Nothing More

Yesterday seems gone,
Every day passes,
Sun rises and sets,
It pours,
And on it goes.
Make up reasons,
Say your whys,
Cry your tears,
And hide your eyes,
Reason is gone.
Ever more needs,
Doing it again,
Bring all you have,
Uphill all the way,
Time will not hide
I know too well.
Why not you ask,
Isn’t that always it,
Longing for more,
Losing it all,
Never reaching the end.
One more day, you pray,
Today be the day,
Tell me the reason,
Edge closer to the end,
Let the rain in.
Let the rain fall,
You will swim,
Or you will sink,
Under you go, going, gone.


Photo byΒ Vlad CalinΒ onΒ Unsplash

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