Facebook Drama … Censoring Who Not What

I went to check my profile before calling it a night….to find out that I had a post that had been removed for Nudity or Sexual content……What?!?! WTF?!?!?! I have not posted anything nude or sexual…..has FB done lost their mind completely….. So when I finally get to where I can see what post they are whining about…… Thank you National Geographic for getting me in the time out chair …… LOL

FB NatGeo Screenshot 1


And the screenshot below….. you can clearly see that National Geographic did not get the same treatment….

FB NatGeo Screenshot 2


Are “Illuminati” Conspiracy Theorists Crazy Wrong?

Alex Jones Tinfoil Hat
Alex Jones of InfoWars

Most of us laugh at the ‘crazies’ that are convinced that there is some secret group, usually the Illuminati, that really controls the world and not us or even our ‘democratically elected’ governments have any real power to do anything about it or to change how things are.

Now I am not one that believes in the Illuminati theory, however, I very much believe that corporations and those that run them, the CEOs and board members, do what they must and can do with whomever they need to to get what they want, usually more profit for the shareholders! I also think it is extremely naive to think that any national or international corporation cares about the consumer as a person or individual. The masses are nothing more than numbers on spreadsheets that are to be manipulated to decrease overhead and increase profits!

The paradox is that I am also an incredibly hopeful and optimistic and overly idealistic personality, usually much to the irritation of those closest to me. I am always wanting to make things better for everyone. I am always questioning everything. I am always concerned about the world in general and humanity in particular. So I would love to wake up one day and find out that Capitalism is a great economic model…..but that will never happen.

Capitalism is to communism as liberals are to conservatives! They are only different sides of the same coins! The difference between capitalism and communism can best be illustrated by comparing the power wielded by Wall Street, in the US and the Kremlin, in the Soviet Union. And socialism seems to most often end up being the worst of the two combined!

Deals That Made The World CoverI was recently sent an early release copy of a new book by Jacques Peretti titled The Deals That Made The Worldin which Peretti, lays out how greed and ambition carried out and negotiated in secret meetings and backroom deals has impacted our everyday lives and not for the better. At least not for the better of the regular guy just trying to get by or get ahead.

Peretti lays out the fake data, and fake science that corporate behemoths have used to decrease overhead and or increase profit, by selling a load of crap in fancy marketing! The opening volley exposes the Phoebus cartel’s two-pronged approach to increasing profits and maintaining their power and control. Not, only do they (the member corporations from the light bulb industry) agree to limit the life-span of their individual products, they also agree to work together to destroy any upstart business that would try to sell longer lasting light bulbs!

Before you go all, “I am a savvy consumer and only do business with ‘good business companies’,” keep in mind this book includes deals by Apple and Elon Musk. Not much surprise to most, I hope, is that the biggest players of “screwing over the public for profit” are the food and pharmaceutical companies! In addition, the reader is exposed to such maneuvers as the leveraging of political risk to produce profit in uncertainty to the tactics of how to take advantage of the widening inequality gap by Tobias Levkovich and Citibank.

This book was an unfortunate substantiation to some of my previous suppositions concerning corporate capitalism. The information put forward by Peretti furthers my belief that “too big to fail” is fiction, and most of them should be allowed to when they mismanage themselves into failure for the sake of higher profits. Peretti’s disclosures also further solidified my belief that the best economy for the masses is free markets with very limited regulations and no government rewards or benefits.

Regardless of your economic bent or your political disposition, this book is a must read for understanding the current wielding of power in the world and insight about where the world is headed if nothing changes.

*Copy Received For Review.

UPS Trumps NSA

What can BROWN do for you? 

We have all heard the slogan from the UPS ads trying to encourage us to use the shipping company for ALL our logistical needs. UPS seems to be the shipper of choice with most companies that have online services and thus have to deliver products nation wide or farther. As many others, I have had UPS knock on my door more times than I can count.

Ignored warnings:
A few years ago there was some bad press with statements and even videos about drivers with UPS (and FedX also) throwing packages over fences and other not so professional deliveries. It seemed that both companies cleaned up their act. That being said I can personally attest to the fact that customers are not their first priority, nor do they have 100% completion of their shipping promises. Couple Christmases ago we ordered a gift that we paid to be guaranteed delivered by Christmas Eve. The tracking site said that Christmas Eve morning the package was on the truck and ‘out for delivery’….. yet the delivery NEVER came on Christmas Eve, it did however come the day after. No apologies, no excuses, nothing on how it got put on the truck yet never delivered.

Present day……

I recently ordered some shipments from companies online, I was not given a choice about shipping company, so the orders were shipped UPS. At this point I had NO issues with that arrangement. However, my hours can be some what irregular, so I decided that I would take old advice from UPS from the holiday to have a “MyUPS” profile and then could schedule drop offs or electronically sign for deliveries and give permission for package drop off if I’m not home.

Sounds like a great idea, right???? I thought so too. So, when I saw that packages were on their way and scheduled to arrive when I wasn’t sure I would be home, I clicked to sign up for a profile. I provided my name and address and email and expected an email for verification. I got a ‘Welcome to MyUPS’ email but nothing about verifying my account, back to the site tab to see what it would say, it showed step 2, verification…cool, I’m almost set……WTF!!!!!

Complete and total shock!! Absolute disbelief!! How? Where? Are you kidding me?!?!?!

MyUPS verification is 3 ‘security’ questions, doesn’t sound that bad, does it, lots of sites let you chose security questions for verification if you lose your password, and on those sites you pick the questions and then TYPE in your answer. That is not how UPS works……

UPS has either compiled or paid for access to some database somewhere that claims to have information apparently on EVERY person in the USA! Comprehensive information, information that is vast and goes back decades into a person’s life. Information that you have NOT given to them or given them permission to maintain on you!

There is absolutely NO sense of morality or presence of anything resembling ethics in the Board Room of UPS. Without any regard to a persons right to privacy or welfare, UPS randomly and without any conscious of damage they might do to their customers violates individuals’ right to privacy by asking questions that names names of third persons that may or may not be related to you that you according to their data has or had some ‘relationship’ with you in the past.

Did their Legal Department even look at this policy/procedure before it was implemented? If their access and irresponsible use of basically what appears to be complete and comprehensive histories of every ‘American’, maybe even every person on the planet, or at least in EVERY country that UPS does business, isn’t illegal, it should be and at least is totally cruel and callous.

Let me give generic examples, ones that UPS’ Legal team should have presented from the start;

Question 1: In what state did you and XXXX XXXXX last reside together
you are then provided with multiple choice answers
Question 2: In what city did you and XXXX XXXXX (same name as question 1) last reside together
again you are provided with multiple choice answers
Question 3: In what month was ZZZZZ ZZZZZ born
yes, more multiple choice answers

Now those of you who have never had any bad experiences or relationships and are lucky enough to have had a fairy tale rainbow life might think so what is the big deal………

What if you were in the most perfect relationship and XXXXX was that person and some awful tragedy ended their life and you were devastated. You spent years in therapy and moved to a new place and have finally accepted the loss and moved forward……. Until you won’t be home to receive a delivery from UPS!
SLAM, UPS wants you to relieve that loss just to get your package!

What if you were in an abusive relationship and XXXXX was that abuser and now 10+ years later when you finally don’t wake up from nightmares, don’t jump every time the phone rings or someone knocks at the door and you feel like a normal regular person…….But you need to schedule a delivery!
NOPE, UPS has just thrown that nightmare right back in your face!

What if your uncle/aunt, who is ZZZZZ, was the person that raised you after your parents death and was the most dear person in your life and they died last year and you are still grieving and you need UPS to leave a box on the porch…..
ONLY IF, you tell UPS when their birthday is!

What if you were molested by a family member, someone you never had any legal or credit interactions with EVER and that is ZZZZZ? Where is UPS’ compassion that you spent years in therapy and moved 3000 miles away and started over again just to have them ask you when that jerk’s birthday is?
SORRY, NOT! UPS doesn’t care about that they have to verify for delivery!

ALL this just to know that package will be delivered between 2 and 5 instead of on Monday.
ALL this just to ask UPS to leave the package at the door.
ALL this to just electronically sign for a package.

And on top of the mental duress that UPS willingly and knowingly puts it customers under, their information in their data base is not 100% accurate, so if you actually ‘man-up’ to their abuse, your answer about where you lived last might not be their ‘right’ answer and then what? Does UPS expect you to strip your life history bare just to receive a box???
Yet, UPS lets anyone who answers the door at an address take a package and or sign whatever name for package, WITHOUT verification!!!

Suffice it to say, I will NEVER willingly do business with UPS ever again. I might also change which online businesses I conduct other business with if they cannot offer me other options rather than UPS. Don’t worry UPS, I will tell those companies that I drop that they were dropped cause they conduct business with YOU!

As of now, UPS is declared persona non grada in my business!

How to decide the value of a human life

There are numerous points of view that insist that the pharmaceutical companies creates more illness and disease than it cures or prevents. Well if we look at it logically, where is the profit or job security in preventing disease for the pharmacological industry. But this is not the only contributing factor to an increase in our diseased population. Pollution, industry, change in lifestyle all contribute to the decrease in our health and happiness.
One of the increases that we have seen in the news lately has been the practice of organ transplants, specifically in the case of children and teens.
Not long ago there were two cases where children age 12 or younger were allowed by court order to be placed on “adult” lists for transplants. The rule about having 2 lists for organ needs is logical and biologically necessary. Children are still growing and do not have the size, capacity or internal space to receive adult organs, as in reverse, adults require organs that have finished developing and growing and are capable of sustaining adult life. These guidelines are rational, logical, and medically relevant to the acceptance of the new organ in the patient’s body.
The conflict arises when the patient is in the gray area of being on the border of the child adult division. It is hard for the family when it is their loved one that is in need. When in this situation emotions become the primary driving force, sometimes at the expense of logic or reason or quality of the patient. In the two cases previously mentioned the families used the courts to impose their will on the medical establishment to move their children to the adult lists to increase their chances of receiving the much needed organs.
It would seem that having to go to court to allow examination and compromise within the individual cases is overkill. But this is a simple example of control combined with compliance instead of independent thinking and assessment by those members of the medical team that are closest to the situation and also the most informed. We can thank this issue on the insurance industry, but that is a whole other article.
Now we have another case in the news where a young man, 15 years old, was originally denied addition to the transplant list “due to his failure to comply” previously. Another words, he was not deemed acceptable to allow to grow into a full grown man, cause the “board” that makes the decisions for this Georgia Hospital, tells the future and knows what a person will become if allowed to live. This is a prime example of what is wrong with a lot of parts of society.
This is not a race issue, this is a human issue. We have limited our value to numbers and bottom lines and profit margins and investment returns as we can put dollar signs on them. We have lost the knowledge that a person’s ideas or thoughts or actions or words are not just profit margins they are gifts to the whole world, their impact cannot be measured or logged in a ledger. We do not know what impact saying hello or shaking a hand or holding a door open or smiling at someone can have. The ripples of the smallest pebble will reach all shores of the ocean.

Violent Video Games Is Not The Issue

video game screenshotLack of leadership and interaction is the real issue. Every time there is some act of horrendous violence the media and politicians and “experts” scream that there is some outside influence, usually violent video games or movies are the named culprit; but they are merely scapegoats. The real issue is more complex and passes closer to the accused in these situations than music or movies or video games. The origin of the issue is big business, now you might be thinking well big business that is music, movies and video games, but this big business is pre-modern violent influence, as defined by today’s experts. Why as defined by ‘today’s experts’, history shows that warriors and battle glory have always been part of our stories, songs and play; yet mass violence is a recent issue.
How is it that I state big business as the origin of this issue, greed….the motivation with ALL big business is ALWAYS greed. It might sound somewhat hypocritical for me to say that nouveau big- business is more culpable than old big business. But it will make sense as I explain my position. As big business grew greedier and could no longer rob their workers of fair wages and treatment they exacted their revenge on the consumer. With the on set of innovation in communications, especially mass media outlets, and the prosperity enjoyed after WWII combined with the independence women experience with the shortage of males for the work-force during the war; big-business had a great opportunity to exploit the consumer for some if not all the profit lost with better labor laws enforced. Marketing became a multi-million dollar job and convinced families that they needed shinier cars, bigger houses, and more gadgets, that truly do not improve our quality of lives regardless of what the ads tell you.
Marketing shifted the measure of success from how you lived your life and raised your children or participated in the community to how big your house was, how new your car was, how many gadgets you had in your house. In short the measure of a man became the bottom line of his “image” (which usually never matches his true bottom line) rather than the character of the man and his actions. In order to increase the “success” of said man, he had to work more and eventually his wife also needed to work as well. As this change occurred another change occurred within society as well, our choices about life revolved around this new measure of success and not about values or happiness or bettering the world.
Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem
Most men have no idea what the above quote states, much less what it means, so far have we come from internal to external value.
The real crime with this is our loss of leadership and example for our children as they grow up. For most children they are in the hands of others from a mere few weeks of age. There is not someone who truly loves them to teach them and guide them and show them how to grow into people of humanity. When children act out, they are screaming for real love, loving action, loving attention; how do adults react? they reply with why are you being so ungrateful you have an iPod, iPhone, XBox, new shoes, new clothes, blah blah blah. And this is the child’s experience in every aspect of their life…..in their daycare and later in school they are 1 of up to 50 kids vying for the attention of 1 teacher, whom in most cases doesn’t even like children much less love the privilege of helping to mold and shape little minds into amazing, creative, soulful adults that could be a positive influence in the world.
teacher-with-kids-school_97632-630Most teachers like the hours and the job security. However, this is not a bash on teachers per say as I believe they are almost as much victims of big-business as children are. Teachers used to spend real time with children, they knew their students, they expected kids to be kids, full of energy and curiosity, little sponges ready to soak up all the information that you could pour into them. Now teachers are the bottom of the food chain in the education system, which should be totally destroyed and rebuilt, but that is another post for another time. Kids that act like kids are labeled as trouble and are drugged. Kids that have no desire or no true ability to be doctors or lawyers or some other “high paying” profession are considered unsuccessful or lazy or worse a failure. This is WRONG!
Big-business bought politicians and political parties to ensure that their profit lines are protected. Greed entered politics on a whole new level and merged into a true hydra for the detriment of humanity and the world. What is good for big-business and government are people that are controlled by them. What is good for humanity is teaching each child that they are the hope and wonder and joy of tomorrow. That they are unique and special and it is that uniqueness and specialness that makes them valuable.
When young adults commit horrendous acts of violence it is because when they whispered, no one listened to them, when they spoke they were told not now I’m busy, when they cried they were told all the “things” they had and are criticized for being thoughtless or disrespectful or selfish (how dare our children want our love and time and attention and affection), when they screamed out they were labeled and medicated, so what choice did they have other than to commit horrendous acts of violence.

Infotainment kills real news

Today RT did a piece on the news media, and it was spot on. We may want to talk about FOX being extreme right or MSNBC being extreme left but the point is that neither nor the others really do the job they proclaim to. A prime example is presented everyday when you look at the “Top Headlines” on any of the search engine pages. Today on Google the Top Story is still about Trevon Martin and George Zimmerman; on Yahoo, it is that Kris Jenner is annoyed that Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are not getting married, and the Royal Baby Watch; on Ask news it is Zimmerman and the Glee actor’s death; Bing does at least start off with Detroit being bankrupt; on BBC it is Detroit Bankruptcy and the Boston Bomber photos…which is a stretch to consider it really news about the event itself. I think I have proven my point, it takes a lot of effort on the part of a concerned individual to seek out articles about real news events.
But finding the articles on real news worthy events is just the first challenge. The second challenge is finding the facts and the truth hidden in all the slanted versions of the tellings to promote the opinions of the media outlet. So what happened? Where did honest reporters go? Where did the trust go? Where did the desire for knowledge go? The answer is simple…..it was stolen.
news boxesYes, I said it was stolen, big business stole it for ratings and profits. It is all about money now. However, do not deceive yourself. It isn’t just about direct profit, it is also about manipulation for future profits and actually control of the masses. If you control the flow of information then you control the thoughts and if you control the thoughts then you have complete control. This complete control used to rest in the hands of religious leaders, and still does in less developed areas of the world, but in the west where religion has lost it power to a huge extent the control has been regained by the media conglomerates.
The sad part is that we have no one to blame but ourselves, through our own greed and laziness we have been complacent in our own enslavement. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that money and things and just us are the most important things in the world. We allowed ourselves to be convinced a bigger house showed how much more we loved our family, that a faster car would make us feel freer, that giving more things to our kids would make them more appreciative and give them more opportunities. We changed from measuring a man by his character and deeds to measuring him by his looks and his things. We changed from caring about the person next door to fearing the person walking down the street.
We watch our TVs and believe them when they tell us that something is bad or evil, without a thought we worry about things that are insignificant, we look for and blame details instead of seeking out the real issues and solving the real problems. The color of someone’s skin doesn’t make them behave a certain way, the religion that someone practices does not make them behave a certain way, the place that someone lives does not make then behave a certain way. What makes a person behave a certain way is the type of character they have. Nothing more, nothing less. So stop letting the media cover up real issues by creating issues that do not exist that focus on things that feed hate.