D.C.’s Chicken Little Game

chicken little
Disney’s Chicken Little

OH MY how DC loves to create panic!

Of course it serves them well to do so. They have been creating panic on demand since WWII. The ‘evil’ Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain was a perfectΒ boogeymanΒ for the expansion of the federal government past the bounds and confines of the Constitution. Brought home with McCarthyism witch hunts the government flexed it muscle against the very source of its power and authority in the name of security and the trusting masses acquiesced. Thus the downhill slide began!

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After the American public gave an inch for the greater good of stopping the spread of political communism and anyone of note that spoke out against the aggressive nature of the US government’s dealings with the Soviet Union were demonized and even black-balled, from actors to writers to artists. That was all the incentive the ‘Men In Black’ needed to keep pursuing their goals of an ideal American world. It was a modern-day witch hunt; but it was merely the first in a long line of modern-day political and ideological witch hunts!

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The next witch hunt was against the Anti-War/Civil Rights Movements. Those movements were not separate crusades, they overlapped greatly. The common core was based on the same belief, the value of individual life no matter whose life it was and the right to live that life in peace and security. The government still used the same attack and smear campaign that worked so well for them in the 1950’s. However, there are rumors that persist that claim that the government stepped up its force in dealing with its perceived enemy. And that it is the true reason for the deaths of such beloved public figures as John and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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In addition to the very public and very noticeable war against political enemies, there have been less visible wars against the American public waged by the American government. Those wars have been in the form of creating panic about ‘pandemics’ that have suddenly appeared on the American medical scene. The largest one in recent history is the fear that was spread for years and still to some extent exists today about HIV and AIDS. The government had developed some tact and decorum by the time this ‘war’ arose so that their attacks against undesirables was portrayed as ‘public service campaigns’ and ‘awareness battles’ to help protect those at greatest risk. In addition to having AIDS as a target, they also had avian flu and swine flu.

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Then by luck, or according to some hook and crook, the US Government got their best propaganda tool for a direct and extensive attack on the American public. The bombings of 9/11 brought a very ‘real’ threat to American soil, the only real question is whom the true and real perpetrators were and just whom knew what and when and how much. More importantly did the ‘Men In Black’ true patriots allow, encourage or carry out these events? It seems nearly impossible that there is absolutely NO culpability on the part of factions of the US Government via ignorance, apathy, incompetence or design on some or all levels. And 13 years later the US Government is still attacking the American public and the American public still thinks they are only giving a temporary inch for the good of security.

Terrorism is not the only campaign being waged against the American public to ensure the security of the American government. Add to terrorism, the crushing debt that is the foundation and structure of the American Dollar as well as the ‘open border’ crisis with Mexico and now the Ebola scare. Oh but life is good for those ‘Men In Black’!

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