Look Around And Call It- – Coincidence?

Giza Necropolis DrawingIf you look at things around the world….especially when it comes to the time before radio, television, and, of course, the internet…it seems that there are a whole lot of cultures that supposedly had no contact with far flung others that seem to have independently created the same images.

One of the most iconic images, that is world-wide, is the pyramid. From Giza to Mexico to India and many places in between. In addition to the existing true pyramids there are also mounds and raised platforms, that some consider to be forms of pyramids in many other places as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous of the amazing structures.
While Giza pyramids are probably the most famous, they are considered by some to be younger than the Mesopotamia Ziggurats, which were the living places of the Gods. Yet, they resemble those of Mesoamerica that are considered thousands of years younger. The ones from India seem to have more in common visually with the ziggurats, yet they ritually seem to have combined the belief systems of other pyramid cultures in not only being a place of death, but also places to connect with gods. All pyramids seem to have some connection to reaching or communing with the gods and some importance with death or the after-life and or the balance of the world.

India Vitthala Temple
Temple in India

While pyramids are the most common and obvious of similar things due in most part to their size, and also, the construction methods being mos often in brick or stone, they are not the only common symbols that can be found spread across the globe. There are others that are smaller in size than the pyramids, but could be just as important to their times and places.

Sometimes these similar symbols are more details in larger images, than they are just the same images in different forms and places. However, it is much easier to dismiss details as being sheer coincidence than it is to dismiss whole images in the minds of many. The favorite justification for dismissing most similarities is the use of the term artistic freedom. Some will even use the term or something similar to dismiss ideas or theories that do not fit the preconceived dogma of the ruling experts of certain areas of study. I consider it hard to dismiss either form of similarity unless it is something that both cultures would have seen or been exposed to independently such as the Sun and or the Moon. Next, it would be reasonable to question the images of things such as flora and wildlife that might have been current with and or known by the cultures. However, it is less simplistic to just dismiss out of hand those symbols that are not of known things that appear across large areas and times. Just as it is hard to dismiss the implications of symbols that seem to have been beyond the realm of common knowledge for the suspected or believed creators.

Hittite Double Headed Eagle
Hittite Royal Seal

One such symbol is the double-headed eagle/bird. This iconic symbol has survived down to modern times in the crests and coat of arms of many noble families throughout Europe; however, Europe is not the supposed origin of this noble creature.

One of the first known uses of the double-headed eagle was as a royal symbol of the ancient Hittites, yet it has been seen in various forms in various locations since then as shown in the examples. The known Hittite kingdom occupied an area that is located in present day Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. While, the final rule of the Hittite Empire is well known and documented there is debate about the original homeland of those that history refer to as the Hittites. There are other examples that can be seen as far away in both time and distance as Columbia and the Indians of Western North America.

Double Headed from Columbia
double-headed bird of Columbia

It is symbols like these that make it hard to believe that man has just now entered the time of globalization. These similar features among unconnected peoples also makes it hard to believe that what is stated as fact about known history is the whole and complete story.  It is these commonalities that encourages the search for more. It is these coincidences that feeds the curious minded to seek the unseen truth and unfound knowledge.

Grain Silos

We’ll That’s A New One

Ben Carson
Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters

I am the first one to want to hear, new and interesting ideas about things. And I have said more than once that I do not believe that the Pyramids were ever tombs. However, I have had heard an interesting and plausible theory that after they fell out of disuse of their original purpose that it is possible that they were used for tombs. This may or may not be true. I would still argue that there was no grave goods or the debris of grave goods found in any of the chambers of the Great Pyramid when they were opened in the 19th century. But, one could counter that the grave robbers were the neatest and most through grave robbers in history. But, I digress. 

The new theory that I have recently heard is from a Republican candidate for US President, Dr. Ben Carson. It is Dr. Carson’s belief that the Pyramids were built by Jacob during his time as Administrator in Egypt, to store grain for the 7 years of famine after the 7 years of abundance. His opinion was voiced publicly in a commencement speech at Andrews University, in 1998. According to reports, he bases his theory on the fact that the chambers of the Pyramid were hermetically sealed. While you would need such sealed chambers to store things such as grain for long periods of time, I think that is a whole lot of structure for such small chambers. Yes, I would have to look up the measurements and do the math to figure out the volume of each of the chambers, but still why have so much ‘bulk’ in the building and not in the ‘storage chambers’.

And why did we not find any dust and dirt from such storage? Not to mention, that brings up the same question again, what was the “Queen’s Chamber” for, it is not suitable for grain storage. While this suggestion does give one things to ponder, I do not think that there is any hope of it finding any traction nor staying power!

The Origin of Life on Earth

El Tatio Chile via vivaboo.com credit twiga_269

Where did we come from?
How did life start?
What is the origin of man?

These are questions that have been pondered by man since the beginning. One answer, the workings of evolution, was proposed by Charles Darwin in his On The Origins Of Species. There are an unknown number of different life forms currently sharing this planet. And there have been an even larger number of unknown species that have roamed the lands and seas in the epochs of the past. To date there have been 1.5 million species cataloged and a best guess estimate of up to another 8 million that have not been cataloged. These numbers only look at current species and not at previous inhabitants of the planet. And everyday, scientists predict that species that have not even been ‘discovered’ are going extinct at the hands of man.

Evolution project by NTamura

While the actions of man are a whole ugly 50 gallon barrel of worms, we will leave it for another day. Today we are exploring the pondering of where we (all life) came from. And to that means the generally accepted and propagated fact is that all life emerged from the primordial ooze. Once emerged the fact of natural selection took over and brought us to today. Now, before you die hard evolutionists want to start screaming that evolution has been proven over and over again and thus is FACT. I counter you; not, that some aspects of evolution are not true, but, that evolution as presented by Mr. Darwin is only part of the story, and honestly, he did not get it all right, but, he was on to a few pieces of the puzzle.

Now, not to offend or leave out the other side, the creationists. If one studies the myths of creation, a large number of them speak of either God, a god, or a specific god, such as Zeus, creating man from dirt, mud or clay from the earth. That all creatures were created in their current ‘state’ and that man is the chosen species. When discovering other myths from various cultures we also hear of different kinds of man or man-like species that have come and gone. There are also myths that tell of even different times of our own mankind with regard to our life-spans, our sizes, and other physical features. While both camps seem mostly unwilling to even look at the other point of view, I would argue that they both are equally wrong and equally right!

After everyone gets over being mad at me, do yourself and mankind a favor and continue reading.

So let’s now look at the real facts. Both sides have ‘life’ coming out of mud or a puddle or pile of dirt. Sounds like the same thing to me. Both sides have ‘different man-kind’ living at different times in our history. Both sides have man ‘changing’ in some way or ways over time. As we can see if you strip away the division we can find that the basics, the foundations of both sides are basically the same.

via www.thundertix.com

Yet, we can also look at each side and find some pieces that each builds on that are not solid in their own right. The creationists are unwilling to accept that some of their myths have time-lines that are not accurate. Another fact that is somewhat challenging to prove, in most myths are the outside influences of deities, demons, and others.  While it is true that the devil is in the details; sometimes, the trick is to understand just what the details are defining. Also, there should be understanding of the story-teller and the listener to the story. Think of how you might answer the same question posed by a child and by an adult. Something that we have lost in our modern era is that actual art of story-telling and thus it creates confusion and lack of understanding. It is like reading a epic in a language that you have elementary knowledge of.

Then there are the Darwinists, who claim that we all progressed from the same single-celled one in a google chance amoeba. Which would actually mean that there were by the science numbers up to 10 million of those similarly luckiest single-cells, which would actually make them utterly common and thus should have been replicated by now, by those same scientists. The most basic concept of natural selection that is those species that do not adapt die off and that each species always adopts the genes that make them the strongest. That supposition suggests that we should actually have fewer species now than we do and it also suggests that we should basically only have ONE of each different species. Now before you get your safety goggles all steamed up; yes, I know that I am over simplifying the process…but, bear with me the simplicity helps limit the discussion to a starting point.
But the biggest issue with evolution is that we do not seem to be able to find the missing links that prove the jumping of species.

tool use by birds

What I mean is that we do not have any of the missing links that supposedly had to exist to make life on earth a single tree of life instead of a forest of life. Evolutionists can in some species follow, for example all dogs and wolves and other canines back to a possible ancestor, they have yet to get the canine and feline back to the same ancestor. All of the ‘original’ ancestors are theorized not discovered and cataloged. Most importantly, the scientific definition of what makes us ‘man’ or different from animals has to keep changing. Man is defined by culture, but what is culture? It was the use of tools, but there are other animals that use tools; it was the use of language, but numerous animals use vocalizations to communicate which is the accepted definition of language.

Yes, there some features that all or groups of species have in common, but that in and of itself does not support evolution in its totality. Just as the differences do not in and of themselves disprove evolution for creationism. This is a story that cannot be told until both sides admit they do not know the whole of the story and that both sides have pieces of the puzzle if they will work together we will be able to put the whole thing together sooner.

DNA: The Most Accurate Ignorance In History

In recent history, the last few decades, all the rage to prove the written history has been centered on the new love affair with the absoluteness of DNA. I know what ALL you PRO DNAers are thinking, it is DNA. And DNA doesn’t lie. It is accurate,it is pure, and it is ALL fact. For what it does, yes, I allow that DNA does not in and of itself lie. That being said DNA can only tell a few details in an enormous story! The proof of the detail is only as good as the supporting facts, which as we know, can be incomplete, biased or limited in scope and or depth.

vitstudiostock via imgarcade.com

A good example is that of most ethnic DNA studies, to show that all of this group or that group have this gene or that marker in common are incredibly handicapped. The problem is several fold; first, the studies are conducted with a very, very, small number of believed members of the whole group, when I say that I mean like in some cases less than 1% of the population of the group as a whole. Tell me of any experiment that would hold up to any rigorous peer review with less than 1% of a population whole being tested and not even that group has 100% results of the find. Let me put this is in a better example for you to understand how these absolute facts are being taken out of their limited context to prop up huge theories….Aliens come to Earth and their ‘Scotty’ beams up 70 out of 7 billion Earthlings 28 of whom have both blonde hair and blue eyes, so they state in their Wikipedia, that Earthlings are humanoids with blonde hair and blue eyes and thus it is blonde hair and blue eyes that determines a humanoid is an Earthling.

DNA Molecule of Life
via www.pinnaclepharmacist.com

However, in addition to usually using no more than 1000 examples of a group, which for most ethnic groups is nothing, they are not consistent with being able to have properly chosen the right examples of a group. What do I mean? If you have ever attempted to trace your family tree you know what I am talking about; if you haven’t, trust me you will learn just how much of what we think we know, we either cannot prove or we prove is totally wrong. There were many reasons for persons to get married and as we still know, being married does not insure fidelity, and there were even more reasons for false information to be given for many noble and not so noble reasons. You have no idea what I am talking about; I am talking about affairs, rape, molestation, war, invasions, religious persecutions, ethnic cleansing, assimilation. Trust me there is way more contaminated DNA in ethnic groups then we want to admit to. For me to accept any DNA study as an absolute you would have to base it on a closed society and we don’t do that, cause we do not have any truly closed societies. We do have societies that have stayed semi-isolated, but we cannot even be completely sure of just how pure their DNA is either. Thus, every DNA test that is trying to find differences between ethnic groups is flawed based on the fact that we can safely assume that all donations are contaminated. While I believe that we should try to never assume, as making assumptions and playing them off as facts is how we have gotten so much of history wrong, based on the examples that I have given you it is highly probable that most samples will be contaminated.

via www.vosizneias.com

Now before you get upset that I am screaming foul, I am not. I am not saying that the DNA tests are as poorly done as the study of the Giza Necropolis. What I am saying is that like with the Pyramids, just cause you have a rectangle box that some people think is large enough for a body to fit in that does not make it a tomb, thus less than 1% of a population having a similar trait or gene or marker does not make that a standard for that ‘race’/ethnic group. Also, just like people either went to or lived along the banks of the Nile and built the wonders of Giza, but we do not know that they had always been in Giza/Egypt and the people that live along the Nile today are not the same people that lived there no matter when you think the Pyramids were built. And that goes for pretty much EVERYWHERE in the world today. That also does not mean that there was not any mixing of those peoples and these peoples.

Here is the bottom line, DNA is a fact from one point of view. If 2 people stand facing each other they will see totally different views, this does not make either one wrong, mater of fact they are both right. But to know the whole story, you have to be willing to take both truths and use them as they are, not more and not less, to help tell the whole story and to understand that you only have 2 points of view and that is only part of the whole. But we have to learn that each and every part of the story is important to the whole and we cannot leave out parts that we do not like or that are not pretty then we are losing parts of the story that is our own.

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EDIT: Below are articles where DNA got it WRONG and innocent men were jailed for it…..





Hancock V Hawass

SCORE Hancock

Hancock Hawass YouTube StillSo on 22 April 2015, there was supposed to have been a debate between, Graham Hancock and Dr. Zahi Hawass, in Egypt. The topic was about their differing views of the history of Egypt and human kind.

This could have been an amazing discourse. It is always a very good thing when ideas are shared, exchanged, and questioned. The best thing about this debate would have been that while Mr. Hancock is still searching for answers and the WHOLE truth, Dr. Hawass thinks that we know EVERYTHING, that there is nothing else to know, and that HE knows all there is to know concerning Egypt and the beginnings of history.

Dr. Hawass was the primary reason that I did not pursue study in Egyptology. He is a tyrant in the field. He was “God” in that he had the power to deny access to any research into any site any where in Egypt and also could refuse a researcher access to any artifact in Egyptian possession. Thus, making it almost impossible for someone to have any differing idea and be able to pursue it.  You either agree with the status quo or you kiss your career good-bye. Prime example for how you better change your mind if you want to keep your career is found in Mark Lehner, who went from having a very open mind about what was possibly still left to learn and find in Giza, to parroting Hawass’ lines about everything already being known….in a Nova documentary, Mr. Lehner stated that the reason for the carving of the Sphinx…..was that it was a show of artistic creativity.

Back to the point: Dr. Hawass, has an inability to allow differing ideas and opinions in the dialogue of history with regards to Egypt and Egyptology. If he was totally so sure of his own opinions and conclusions and his statement that we have nothing more to learn on the topic, then why not grant access so that fools make fools out of themselves. By denying access to sites and artifacts he is limiting research. Then by stopping access and projects in the middle of their activity, he is also creating the ‘contamination’ of the experiment and even feeding these “foolish notions” instead of letting them finish. Or worse he jumps in and claims the evidence/discovery as his own. Whether or not Dr. Hawass ever had any true love or passion for Egyptology or not is mute at this point as he clearly no longer does.

Please, check out this link for the whole story as well as links to the video, so that you can judge for yourself, what happened and what the reasons might be and how this might impact future learning in the area…..

Zahi Hawass vs Graham Hancock — the April 2015 “debate” debacle

Causeways and Rituals in the Ancient World

Woodhenge Wiltshire England

Not far up the river Avon from Stonehenge is a less famous, but equally important site, that of Woodhenge. And the difference from Stonehenge is just like it sounds…Woodhenge was made from timbers and Stonehenge is constructed of stone.

There is a theory that believes that the difference in the construction elements of these two sites was intentional and meaningful. This theory holds that Woodhenge was constructed from timbers as symbols representative of life or the living and that Stonehenge was constructed out of stone, a non-living or ‘dead’ material and thus represented death. With new techniques and technology there have been new discoveries. One of the discoveries that connects these two sites is the finding of ‘Avenues’ leading from both sites toward the river Avon and thus connecting both. Therefore, the theory draws a conclusion that this was a funeral ritual conducted that commenced at the Woodhenge and proceeded to the Avon, down the river to the ‘Avenue’ to Stonehenge.


From Woodhenge to Stonehenge

I would argue that one issue with this theory is that to date there has been NO significant finds of the remains of this ritual. Which is the same paradox that occurs in another very famous ancient site that is stated as the tomb of ancient leaders and their ‘partners’ or Queens. And the comparisons are more than just the missing dead!

Where is this other famous site! It is the Giza Necropolis. As we have shown in previous posts that ‘fact’ that the Pyramids were tombs does not hold water when common sense is applied. However, if we look in comparison, between, not just the Woodhenge-Stonehenge relation to Avon, but also the ‘Avenue of the Dead’ in Teotihuacan, which while not in proximity to a river, contained large pools of water down the center of the avenue, we find similar details.

Avenue of the Dead Layout

All three sites have very specific astronomical alignments. The alignments not only correspond to the Sun rise on certain days, such as the Summer Solstice in the case of Stonehenge and Giza, as well as, Teotihuacan being aligned 15.5 degrees East of due North (possibly cause it was the position of the Sun rise ‘on the certain day of summer‘), but also the lay out or the locations and the inclusions of elements within the sites.. There are also comparisons that could be argued, between the layout of Giza with the position of elements of the skies, as well as, the correspondence between the layout of Pyramids along the Avenue of the Dead at Teotihuacan, with other elements of the skies closer to Earth.

Lower_Egypt-enFocusing on Giza, we find incredible causeways that lead to or from the river Nile, depending on your point of view or maybe on the time of year or ritual that might be being preformed. We see the alignment of the Pyramids with the cardinal points, as well as, the Sphinx facing the rising Sun on the Summer Solstice. Other comparisons include the similarity between the lay out of the Pyramids with the stars of Orion’s belt; and the shafts within the Great Pyramid that seem to point at other certain stars of mythological importance to the Ancient Egyptians. There is also the fact that another very important site of ritual of Ancient Egypt is like Woodhenge to Stonehenge, the site of Heliopolis is located down the river Nile from the Giza Necropolis. While Heliopolis was believed to be the place of worship of the Sun God, Ra, and it was the ‘Cult of Horus’ held the constellation Orion in high regard as the place of Horus in the Sky; we must remember that Orion was the celestial location of the pharaohs in their afterlives. Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris, the son and daughter of Geb and Nut, the son and daughter of Shu and Tefnet, whom were created by Ra. Thus there is not a clear separation of Ra and Horus as some scholars would imply. Furthermore, both gods are associated with rebirth, the afterlife, the cycle of life. So it would appear that there is more connection than distinction between Heliopolis and Giza, just as we see between Woodhenge and Stonehenge.

It would seem that, our linear view of time and life have blurred our ability to understand the view of our ancestors, whom seem to have understood the cycle or endlessness of existence better than we do. It, also, appears that, with regard to the commonalities between the skies and ancient monuments, past civilizations were more knowledgeable about our place in the universe than we seem to be. It is ironic that we seem to need computers and high powered telescopes to see what our ancestors saw; and that we also need advanced math and physics to contemplate the vastness that they took as just what was!


Make A Claim;Back It Up!

So, in cruising the web this morning, looking for interest that would hold me long enough to write something worth reading, I happened upon an article written by April Holloway of Ancient Origins.

Giza Necropolis DrawingI usually tend to enjoy her articles, they seem to be thoughtful and researched and if someone questions her facts she is usually willing to support her ideas and engage in constructive dialogue and if there is any conflict she seems willing to note it and even updates her articles accordingly.

This article states, that basically a poor Egyptian man, for some unknown reason, is digging, without authorization, in a room in his home. The home is located in the no digging, no drilling zone of an area considered of historical significance, due to its proximity to the Giza Necropolis. After digging down about 10 meters he stumbles upon the Causeway for the Great Pyramid!


The Causeway that has never been found by historians or archaeologists in centuries just happens to run under this mans home?
It does happen.

The article goes on to then focus on the historical references to the Causeway, with only one reference to the amazing new discovery, that apparently was reported in ONLY one paper in the world, that being Ahram Weekly. And that was only in their Arabic edition! Now, maybe Ms. Holloway’s Arabic is fluent, mine isn’t. However, the best that I could determine is that this ‘digger’ was a drug dealer and that he was of enough interest, that according to the article, the FBI, as well as, Russian law enforcement were also somehow involved in this ‘investigation’.

While it does seem that the proper ‘experts’ have been called in to investigate what the illegal digger found….the article doesn’t clearly say with any real description that a passage way or hall or anything was found that would make a logical leap to claiming that the Grand Causeway of the Great Pyramid was finally DISCOVERED!!!

I then proceeded to attempt to find supporting reports and or articles or press releases….I found 3, unfortunately they ALL led back to April Holloway’s original article. While, I really do hope that something of great interest comes from this find….to make a discovery claim on such vague and un-validated evidence seems irresponsible.
Time will tell.

An Ancient Code or Alien Code

Well, Which Are You Looking For?

alien-abduction-express uk
via express uk

H2 has a new series called In Search Of Aliens. In this series, Giorgio Tsoukalos travels the world searching out proof that humans are the product of extraterrestrials’ intervention in ancient times, known as Ancient Astronaut Theory. Giorgio’s approach is very focused on his belief in Ancient Astronaut Theory, and thus that is how he observes and measures all evidence and events. His speculation or conclusions do not inhibit the open minded from looking at the things he presents on this show and seeing history or accepted facts from a different point of view. Often in his search, Giorgio seeks out authors, researchers, and academics that look at history differently from the mainstream and they are worth the watch and listening to.

night skies via secretsofthefed
via secretsofthefed.com

Giorgio has looked at the Nazca lines, the legend of Atlantis, Puma Punku, even Bigfoot and Cyclops have been pursued; but upcoming is the search for an Ancient Alien Code. According to the promos it will look at ancient sites and artifacts looking for a secret hidden code left by the Ancient Aliens. To prove, of course, that humans are genetically engineered by ETs for some ancient dubious reason.

It got me thinking about how easy it can be to find what you are looking for, especially, if you look hard enough; but sometimes you have to remember that a circle is just a circle. While I am the first to tell you that I believe anything that has not been proven to be wrong or false, I also do not look at a place or site or artifact looking for the proof of some predetermined answer. I do believe that our ancient ancestors did leave us clues and secrets to help us, if the way the world was became lost or destroyed; that being said, I have no true or even strong idea about what those clues or secrets are suppose to tell us.

For example, do I believe in aliens? Sure, it seems illogical and mathematically improbable that we are the only ‘intelligent’ life forms in the whole great big universe. And that Earth is the only earth-like planet out there. However, if we were so visited in the past by Ancient Aliens as some people believe, including the possibility that the ‘Gods’, ‘Angels’, and or ‘Heroes’ that lived with us were in fact ETs, then where are they now? And why did they leave? If they came for our gold and other metals, why leave before it was all gone? If they lived here and warred here, then where are the survivors? Why fight a war for a place that you leave? If we are the equivalency of a galactic zoo, where are the zoo keepers? If they left with the promise of returning….why haven’t they returned yet?


stonehenge via radiopostiva net
via radiopositiva.net

It is true that the ancients seem to have not only been very occupied with the stars they were also very knowledgeable of them as well. This seems to form the core foundation for the Ancient Astronaut Theory; that being said, the movement of the stars through our view of the heavens can be compared to a universal Swiss watch. So it is just as plausible that the interest was purely for the purpose of marking time and thus being aware of cyclical events, events which could have profound effects on life on our planet. And that the ancients, which I strongly believe, were much more intelligent and highly developed, in their own way, than we give them credit for, were aware of these events and how to mark time over eternity. I do not believe that ancient man necessarily needed aliens to give them knowledge or information. I do in fact believe that we modern humans are in much more need of extraterrestrial intelligence and knowledge. As we have progressed with all our technological things we have lost our connection to our world and in losing that we have lost our way in the universe. That broken connection will more than likely be our downfall.

How you may wonder. Consider this, most kids do not see a need to protect nature, mostly because they believe that we have no REAL or life sustaining need for the wild. Most children believe that food comes from grocers and fast food places. They think clothing comes from stores and factories. They have no true value of the cycle or life or the bonds that connect ALL living creatures on our planet. They are not taught that destroying or losing any part of the chain can cause the whole chain to fall apart, remember we are only as strong as our weakest link, these days we have many weak links and they are not merely weak they are broken, we are most certainly a very fragile society and seem completely determined to push our world to the brink for the sake of technology and greed which we call advancement.

The Low Down on Ley Lines

Ley-Lines-1-World-View-1 via beforeitsnews
via beforeitsnews.com

One of the most little known, but often misused terms, with regard to discovering our past or human origins is the term ley lines. So lets see if we can search through all the static and find the ground under our feet, which is really all that Alfred Watkins was doing in his book The Old Straight Track.

Being very interested in the landscape of the countryside by profession, meant that Watkins was observant in his travels across Britain. One day, while out driving along the countryside, he stopped and observed what he thought was a ‘pattern’. His idea actually seems logical and makes mathematical sense, in so much as, the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.

Even archaeologists  admit that the logic and reason applied makes sense and is supported by  locations of historical sights in some areas. They claim that it seems that if it were possible that ancient peoples at least in certain locales and or over periods of time in larger areas seem to regularly build on a line or in a line.

What was it that Watkins observed? As stated above he noticed several details and gave them a wholeness. Being a landscape photographer, he went to numerous sites around Britain and it was in doing this that he noticed very ancient paths that crossed the landscapes in basically straight lines. In Watkins theory, each ley line started or ended with a hill, also that if you come across an ancient sacred site you would most certainly find at least one ley line crossing the site or extending from the site.

leyline via secretdalmatia wordpress
via secretdalmatia@wordpress

The New Age movement has turned the concept of ley lines into a metaphysical ancient secret. Of course that has allowed academics to have great ammo in shooting down theories of any type about the existence and or importance of ley lines to the ancients or us. Skeptics like Benjamin Radford, go so far as to completely misspeak when he claims that it was purely practical matters that determined the location of ancient sites. Guess he missed that there is not really anything practical about the location of Machu Picchu, and the stones used for Stonehenge were from about 200km away. Mica sheets found in temples in Mexico were from Brazil. Thus, clearly indicating that there was nothing practical about these locations, certainly not regarding building materials as he claims.

The New Age researchers have claimed various theories such as energy fields within the Earth or the gathering of spiritual energy at these ancient sites. I am not here to dispute any of that, as I do believe that the Earth is full of energy and also that we can find spiritual energy in many places. However, not being present in ancient times nor possessing any documents or other irrefutable evidence giving a specific and direct reason for why certain sites were chosen or the reason certain paths/roads were used, I also will not give my support to any side.

I will say this; I think waking a straight line or having straight line of sight is a logical justification for ley lines, that being said, I also know that we all have places where we will feel relaxed or happy or content or nervous or uncomfortable or whatever without any apparent reasons for said feelings, so at this point any and all theories might be correct in part or whole.


“There Was NO Global Deluge……”

Gilgamesh-tablet-flood via englishare net
via englishare.net

The Great Flood is marginalized by many academics which is a shame. The definition of great and or global seems to be what inhibits them from being able to pursue the story that has been remembered by peoples all over the world as more than just a story. I have to say, to be honest I am sometimes surprised that we have managed to learn as much as we have considering how limited the view of academics can be.

There have been various investigations into finding Noah’s flood. There are several major stories that have been used to guide searchers for the proof of this global flood. In addition to Noah, we have the Epic of Gilgamesh, the tales of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the oddities of Tiahuanco. However, sometimes, even the fringe investigators with a focused passion can get as narrow-viewed as the ‘mainstream academics’. Where the academic denies everything that seems to be outside the normal and mundane annals of approved history, the fanatic can do the opposite in that everything points to or proves their passion. Again we are back to the issue that instead of letting the evidence tell us the tale, we tell the tale using only the evidence or part of the evidence that supports our tale or force the evidence to suit us.

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Here is another thought about a great worldwide flood; what if there were several huge regional floods. As we know from the Tsunami of 2004 something that is a non-global event can effect WHOLE cultures and thus be remembered as a culturally global event. Maybe if the same approach or openness is applied to the world’s many flood stories then we can understand more of our pre-history.

One of the main issues that academics point to against the single global flood event is that the dates for Plato’s Atlantis and Biblical Noah and Sumerian Gilgamesh are varied. In my opinion that just makes the search more interesting. Cause now we have the chance to find a global/biblical flood or to find floods that created culturally global memories. If we look at the searches that seekers have made we are given options for how the story or stories might play out.

1) For Noah’s Flood, of which there is a very good book by the same name, there has been research that shows that about 5,450BCE, the Black Sea was roughly 100m lower than today’s shorelines. And there is an almost perfect death line in the depths where differing waters collided.

2) For Atlantis there seems to be evidence of sudden flooding with the collapse of an inland lake due to the ending of the last Ice Age, in what is present day Canada about 9,500BCE, which corresponds exactly with Plato’s account.

3) As for oddities like Tiahuanco, which could date from about 11000 – 15000 years ago based on mathematical and astronomical calculations, there is the collapse of Lake Livingston in frozen North American that could have been the first flooding at the ‘end’ of the last Ice Age or more specifically the end of the Older Dryas.

These are just a few of the mysteries that can be explored to give us new and amazing insight into what might have been before our accepted history, or even what might have led to what we consider our accepted history.

High In The Andes ~ On The Sea Floor

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Tiahuanaco is the ‘home of the gods’ according to Andean myths. Located a few miles from the present day shore of Lake Titicaca, the ruins of this city along with the Sacred Islands of Titicaca and Puma Punku seem to allude to a misplacement of credit and time. Most textbooks and even the museum near the Kalasasaya, state as fact, not theory, that Tiahuanaco rose to power around 100AD, peaked around 500AD and then steadily declined into ruin by 1000AD. (3. pg59) Yet, the agreed descendants to the culture of Tiahuanaco, the Incas clearly told chroniclers that the builders of the places were ancient and of the gods and or with the gods. The Incas’ stories do not back up the time lines of the textbooks; of course the textbooks also still state as a fact that the Incas built Machu Picchu. Again, the Incas plainly told chroniclers that they inherited the site already built. This complete disregard by ‘experts’ of information given by the people in question, themselves, is arrogant and rude and leads to bad conclusions being drawn from less reliable sources.

The Bolivian Altplano is roughly 12,000ft or almost 3,700m above sea level. However, the amazing water feature, Lake Titicaca, has some very sea-level features, including the only place on Earth to find ‘fresh-water’ seahorses. The geology supports the theory that at some time in the past, most geologists say about 100 million years ago, some upheval occurred that raised the ‘lake’ from at least sea level if not part of the sea itself to its present elevation. If you look around the sites, huge monolithic blocks are scattered like Lego’s across a child’s room and the ‘Gateway of the Sun’ was torn apart like cardboard, in affect the ancient sites look like they survived an event at least similar to the geologic event that relocated the lake and even shifted the shorelines as a result. The paradox is that where geology says something big happened 100 million years ago, archaeology says the sites declined in 500AD based on the same resulting evidence, neither acknowledge the facts of the other.

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Enter the skies…early in the 20th century Professor Arthur Posnansky dated Tiahuanaco to 15,000BCE. His dates were based on mathematical and astronomical figures. (2. pg 66) Several years later a German team checked the work done by Prof. Posnansky and agreed that his work was accurate, however, they placed a more conservative, yet still sensational date of 9,300BCE for the site layout. These dates are mostly ignored by textbooks and archaeologists. To refute these dates or more specifically to support traditional expert dates some massive landscape change had to have taken place affecting the whole of the Altplano around the year 500AD. This upheval would have had to be massive enough to move city and or lake approximately 12 miles distant and change the shoreline to explain the discrepancy of over 100 feet between the city level and current shorelines.

There are also other interesting details concerning the peoples that still inhabit the region, such as their reed boats that resemble the boats of the Nile. The stories of their civilizer, Viracocha, being conspired against by 72 enemies and being lost to the water, just like Osiris. Viracocha not resembling them in appearance, but resembling someone of ‘European’ appearance. And more interesting similarities that we will explore later.


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Out of Africa, Still?

Well you have to give the ‘mainstreams‘ credit, they don’t give up even after they lose the fight. Of course there are many examples of the defeated never admitting their defeat and I can imagine if your ego is as huge as some mainstreamers then admitting that you might have had it wrong cause you instantly went from we think or based on what we know to THIS IS FACT! like a Ferrari going from 0 to 60, hitting that brick wall at the end might smart a little.

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But I don’t blame the egomaniacs, no I blame the institutions! That is right, academic pursuit is controlled by the institutes of higher learning around the world and they ALL have an agenda and a position and are interested in donations (read profits), not the pursuit of knowledge. Maybe I am just the extreme optimist, but I believe that most academics, no matter what their field, chose to be academics cause they purely and sincerely wanted to pursue knowledge and truth. But the world likes to have complete control over us, it is very few that have the courage to let the world shun them or have parents so unconditionally supportive that they encourage being happy and being honest to one’s self over having the nice house and car and a ‘good job’. And what child, at least up to early adulthood, doesn’t want to make mom and dad proud!

That being said, once you get your degree you need funding so that you can research and seek that knowledge, the most common sources of funding are those institutions of higher learning (and you are probably already in with the one that you got your last degree with) and foundations and museums. Whereas you might have been left to your own ‘choices’ as a student working on your Masters or PhD., as their employee they are much more interested in your pursuits, as you now professionally carry their name; and they have an agenda, whether they work within the confines of a religious dogma, or have maintained a ‘long line of academic discoveries’ or they promote a conservative education, it is there. Stated or unspoken you know it, I know it, we all know it! And your pursuit of knowledge has now had it wings clipped and the scissors were TENURE.

What an awful, vulgar word! That word needs to be removed from ALL education! If you are a good teacher then you should be able to teach without fear and no teacher at any level (no employee anywhere in any field, except politicians) should fear being fired over POLITICS! Thus if one wants to pursue any part of the pursuit of knowledge under the safety and security of a university or other such institution then one must as they say ‘play by the rules’.
And we have many examples of ‘playing by the rules’:

  1. The Pyramids of Giza were built for the sole purpose of tombs for three 4th dynasty pharaohs, yet there is absolutely NO real evidence to support this, the prior and later pharaohs all used underground hidden chambers and the building skills 500yrs on either side of the alleged date of the pyramids is technologically inferior (understatement).
  2. The National Geographic version of the Florida World History text books states as a fact that the Nazca lines ARE irrigation canals! (If you need this one explained message me.)
  3. That humans only came to North and South America via the Bering Land Bridge from the last ice age. Yet, there are many sites on both continents that are older than the Bering Land Bridge.
  4. That civilization is ONLY ~5000 years old! You cannot accurately measure stone buildings/monuments. You have to rely on ‘carbon finds’ at the site. Most experts will dig till they hit the first one dig a little more to ‘prove’ no more and then date the site as being built then, instead of used/occupied/existing in part or in whole.

There are many more examples which you can seek for yourself in addition to the 4 listed above; however, the big one that DOES impact all other ‘mis-truths’ in our history is that it is stated and taught as FACT without any room for doubt or deviation that man evolved only in Africa and then ventured our from Africa to populate the rest of the world and this was done on a very precise and recent timeline. These same experts are kinda funny about how many different species existed at any one time and interbreeding is an even more touchy subject. However, DNA studies show that present day humans, that is you and me, carry DNA of which at least 2% is directly from Neanderthal; considering that Neanderthal ‘died out’ about 40,000 years ago and you only get 1/2 of each parents DNA to make up your own, I think by the math it is hard to think that Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon only in very very small numbers interacted and interbred. Not to mention DNA studies show that the Aborigines from Austrailia do not share the same ‘Eve’ that the rest of the world share. And there are groups in South East Asia and Oceania that contain DNA from at one unknown independent ancestor.

Hominids viaDiscovery
via Discovery.com

Again just by the numbers supposedly ‘we’ only left Africa, on foot mind you cause we weren’t technologically advanced, ‘no more than’ 60,000 years ago and our ancestors left not more than 200,000 years ago (but experts claim they all died out but us). Yet, there are footprints in Britain dated to a million years agoartifacts have been found in Arabia that date 100,000 years ago and would be from ‘us’, then in Asia there has been a tooth of Homo sapiens that was found dated to more than 70 thousand years ago possibly as old as 125 thousand years ago. Also in Asia there has been found another human species that lived along side Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon. However, originally believed to only cross paths in Asia, this new species, Denisovans, there is now a femur bone dated to 400,000 years ago found in Spain that is more closely linked to Denisovans than to either Neanderthal or Homo heidelbergensis the assumed total contributors to the population at the time. There are individuals in Oceanic and some Indian populations that seem to have as much as 5% DNA in common with Denisovans.

I think it is and always has been fair to say that how we ended up the way we are and all over the world is still a huge wonderful mystery and that we should seek with open minds to discover the truth of the journey and learn so much more than we ever thought possible.