We were up in the mountain,
Hiking ‘n’ huntin’,
Huntin’ deer,
After gallon o’ beer.

First shot it was a miss,
I saw deer blowing a kiss,
Was it true or was it not,
There,I missed another shot.

Buddy shot another time,
Missed it and there he lost a dime.
Clever – it seemed to be the beast
We won’t stop, until we got us a feast.

Bullets were ready,
My arms were steady,
I’ll get it this time,
It will be mine.

Needless to say it was a miss,
Im going home, I dont need this.
Buddy said “Wait a bit more!”,
He turned around and shot a boar.

I looked around ‘n’ grabbed a beer,
Damn, there it was – another deer.
I got closer, I saw its tail swirl.
Oh scerew this! It was a squirrel.

To shoot or not, I was eager,
Off I went and pulled a trigger.
Cheers to that, give me a beer.
Bang! Again! I got me a deer.

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