Community Organizers; Lions In Sheep’s Clothing


It would be more accurate to state that they are lions in lions’ clothing pretending to love sheep! Why? Cause these ‘super’ people come into communities that are in some way victimized and preach of what should be better and what should exist; yet, in general the most that they do is just that preach! Their true intent, the more I read or listen or look or find, seems to be to create anger and hate and even violence. Those emotions are destructive not constructive and as such their acts are also destructive in the long run.

Now before you get too upset with me, know this….I am all for protesting, free-speech, even revolution and I am not for conforming just for the sake of conformity, security over freedom, or the right of authority without consequence!
NO government and certainly NO ONE is above the law and immoral and unjust laws need to be removed from the books! (but that is for another time)

Abby Sewell (February 27, 2011) Los Angeles Times.

Back on track; you may ask yourself how can she say that? These people do things to make the world a better place and that is a good thing. Well, let’s just see how I drew my conclusions. The primary handbook that is used by community organizers from Obama to the Tea Party is Rules of Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. It instructs these leaders to ‘rub raw’ the injustices and hardships of the people they are organizing; basically to whip them up into an angry mob mentality in order that they raise loud angry voices to speak out ‘for themselves’. This is the primary goal of the community organizer, to get all the ‘victims’ to scream and yell and be angry!

While I will agree that there are times when you have to yell and scream and even get mad, that should not be your first means of improving society and it should not be your primary means of improving society. That anger that will lead to violent riots instead of powerful peaceful protests should be considered the community’s ‘means of war’ and as with ALL diplomatic relations, war should be the absolute last option chosen to resolve an issue and only used when all other means of resolution have failed completely and it is a matter of life and death.

Being community organizer is one of those ‘titles’ that sounds all intellectual and enlightened and compassionate until you really examine it. First off, it implies that you are from the community, yet Obama was not from Chicago, he moved there cause he landed the job as ‘community organizer’, he was, as most are, an outsider. Now, for the record, being an outsider does not mean you cannot care about a community, but most people will agree that few care as much about a community as the people who live there and have always lived there. While I have given him due credit for his rhetoric for years, that does not truly make someone a whole or real person and since that is his only talent that I have seen thus far, it actually supports the fact that Obama is a shell of a man, without integrity, honor, valor, or courage and thus without character. Sadly, he is likable to most people. That said, being likable does not make you good or right. Many criminals on all levels are very likable people, they have families and friends and loads of people that would speak of how likable they are, yet, they still lie, steal, cheat, kill, destroy the very things that they claim to hold so dear.

The next thought one believes about the community organizer is that they want to help build a stronger community. This aspect is a little harder to examine, it takes the perception that is in rare use today; that is in using the community to create and build their own ‘better world’ on their own, using their own talents and skills. What the community organizer does is little things that give the appearance of helping, like organizing letter writing campaign to get street lights replaced. Offering buses to local school board meetings or commissioner meetings, not for building and creating working relations but to have you show your anger! Getting out the vote, but telling you which candidate you should vote for!

food for the hood
Food For The Hood via

What really makes a community stronger is developing not only your local talents and treasures, but in thus doing so encouraging those that would leave to stay, by giving them a reason. For example: the schools are not giving your kids the best education; sure going to board meetings and PTAs and the like and voicing your thoughts and concerns are good, but put more energy into fixing the problem yourself. Even if you have to do it yourself, in your own home, set up group homework meetings where kids are encouraged and supported to do their homework and have members of the community facilitate these meetings, don’t worry about how smart you are or aren’t, you will be surprised at how the kids can help and tutor each other. As a community ‘reward’ the kids for their work and dedication, it can be as simple as making little ribbons for good report cards or giving out goodie bags for perfect attendance. If the school won’t work with you, do these things in someone’s home or a local church or rec center. Have community clean up days…..EVERYONE get out and pick up trash or pitch in and help paint a senior’s home. Create a list of the shut ins and single moms and at risk kids; find out what they need, meals cook, rides to health appointments, walking kids to and from school and as a whole community help each other out, improve the quality of life for the WHOLE community. The best you will get from a ‘community organizer’ like Obama is the success of government ‘throwing more money’ at a problem, but EVERYONE knows that by the time that it travels all the way down to the community, there is nothing or very little left.


If you did not know what illusions are created by community organizers, all you have to do is look at Obama’s time in politics. He does not roll up his sleeves and get his own hands dirty. His concept of compromise is to stir up anger and make threats, tactics learned in the pages of Saul Alinsky’s book. If you are such a blind Obama supporter that you can find no fault in his performance, then look at the members of Congress that belong to the Tea Party, judge them, for they follow the same play book that Obama does.

You wonder why we cannot get passed grid lock in DC, we have two opposing sides that both have learned to use anger and division and ‘war’ to get things accomplished and those in the middle have no strength of leadership to put the two spoiled toddlers in time out and move forward. That is cause grid lock serves the whole very well. They do not have to admit to bad votes or no progress and each side has a villain to blame without consequence.


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