Drink Anyway

What’s that saying…
Water, Water Everywhere,
But Not A Drop To Drink…

Blackness spreads out in all directions,
There is no land to be seen,
Swimming, Swimming on and on,
No movement seen,
No hope for completion,

Looking up at empty skies,
Wishing for clouds and darkness,
Anything to finish the job,
Let the sinking begin….
Look at the horizon,
Is that a storm brewing?

Let the clouds roll in,
Poseidon send the winds,
Stir the seas and unleash your rage,
Have the waves bury me.

There is hope after all,
Clouds stacking and turning,
Seas foaming and churning,
Will the storm finally come?

Floating peacefully in the chaos,
Letting the brutality consume me,
Praying for the beating,
Hoping for oblivion.

Nothingness reaching through,
Endlessness grabbing hold,
Finally sinking down cannot be stopped,
There is no returning.

What beauty held in the rage,
What magic spoke in the roar,
What grace danced on the waves,
What peace gained in the deep.


Photo byย Marco Saavedraย onย Unsplash

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