Nobody Did It,

Well, Maybe Someone

Metrojet Flight 9268 2

Over the weekend, Metrojet Flight 9268 fell out of the sky over the Sinai. All 224 persons on board perished in the crash. As of yesterday, 33 victims had been identified. The first reports, more like denials, was from Metrojet, itself, stating that neither mechanical or pilot error were the cause of the crash. This statement was released even before the black boxes had been secured and delivered to Moscow. This Airbus plane had survived a ‘hard landing’ some 14 years ago, which resulted in the tail of the plane coming in contact with the runway upon landing. It is known that if injuries to the body are not properly repaired then the structural integrity of the aircraft is compromised forever. The compromise is in and of itself a ticking time bomb.

The next denial came from Egyptian and Russian officials that Islamic State was not capable of shooting the aircraft out of the sky. The flight was at 32,000 feet when it apparently broke apart. The US and UK seemed to back up that denial as well, and whom would know better what arms have been supplied to Islamic State via Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Although, it would be an advantageous public relation event, if the plane is found to have been a terrorist attack. Ironically, it would be advantageous to both sides; the US and UK would try to show how Russia ‘asked for it’ or ‘Putin brought it on his people’ by getting involved in Syria, yet, at home for Putin, the Russian public will be much more supportive of the Russian involvement in Syria, not just to stop US/NATO aggression, but also, if Islamic State is to blame, that makes it personal with the Russian people, who have had a much closer and longer war with terrorism than the US or UK. The Russian people are much more personally aware of terrorism; for them, unlike in the US, it is not something that happens somewhere else, across the ocean, it is something that happens even in their own cities. It is something that disrupts their lives and has for years. It is something that they are in fact tired of and ready to be rid of.

Metrojet Flight 9268
via AFP Russian Investigators on Site

The US has presented reports of a heat flash immediately prior to the crash. And as supporting ‘evidence’ numerous American and British officials, including Congressmen and Intelligence Officials, as well as a Spokesperson for the British Prime Minister have all stated that it is most likely a bomb on board the passenger jet that brought it down. These claims have been talked down by Russian and Egyptian officials, however, the US State Department issued a travel warning to Americans in Egypt, especially in the Sinai and London has told British Airlines to suspend flights from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh airport. There have also been varying degrees of concern expressed by Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands to name a few.

The true losers here are Egypt, whom is struggling with regaining stability within its borders and rebuilding its reputation with international tourists, and the Russian people, whom lost loved ones in the crash. Once again terror has done what it is best at, attacking innocent, unarmed, defenseless civilians. If the US truly was against terrorism and terrorist organizations then they would have stayed out of regime change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Ukraine and numerous other places. If there was an honest Global War on Terror then the US and NATO would want all the help they can get from every country, including Russia.

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