Questions Most Pondered

Top-10As I stated in my previous post, I have always had questions about the facts that have been taught and that have been repeated over and over again for decades. Facts that didn’t seem to make sense when combined with other facts. Or anomalies that got rejected for no other reason than at the time of discovery they were singular or supposedly singular finds. Add to this the arrogance with which modern scholars dismiss past stories as the ignorant imaginings of lesser men, judged such for no other reason than being from an earlier time. Coupled with the dismissing of oral histories and traditions simply because they are oral. And the dismissing of heroes and demi-gods and or times of gods living among men as not factual, more so based on our use and concept of those words than on any true evidence.

So as the title implies, I am going to share with you some of my most pondered questions. They are not in any specific order. For I believe that they are all, in their own way, of equal importance to our understanding of our past and our hope for our future.

Why are their 2 distinct construction designs visible at Giza if everything was built during the same dynasty?
If you observe closely all the structures of Giza, you will notice that a handful of structures are constructed using blocks that are much larger than even the 2 to 5 ton blocks that comprise a majority of the construction of the plateau.

Machu_Picchu_PeruWhy do scholars refuse to believe the stories of ancient indigenous peoples who claim that they did not build certain places that they occupy?

One of the most widely known cases of scholars consistently giving credit to peoples that straight out said was not their’s to take are that of the Incas. There are numerous early sources that include statements of verifiable Inca nobility and religious sects that deny their people’s construction of all or parts of places like Cusco and Machu Pichu.

How knowledgeable and intelligent were past peoples, such as the Neanderthals and Denisovans?
There are theories that propose that Neanderthals were the primary artists of a majority of European cave art and that Denisovans were the constructors of Gobekli Tepe. One of the newest theories that has been years in the making is that they were also accomplished astronomers and may have used those skills to date specific times, possibly as a method of recording historic events.

Africa is at the top.

Why did ancient cultures with geography skills and knowledge orient to South and today we orient to North?
In addition to this tidbit, there are also references to a singular ocean or sea, which when you view the Earth from the South Pole as opposed to the North, is a very accurate statement.

Does coming from Orion or Sirius or Pleiades mean coming from the stars or merely refer to celestial navigational points?
The least hi-tech method of navigation is celestial. To use the placement of the stars and constellations along with the rising and setting of the Sun and or Moon to track one’s course. Something that the ancients did very well and with high specificity.

Why do scholars hold so tight to the Out Of Africa theory, preaching it as fact?
While it can be supported that Africa has a very rich evolutionary history, we do not know for certain that it is the only such place or that it is as completely the whole of homo sapiens sapiens origins as scholars claim. If for no other reason than that we have not put one-quarter the effort into looking in any other location for the evidence that we have in Africa.

Gobekli Tepe Enclosures via aa com ti
Gobekli Tepe

Why did pre-historic cultures, supposedly with primitive rudimentary tools work with such complex layouts and gigantic stones in their buildings?
If you have watched any of the documentaries on the construction of any ancient structures of note, such as the Pyramids of Giza or Stonehenge or Gobekli Tepe, you will hear that it was all done with the most rudimentary tools and or pure hard-labor of man. Another comment that you might hear is from construction experts of our time that claim that such undertakings are basically impossible with all our machines and technology today. Forgetting all that, what logic made working with 2- to 10- to 40-tons plus blocks of stone necessary?

Linear A 

Why do scholars limit civilization’s history to the last ~5000 years denying and even ridiculing the mere mention of things like Atlantis?
If you listen to the ancients that are given status and credit by the scholars, all of them speak of epochs of time before them that were of greatness in terms of the feats of men and the standards of living of the peoples of those long ago eras. Yet, scholar after scholar refuses to even consider that there has to be some truth to their stories.

When, where and why did writing begin?
We define writing as the systematic use of symbols to convey our thoughts and ideas and information without the use of oral expression. But, what really makes up a writing system? And with all the unknowns how do scholars decide that one set of symbols is absolutely writing and other symbols are not. Especially, if their only rebuttal is that some symbols predate the labeled fact of writing originating in Sumeria around 5000YAG.

How much truth and historic fact can really be found in the lines of myths?
Many a child has been so lured by the lines of a story as to become obsessed with proving that it is a real story. That very obsession is how we discovered Troy. So why not put more faith in the reality of our ancients histories by remembering that absence of proof is not proof of absence.

These and more are the questions that feed my curiosity and kindle my desire to know more. It is the desire to find the truth of our history and the journey of our ancestors that inspires me to write this blog. It is my hope that at least one of my articles inspires you to begin or continue your own curious journey for the truth.

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Where A Book Can Lead

Voices Of The Rocks SchochI have just finished reading a couple of books, one was actually a reread, well really it was a re-re-re-reread, but you get the point and it provoked some random thoughts. What books? Voices of the Rocks and Fingerprints of the Gods, respectively.

The first edition of Fingerprints of the Gods, was the first book that showed me that there were in fact real and serious people asking some of the same questions that I had always wondered and researching some of the same things that interested me. Reading that work opened up a whole new world to me, in terms of research and learning and growing. And I was hooked.

Fingerprints of the Gods 2002ed HancockI started looking for other such books, but only those that I believed were properly researched and truly passionate intellectual works. Ones that were not looking for proof of their desired whims and wishes, but those that noticed the textbook versions didn’t answer all the questions and even seemed to make no sense with the questions they did answer.

Seriously, given all the true examples of royal burials in Egypt, how to you claim that the great pyramids of Giza are tombs at all, much less only tombs with a straight face and any sense of truthfulness. The 3 great pyramids stand out like a sore thumb. It is like lining up all the breeds of cats in the world and at some random spot inserting 3 dogs and claiming cause they have 4 legs and fur and eat meat they are cats too!

And lots of academics, especially, anthropologists and archaeologists, are consistent in rejecting all differences as single exceptions or anomalies without considering the reality that all the single exceptions and anomalies actually create a larger body of evidence than the accepted pool of their textbook fact supporting evidence.

The other absurdity is that if you do not have hard evidence then it doesn’t exist. The fallacy in that is that an absence of proof does not prove absence. More importantly ignoring evidence does not mean the evidence is lacking. Denying evidence does not mean that the evidence is lacking.

Now you might wonder what any of this means regarding the aforementioned books. Both books discuss very well documented and accepted means of destruction of parts of the earth’s land areas. Some of those destructive means include massive flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes and land-slides; however, there are other means of destruction as well, natural and man-made from impact events and tsunamis to intentional destruction from razing and rebuilding conquered lands to scorched earth campaigns.

Logically, it is very possible to accept the likely probability that there are whole societies and complete civilizations that have quite literally been erased from history and existence. It is also, completely logical and probable to presume that evidence has been misinterpreted and misunderstood and thus mislabeled and misidentified and used to create or support an erroneous narrative.

The hypocrisy is in the scholars and experts that will say one thing in their textbooks and classrooms, such as how important water is to human existence and advancement and then deny that humans mastered water travel tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago. Logic would dictate that if something is so important to a group that the group would learn and master all uses that would benefit the group.For example, hunting, we did not just hunt for food, we learned how to utilize the whole animal for everything from food to adornment to clothing and tools and shelter; yet, we would not have used water for all its benefits?

Look Around And Call It- – Coincidence?

Giza Necropolis DrawingIf you look at things around the world….especially when it comes to the time before radio, television, and, of course, the internet…it seems that there are a whole lot of cultures that supposedly had no contact with far flung others that seem to have independently created the same images.

One of the most iconic images, that is world-wide, is the pyramid. From Giza to Mexico to India and many places in between. In addition to the existing true pyramids there are also mounds and raised platforms, that some consider to be forms of pyramids in many other places as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous of the amazing structures.
While Giza pyramids are probably the most famous, they are considered by some to be younger than the Mesopotamia Ziggurats, which were the living places of the Gods. Yet, they resemble those of Mesoamerica that are considered thousands of years younger. The ones from India seem to have more in common visually with the ziggurats, yet they ritually seem to have combined the belief systems of other pyramid cultures in not only being a place of death, but also places to connect with gods. All pyramids seem to have some connection to reaching or communing with the gods and some importance with death or the after-life and or the balance of the world.

India Vitthala Temple
Temple in India

While pyramids are the most common and obvious of similar things due in most part to their size, and also, the construction methods being mos often in brick or stone, they are not the only common symbols that can be found spread across the globe. There are others that are smaller in size than the pyramids, but could be just as important to their times and places.

Sometimes these similar symbols are more details in larger images, than they are just the same images in different forms and places. However, it is much easier to dismiss details as being sheer coincidence than it is to dismiss whole images in the minds of many. The favorite justification for dismissing most similarities is the use of the term artistic freedom. Some will even use the term or something similar to dismiss ideas or theories that do not fit the preconceived dogma of the ruling experts of certain areas of study. I consider it hard to dismiss either form of similarity unless it is something that both cultures would have seen or been exposed to independently such as the Sun and or the Moon. Next, it would be reasonable to question the images of things such as flora and wildlife that might have been current with and or known by the cultures. However, it is less simplistic to just dismiss out of hand those symbols that are not of known things that appear across large areas and times. Just as it is hard to dismiss the implications of symbols that seem to have been beyond the realm of common knowledge for the suspected or believed creators.

Hittite Double Headed Eagle
Hittite Royal Seal

One such symbol is the double-headed eagle/bird. This iconic symbol has survived down to modern times in the crests and coat of arms of many noble families throughout Europe; however, Europe is not the supposed origin of this noble creature.

One of the first known uses of the double-headed eagle was as a royal symbol of the ancient Hittites, yet it has been seen in various forms in various locations since then as shown in the examples. The known Hittite kingdom occupied an area that is located in present day Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. While, the final rule of the Hittite Empire is well known and documented there is debate about the original homeland of those that history refer to as the Hittites. There are other examples that can be seen as far away in both time and distance as Columbia and the Indians of Western North America.

Double Headed from Columbia
double-headed bird of Columbia

It is symbols like these that make it hard to believe that man has just now entered the time of globalization. These similar features among unconnected peoples also makes it hard to believe that what is stated as fact about known history is the whole and complete story.  It is these commonalities that encourages the search for more. It is these coincidences that feeds the curious minded to seek the unseen truth and unfound knowledge.

An Ancient Code or Alien Code

Well, Which Are You Looking For?

alien-abduction-express uk
via express uk

H2 has a new series called In Search Of Aliens. In this series, Giorgio Tsoukalos travels the world searching out proof that humans are the product of extraterrestrials’ intervention in ancient times, known as Ancient Astronaut Theory. Giorgio’s approach is very focused on his belief in Ancient Astronaut Theory, and thus that is how he observes and measures all evidence and events. His speculation or conclusions do not inhibit the open minded from looking at the things he presents on this show and seeing history or accepted facts from a different point of view. Often in his search, Giorgio seeks out authors, researchers, and academics that look at history differently from the mainstream and they are worth the watch and listening to.

night skies via secretsofthefed

Giorgio has looked at the Nazca lines, the legend of Atlantis, Puma Punku, even Bigfoot and Cyclops have been pursued; but upcoming is the search for an Ancient Alien Code. According to the promos it will look at ancient sites and artifacts looking for a secret hidden code left by the Ancient Aliens. To prove, of course, that humans are genetically engineered by ETs for some ancient dubious reason.

It got me thinking about how easy it can be to find what you are looking for, especially, if you look hard enough; but sometimes you have to remember that a circle is just a circle. While I am the first to tell you that I believe anything that has not been proven to be wrong or false, I also do not look at a place or site or artifact looking for the proof of some predetermined answer. I do believe that our ancient ancestors did leave us clues and secrets to help us, if the way the world was became lost or destroyed; that being said, I have no true or even strong idea about what those clues or secrets are suppose to tell us.

For example, do I believe in aliens? Sure, it seems illogical and mathematically improbable that we are the only ‘intelligent’ life forms in the whole great big universe. And that Earth is the only earth-like planet out there. However, if we were so visited in the past by Ancient Aliens as some people believe, including the possibility that the ‘Gods’, ‘Angels’, and or ‘Heroes’ that lived with us were in fact ETs, then where are they now? And why did they leave? If they came for our gold and other metals, why leave before it was all gone? If they lived here and warred here, then where are the survivors? Why fight a war for a place that you leave? If we are the equivalency of a galactic zoo, where are the zoo keepers? If they left with the promise of returning….why haven’t they returned yet?


stonehenge via radiopostiva net

It is true that the ancients seem to have not only been very occupied with the stars they were also very knowledgeable of them as well. This seems to form the core foundation for the Ancient Astronaut Theory; that being said, the movement of the stars through our view of the heavens can be compared to a universal Swiss watch. So it is just as plausible that the interest was purely for the purpose of marking time and thus being aware of cyclical events, events which could have profound effects on life on our planet. And that the ancients, which I strongly believe, were much more intelligent and highly developed, in their own way, than we give them credit for, were aware of these events and how to mark time over eternity. I do not believe that ancient man necessarily needed aliens to give them knowledge or information. I do in fact believe that we modern humans are in much more need of extraterrestrial intelligence and knowledge. As we have progressed with all our technological things we have lost our connection to our world and in losing that we have lost our way in the universe. That broken connection will more than likely be our downfall.

How you may wonder. Consider this, most kids do not see a need to protect nature, mostly because they believe that we have no REAL or life sustaining need for the wild. Most children believe that food comes from grocers and fast food places. They think clothing comes from stores and factories. They have no true value of the cycle or life or the bonds that connect ALL living creatures on our planet. They are not taught that destroying or losing any part of the chain can cause the whole chain to fall apart, remember we are only as strong as our weakest link, these days we have many weak links and they are not merely weak they are broken, we are most certainly a very fragile society and seem completely determined to push our world to the brink for the sake of technology and greed which we call advancement.

Lost Cities; Myths Or More

Atlantis-02Time is a cycle of beginnings and endings, ups and downs, dawns and dusks. Civilizations have arisen out of nothing and descended into oblivion. Empires have conquered the known world and crumbled to rubble. Peoples have traveled beyond the edge of the world and disappeared from history. However, just like you cannot stop the march of time it seems that you cannot completely and totally destroy history either. It can be broken and shattered and scattered into the darkness, but it still remains. It will be found, the only question will be how long it takes to share its secrets and reveal the truth. In some cases the problem isn’t in the remains being shattered or broken or uninterpreted but in the inability and or unwillingness of the finder to understand.

Here are some of the Lost Cities that seem to refuse to completely sink into the darkness of forgotten time;

Map of Mu with Maya translation

1) Lemuria or Mu – – Believed to have been located in the current area of the Pacific Rim. By some accounts this ancient city was as old as 78,000 years ago. Those accounts also claim that the civilization last for 52,000 years and met its demise in a pole-shift that occurred 24,000 years ago.

2) Atlantis or Poseid – – This is probably the most known of the ancient lost civilizations. Believed to have been in the Atlantic and by some accounts was a large Archipelago. The first historical accounts come from Plato. By his accounts the city was destroyed by floods and fires around 9,000 BCE, this would coincide with the end of the last Ice Age and thus makes it a plausible memory of antediluvian times.

indusvalleyurbanplann273) Rama Empire of India – – including the city of Harappa. Excavations at the site have shown advanced city planning, that includes plumbing and sewage. There are also some findings that are unusual by accepted historical knowledge, such as, the presence of high amounts of radiation.

4) Osirian – – An ancient Mediterranean civilization, that is believed to have existed prior to the Great Flood. It is believed to have been located in the Mediterranean Sea, which wasn’t a sea during the last Ice Age. Some theory claims that the Nile flowed all the way to Sicily and Malta where it emptied into an ancient lake that possibly extended to the Straits of Gibraltar before emptying into a much shallower ‘Atlantic’ Ocean.

5) Uiger – – Believed to have been located in the current area of the Gobi Desert, there are signs of ocean ports indicating that it might have existed when sea levels and coasts were different from today’s. There are other beliefs that this city might have been part of Lemuria, possibly the Hsi Wang Mu or the place of the ancient ones as Lao Tzu claimed, the place of the Elders of Lemuria.

tiahuanaco templeofKalasasaya go2peru6) Tiahuanaco – – According to myth this was the ‘capital’ of the famed Viracocha. The ruins suggest several interesting ideas; first that at one time the whole Altiplano of Lake Titicaca was underwater, not just water but seawater, also that as large as the lake is currently at some time in the past it was larger as Tiahuanaco has port areas, even though it is currently about 12 miles from the current shore of the lake.

7) Ethiopia – – There have been stories of a Lost Tribe of Israel and Ethiopia is one of the proposed locations for this lost tribe. Ethiopia is one of the locations where there is megalithic construction. Also there are villages in Ethiopia where very ancient forms of Judaism are practiced. And there is also the belief by many that Ethiopia is also the current home of the Ark of the Covenant from the Bible.


Some experts will tell you that these ‘cities’ are made up stories. That ‘we’ didnt have the ability to build cities until 5,000 years ago. Some experts I do believe could trip and fall into the middle of the ruins of Atlantis and would still deny its existence! But this is an open mind zone, so we will be looking into the stories of these cities and see what if anything we can find and learn. I am of the opinion that if these were JUST stories they would have faded with time and as we have mentioned previously Troy was just part of Homer’s wonderful imagination and now it is an actual location!

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