Look Around And Call It- – Coincidence?

When you observe all the various rituals and aspects of culture today, it seems challenging to accept the professional view that we all come up with the same ideas on our own.

Grain Silos

Did I hear that right? Dr. Ben Carson believes that they pyramids of Giza were Silos.

The Origin of Life on Earth

Where did we come from?
How did life start?
What is the origin of man?
These are questions that have been pondered by man since the beginning.

DNA: The Most Accurate Ignorance In History

In recent history, the last few decades, all the rage to prove the written history has been centered on the new love affair with the absoluteness of DNA. I know what ALL you PRO DNAers are thinking, it is DNA. And DNA doesn’t lie.

Hancock V Hawass

So on 22 April 2015, there was supposed to have been a debate between, Graham Hancock and Dr. Zahi Hawass, in Egypt. The topic was about their differing views of the history of Egypt and human kind.

Causeways and Rituals in the Ancient World

Not far up the river Avon from Stonehenge is a less famous, but equally important site, that of Woodhenge. And the difference from Stonehenge is just like it sounds…Woodhenge was made from timbers

An Ancient Code or Alien Code

One of the hardest challenges for any researcher or journalist is to keep their own personal view and values out of their research.

Out of Africa, Still?

We explore the Out Of Africa theory, including its flaws, of which there are many.