Review of Nachmanides by Israel Drazin

Nachmanides CoverI believe that a disclaimer is in order first.
That is, I am not Jewish, nor am I an accomplished student of Judaism, Kabbalah, Talmud, or the Torah, as a religious or spiritual pursuit. My knowledge of the aforementioned is pretty random and chaotic, as it has been dictated by my research and interest in other historic stories and studies, and thus limited to the understanding or knowledge required to accomplish those pursuits. That being said, I was very interested in the chance to read Nachmanides for several reasons.
Overall, I did find the work both interesting and illuminating. The layout was not quite what I was expecting, however, that is not a critique of the writer’s successful attempt to present his research in an organized and deliberate way. While, I do feel that not being better versed in rabbinic teachings or subjects did mean that certain explanations made me feel a little in over my head, I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone with any interest in the Books ascribed to Moses whether it is for religious or historic or cultural exploration.
The primary focus of the work is on 3 things; first, Nachmanides, a 13th century Jewish scholar, second, the information, both historic and instructive, of the Torah (or The Books of the Old Testament ascribed to Moses), and last, the Targum Onkelos, as an authoritative reference and resource used by the first in his commentary on the second.
The result was a very informative, comprehensive overview of Nachmanides as a scholar and an in-depth analysis of his commentary on selected verses of the Torah that were considered questionable or unreasonable by the author. While, the author’s focus was on reviewing Nachmanides’ explanations, I found that I gained a lot of knowledge about the inheritance of Moses’ teachings and the preservation methods of those teachings and the stories of the Jewish peoples, thus, making this work of value to anyone that is seeking more information or understanding about Biblical topics.

*Copy Received For Review.

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