Honorable Death, Disrespected Rest

You are young. You are free. You have your whole life ahead of you. Full of dreams. Full of promise. Pure smiles and bright eyes. Hearty laughter and merry nights.

Then war breaks out! There is an evil that is burning countries and killing people. Like many young men in many countries, you step up, you don the uniform, take up arms and leave home to look evil in the eye.

This is your first trip away from home, unfortunately, it will be your last. You will never return to the rooms of your childhood, the village of your family, the pretty girl down the lane. For your last stand will be in a foreign land, no longer full of adventure and heroism; yet, resolved in getting out alive with your brother in arms. At least one of you must get back home, someone must tell the tale. The fight must prevail and the lesson not be forgotten. For this is hell! This is no way for boys to become men! No way for women and children and the old to perish!

It isn’t you that will tell the tell. Your last sight is the sky you have never known. Laying in dirt your hands never touched. You are a soldier buried with honor and gratitude in a land, not yours that you protected to the end. You have laid in rest while children grew free of the evil you fought. You have watched the world move forward without the evil you fought. You gave the greatest value you had, you gave your life.

Now decades later, someone that lived better for your sacrifice wishes to dishonor and disrespect you. Mr. Nikola Spaisic, wishes to treat you in the manner that the evil you defeated would have treated him. Over fees that have not been paid for your dirt roof.

This is unacceptable. This is disrespectful. And the methods which Mr. Spaisic are using, even if there was any good intentions as motivation, are not suitable for such a responsibility of caring for our past heroes and loved ones, our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, our grandparents and best friends. These are the soul of our nation, our country, our place,our time and are not just commodities to barter and rent and sell!

Mr. Spaisic, maybe you need to search your soul and seek out a better suited path for your professional travels in life, for your disrespect and apathy for our roots is not suitable for the honor of caretaker for those that took care of us!


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