Make A Claim;Back It Up!

So, in cruising the web this morning, looking for interest that would hold me long enough to write something worth reading, I happened upon an article written by April Holloway of Ancient Origins.

Giza Necropolis DrawingI usually tend to enjoy her articles, they seem to be thoughtful and researched and if someone questions her facts she is usually willing to support her ideas and engage in constructive dialogue and if there is any conflict she seems willing to note it and even updates her articles accordingly.

This article states, that basically a poor Egyptian man, for some unknown reason, is digging, without authorization, in a room in his home. The home is located in the no digging, no drilling zone of an area considered of historical significance, due to its proximity to the Giza Necropolis. After digging down about 10 meters he stumbles upon the Causeway for the Great Pyramid!


The Causeway that has never been found by historians or archaeologists in centuries just happens to run under this mans home?
It does happen.

The article goes on to then focus on the historical references to the Causeway, with only one reference to the amazing new discovery, that apparently was reported in ONLY one paper in the world, that being Ahram Weekly. And that was only in their Arabic edition! Now, maybe Ms. Holloway’s Arabic is fluent, mine isn’t. However, the best that I could determine is that this ‘digger’ was a drug dealer and that he was of enough interest, that according to the article, the FBI, as well as, Russian law enforcement were also somehow involved in this ‘investigation’.

While it does seem that the proper ‘experts’ have been called in to investigate what the illegal digger found….the article doesn’t clearly say with any real description that a passage way or hall or anything was found that would make a logical leap to claiming that the Grand Causeway of the Great Pyramid was finally DISCOVERED!!!

I then proceeded to attempt to find supporting reports and or articles or press releases….I found 3, unfortunately they ALL led back to April Holloway’s original article. While, I really do hope that something of great interest comes from this find….to make a discovery claim on such vague and un-validated evidence seems irresponsible.
Time will tell.

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