Set adrift in the dark,
Alone with no light,
Clouds hide the moon,
The stars do not shine.

What do I have?
There is nothing here.
Where do I go?
There is no where,

I read your words,
Written so long ago,
The only warmth I know,
I wrap my heart in them.

They are my only hope,
I was in the abyss,
And it was loving you –
That guided me out.

When I found solid ground,
I thought I was safe again,
But now I am lost at sea,
And the darkness doesn’t leave.

You are my only dream,
I whisper your name,
Over and over again,
Until, I almost feel you.

If I am strong enough,
If I try hard enough,
If I am right enough,
Then maybe, just maybe…

Photo by Saku Pönkänen on Unsplash


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