You Should Know.

My Dearest Darling,

I need to take the time to share with you thoughts that fill my heart. Wishes that surround me with the stars at night. All the hopes and dreams that make each night magic. Needs and wants that are filled just with your presence in my life. Tell to me all your dreams and let me make them reality. Yes, you are my dream come true. Once I found you all my dreams came true. Until you, I did not wish for heroes or champions. Today, I do not need those dreams for I have you. Only you know how to handle me. King of my heart and keeper of my soul. No one compares to you. Our love is magic like the world has never seen before. We are what everyone looks for and few ever find. Together we are perfection. Heart and soul joined completely and totally. All in for all the twists and turns and challenges that happen. Today and tomorrow we have them all. You are the center of my universe. Once upon at time is my every day life with you. Unlike the rest, with you I have the best to look forward to. At that first hello my world changed forever. Reasons to cry and hide you have taken away. Each and every wound you have kissed and healed. My heart beats for you and you alone. Yes, you are my air and water. Making you happy is my life. One and only direction is forward. Since you walked into my life and turned my world around I have never been happier. That is all your credit and brag. Seeing your smile makes my day. And your voice soothes my soul. Carrying my dreams as your own is the most unexpected gift ever given. Reading all the pages of my heart was never believed. Every day is brighter than the one before cause of you. Darling you are my whole world. Today and every day I look forward to you. Right by your side is where I always want to be. Everyday is another perfect day. Another, dream come true with you. Spending every day making you happy is my goal. Under, the stars you make my nights complete. Resting within your embrace is my heaven. Eden cannot compare to our earthly paradise. All the angels rejoice in the beauty of our love. Never has there been such a love as ours. Diamonds dim with despair for their flaws insure they will not outlast our love. I am the luckiest by far for I am loved by you. Love by you is a blessing that even angels desire. Only your love is the perfect wine poured in cut crystal. Visions do not do justice with the reality of your presence. Each moment with you is a miracle to me. Years later and still that has not changed. Our love grows each day without ceasing. Under the stars we lay and share our hopes and love. With each other we find what we thought we could not. I am whole with you. That is my greatest gift and treasure. Having you in my life each and every day. All my love for you and for us. Lighting up the world with the shine of our love. Letting each dream grow and glow. Making us larger than life and stronger by far. Yes, we are special and we have it all. Hear my heartbeat, each beat is for you, for us. Everything I do is for us. All of it out of my love for you. Reason is so clear and simple when it is all about love. Together we have traveled from strangers to soul mates. And I would do it all again. No doubt in my mind where I belong. Darling, you are my home. Some days we climb the cliffs and some days we walk the sandy beaches, but we do it all together. Our love is what sees us through, it is our foundation. Under the protection of your love I know I am almost invincible. Loving you is the best thing I have ever done.

Forever yours,



Photo byΒ Trent SzmolnikΒ onΒ Unsplash

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