Set adrift in the dark,
Alone with no light,
Clouds hide the moon,
The stars do not shine.

What do I have?
There is nothing here.
Where do I go?
There is no where,

I read your words,
Written so long ago,
The only warmth I know,
I wrap my heart in them.

They are my only hope,
I was in the abyss,
And it was loving you –
That guided me out.

When I found solid ground,
I thought I was safe again,
But now I am lost at sea,
And the darkness doesn’t leave.

You are my only dream,
I whisper your name,
Over and over again,
Until, I almost feel you.

If I am strong enough,
If I try hard enough,
If I am right enough,
Then maybe, just maybe…

Photo by Saku Pönkänen on Unsplash


Hide it All

Put on the smile,
Hide the tears,
Show no weakness,
Show no sadness

Just a happy face,
Just a friendly word,
Just a sure, that’s fine,
Of course I understand.

Help out everyone,
Give your all to them,
Do it over and over,
Give your all again.

Hide the scars,
Hide the bruises,
Deny the pain,
Deny the hurt.

Take it all,
Hide it away,
Don’t wish or dream
Don’t hope or pray.

No, don’t let it show
No, don’t whisper a word,
No, don’t shed a tear,
Just hide it all away.


Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

S.S. Lost and Forgotten

I am not pretty
For I have traveled many journeys
I am not wealthy
For I have not many possessions

My lines are not sleek
But they are mine
My decks are not shiny
But they are mine

I am not the fastest
But I hold the course
I am not the strongest
But I am a survivor

No tales are told
I am not remembered
No dreams are dreamed
I am not desired

I sit in the bay
With my lines sagging
I am fading away
Just a detail in the background

Maybe one day
Someone will see me
Maybe one day
Someone will love me

Until then I will rest in the mooring
Until then I will sway with the tide
Until then I will feel the Moon’s pull
Until then I will remain waiting


Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Drink Anyway

What’s that saying…
Water, Water Everywhere,
But Not A Drop To Drink…

Blackness spreads out in all directions,
There is no land to be seen,
Swimming, Swimming on and on,
No movement seen,
No hope for completion,

Looking up at empty skies,
Wishing for clouds and darkness,
Anything to finish the job,
Let the sinking begin….
Look at the horizon,
Is that a storm brewing?

Let the clouds roll in,
Poseidon send the winds,
Stir the seas and unleash your rage,
Have the waves bury me.

There is hope after all,
Clouds stacking and turning,
Seas foaming and churning,
Will the storm finally come?

Floating peacefully in the chaos,
Letting the brutality consume me,
Praying for the beating,
Hoping for oblivion.

Nothingness reaching through,
Endlessness grabbing hold,
Finally sinking down cannot be stopped,
There is no returning.

What beauty held in the rage,
What magic spoke in the roar,
What grace danced on the waves,
What peace gained in the deep.


Photo by Marco Saavedra on Unsplash

Nothing More

Yesterday seems gone,
Every day passes,
Sun rises and sets,
It pours,
And on it goes.
Make up reasons,
Say your whys,
Cry your tears,
And hide your eyes,
Reason is gone.
Ever more needs,
Doing it again,
Bring all you have,
Uphill all the way,
Time will not hide
I know too well.
Why not you ask,
Isn’t that always it,
Longing for more,
Losing it all,
Never reaching the end.
One more day, you pray,
Today be the day,
Tell me the reason,
Edge closer to the end,
Let the rain in.
Let the rain fall,
You will swim,
Or you will sink,
Under you go, going, gone.


Photo by Vlad Calin on Unsplash


She was dressed plainly,
Simple cotton peasant frock,
She didn’t wish for more,
Satin and lace were not hers.

Smudges of her solitary work
Showed upon brow and cheek,
They seemed almost proper
Even fitting with her smile.

She walked the miles to town,
She sold her wares for tuppence,
They were simple but good,
Complain, her customers never did.

They shared hellos
And even some how are yous,
She remembered their dates,
Their names and their likes.

But her name…hmm,
And her dates….shrugs,
Or her likes….no,
No one could tell.

One day she did not come,
One week she was not there,
One month that was all,
There was no memory at all.


Photo by Tong Nguyen van on Unsplash


Shuttering dreams,
Nightmare – It seems.
Hanging. Waiting.
Social approval.
Perhaps,it is removal.

Standing alone,
Watch people go by.
Unnoticed beauty.
Action is neutral.
Reaction is brutal.

Words you offered
Are promises slaughtered.
It gets better.
Life was given,
Sins forgiven.

In public. Awkward.
Reading a book.
Lunatic. Yes!
Oh my gosh! Look!
Moving forward.

Wait there.
Broken glass.
Shattered screen.
Destroyed mass.

Wake up. Wake up.
Is it too late.
Once real.
You were great.

Wake up. Wake up.
Let’s be friends.
Forget the screens.
No!? That’s where it ends.

Hope Loss

In the dying light of day
We wander without knowing
And we can get lost

Never looking back
Taking chances here or there
Telling promises to ourselves
One day we find out

Fool that we have been
Each heart ache self inflicted
Each failure our ambush

Leeching our truth out
Yearning for hope
Once the source of our venture
Until that realization

Reaching down to our soul
Tumbling down the hole
Over and over again
Under the pain

Cover your heart
Hold on to the hope


Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash


I open my eyes,
I look around
but you are not there,
I whisper your name,
I get no reply.

I look at the clock,
Another hour passed,
I sigh and close my eyes,
I pull the covers higher,
I wish in the dark.

Lightening flashes,
Thunder rolls,
Rain pours,
And so my tears,
I am powerless,
I am small and weak

I fade into the night,
The wind carries my dream,
There is only emptiness left,
I curl into a ball,
I whisper your name,
I get no reply.


Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash