S.S. Lost and Forgotten

I am not pretty
For I have traveled many journeys
I am not wealthy
For I have not many possessions

My lines are not sleek
But they are mine
My decks are not shiny
But they are mine

I am not the fastest
But I hold the course
I am not the strongest
But I am a survivor

No tales are told
I am not remembered
No dreams are dreamed
I am not desired

I sit in the bay
With my lines sagging
I am fading away
Just a detail in the background

Maybe one day
Someone will see me
Maybe one day
Someone will love me

Until then I will rest in the mooring
Until then I will sway with the tide
Until then I will feel the Moon’s pull
Until then I will remain waiting


Photo byΒ Casey HornerΒ onΒ Unsplash

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