Words, Words, and More Words

Free Speech Movement at Berkeley

While the world is screaming over WORDS, violence is continuing non-stop.


Boko Haram Slaughter
via cathollic.org

While the civilized first world inhabitants are lamenting over the attack that left 12 to 20 people dead in France, thousands were slaughtered by Boko Haram. And NO ONE marched!



via iranware.com

While the civilized first world are lamenting over the incidents in Belgium, hundreds are enslaved by Islamic State. And NO ONE marched!

Ukraine bombings
via washingtontimes.com





While the civilized are lamenting over ‘home-grown’ terrorism, the illegal Ukraine government is bombing its own citizens. And NO ONE marched!



While the civilized leaders are arguing about their own accolades and slamming others’ short-comings, they are ALL still funding and arming the violent. And NO ONE marched!

How many that support #BlackLivesMatter, are rioting over the murder of ‘good young black men’ being murdered in village after village in Nigeria? Where is the anger over those black lives?

How many feminists and #nomeansno supporters are blogging and tweeting about the girls and women of Syria and Iraq being kidnapped and sold as wives and sexual objects? Where is the Rape Culture outrage? Remember one of the reasons we funded, supported and armed the ‘freedom fighters’ were the allegations of rape of Syrian women!! #RapeCultureIsWhen you claim it is wrong in your town but remain silent about someone else’s town!!!

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