As If It Needs To Be Said Again

It is truly sad that this sentiment needs to be repeated!

The absolute best way for the US to end terrorism is to STOP funding it!

President Obama is going to address the I.S. threat in his speech on 10 SEP…….
how ironic that he is choosing to address a US created terror threat on the eve of the anniversary of a terror attack by another US created terror group, Al Qadea.

Here is my statement of FACT…..if there is absolutely ANY attack on US soil here or overseas, I hold the current members of the federal government completely and totally responsible; not because they did not prevent it, but because they initiated it by funding I.S. to begin with, in addition they created the environment both in Iraq and Syria to allow for hopeless young men to be deluded by the propaganda of the twisted dogma by unholy clerics whom have no true understanding of Islam. Thus, the President, the Cabinet, the whole of Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the top leadership of the Intel Community will have committed TREASON against the United States of America.

These alleged beheadings of 2 US journalists by I.S. are suspect at least….

First speaking about Foley, how does one gain upwards of 50 pounds while being held as prisoner? How does one lose a couple inches of neck?

Next, if you threaten another beheading over continued bombing – – why wait weeks to preform said beheading when not even one day was without bombs being dropped on your claimed territory.

Last, if you are mass-killing soldiers and civilians instantly, why hold on to minor journalists from other countries for years and why ask for absurd ransom amounts?

Nothing that I.S. has done has followed the true actions and motives of any previous or known terrorist group. Thus calling into doubt their actual function as a terrorist group. In addition, their access to international leaders also begs the question how they got such connections so quickly if we are to believe the official lines of the US Government.

So Pres. Obama you might want to be VERY careful what you say about your Frankenstein on Wednesday!!!


Military Police State Murders Communities

ferguson-missouri-9-via businessinsider

It is an oxymoron to use the term Militarized Police! The military is to defend the citizens of the nation and the borders of the nation from organized, armed aggression on the level of some entity that has organized command structure and is probably supported in part or whole by an outside body. The military is to be the defense of the citizens against even its own national level government if need be.
On the other hand the police are to keep the peace in the communities that they serve. That is why they were called peace officers originally. They were to be men that were deemed fair and just and honorable. They were trusted by the persons of a specific location to protect the persons, property and interests of that community. They were to ensure that the spirit of the law was applied appropriately in all instances. They were the first contact with the justice system and it was intended that in most cases they be the only contact one had.

Seeing on TV the ‘old’ shows where peace officers did a lot of just talking to parties involved in a situation and then sending them on their separate ways was not just for TV it reflected the reality of life in that period. Yes, those same ‘old’ TV shows would also show the peace officers ready to use force in extreme situations, but never as a first response. When they approached an incident they seemed to assess it and enter with confidence but not arrogance. They spoke with those involved with a calm authoritative tone but not barking orders and yelling. Their job was keeping the peace and they knew it and valued it. Most importantly they were men of and from and in the community.

How can you be a truly effective and trusted peace officer of a people that you do not respect enough to be a member of their community. When you drive two or more towns/cities away for your ‘job’ as a peace officer and spend your shift trying to keep peace with people that do not know you, so they cannot respect you cause you are truly not part of their community, it does not matter how well intended your motives are you will fail more often than you will succeed. This is a primary reason that elected officials have to reside in the community/district that they represent the conclusion being that it is their community too and they will do what is best for THEIR community. It should be a more obvious need when it comes to those public servants, peace officers and teachers that have a more direct impact on the daily health of a community. When this is not the case as with most communities in this nation, especially poorer ones, there is a division. Those public servants are seen as outsiders not as part of the community. Thus to increase your success rate you have to go from being a peace officer helping the community live in the spirit of the law to being a police officer enforcing the letter of the law!

That truth was evident during the unrest in Ferguson last week. When the overwhelmed, police officers of the Ferguson Police Force tried to handle the situation they had no option, in their mind for success, other than to make sure their understanding of the letter of the law be enforced strictly and swiftly. That led to even more unrest, however, when the State Troopers were brought in under the command of a man whom had grown up in the community there was less unrest. That fact was cause the members of the community could look at that Officer and say he is one of us, he is from here, he knows and understands us.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls via concord monitor
via Concord Monitor

But there is more to it than simply having the peace officers of a community be from the community. That is a huge start though. Next, it is important for the community to be proactive in being part of the spirit of the law of the community as well. The health of a community depends on ALL members of the community participating in all the activities of the community. The healthiest communities are the ones where there is NO them and us, but EVERYONE is US! The members of the community have to engage the public servants as well, not violently or only when something happens, but every day. If you have a concern about something on your block stop the patrol officer and talk to him about it, learn what they can and can’t do about it, ask how can WE fix it. Go into the schools and ask how you can help. Say hello to your neighbors. Speak to the shop keepers. Suggest ways that churches or sports teams or civic groups can assist those that can’t, for what ever reason, help themselves. Most important DO NOT be afraid to be the good example in your own neighborhood!

UPS Trumps NSA

What can BROWN do for you? 

We have all heard the slogan from the UPS ads trying to encourage us to use the shipping company for ALL our logistical needs. UPS seems to be the shipper of choice with most companies that have online services and thus have to deliver products nation wide or farther. As many others, I have had UPS knock on my door more times than I can count.

Ignored warnings:
A few years ago there was some bad press with statements and even videos about drivers with UPS (and FedX also) throwing packages over fences and other not so professional deliveries. It seemed that both companies cleaned up their act. That being said I can personally attest to the fact that customers are not their first priority, nor do they have 100% completion of their shipping promises. Couple Christmases ago we ordered a gift that we paid to be guaranteed delivered by Christmas Eve. The tracking site said that Christmas Eve morning the package was on the truck and ‘out for delivery’….. yet the delivery NEVER came on Christmas Eve, it did however come the day after. No apologies, no excuses, nothing on how it got put on the truck yet never delivered.

Present day……

I recently ordered some shipments from companies online, I was not given a choice about shipping company, so the orders were shipped UPS. At this point I had NO issues with that arrangement. However, my hours can be some what irregular, so I decided that I would take old advice from UPS from the holiday to have a “MyUPS” profile and then could schedule drop offs or electronically sign for deliveries and give permission for package drop off if I’m not home.

Sounds like a great idea, right???? I thought so too. So, when I saw that packages were on their way and scheduled to arrive when I wasn’t sure I would be home, I clicked to sign up for a profile. I provided my name and address and email and expected an email for verification. I got a ‘Welcome to MyUPS’ email but nothing about verifying my account, back to the site tab to see what it would say, it showed step 2, verification…cool, I’m almost set……WTF!!!!!

Complete and total shock!! Absolute disbelief!! How? Where? Are you kidding me?!?!?!

MyUPS verification is 3 ‘security’ questions, doesn’t sound that bad, does it, lots of sites let you chose security questions for verification if you lose your password, and on those sites you pick the questions and then TYPE in your answer. That is not how UPS works……

UPS has either compiled or paid for access to some database somewhere that claims to have information apparently on EVERY person in the USA! Comprehensive information, information that is vast and goes back decades into a person’s life. Information that you have NOT given to them or given them permission to maintain on you!

There is absolutely NO sense of morality or presence of anything resembling ethics in the Board Room of UPS. Without any regard to a persons right to privacy or welfare, UPS randomly and without any conscious of damage they might do to their customers violates individuals’ right to privacy by asking questions that names names of third persons that may or may not be related to you that you according to their data has or had some ‘relationship’ with you in the past.

Did their Legal Department even look at this policy/procedure before it was implemented? If their access and irresponsible use of basically what appears to be complete and comprehensive histories of every ‘American’, maybe even every person on the planet, or at least in EVERY country that UPS does business, isn’t illegal, it should be and at least is totally cruel and callous.

Let me give generic examples, ones that UPS’ Legal team should have presented from the start;

Question 1: In what state did you and XXXX XXXXX last reside together
you are then provided with multiple choice answers
Question 2: In what city did you and XXXX XXXXX (same name as question 1) last reside together
again you are provided with multiple choice answers
Question 3: In what month was ZZZZZ ZZZZZ born
yes, more multiple choice answers

Now those of you who have never had any bad experiences or relationships and are lucky enough to have had a fairy tale rainbow life might think so what is the big deal………

What if you were in the most perfect relationship and XXXXX was that person and some awful tragedy ended their life and you were devastated. You spent years in therapy and moved to a new place and have finally accepted the loss and moved forward……. Until you won’t be home to receive a delivery from UPS!
SLAM, UPS wants you to relieve that loss just to get your package!

What if you were in an abusive relationship and XXXXX was that abuser and now 10+ years later when you finally don’t wake up from nightmares, don’t jump every time the phone rings or someone knocks at the door and you feel like a normal regular person…….But you need to schedule a delivery!
NOPE, UPS has just thrown that nightmare right back in your face!

What if your uncle/aunt, who is ZZZZZ, was the person that raised you after your parents death and was the most dear person in your life and they died last year and you are still grieving and you need UPS to leave a box on the porch…..
ONLY IF, you tell UPS when their birthday is!

What if you were molested by a family member, someone you never had any legal or credit interactions with EVER and that is ZZZZZ? Where is UPS’ compassion that you spent years in therapy and moved 3000 miles away and started over again just to have them ask you when that jerk’s birthday is?
SORRY, NOT! UPS doesn’t care about that they have to verify for delivery!

ALL this just to know that package will be delivered between 2 and 5 instead of on Monday.
ALL this just to ask UPS to leave the package at the door.
ALL this to just electronically sign for a package.

And on top of the mental duress that UPS willingly and knowingly puts it customers under, their information in their data base is not 100% accurate, so if you actually ‘man-up’ to their abuse, your answer about where you lived last might not be their ‘right’ answer and then what? Does UPS expect you to strip your life history bare just to receive a box???
Yet, UPS lets anyone who answers the door at an address take a package and or sign whatever name for package, WITHOUT verification!!!

Suffice it to say, I will NEVER willingly do business with UPS ever again. I might also change which online businesses I conduct other business with if they cannot offer me other options rather than UPS. Don’t worry UPS, I will tell those companies that I drop that they were dropped cause they conduct business with YOU!

As of now, UPS is declared persona non grada in my business!

NO Honor Left in DC

I know that it has become common open knowledge that politicians are selfish, greedy, arrogant, narcissistic liars, but there used to be some lines that they didn’t cross, at least not very often nor openly, as the public still watched them and had morals that were lacking inside the Beltway. Now the public has fallen completely under the provided delusions of mainstream media, which is owned by Big Business, the very same group that owns the politicians. I have come to the conclusion that here in the US the public will not wake up and smell the coffee until they hit the sidewalk after falling off the Empire State Building! That is the sad sad state of American society. Most Americans have allowed themselves and their children to be so dumb downed by MSM and public education, not that private is much better, yes, I have had experience with both, that they completely accept the crimes committed by our government both at home and abroad. They believe the propaganda about threats and enemies cause they are ignorant of both the locations and histories of the events abroad. The problem is that after WWII, the prosperity that followed was so intoxicating after rations during both wars and the depression betwixt them that most became addicts of “The Good Life” which replaced “The American Dream”. No longer did Americans want the opportunity to live a comfortable life making an honest living from an honest days work. Instead, because the men that had served their countries so well and came home and had the chance to give something to the comfort of their families, greed at the corporate level saw a great opportunity. These corporate tycoons, had seen how well propaganda and advertising had worked for the success of the war effort; thus they tweaked it and turned it into their own success machine to corrupt the American mind. A massive campaign was launched against the American public. Mass communications, in the form of radio and then TV, were the weapons used in this war for the mind. Corporations poured ideas into the minds of Americans that love was no longer about how you treated each other, but what you gave to them; success was no longer measured by remaining true to your values or morals, but by how big your house was or how new your car was or how many outfits you owned; your neighbors were no longer those you counted on and shared with and helped out, they were the ones that you competed with to prove that you were the better father, husband, provider.
The campaign was a success and the prosperity keep rolling along. It seemed NOTHING could stop the money flowing freely into the hands of the rich making them richer. Then something came along to upset the proverbial apple cart. The civil rights movement happened and people became focused on something other than spending money. The Civil Rights Movement, in and of itself, probably would not have been that much to overcome, yet the movement snowballed. The movement woke up the spirit of human nature, the one that corporations had been so diligently lulling to sleep with their slogans and spokespersons. With the Civil Rights movement came the Peace Movement and a resurgence in the feminist movement. Then the unthinkable happened, President Kennedy made his famous speech and implored to the humanity in us all; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  And then he had the audacity to set up the Peace Corps, so that Americans could not just help their country, but also the people of other countries. (Yes, afterwards the CIA and others corrupted it) But, the final straw seems to be that President Kennedy refused to send the US into a war that he decided we could not win; not for lack of ability, yet, because those whose freedom we were supposed to secure, had no real desire to be free. As the saying goes, you cannot save people that do not want to be saved.
However, by luck or design, the three heroes of this awaking of the humanity in society, President Kennedy, his brother, Bobby, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all met with untimely and violent deaths. The light of humanness dimmed and the war that couldn’t be won was fought and abandoned 10 years later. In that time their was still one keeper of light in the battle of good and evil, or corruption and honesty, that was the press. And that was what most people thought probably up to 9/11 and some still do. Yet, quietly and with the help of government, that should have prevented it as a violation of the First Amendment, tycoons were emerging within the news industry. As of today 6 corporations control over 90% of the media, that means that there is absolutely no independent and fair reporting taking place within this spectrum of journalism. And this 90% is also, working with the government to squash the less than 10% that is independent.  As for when the news media was firmly in the pocket of big business and government can be debated, I would say that it was completely controlled by the beginning of the wars in the Balkans, maybe even as early as the first Gulf War. But no doubt since the Balkans, there has not been any independent and fair and balance reporting of any world event by MSM.
It is of great shame that people are more concerned about Kim and Kanye getting married (who cares, it is publicity and nothing more, how they did it shows that), the latest criminal act by Justin Bieber (any parent who lets their daughter support this jerk and his career is telling their daughter that type of boy is good enough to take care of you one day, SHAME on parents for selling out daughters so cheaply), or the rantings of a complete and total jerk, that would currently be Donald Sterling (I will say again from what I heard of his comments, he isn’t a racist, he thinks EVERYONE is beneath him equally, he was being a controlling jerk of a boyfriend, nothing more), than they care about violence going on in Syria, or Libya or Ukraine, or the humanitarian disaster in the Balkans. And it is this shame that allows immorality, and corruption to live healthy and happy in our sacred halls of government.

SCOTUS Gives Koch Brothers Deed To US

In a recent ruling the SCOTUS decided that limits on donations to SuperPACs and thus to campaigns in general are unconstitutional. In some respects this may seem like a good idea, however, in the larger picture of influence of elected officials it is a very bad decision. If you think that there is inequality now in the US just wait 10 years. It is amazing how far away from the path the forefathers set us on that we have strayed. What is the saying about sometimes you have to get burned yourself to know not to play with fire?!?!
Allowing unlimited donations to political entities will only increase corruption and remove the government further from service to the people. There is currently a huge gap between elected officials and their constituents. The American public has little to no trust in political leaders. Thanks to the Electoral College, which has outlived its useful purpose, there is no confidence in the election process.
It is worth the effort of each American to learn whom the Koch Brothers are and what they are about. Maybe the scare will make some wake up and put forth some effort to put the US back on the right path.

Obama Meant Making Public EVERYONE ELSE’S Skeletons

One of Obama’s loudest “Changes” he promised when he campaigned was transparency. What we have gotten is even more status quo than under the “tyranny of Bush”. Most government watch groups have come to the same conclusion, the current administration is the most secret we have had in memory. It seems that absolutely even the most general knowledge is classified due to National Security.
In order for any information to be made public under this administration it either requires a HUGE court battle or gained by ‘illegal’ means. Of course publicly everything is Bush’s fault or was an inherited mess from Bush. I wonder how many years Obama would have had to been POTUS before Bush was no longer responsible for the current situation. The sadder truth is that the American public has become so complacent that they allowed Obama’s excuses and passing the buck to be rewarded by a 2nd term.
Of course the American public has also allowed for a Congress that has not done their Constitutional duty for more years than we can remember to stay in office and in power. Then we complain about the economy not getting better, the tax burden getting worse, and yet we do not fix things. Still things get worse and when they get too bad it will be too late. There is too much affection between big business and government and not enough between government and the public.
I said before Obama became POTUS that he was ALL talk and I have to say on that he has not let me down at all. And that is a very sad fact. I do have to say that he has surprised me by how aggressively his administration has gone after whistle-blowers and charging more people with treason than ALL other presidents combined. Just as disturbing are the down-right totalitarian policies of spying on your cubical mate and even being held accountable if they show honor and courage by blowing the whistle and you didn’t squeal to the bosses before it happened. It appears that Mr. Obama and his advisers took Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 to heart as instruction manuals. They were supposed to be wake up calls for the public, maybe that is why they are not read anymore in lit classes in American High Schools. Of course today schools are just training facilities for conformity into a socialist totalitarian system run behind the scenes by big business.
It has become a concern for some in wondering just what it will take to wake the American people up and to get them to care; my concern is whether there will be anything left of the America that the world looked up to when that finally happens or will it really be too late.

Playing With Words To Strip Rights

Retired Justice Stevens is speaking up against the Right to Bear Arms. He is making his case sound rational and logical and uber-civilized by manipulating the spirit of the words within the 2nd Amendment. The words that he is focusing on are “well regulated militia” and he would also add more limitations to the Amendment, thus making it UNCONSTITUTIONAL in application. It is very apparent that Justice Stevens is either very idealistic and liberal in his point of view or is a complete tool for oppressive government. Which, matters not, as both are detrimental to individual rights of ALL citizens.
The basic premise, intended or not, by the retired Justice is that only persons that are loyal to the government and labeled as militia by the government (so basically each states’ National Guard) would be allowed to have weapons ONLY when performing their tasks as militia of the government. So Justice Stevens’ new 2nd Amendment would read:


While his proposal might sound perfectly civilized and acceptable to most upper-middle class suburbia, it is nailing shut the coffin lid on individual rights and freedom. Justice Stevens, effectively removes all ability of the citizenry to protect themselves from an oppressive government. I guess Justice Stevens has so focused on the Amendments that he has forgotten why the Bill of Rights were included in the Constitution from the start and were expected to be left completely and unequivocally intact.

If the Colonists had no weapons then we would still be declaring loyalty to the Queen and paying tithe to the Church of England. And that makes the death of EVERY Patriot from the Revolution to WWII in vain. And endangers ALL our individual rights. Think I am wrong; ask any dissident from the Soviet Block, better yet, ask anyone that has fled China, Cuba. The Soviet Union had a Constitution that on paper put the US one to shame, yet cause the public was unarmed and thus was NO threat to the government, big government I might add, it was just words on paper.
If you think that that could NEVER happen here, you are one of the ones that is supporting the gradual oppression of yourself and everyone else. Think about the logic, you fear criminals cause they are bad people and armed, yet you support the Government, that is run by less than honorable people who are armed. You have not really thought your logic and reasoning through.
Our Bill of Rights are a GIFT from our forefathers. And throwing it away for non-sense is throwing away everything that our forefathers sacrificed for us in hopes to ensure that we would never have to repeat their actions. Throw away our rights and you are setting us up to repeat history. Hence the basis for the saying; Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it!

How To Actually Prevent Another Ft. Hood Shooting

The recent shooting at Ft. Hood will give new breath to the Gun Control lobbyists. And while I certainly think that something should be done about the rise in violent crime, I believe in doing something constructive and proactive. As I have stated before, I also believe that individuals should be held responsible and totally accountable for their actions, unless you can show valid mental defect or extreme duress. Limiting legal access by law abiding citizens to any and all weapons, as is provided for in the 2nd Amendment, will NEVER reduce violent crime in this country. One need only look at the statistics of Chicago to see that. Chicago ranks tops in 2 things, the strictest gun restrictions and number of violent crimes involving, of all weapons, firearms. The obvious reason for this is that criminals do not respect the laws and thus do not use the laws or legal system to resolve conflict or to conduct business; therefore, they do not purchase their firearms legally.
The point of this article, though, is not to restate the obvious, but to point out another fact that shows how Congress and ‘political correctness’ have created monsters that they cannot control and refuse to claim. In what manner do I speak of? First and foremost, since this applies to most mass shooting events; we are so worried about image and we have such a force everyone to be one size education and mental health point of view that we do not properly support those individuals that need different classrooms or different environments to maintain stability and mental health and even to grow and be productive and contribute to the whole. These ‘moments’ of violence are usually a last result, they are the culmination of years and years of crying out for help, of being neglected, of not having a place of value in the group. You may be thinking how does ‘political correctness’ fit in here. Let me explain, when parents refuse to seek mental help for children cause they don’t want to be labeled bad parents, no one encourages them, when schools and parents drug kids out of being kids they are completely screwing up the child on every level. When we cannot identify children by their differences cause it is not politically correct and when every word that can be considered a bad word is suddenly not politically correct and becomes the R word or the S word or the B word what happens when we run out of letters of the alphabet? As Shakespeare alluded to…..’a rose by any other name is still a rose’ and so it is with people as well.
Today we have two completely contradictory systems that do not benefit our children or at risk members at all. We have the political world that thinks by twisting words you make change, wrong. On the other hand we have the medical world that makes HUGE profits by providing pills for EVERYTHING. Fifty years ago a child that ran around with loads of energy and a million questions was a healthy well adjusted child, today that same child is ADD/HA and must be medicated. Those medications affect children for their whole lives, you cannot undo taking a childhood away, yet we have taken away whole generations of childhoods, not through war or disaster, but pills in bottles. All so parents can spend more time chasing dollars to buy bigger and better things to prove what good parents they are.
How does this relate to the shooting at FT. Hood? By taking away childhoods we create half adults. There is a real and needed purpose to childhood. It is a time where we explore and push boundaries and develop personalities. Half of EVERYTHING we will ever know we learn by the age of 7. If we medicate our children into stupors before that age then we have damaged them for life. Granted I do not know if the suspect in the shooting had this type of history, but I do not that he went through a VERY ‘politically correct’ basic training that does not allow for the stressing or pushing the limits of soldiers.
I have said it before and I will say it again, WAR IS HELL. And it is suppose to be. Everyone cannot be a warrior. It truly takes a very special make up of person to be a warrior. That statement is not a politically correct one, but war is not politically correct and trying to make it so and fight it with politically correct soldiers has created an even bigger hell. By trying to run the oxymoron of politically correct wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we have failed to achieve better lives for either the Iraqis, Afghans, or Americans. By allowing any individual that can achieve the bare minimum proficiency in tactical actions and practices to be sent to war, we have sent unfit soldiers into harms way. This stupidity on the part of Congress to impose its political correctness agenda in an area that makes it detrimental to the participants has created the overwhelming number of PTSD cases ever seen in this country.
Had the suspect had to attempt to make it through Basic Training 50 years ago or even 25, chances are that he would have been weeded out for failure to adapt. And had that been allowed, instead of being considered mean and unjust by politicians that have no real clue about what it takes to carry out their whims for power, the event at Ft. Hood would have never happened. And as for the gun control lobbyists, if our military members were ALWAYS armed in uniform on duty, at most 2 persons would have lost their lives, the suspect and possibly his first victim. Unfortunately, for our military members and their families, no politician will speak on this real issue.

It’s Broke, But We Won’t Fix It

The Justice System that is. Matter of fact to call it broken would mean that it has improved. There are more aspects of the system that are broke, corrupt, immoral, abused, or outdated than there are parts of the engine itself. Another example of just how broken this system is, is the recent plea-deal agreement with a member of the DuPont family of Delaware over the rape of his own 3 year old daughter.  As horrendous as this crime is, it is just another example that we would rather hide from truth and not face reality within our society and the superior belief held by the masses that since we are so affluently civilized and crime doesn’t effect us we do not have to worry about it or deal with it.
The reality is that having a proactive, well thought out, effective and forward looking justice system is to the benefit of not only the stability and security of the internal functions of society, but will also improve the health and strength of the society over time. These facts make the justice system second to the education system in importance for the survival and advancement of community. Some of you might argue that health care should be one of the top 2 systems for society, the fact is that the more successful your education and justice the better the standard of health is of individuals within society as a result of the improvement of the health of the whole society.
What does this mean? It means that we need to take the time to face the fact that both our education and justice systems are beyond broken. We need to recognize that both are vital to all members of society, not just those that are ‘handled’ by those systems. We need to not only say equal opportunities, we need to provide them. We need not only say equality for all, we need to insure it.
We have the tools to make the changes, what we need is the courage and determination. We need to remember that all children are different with different gifts and we do have the means, facilities and technology to meet the needs of ALL our children. Understanding and accepting and even appreciating the differences of each and every child is the basis for a successful education system and the first step in creating a fair justice system as well. We need to cease having just one measure for ‘smart’ and one measure for success. Not every child is an academic, not every child is an athlete, not every child is super-star and that is not only okay, it is what is needed. If every child was a doctor or lawyer, then they might be rich but they would not have houses or cars or food or clothes or offices or any of those ‘finer things’ that parents seem to think measure success of their parenting styles.
Our education and justice systems began to fall apart as we changed our values from character and honor and being the best that you can be to how big a house can you mortgage, how fancy a car can you lease, how many ‘toys’ can you charge. We no longer judge people by their actions but by the things they have. The result is that our selves and society are hollow and we are more unhappy, less mentally stable and less fulfilled.
We have become so morally bankrupt that we think privatizing prisons is an acceptable thing. That is the worst thing.

But we need to completely change our punishment and rehabilitation mentality. Prisoners should not be separated from their minor children, especially if they are single parents, unless their crime was committed against one of their children. Part of the ‘punishment and rehabilitation’ should include as mandatory the parent’s involvement and accountability to their child and the life of that child. While I think Amnesty International and other watch dog groups have their place, I think they need to re-think what is humane and what isn’t. Prisoners doing ‘hard labor’ in fair and safe conditions is not in and of itself inhumane. Having prisoners clean their own facilities and grow their own food and participate in daily living activities is not inhumane either. Prisoners do not need to spend their days being idle watching trash TV, that is inhumane and in no way improves their sense of self-worth or allows them the self-respect and sense of pride that comes from being a contributing member of a group. It is these changes in the internal self views of prisoners that will increase their chance of legitimate success after incarceration.
These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg of changes that need to be made. It would take at least a couple volumes of well thought out and effectively expressed detailed concepts rebuilding both the education and justice systems from the ground up to include all the needed changes and redefined measures of success. Hopefully, this tip of the iceberg will start the thinking and dialogue needed to initiate the change. Change that will benefit EVERYONE!

“More Money Less Insurance”

Ah, if the ACA, better known as ObamaCare, hasn’t totally made you sick yet, give it another few weeks and it will. Looking at the promises made and repeated time and time again, and looking at the numbers, there was never any way that the Affordable Care Act could float as promised.
Let’s take a walk down memory lane;
Obama promised that “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it.” The fact is that from the time that the ACA was signed into law and companies started seeing the requirements and the number crunchers started crunching the numbers: companies have been cutting full-time employees to part-time status; companies have been limiting the hours that part-time employees are working; companies have informed employees that insurance benefits will be limited or dropped. It is estimated that 2 million Americans have lost the health care that they had. And there are more to follow, not to mention that for those 2 million most are finding that their premiums will increase by up to 50% over their lost benefits and that might not even mean similar coverage.
Obama’s stance was that the ACA was a way for those that currently did not have or could not afford health care to be covered. It was to catch those that had fallen through the cracks of the old system. The problem is that a significant number of those millions of uninsured Americans will not only still fall through the cracks they will also be punished for it. And the insurance companies are still making billions in profits every year, as they are raking in on this force purchase of their products.If Obama wanted to really help out the poor and uninsured then he should have taken a very courageous approach to healthcare. He should have fought to make all hospitals and clinics and other health industries non-profits. He should have consolidated the health industry and imposed rules and regulations that insure that patients are put before profits. He should have developed a method by which medical students and others receiving a degree or certification in the health industry are required instead of paying back student loans, those individuals should commit to equal service to their length of education in the poorest and most in need areas of the country. There is even a bonus in this that maybe some of these persons that pursue a health care career for the primary purpose of monetary gain, might actually learn the real and true purpose of healing others. It is about giving and not receiving.Now there are those that say the naysayers are just trying to scare people for political motives. And the supporters of ObamaCare can show figures for how many people have been helped by the ACA. But here is the bottom line, big business has more pull in Washington than any individual group of private citizens; therefore, the insurance and healthcare industry would have never allowed any law to be passed that would in any way diminish their profit margin.
The real losers here are future American citizens. The way to have a healthier public is to limit the greed of, not only, big business, but also, of the falsely entitled self: to reteach people to be active; to use common sense; to practice moderation; to be responsible for their own choices; to think about the ramifications of ALL their actions.

Working Full Time … For What?

One of the most disturbing problems in the “richest” country in the world is the fact that working full time does not mean you make enough to live. And this statement is not having 1 full-time paycheck trying to support a whole family; it is speaking about supporting just the employee. The fact that someone working 40 hours per week cannot put a roof over their head or food on their table is a huge shame for this country. 
The current minimum wage for the U.S. is $7.25, there are 18 states and the District of Columbia that have minimum wages higher than the national minimum. This may sound like a good thing but the minimum wage does not equate to a living wage. “The idea of a living wage is that workers and their families should be able to afford a basic, but decent, life style that is considered acceptable by society at its current level of economic development,” This is a huge variable, however it is not an impossible accomplishment. In an MIT study it was determined that not a single state has a minimum wage that meets a living wage. There are 2 states that come close to providing a living wage, North and South Dakota, all other states are falling short.
Some may say that this issue is not major and shouldn’t take up time when there are so many other ‘more important’ issues that need our attention. Really? The other 2 issues that might be more important would actually benefit from all workers earning a living wage, those issues being our educational system and our justice/prison system.
Congress has argued that the minimum wage was never intended to support a family, the issue is that in most cases the minimum wage as shown in the afore links does not only not provide for a family, it doesn’t support an individual. This argument seems fraught with misconceptions and just something as simple as setting a minimum living wage would have ramifications that would benefit all aspects of society. Of course the effects of keeping a majority of people below a living wage benefits the leaders… is the same tactic used by war lords, dictators, and terror leaders and recruiters.
In 1968 the minimum wage was $1.60; however, that wage had the same buying power as earning $10.74 today. That might sound not that bad since some figures show that most American workers make that now or close. But the inflation numbers used are the government’s and therefore, play down the rate of inflation and decreased buying power of the American worker. “According to Social Security Administration about 40% of American workers make less than $20,000; that means that 40% of American workers earn less than they would have in 1968.”
Now there are arguments that increasing the minimum wage will not improve those living below the poverty level. Those against raising the minimum wage insist that only part time workers will benefit from a minimum wage increase, since they claim that most full-time workers make more than minimum wage. Their other argument is that less than 10% of those living at or below poverty are full-time minimum wage earners, that in fact almost 70% are not working at all. However, the point they miss is how broken our “welfare” system is that actually prevents people from moving from welfare effectively and efficiently to full-time work force participant. Again, this dependency on the government is of benefit to the government. It is never a good government that wants it people dependent.

The Government is ShutDown but Special Forces are Working Overtime

In the last couple days the headlines have been touting the successes of US Special Forces Operations in Africa. It is amazing that we have the money to fund more than the basic running of the military services while we are shut down. It is also amazing that there were Special Forces in Libya to take down a terror cell, which I hope was not in control in a government capacity else we have attacked the sovereignty of another country (oh wait we are the US we do not care about the independence of other nations if they are not following our demands): yet, we could not protect our own embassy staff while they were under attack for hours. Even under Clinton we showed more courage and selflessness.
But putting aside the distractions that the Administration is using to keep eyes off of Washington, Kerry’s comments are priceless….. Al Qaeda “can run but they can’t hide,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday; so does that mean that we will now support Syrian Government Forces and Al-Basad in their battle against terrorism and Al Qaeda? How is it that the US Government can condemn terrorists one day, wage war on the them next and supply them on the third day?? And lets not forget that in the beginning we trained them.
The US has lost all sense of honor and integrity. There is absolutely no moral basis left in Washington. It is all about money and power and politics. But the real tragedy isn’t what is going on in DC, that is purely business as usual; the true tragedy is the acceptance of the American public in the light of such apathetic and appalling behavior as comes out of our government branches. You hear many complain about the situation but few are willing to do anything about it. Even something as simple as writing a blog is too much effort for most. But you have a duty as citizens to participate in your own government. You have a responsibility to your children to participate in your own government. You should have enough self respect to participate in your own government.