Broken Pieces

Broken pieces scattered on the wind,
Shards of what might have been,
Laying across the sands of life,
Buried under the stormy waves,
Little bits that colored not,
Each piece a lost bit.

Fragments of dreams and hopes,
Pieces of love and loss,
Blowing to distant shores,
Ending in places like no where,
Nameless and without direction,
Each piece a lost bit.

Missing endings that never come,
Stories only with middles,
No pages lovingly penned,
Just rumors that sail the winds,
No one saw the pain,
The scars that do not fade.

Silent screams rip through the night,
Sleepless dreams you cannot fight,
Tears of shame, loss, regret,
Accusations and judgement rendered yet,
Bring the relief, spare the pain,
Let the Executioner take my due.


Photo by ᴘᴀᴜʟ ᴋᴀᴘɪꜱᴄʜᴋᴀ on Unsplash

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