ignored the totality of the facts. Thus, they have led the public into believing a version of the ‘truth’ that is not complete or accurate. Let’s face it, the facts would not have made for better ratings than the emotions and stirring up the emotions also provided the media with more ‘sustunance’ for their continued ratings battles. If you think the media is looking out for you, you are wrong. If you think the media only prints the truth, you are wrong. If you think the media is unbiased, you are wrong. Media is a business……a HUGE business! So huge in fact that only 6 companies control over 90% of all media in the US and most of those 6 corporations control media internationally, as well.

I have had international friends tell me how dangerous it is to be a journalist in certain countries around the world. They repeat stories of death threats and violent intimidation of reporters for certain stories that they try to publish. They get visits from ‘men in black’ telling them kill the story or it will kill you. Most of them think that it is different here in the States, but I tell them, there isn’t freedom of the press here either. We just censor it differently. Reporters get hired for their point of view. Reporters have their jobs and reputations threatened by their own bosses. Reporters have accidents. Reporters get slandered publicly. Reporters get black-balled in the business. Don’t believe….ask Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, whom lost his job at MSNBC (which was one of their highest ratings show) cause he didn’t stick to their point of view, if the facts differed.

Brown and Wilson via yahoo news

But back to the point, here is the bottom line for Ferguson……
The Grand Jury, which is not the District Attorney and his buddies, but a panel of regular people, just like the trail jury would be, refused to indite Officer Wilson. Think of the Grand Jury as a test run for a trail. What people seem to miss is that it is the burden of the State to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed; in all actuality in our system the defendant does not even have to defend themselves, the whole burden is on the State. When a Grand Jury is convened, it is presented with ALL the evidence that the State would present in the regular trail, witnesses are called to present their statements. Two things that the Grand Jury have that regular trials do not is that their proceedings are conducted in private and the panel are allowed to ask questions so that they can make the best decision.
The members of the Grand Jury along with being regular people were also local people, this means that they, unlike the media and probably the instigators of the looters, had a vested interest in doing what they thought was the right thing.
Looting and rioting did not and will not bring back Michael Brown. The violence will not heal the community. The damage done does not benefit the community. The businesses that were destroyed by the thuggish, immature behavior of the rioters will not improve community relations, it will not entice business owners to move into the community, it will not justify young people that ‘want a better life’ to stay in the community, it does not change the make up of the police force.

Deandre Joshua

Guardian article stated that the decision not to indite Officer Wilson made a public statement that black lives do not matter. I would counter that comment with this….. The looters and rioters made a public statement that black property and black lives do not matter! Everyone is screaming about ‘justice’ for Michael Brown, when what they really mean is revenge. Yet, where is the anger and outrage about Deandre Joshua who was murdered during the riots. Could it be that there is no outrage cause this is likely one black man killed by one or more other black men so the community sees no need for outrage about ALL violence in their community or about their ‘outrage’ over one young black man causing the death of another young black man? Which life mattered more? Michael Brown’s or Deandre Joshua’s? Why is there no outrage and protests about all the gang related shootings in Chicago this year? It is like offensive words….either you are offended or you are not, you can not be offended some of the time and expect people to believe or understand your upset. Only getting angry over some violence is not supporting a cause. Only getting angry over certain cases is not supporting change. Only getting angry does not help improve the situation.

Community Organizers; Lions In Sheep’s Clothing

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It would be more accurate to state that they are lions in lions’ clothing pretending to love sheep! Why? Cause these ‘super’ people come into communities that are in some way victimized and preach of what should be better and what should exist; yet, in general the most that they do is just that preach! Their true intent, the more I read or listen or look or find, seems to be to create anger and hate and even violence. Those emotions are destructive not constructive and as such their acts are also destructive in the long run.

Now before you get too upset with me, know this….I am all for protesting, free-speech, even revolution and I am not for conforming just for the sake of conformity, security over freedom, or the right of authority without consequence!
NO government and certainly NO ONE is above the law and immoral and unjust laws need to be removed from the books! (but that is for another time)

Abby Sewell (February 27, 2011) Los Angeles Times.

Back on track; you may ask yourself how can she say that? These people do things to make the world a better place and that is a good thing. Well, let’s just see how I drew my conclusions. The primary handbook that is used by community organizers from Obama to the Tea Party is Rules of Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. It instructs these leaders to ‘rub raw’ the injustices and hardships of the people they are organizing; basically to whip them up into an angry mob mentality in order that they raise loud angry voices to speak out ‘for themselves’. This is the primary goal of the community organizer, to get all the ‘victims’ to scream and yell and be angry!

While I will agree that there are times when you have to yell and scream and even get mad, that should not be your first means of improving society and it should not be your primary means of improving society. That anger that will lead to violent riots instead of powerful peaceful protests should be considered the community’s ‘means of war’ and as with ALL diplomatic relations, war should be the absolute last option chosen to resolve an issue and only used when all other means of resolution have failed completely and it is a matter of life and death.

Being community organizer is one of those ‘titles’ that sounds all intellectual and enlightened and compassionate until you really examine it. First off, it implies that you are from the community, yet Obama was not from Chicago, he moved there cause he landed the job as ‘community organizer’, he was, as most are, an outsider. Now, for the record, being an outsider does not mean you cannot care about a community, but most people will agree that few care as much about a community as the people who live there and have always lived there. While I have given him due credit for his rhetoric for years, that does not truly make someone a whole or real person and since that is his only talent that I have seen thus far, it actually supports the fact that Obama is a shell of a man, without integrity, honor, valor, or courage and thus without character. Sadly, he is likable to most people. That said, being likable does not make you good or right. Many criminals on all levels are very likable people, they have families and friends and loads of people that would speak of how likable they are, yet, they still lie, steal, cheat, kill, destroy the very things that they claim to hold so dear.

The next thought one believes about the community organizer is that they want to help build a stronger community. This aspect is a little harder to examine, it takes the perception that is in rare use today; that is in using the community to create and build their own ‘better world’ on their own, using their own talents and skills. What the community organizer does is little things that give the appearance of helping, like organizing letter writing campaign to get street lights replaced. Offering buses to local school board meetings or commissioner meetings, not for building and creating working relations but to have you show your anger! Getting out the vote, but telling you which candidate you should vote for!

food for the hood
Food For The Hood via www.abqjournal.com

What really makes a community stronger is developing not only your local talents and treasures, but in thus doing so encouraging those that would leave to stay, by giving them a reason. For example: the schools are not giving your kids the best education; sure going to board meetings and PTAs and the like and voicing your thoughts and concerns are good, but put more energy into fixing the problem yourself. Even if you have to do it yourself, in your own home, set up group homework meetings where kids are encouraged and supported to do their homework and have members of the community facilitate these meetings, don’t worry about how smart you are or aren’t, you will be surprised at how the kids can help and tutor each other. As a community ‘reward’ the kids for their work and dedication, it can be as simple as making little ribbons for good report cards or giving out goodie bags for perfect attendance. If the school won’t work with you, do these things in someone’s home or a local church or rec center. Have community clean up days…..EVERYONE get out and pick up trash or pitch in and help paint a senior’s home. Create a list of the shut ins and single moms and at risk kids; find out what they need, meals cook, rides to health appointments, walking kids to and from school and as a whole community help each other out, improve the quality of life for the WHOLE community. The best you will get from a ‘community organizer’ like Obama is the success of government ‘throwing more money’ at a problem, but EVERYONE knows that by the time that it travels all the way down to the community, there is nothing or very little left.

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If you did not know what illusions are created by community organizers, all you have to do is look at Obama’s time in politics. He does not roll up his sleeves and get his own hands dirty. His concept of compromise is to stir up anger and make threats, tactics learned in the pages of Saul Alinsky’s book. If you are such a blind Obama supporter that you can find no fault in his performance, then look at the members of Congress that belong to the Tea Party, judge them, for they follow the same play book that Obama does.

You wonder why we cannot get passed grid lock in DC, we have two opposing sides that both have learned to use anger and division and ‘war’ to get things accomplished and those in the middle have no strength of leadership to put the two spoiled toddlers in time out and move forward. That is cause grid lock serves the whole very well. They do not have to admit to bad votes or no progress and each side has a villain to blame without consequence.


Military Police State Murders Communities

ferguson-missouri-9-via businessinsider
via businessinsider.com

It is an oxymoron to use the term Militarized Police! The military is to defend the citizens of the nation and the borders of the nation from organized, armed aggression on the level of some entity that has organized command structure and is probably supported in part or whole by an outside body. The military is to be the defense of the citizens against even its own national level government if need be.
On the other hand the police are to keep the peace in the communities that they serve. That is why they were called peace officers originally. They were to be men that were deemed fair and just and honorable. They were trusted by the persons of a specific location to protect the persons, property and interests of that community. They were to ensure that the spirit of the law was applied appropriately in all instances. They were the first contact with the justice system and it was intended that in most cases they be the only contact one had.

Seeing on TV the ‘old’ shows where peace officers did a lot of just talking to parties involved in a situation and then sending them on their separate ways was not just for TV it reflected the reality of life in that period. Yes, those same ‘old’ TV shows would also show the peace officers ready to use force in extreme situations, but never as a first response. When they approached an incident they seemed to assess it and enter with confidence but not arrogance. They spoke with those involved with a calm authoritative tone but not barking orders and yelling. Their job was keeping the peace and they knew it and valued it. Most importantly they were men of and from and in the community.

How can you be a truly effective and trusted peace officer of a people that you do not respect enough to be a member of their community. When you drive two or more towns/cities away for your ‘job’ as a peace officer and spend your shift trying to keep peace with people that do not know you, so they cannot respect you cause you are truly not part of their community, it does not matter how well intended your motives are you will fail more often than you will succeed. This is a primary reason that elected officials have to reside in the community/district that they represent the conclusion being that it is their community too and they will do what is best for THEIR community. It should be a more obvious need when it comes to those public servants, peace officers and teachers that have a more direct impact on the daily health of a community. When this is not the case as with most communities in this nation, especially poorer ones, there is a division. Those public servants are seen as outsiders not as part of the community. Thus to increase your success rate you have to go from being a peace officer helping the community live in the spirit of the law to being a police officer enforcing the letter of the law!

That truth was evident during the unrest in Ferguson last week. When the overwhelmed, police officers of the Ferguson Police Force tried to handle the situation they had no option, in their mind for success, other than to make sure their understanding of the letter of the law be enforced strictly and swiftly. That led to even more unrest, however, when the State Troopers were brought in under the command of a man whom had grown up in the community there was less unrest. That fact was cause the members of the community could look at that Officer and say he is one of us, he is from here, he knows and understands us.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls via concord monitor
via Concord Monitor

But there is more to it than simply having the peace officers of a community be from the community. That is a huge start though. Next, it is important for the community to be proactive in being part of the spirit of the law of the community as well. The health of a community depends on ALL members of the community participating in all the activities of the community. The healthiest communities are the ones where there is NO them and us, but EVERYONE is US! The members of the community have to engage the public servants as well, not violently or only when something happens, but every day. If you have a concern about something on your block stop the patrol officer and talk to him about it, learn what they can and can’t do about it, ask how can WE fix it. Go into the schools and ask how you can help. Say hello to your neighbors. Speak to the shop keepers. Suggest ways that churches or sports teams or civic groups can assist those that can’t, for what ever reason, help themselves. Most important DO NOT be afraid to be the good example in your own neighborhood!

Violence for FUN

In the last week horrendous random violent crimes have made the news, one in which the suspects have stated that they shot a man “for fun” cause “they were bored.” It is the second part of the quote that I find the most telling. It is not a good thing for humans to be idle or bored. We are a curious and adventurous creature. We need to be challenged and encouraged to grow and develop. The acts of violence for reasons of “fun,” “boredom,” “just to see how it feels” are symptoms of a much more fatal issue within our society.
Instead of spending real time with our children and nurturing them in healthy and proper ways we are so consumed by our image to people who could care less about us that we pawn them off to family members or day cares or preschools so that we can make more money to buy more things. To show how much we ‘love’ our children we buy bigger houses so that there is enough room that we do not have to spend time together in the same room, we buy bigger cars so our children have their own speakers and video screens to keep them quiet while we run them from one event/activity to another for someone else to teach them, coach them, lead them; we buy them “things” so they can have the coolest toys or the latest phone or the newest fashions. We push our kids to do what will reflect best on us, to go to the schools that we think are right, to have the ‘dreams’ that we think are worthy, to get the ‘right’ job, to have right images presented to the rest of the world that reflect well on them and us. We do not brag about our children being honest or compassionate or honorable; instead we brag about the things they have and their job titles, whether they are any good at their job or not, it is the title that matters.
We have totally forgotten the nature of the child. We have totally forgotten what is true and real. We have totally lost our way. The child is not here for us, we are here for the child. The child is not for our benefit, we are for the benefit of the child. The child is not our fodder for our own greed and desire, we are here to feed the child’s needs and desires.
We have lost our focus as a society and that is our downfall, yet we seem too blind and too deaf to see our own peril. We are allowing our children to be sacrificed to the greed and oppression of immorality. We are limiting our own happiness and evolution. We are in fact willingly providing more ‘livestock’ for the benefit of the greed of the powerful.
We should instead be spending time with our children and encouraging them to explore and experience all things of interest to them. We should allow them to develop their own talents and desires. We should encourage them to dream and help them chase their dreams. We should teach them what real happiness is. Of course to be able to do that we have to learn ourselves what real happiness is. We have to realize that real happiness is not things it is time, it is not image it is heart, it is not money it is affection.
Our rise in violence is based on how hollow we have become as humans in our material world. If we really want to decrease our violence then we cannot blame things or place laws on things, we have to look inside ourselves. We have to ask, do I know my child, do I know the child next door, do I know the child down the street. What do I give to my community, what do I give to my family, what do I give to my friends, what do I give to strangers. The answer to these questions should be pieces of ourselves and not money or things.

We Don’t Like The Problem

hands on prison bars

So Instead Of Fixing It…… WE CRIMINALIZE IT!!

As a society we have totally lost our common sense. What do I mean? I mean that we no longer use logic, reason or common sense to improve our daily lives or to solve problems that we have created from our greed and selfishness. Our greed and selfishness has destroyed our since of community and responsibility to our fellow man.  We are much more concerned with taking from others before they take from us. We only care about winning and not how we play the game. Sportsmanship used to matter, it was much more honorable to lose gracefully and honorably (that means playing by the rules mattered) than to win cheating.
What we have missed is that sports used to teach us some good rules to live by; playing by the rules was for EVERYONE, being part of a team (community/society) means caring about others, winning by the rules was something to be proud of, team captains (leaders) were responsible for keeping the whole team moving in the same direction, practice makes for improvement (but it takes time), team meetings focused on identifying weaknesses and finding solutions. Now instead we only care about winning and then we pretend to be outraged when someone is caught cheating…..we aren’t mad they cheated we are mad they got caught, that means we have to momentarily see the truth. Good thing we have short memories else we might really dislike ourselves for the empty shells we have become.
Now how do we get from sports to crime….unfortunately there are lots of ways to do that…but this particular path is the short one; the one that is too impatient and detached to really invest time and effort into truly solving real problems. There are many examples of how this path actually increases the problems because the fastest solution is usually not just a bad solution but is such a bad problem that it increases the original problem by creating more problems.
We didn’t like children getting killed by drinking and driving, so instead of teaching children to be responsible for their actions and instead of looking at the real issue, that a majority of the incidents that were used to demand raising the legal drinking age were in fact not committed by teens partying on weekends, but by middle-aged drunks between morning and early afternoon during the week. We “solved” this by criminalizing the responsible drinking by legal adults that are still considered capable of choosing the leaders of the country as well as giving their life for the same country, instead of demanding stricter enforcement of laws already in place.
We didn’t like the terror acts committed on 9/11 so instead of admitting that it was the lazy and incompetent security workers in Bangor, Maine allowed the best opportunity for these attacks. So we initiated policy and practices that took away most of our freedoms while traveling, including how, when, and where we can travel. In this case not only have we not truly ever taken the time to understand the event or the circumstances that led to the event, we have American companies making their entire profits off of our “criminalizing” free travel in America.
unbalanced scales of justiceWe didn’t like the increase in violent crimes, so instead of truly looking at the failure of not only the justice and prison system but also the education system as well as government involvement in community “betterment”, we blamed “guns” and criminalized legal gun ownership. We miss the basic premise that it is most often “career criminals” that commit violent crimes and those persons do not tend to worry about laws or walk into legal venues for the purpose of purchasing firearms.
Now, we don’t like seeing homeless people on our streets or in our cities; so what have we done? We are criminalizing homelessness. This is just another example and maybe one of the most absurd that shows just how hollow we have become as a whole. We as a country expect EVERYONE to be successful by the standards of money and things; yet, we do not provide equal or every opportunity to ensure the mostly likely outcome. Of course the real reason that we do not is that government needs division to stay in power. The best way to stay in power is to make sure your enemies are divided.
We have no one to blame for our de-evolution except ourselves.