How Joe Killed A Book!

If you have come across the book Blaze In, Blaze Out by Joseph Lewis, but have not picked it up yet, be forewarned that you will get more than you think you are from the synopsis and less at the same time. It is literally 2 stories clashing all the way through. The clash is due to the divergence of the plots that would appeal separately to different audiences with such a minor overlap as to be negligible for true reader enjoyment.

Zero Per Cent Chance Of Truth

In the work A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by Vítězslav Kremlík you can follow the dramatic change in science and the press over the last 50ish years that has brought us to such heated and politicized attacks.

Wonder if the 3rd time was a charm

Technically, the story was properly written with one irritating flaw….the use of the metric system by John Mark during the 1st Century when it was not in use. When you are writing to such a niche audience as those that would read “An Archaeological Thriller” you really need to make sure that your details will not stop a reader in their what did I just read tracks. Most readers of any historical nature know what should and should not appear in them. Those mistakes distract greatly. And after the fact even more so, as the version of the book that I was sent is the second of 3 different publishing of the same work under similar but different titles.

Who Needs God Anyway?

Thus, if you are wondering how you can truly assess either your own religion or religion in general as a valid and necessary part of your life or something that should be history, then Timothy Chen thinks he has the answer for you in his new book The Religious Transaction. Chen was raised in a religious home and continued to practice while off attending college. However, in early adulthood, Chen faced some challenges that led to him questioning everything about his belief system, which was based on his religion.

Hey, Mack!

It’s gritty, raw, and monochromatic, but still clever enough to keep you turning pages wondering if you are keeping up with the clues. Everyone is damaged goods still trying to abide by their own versions of virtue.

The Canadians Were There Too

“The story takes place in Occupied France, roughly 4 years in. The setting is mostly split between Marseille and Serronelle, in the South of France and unfolds from Berlin’s reaction to the murder of an SS Officer in the area.”

Can Gothic Modern?

Poppy Seeds On A Grave is a collection of a dozen short stories set in the here and now that might tug at some long dormant fear in the readers collective memory of generations past

An American Phoenix?

But what if one ‘expert’, who makes his money from his own words, said The Rise Of America is something to come and not memories of the past…

Post Apocalypse In The Bible Belt…

The Church is not just the law, but has declared itself God …To maintain order, The Church, controls all aspects of the people’s lives, from their education to their occupation.

What’s happened with Science!

Ironically, we used to consider those that could not understand the things that they could not see for themselves to be ignorant, currently we do not question those that will not attempt to understand anything they cannot see in their petri dishes.

Struggling More With The Pandemic 20

Our relationship with food can be either our best tool or greatest challenge in how we treat ourselves when it comes to food and eating. The truth is the more positive our relationship with food the healthier and happier we will be.