Déjà vu for Malaysia Airlines

On 17 July Malaysian Flight MH17 was downed over the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine. While the West jumped right to the blame and smear Russia game they have been engaged in forever it seems like, there are some facts and coincidences that line up like one too many white elephants in the smoking room of the Congressional Boys Club.

Can We Get An E.U.

The EU is now a 28 country bloc, with another half dozen countries naively vying for inclusion. Yet, less than a quarter of the member countries are maintaining some form of economic survival.

Oh Serbia; As The Rains Fell

The Ides of May will be hard to forget for most Serbs, for a while at least. But the government was trying to sweep the water under the proverbial carpet as it fell.

More EU Members Wanted

The EU does not control the title of European. I know they would like to. I know they pretend they do. I know they tell countries you have to join the EU to be European. Those are lies

D Day +70 years

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. And this post should be about honoring the honorable, brave men that stormed the beaches and eventually fought their way to Berlin. My problem is that it seems that their service to once great nations was in vain.

More Honorable Is An Honest Enemy Than A Dishonest Hero

There has been a lot of remarks recently by regular people about just how horrible Russia and Putin are and how the whole world should back Ukraine, which they do not realize means backing a government that bullied its way into power. One of the words used to describe Putin has been bully. Yes, Putin very much can be a bully and if people had been paying attention to the world around them for longer than 5 minutes they might have some real concept of the political climate that has existed in Russia for several hundred years. If you are going to criticize and judge then you should do that with regard to the environment that the one you are criticizing exists in.

Will the New Government Be Chastised for Deaths Inflicted

The new government in Ukraine, conducted military operations against protestors that had taken over government buildings in the eastern Ukraine town of Kramatorsk. “They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told reporters, as cited by AFP. The general went on to state that the protesters were supported by hundreds of Russian soldiers. Those are very strong words for a government that has been commended by the West for being more democratic and patient and controlled in their response Pro-Russian protesters. Yet, not one word of restraint has been uttered by the west concerning the possible loss of life of protesters in eastern towns.

Changing Education in Serbia

Most education systems need to be reformed. Most of them no longer educate, instead they train children to grow into compliant obedient workers for mega-corporations.

Saying It’s Over, Doesn’t Make It So

A few days ago, the UNHCR recommended without much consultation of those being affected, to remove the refugee status of those persons that fled what is now present day Croatia. One of the arguments that the UNHCR used to justify their decision was the inclusion of Croatia in the EU. If joining a club makes you a different country, why wasn’t joining the UN good enough?

Geography Is Not Changed By Whims

So once again there are headlines defining Europe and or the EU. Apparently Geography is no longer taught in any school system in the world. Joining the EU does not make someone European. Europe is a continent, it is a geographic body and all countries that are located within the borders of the continent of Europe are European.

US One Step Closer To Ukraine

President Obama stated yesterday, in his address on the Ukrainian Crisis, that the US was imposing sanctions on several high -ranking Russian officials as well as ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Konstantinov of the Crimean Parliament and Viktor Medvedchuk of Ukrainian Choice. So basically, everyone that isn’t supporting the American view of what is right for Ukraine. It is a fact that Crimea is ethnically Russian with very strong ties to Russia. It is very natural for those with Russian heritage and contacts to be concerned with the very anti-Russian rhetoric coming out of the “new” government in Kiev. There have been concerns that some of the groups that make up the new leadership contains those with neo-Nazi ideas, this mere suggestion instead of being properly investigated and then with sourced and verified information refuted, has been buried under all the Russian/Putin imperialistic accusations. While I am not denying any such motive on Putin’s part; he is a very ambitious man with a real desire to see Russia increase her international presence. That is not anything different than any other world leader. That is how world leaders become world leaders.