Did YOU Get An Invite?

One thing that the virtual world has, some would say, more than enough of is social media platforms and one thing that those same some would say social media platforms have more than enough of are influencers! And while it is true that a lot of most people’s waking time is spent on social media, wanted or not, this has somehow created influencers, the newest sensationalism profession. And yet there seems to always be room for one more. But how often does the next one more actually have the dressings of something more? That being said, there’s a new kid on the block that looks and talks and walks like something new; Clubhouse!

So what makes Clubhouse the cool new kid on the social media block? Well, a few things actually.

First, Clubhouse is brand newish (it’s actually been around for about 14 months or so), And everyone loves something brand new. But, being brand new only takes you so far and in today’s society not as far as it used to take you.

Second, Clubhouse is invite only! And the formula for the invites creates an air of exclusiveness (which might actually also create a limiting user base down the road). You can only invite 2 others and you have to know them well enough to have their phone numbers as the invite links are sent via text (SMS) message to the recipients’ mobile phones. Current users include both Oprah and Elon, but also includes more normal and or regular people, not sure how they got so lucky, but good for them! (Actually, we will touch on this later.)

Third, Clubhouse is audio only. What does that actually mean? Well, it is a mix between live talk radio/podcast and town hall type events. All interaction occurs in a talk or conversation; either a table forum for smaller and or private rooms or for larger rooms with more participants it works like the town hall type event with speakers and an audience. And like with live talk radio and town hall meetings lucky audience members get to ask questions or give feedback during the conversation. So you could actually interact with a celebrity or industry leader on a topic of interest to you.

Lastly, it is another place for influencers to build their clout by directly interacting with their followers. One way of doing this is that your Clubhouse account can be linked to your Instagram and or Twitter account, which is currently the only way that you can have private chats via DM with other Clubhousers. But by hosting or participating in talks you can gain more followers by demonstrating that you know what you are talking about or what you know about relevant topics to your field.

So you want to know more…… like how to get in on the action or what to do after receiving your invite?

While, I cannot give you the 411 from personal experience, I am not on anyone’s contact list that is in, so far. And honestly, it is likely to stay that way for a long time, I am not the type to give my mobile number to everyone or to anyone without some specific need for them having it. That being said, supposedly if you look hard enough or at least in the right places, you can buy invite codes and or you can put your name on invite chains. But, I digress; so, back on track, what I have shared comes from someone that is in the know personally.

I was given the opportunity to read a New Release by author J.L. Fehr, Influencer Marketing High On Clubhouse and after reading the book last night, I can say that I feel comfortable saying that “I know Clubhouse” even if I am an outsider! This work is efficient and informative. The focus is on what to do, how to do, and why you are doing. It is direct to those questions, but is not a bullet point list with NO personality. Fehr uses his own experiences both good and bad to provide real and accurate support for his advice. In doing so, he has created a valuable resource for those influencers or just regular users that find themselves invited to the Clubhouse!

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