Thrills For Thinkers

The Eye Of God Cover Rollins

James RollinsΒ is the action/adventure writer for 3 digit IQs! If you want an heroic escape that also requires fast-thinking and in-depth understanding of “who knows what high-tech/super-smart invention mixed with ancient knowledge or esoteric understanding” disaster this time; then Rollins is your man. He creates a unique blend of the military brawn with an M.I.T. intellect and that makes for one page-turning thriller ride!

The Eye of God, pits the Sigma Force members against the cosmos, time, and the bad guys! If you want to keep up the pace have your physics mind-set turned on and your memory banks loaded with your CE history knowledge! You will need both. Rollins does a great job of beginning in 3 totally disconnected and unrelated points not just on the globe but relative speaking of import as well. The future and past slam head long into saving the girl and saving the world, but in the end, is there really any difference in the two…